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The Pregnant Fling


Ever find yourself in a situation completely immoral, yet allowed you to live out one of your deepest, darkest fantasies?

I'd been using Tumblr for about 6 months or so, just as a way to catalogue photos of pregnant women that I liked. Somehow, through my lurking around, I found that there were many people, including women, who shared my fetish, and even used the site as an outlet for themselves. I started following a woman who had recently declared herself pregnant and a few weeks later, she followed me back. So one night, I decided to message her.

Her name was Shari. She was cute and friendly, and of course married, as was I. Both of us were fetishists, married to people who didn't share the kink. So we got to talking regularly as an outlet for our desires. She liked it when I asked her questions about being pregnant. I liked that she was open about posting photos of herself and always happy to tell me how she was feeling and how her body was changing.

After some time, it came out that we happened to live relatively close to each other. Neither of us seemed comfortable to act on it and it seemed little more than an odd coincidence. It also allowed us to talk about certain places and our daily routines, as it seemed we sometimes found ourselves in similar parts of town.

Months went by and her pregnancy progressed well. Her belly got really, really big and she loved showing it off. She talked about being constantly horny and feeling sexier than she'd ever felt in her life. She wished her husband was a little more hands on with her, because in her daily life, she really had to keep herself buttoned up. I would let her vent as much as she needed to, since listening to pregnant women complain about pregnancy problems was part of my kink.

She was in her 8th month when lightning finally struck. One night she was going on about feeling horny and undersexed when she let slip that "Why can't my husband be more like you?!" She didn't really back off that and I wasn't sure how to react to it, but we started going down the "well, what if...?" road, and of course it led to her asking, "Well, what if we met?"

"Well, what if we met?" Shari asked me. "It might be fun. What do you think that would be like?"

I was sort of stunned that she would even pose that question to me. I said I thought it might be fun too, though we might want to be realistic about expectations.

"I'm OK with being realistic, but let's be real here," she replied. "You're turned on by my pregnant body. You openly admit that. I'm horny AF and my husband doesn't pay me enough attention."

"True," I said.

"I'm not saying we explicitly have to have sex, but wouldn't you like to play with my big baby belly?"

"I can't say no..."

"Wouldn't you get turned on?"

"I would. And you would too."

"Yes...I would. And maybe it would just be a nice distraction for both of us for a little while. We can find a motel room for a few hours and just see where things take us. I'm not demanding it. Just...think about it. I know it's a weird proposition and if you don't want to it's OK. But it might also be a lot of fun."

"I'll think about it."

She sent me a photo of her belly.

"Not to sway you or anything, but this is what I look like right now"

She was short and curvy, and pretty busty to begin with. Her pregnancy made her absolutely explode with roundness, her belly sticking straight out and her hips expanding outward. To top it off, she wore glasses. How was I supposed to resist this proposition?

Morality be damned. I really had to say yes, didn't I?


I'd given it a few days of thought, and I decided, well, what the hell. I needed to treat it as though I was meeting a friend. Who happened to be very pregnant. And willing to let me feel up her belly as much as I wanted. So the next time I talked to Shari, I said we should meet.

"Good!" she replied, "I'm excited to meet you."

"What should we do?"

"Aside from enjoying my largeness? Maybe have lunch? I've been eating like a horse lately."

"It sounds good to me."

"Maybe we should get a room at that motel on St. Marks for a few hours?"

"I suppose we could do that...something you have in mind that we need the privacy for?"

"It might make things a little more comfortable for both of us to have that. I know we are both a bit buttoned up about this fetish so someplace where we can be alone would be good."

"No, I think you're right."

"And maybe I can give you a little preggo fashion show"

I laughed. She did make me feel much more comfortable about expressing my kink. Though I still kept it mostly under wraps. It was a bit disarming just how into this idea she was. I guess she really wanted the attention, and she wanted the attention from me. I was kind of thinking how to respond when she sent me another photo of her big, round belly.

"Wouldn't you like to see this in a bikini?" she asked, "I could bring one and show you."

"It sounds very nice," I replied. "So when can we meet? Next Friday is good for me—my wife will be away at a conference and I'll have the whole afternoon off."

"It's perfect for me too!"

I again paused. My cock was hard and throbbing in my boxers. I really couldn't believe this was actually happening, this button-cute, curvy and very round pregnant woman was basically throwing herself at me. This was the sort of masturbatory fantasy if always dreamed of. I told Shari how I was feeling. She said that really turned her on, hearing about that. She said we just needed to relax and remember we are both into this for the same reason, and just remember to have fun and not be so nervous.

"I don't bite!" she said, "unless maybe you want me to."


That Friday came and it was right smack in the middle of a Summer heat wave. It was about 90 out and pretty humid. Shari texted me that morning and confirmed our meeting spot, which was in Union Square Park. I asked if she'd prefer to meet somewhere indoors since it was so hot out but she said she didn't mind.

"You sure?" I asked, "It's going to be hot."

"Yeah, I know," she replied, "But I've been huge and hot and miserable for weeks now so I've learned I can't fight it. Besides, I kind of like wearing tight stuff. I already feel like a fat, sweaty preggo, so why not go all out and look like one too!"

Her honesty was always very refreshing.

We'd planned to meet at 2 and of course I was late leaving my office. I texted and said I was running behind, and of course she said she was sitting and waiting for me, but to take my time. Nonetheless, I rushed. I was also feeling a bit of a rush from the prospect of what awaited me. I was going to spend a fun afternoon with Shari, my fetish fantasy chick. I was thinking about what it would be like to touch her huge belly and talk to her all about her pregnancy...and of course that bulge was building in my pants. I figured I'd better dial it back.

I got to Union Square and looked for her. I found her after a few minutes, sitting on a bench with her hands on her belly. Her belly seemed even larger in person, huge and round and sticking out halfway down her thighs. She had a big beach bag with her. I swallowed hard and approached her.


She looked up and immediately grinned.

"Hiya!" She said, struggling to get up. "Finally, we meet!"

She stood up and gave me a hug, or at least as much of a hug as she could with her belly in the way. She pushed herself into my body, so I could really feel her firm roundness pressing against me. Her fat little arms couldn't really reach around me.

"Finally, indeed," I said. "I'm sorry I'm late, I hope you haven't been waiting too long."

"Oh, no, not at all! I'm actually glad because I had a chance to sit out and enjoy this beautiful day."

She was glowing. Maybe sweating. Maybe both? I wasn't sure, but she just seemed a little pregnant ball of energy, smiling and friendly. It helped me feel a bit more at ease.

"It's not too hot for you?"

"I told you I'd be OK. I'm just hungry though. Wanna go to the diner across the street there?"

"Sure, that works for me."

"Oh, wait!" She stopped for a second and turned to me. "I almost forgot something."

She grabbed my hand and pressed it against her belly. It was super tight and really firm to the touch, like I was palming a basketball. Or a basketball that had a slight layer of belly softness around it. She let me grip her and jiggled my hand a bit.

"You've been waiting for that, right?"

"Mmhmm..." I said, somewhat breathless.

She pulled me over and whispered in my ear.

"I've been waiting for you to put your hands on me too...after lunch, we'll go have some fun, OK?"

"Sounds like a plan!"

She smiled. "Great! Now let's eat!"

We sat down and talked. Mostly about her pregnancy, which she seemed more than happy to talk about. She said she'd had her 35 week appointment that morning, and everything was ship shape with her, though her doctor said she was probably getting a little too heavy. She disagreed—"I've always been a hefty gal," she said. She told me she was nowhere close to going into labor, but she was measuring a week ahead and her baby—a boy—was already about 8 pounds.

I kind of wasn't hungry as nerves and excitement got the better of me during lunch. Oh, I ate, but I was mostly staring at her belly. She noticed and she told me I needn't be shy about it—she liked the attention. So I went with it. Watching her eat was really arousing. She absolutely stuffed herself, putting down a giant Cobb salad, two bowls of cole slaw and a Diet Coke. After she finished, she leaned back in her seat and started rubbing her belly.

"Whoo!" She sighed. "When they say you're eating for two, they're not kidding. I'm hungry like this ALL the time."

"I can tell. You really inhaled that."

She laughed. "That's me, every day!"

I treated her, in spite of her insistence otherwise. I also helped her up out of her chair when we got up to leave. We stepped back out into the muck of the afternoon.

"So where to next?" She asked.

"Well, I booked a room at that motel," I replied. "Should we go there? It's guaranteed to be cooler inside."

"You're the boss!" She said, smiling. "Can we stop and pick up some munchies on the way? You know, I'll probably get hungry again."

"Whatever you want!"

And so we went on our way, me struggling to walk with a pulsing erection, her waddling around with her massive pregnant belly. This was already shaping up to be a fun afternoon.

It was a short walk to the motel, which was fortunate because it was super hot out, and for as hearty as she liked to behave, Shari clearly was suffering from it. We stopped at a drugstore where she picked up some water, some ice cream, gummy bears and a can of whipped cream.

"We might be able to do something interesting with this stuff," she said as we checked out.

I grinned. I'd gotten kind of quiet, mostly out of nerves and a bit of disbelief that this was really happening. Shari seemed to be a little more perky, making small talk as we walked. And rubbing her belly. She seemed to like rubbing her belly an awful lot.

We got to the motel. I checked in while she waited outside the office. I got the keys and we went up to the room on the 2nd floor. It was kind of a charmless space, just a bed, a bathroom, and a couple of chairs, but really what did we need here? Shari tossed her bag on one of the chair and then flopped down on her back on the bed.

"Oh gosh!" she said as she landed, "Heat and pregnancy do not mix."

She lay on her back rubbing her belly, which was sticking straight up in the air. She looked absolutely massive. Mainly because she was.

She sat up and looked at me. "Well, c'mere," she said, "why dont'cha sit next to me. Nothing to be afraid of. I don't bite!"

I smiled and sat down.

"Oh, I don't expect you to bite," I replied. "Just, as you might imagine, I'm kind of floored that we're actually here."

"I know—it's strange, but in a good way, right?" She said. "This is just acting out our fantasies. You've always wanted to fool around with a pregnant woman. I've wanted to be fooled around with while I'm pregnant. We're just taking advantage of our friendship."

Talking to her was always very refreshing. She smiled and patted the bed next to her, so I sat down.

"Mmm, my baby's really been moving around a lot today. I think you ought to feel it," she said.

She grabbed my hand and pressed it against her belly. She wasn't kidding. Her baby was indeed very active and I felt it rolling around inside her. She turned around and faced me so that I could put both hands on her belly. I started to rub circles on her.

"Does this feel nice for you?" I asked, "It sure does for me."

"Yesss," she said, putting a hand on one of mine. "I know a lot of women don't like having their belly touched, but I love it when people touch mine...I especially love it when I know someone touching my belly is really getting turned on by it."

We both paused and looked at each other. I chuckled. Shari grinned. We kind of didn't know what to do next. It might have been for ten seconds but it felt like hours.

"I know," she said, breaking that brief moment of tension. "Let me show you where the baby is inside me."

With that, she pulled up her shirt and exposed her belly to me. She'd sent me plenty of photos of her belly as she got bigger and rounder, but in person it was something truly impressive.

"Wow," I said, momentarily stunned.

"I know, right?!" she said, giggling some more, "I'm freaking HUGE! And I still have another 5 weeks of this until I pop. You know from my photos, I just keep getting larger. Belly and belly and more belly!"

She laughed and her belly shook and bounced around. Clearly, her pregnancy was a great source of amusement for her, aside from the sexual pleasure she derived from it. She took my hand again and pressed it against her skin, which was hard and tight, yet smooth and soft. For a belly so large, she'd barely developed any stretchmarks, save a few light ones that crept up the underside of her belly. She ran my hand along her right side.

"That's his back," she said. "His head is down here, but he hasn't dropped down yet. His butt is up here, and his feet kind of wrap around on my left side near my ribs. I can see him sticking out here constantly now."

"He's not out of room in there?" I asked.

"No, not yet. You can feel him rolling away. But maybe he's starting to since lately I've been feeling less kicks and more rolling and shifting."

"But he's generally pretty active?"

"Alllll the time! And strong. He got me good yesterday. I was out to lunch with one of my co-workers, and he gave me a major shot right over here," she said as she placed my hand about 2/3rds of the way up the right side of her belly. "I actually yelped, he kicked me so hard. People were staring. It was hilarious!"

"It's good you can laugh at it though."

"Yeah! I mean, as you can imagine I've really enjoyed being pregnant. It's been such fun." she said as she stood up, "And speaking of fun, maybe we ought to try something fun."

She walked over to her large tote bag and pulled out some clothes.

"Thought I'd give you a little fashion show!" she said, shaking her hips, "I have a few things with me. Bikini, a nightie, some lingerie...What do you want to see first?"

"Surprise me."


And she stepped into the bathroom, humming to herself. I leaned back on the bed. My cock was once again pulsing and I was letting Shari tease the daylights out of me. Even if she'd walked out the door at that moment, I would have been sated having had the chance to put my hands all over her belly for a while. The more time I spent around her, the more at ease I felt.

"Ok, you ready?" she yelled. I sat up as she started to come back into the room.

"Ta Da!" Shari said as she entered the room wearing a bikini. I looked at her and my heart skipped several beats. "What do you think?"

"Holy smokes..." I gurgled. "That's quite a sight."

"Hehe, I know! I think I look pretty good in this. I'd LOVE it if I could wear this out to the beach just once before I pop. Bet I'd turn a few heads!"

"I sure think you would."

Her bikini was pretty ill-suited for someone so immensely pregnant as Shari was. The top was sort of the tube variety, and her cleavage was close to spilling out the top side. The bottom had little spaghetti strands that tied up along the side of her hips. Those seemed to tie fine, but the front of the bikini vanished under her belly. She spun around a little bit and stuck her belly in my face. I put my hands on her belly and rubbed it some more. She smiled at me.

"Whatcha got next?" I asked.

"Haha, well let's find out!" she replied as she waddled back into the bathroom.

I leaned back again on the bed. I wasn't quite certain just how long I could continue to hold out if Shari was going to shove her roundness in my face and let me touch her belly as much as I wanted to. My cock was already pulsing and dripping with precum. I felt like she sensed it...and she probably liked it.

"Ready for number two?" she called from the bathroom.

"Bring it on!"

Shari entered the room, this time wearing a sheer nightie.

"This isn't maternity," she said. "Normally it's about down to my knees."

She gestured as if to show me how far down it usually came but she couldn't bend down enough. I twirled my finger at her. She giggled and spun around.

"You make me feel like a model," she said.

"Well, you're one sexy, round model for sure." I replied.

"You're too sweet. Thank you!" she said as she spun around in front of me some more, pushing her ass in my face and then turning to give me another face full of her belly. She stuck her tongue out at me and gave me a devilish grin before she suddenly lifted the front of the nightie up and put it over my head, pushing my face directly into her belly.

"Mmm..." I said, as I felt my face press into her. I licked her belly gently and she laughed.

"That tickles!"

"Are you very ticklish?"

"I am...maybe I shouldn't admit that...usually not on my belly but ever since I've been pregnant that's changed."

I licked her some more and she laughed hard, which made her belly bounce and move against my face. I felt her baby shifting around inside her and put my hand on her belly again.

"Haha, I know, he's been moving around on me all day," she said. "Maybe he senses that mommy's having a good time."

"I'm having a good time too! So let's see what else you have to show off."

She pulled her nightie off my head and twirled her way back into the bathroom. I'd about had it. Whatever she came out wearing, I was probably going to shoot my load. Where, I had no idea, but it was going to go somewhere. I really couldn't control myself too much longer. And I wondered if Shari felt the same way.

"Here I come!" she said as she came back in the room. My jaw dropped.

She'd basically foregone any sort of maternity standards with the lingerie she had on. A lacy cream-colored bra that her boobs absolutely spilled out of, to the point of nip-slip. Her massive belly bouncing around freely over a little slingshot that could only laughably be called panties. She laughed and twirled around in front of me.

"I love, LOVE wearing things like this now that I'm so big and round," she said. "My husband just doesn't seem interested in it. I bet you think I look good though, right?"

I couldn't muster much of a verbal response. All I could do was stand up so Shari could see my cock bulging out in my pants. She looked down at it, and then up at me and grinned.

"Oh, my. You sure do think I look good!"

"Yup...That is true."

"Do you maybe want to do something about that?"

"Yes...I mean if that's all right with you."

"I don't mind at all...In fact, I'd love it if you came all over my tummy." she said, as she rubbed herself.

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