tagFetishThe Pregnant Teen Maid Pt. 01

The Pregnant Teen Maid Pt. 01


I don't usually do reader requests, but Michelle's got me curious enough to give it a try. I know he liked this first part and to date I've never taken it beyond what is here. If there's enough of a response maybe I'll get around to putting some more to it.

This is a fetish story, so if you don't like the themes you find inside, try one of my other submissions instead!

Licks and kisses,



Michelle sighed as she looked at her cell phone, wishing it would ring. It was over a week since she'd put up the flyer up at the supermarket and not one call. 18, 3 months pregnant and kicked out of home, if she didn't find work soon, she'd be resorting to truly desperate measures just to eat, let alone pay rent somewhere.

As she stared at it, the face of the phone lit up, an unlisted number appearing. It rang three times before she got over the shock enough to push the answer button.

"Hello?" she said.

"Uh hi there, is this the girl that advertised wanting work as a cleaner at the local supermarket?"

"Yes, that's me, Michelle," she replied, trying to keep her voice from quavering.

"Oh great, um, my name's Paul and I was hoping that you were available to do some work for me?'

"Yes, I am," Michelle replied desperately, wanting more than anything for this to work out.

"Oh great, well perhaps you should come by and see the place and we can chat and see if we can reach an agreement," Paul replied. He gave her an address which wasn't too far away and agreed to meet her that night when he got off work.

Later that night, Michelle walked cautiously up to the front door having ridden the bus to get there. she wore a pair of black leggings and a simple clean t-shirt, her long blonde hair pulled back in a ponytail. The house looked nice, not too big but in a good area and with a nicely maintained yard. She knocked on the door and waited, chewing on her lower lip, tapping her foot nervously, hoping like hell that this guy wasn't some kind of freak. She almost sighed out loud when the door opened to reveal a good looking man. He had dark hair and green eyes, his face nicely shaped, a little stubble on his cheeks and chin. He was wore a pair of fitted designer jeans and a polo shirt.

"Hi there, you must be Michelle," he said, his smile warm and engaging as he held out his hand for her to shake. Michelle took it and he didn't crush her fingers, but gave her a simple, firm shake. "I'm Paul."

"Hi, Paul, yes, I am Michelle," she replied, noting that his eyes drifted down over her body, lingering somewhere near her breasts.

"Great, come on in then, we can talk about what I need and you can let me know how much it'll cost me if you're interested. He led her into a well-appointed kitchen with expensive high-end appliances and a tiled floor.

"Would you like something to drink?" he asked, holding a chair out for her at the table.

"A coke if you've got one," she replied. Paul grabbed a coke for her and a beer for himself before returning to sit across the corner of the table from her.

"Right, well why don't we start with what I'm looking for and then if you're interested we can talk a bit more about you?"

Michelle nodded, taking a long gulp from the can.

"Ok then here's where I'm at. I've just managed to get stupid busy at work and have to travel up to three days a week, so when I get home, the last thing that I want to have to do is housework. I've been trying to keep on top of it, but as you'll see when we tour the house, I fail miserably. I want to have some time for recreation, but all I seem to do is clean up and then I get shitty with it and leave it which just makes it worse for the next attempt. So there's vacuuming, sweeping, mopping, washing, ironing, folding, dusting and general cleaning ... just the inside of the house, I don't mind doing the outside.I was thinking that one day a week should probably keep it where it needs to be. How's that for starters?" Michelle thought about her pregnancy and how it might limit what she could do. She didn't show yet and right now, cash was critical so she didn't mention it.

"Fine, I can do all those things," Michelle smiled at him even as she wished that one day a week was more frequent.

"Excellent. Right then, why don't you tell me what you charge, what your availability is like and a little about yourself?"

Michelle hesitated. She had no idea what to charge. This was the first time that she'd even tried this. Sure she could do those things, her mother had made her do them all the time, but that didn't mean she'd planned on being a paid cleaner.

"Um right well, I'm totally available because I'm just starting to do this," she started, "I mean I've done all that before, just not for money. And um, because I haven't, I er don't really know how much I should charge," she said, thinking that she'd just blown her chances.

Paul looked at her carefully. Here was a hot young blonde hiring out as a cleaner, not knowing what she should charge and looking somewhat lost. It seemed more than a bit odd.

"Do you have references?" he asked her, thinking that the most likely scenario was drugs and that she might just clean him out the first time he wasn't home. He was surprised when she reacted by beginning to cry.

"No," Michelle said, feeling the tear run down her cheek, tasting it's saltiness as it caught the corner of her mouth. She just knew that she wouldn't get the work.

"What's wrong Michelle, why are you doing this?" Paul asked.

Michelle wanted to walk out, to go away and never put herself in this situation again, but for some reason, Paul's kind demeanour and air of sympathy brought out all the emotion that she'd been choking back over the 2 weeks since she'd been kicked out of home. She unleashed the full story on him. Telling him about her loser boyfriend that had knocked her up and then abandoned her, about her family that blamed her and could only see that she'd betrayed their 'honest Christian values' before kicking her out, making a mockery of the very values they preached about. It all came out in a flood of tears, sobs and sniffs and soon she found herself cradled in this stranger's arms, shaking as he just held her and soothed her.

Paul let her cry it out, feeling for this vulnerable young girl and wanting to help her. When she'd managed to compose herself, Paul made her a coffee and then sat back at the table with her.

"I guess I just blew that, didn't I," Michelle said, her voice tinged with sadness and on the verge of letting go again.

"No, not at all. I've never had kids, but I feel for you in your situation and can't imagine what you must be going through, so I'd like to help. I want you to work for me. I get the feeling though that one day a week isn't really going to keep you off the streets. So here's a wild and crazy idea. Why don't we spend a bit more time getting to know each other. I'll advance you some money to get you by and if it looks like working out, maybe you could be a live-in house keeper?" Michelle's eyes lit up at the suggestion, transforming her face into the thing of beauty that it normally was.

"Really? I mean holy shit, fuck, um er sorry, just, well ... wow," blurted Michelle. "That is the most amazing offer, I would love to give it a chance."

"Ok then. I have to work this week, but why don't you come over each night and we'll have a chat over dinner and then on Friday during the day you can clean the house. Do that and I'll give you $35 an hour for the cleaning for Friday and then if we go ahead with live in, we'll sort something else out."

"Oh thank you so much, Michelle squealed, leaping from her chair to hug Paul. "I just know I'll be able to make this work!" Michelle left with a promise to return for dinner the following night.

Over the course of the week, Michelle had dinner with Paul every night and then they'd sit and chat. He delved into her past, asking seemingly innocuous questions that gradually gave him an understanding of where her moral centre was. He was happy with what he heard and on Friday, she showed up early in the morning so that she could get in to begin cleaning before he left for the day.

Paul gave her some final instructions on what was expected and then left for the day, knowing that he'd put some of his more valuable and less replaceable things in his safe. He considered himself a good judge of character and from what he'd heard over the week thought that Michelle was more likely to try and make a go of this so that she'd have a future than run off for a quick win through theft, but there was always that chance that he was wrong.

Michelle spent the day alternating between exploring the house, marvelling at the fact that she may have found a home that was so beautifully appointed (way better than her parent's house) as well as a job that could provide some security for her and her child. She had no idea what would happen when the baby came and hadn't wanted to bring it up, but hopefully Paul wouldn't abandon her at that point. After all, he did know she was pregnant now. Maybe by then she'd have some cash tucked away and would be able to do things differently.

She gathered the dirty laundry from the bathroom where Paul kept a hamper and lugged it to the laundry. She sorted the whites from the colours and put the machine on and then set about doing some vacuuming. It was when she hung the washing out that she came to the realisation that there was no underwear at all. She didn't think too much of it, it was merely a curiosity. When it was dry, she folded it and left it on the bed as she'd been instructed. Paul was apparently somewhat particular about where his clothes went and told her that he'd put them away himself.

In the end she managed to finish her work before Paul had arrived home so she thought she'd do something nice for him. She saw his computer on the desk in his den and turned it on, intending to find a recipe on the internet and to email a friend to let her know that she was safe and that things were potentially looking up. When it booted up, the back ground was a picture of Miranda Kerr in some sexy Victoria's Secret lingerie.

She opened up the web browser and opened her gmail account to send the email. Then she found a pasta recipe which she printed out, hoping the ingredients were in the house. She'd checked the fridge and the pantry before and they seemed well stocked. Just before she closed the computer down, she became curious and checked the history. Given that Paul was single (she'd found that out during the week) she wasn't surprised to see that there was a reasonable number of porn sites listed. She clicked a couple to see what sort of things might turn him on. There wasn't anything too outrageous, mostly just young girls in various stages of undress and occasionally engaged in sex. She was surprised to find herself getting aroused as she glanced through them, mainly because she was now thinking that he probably sat her in the chair she was in stroking his cock. She wondered which of the guys she clicked through would have a cock like his. Was he big? Circumcised? Blushing, she quickly turned it off, though not before giving herself a little rub between her legs.

Time to make pasta, she thought. When Paul came home later on, he was pleasantly surprised by the lovely smell that greeted him as he entered. He went through the house, checking how it looked, happy with what he found. Then went to Michelle in the kitchen, in the middle of something of a mess, looking quite dishevelled as she stirred pasta in a boiling pan. She turned as he came in and smiled at him and his breath caught in his throat. She looked absolutely adorable. She was again wearing nothing more exotic than a pair of leggings and a t-shirt, but there was something hot about even that.

"Well this is a pleasant surprise," he said to her, taking the scene in.

"Well I finished cleaning a little earlier than expected, so I thought you might like me to cook for once since you've made me dinner every night so far this week. I used the internet for the recipe, I hope that's ok."

"Sure, that's fine," Paul replied, grabbing a beer and sitting at the table. They chatted amiably until the food was ready at which point they devoured it hungrily. Eventually Paul announced that he'd reached a decision.

"If you'd like to take me up on the offer, you can be my live in housekeeper," he told her, enjoying the euphoric reaction that the announcement launched. He suddenly found Michelle almost strangling him in her efforts to give him a big thank you hug.

"I'll take care of buying food, we can share cooking responsibilities and you get all the icky housework. For that privilege, I'll pay you a salary of $3000 per month. No rent or board though, how does that sound?"

"Unbelievable, that's how it sounds!" Michelle squealed.

It wasn't a lot of money, but with no food or rent to pay for it mean that she only needed to buy clothes and incidentals and it was so much more than she could have hoped for!

"Does that mean you'll take the job?" Paul teased.

"Fuck yes!" she replied, then apologised for her profanity.

"It's ok, I've heard it before," Paul laughed. "Right well how about tomorrow I pick you up from wherever it is you're staying at the moment and we can bring your things over?"

"Oh my god Paul, yes please, that is so amazing, I will work so hard for you!"


Later that night, alone again, Paul booted up his computer, blushing when the Miranda Kerr wallpaper came up and he remembered that Michelle would have seen it. He checked his history and saw that all the recent hits were for porn sites. Clicking through them, he realised that Michelle must have been checking out what he'd been looking at. He was a little embarrassed, but also completely hard at the thought of her sitting her going through so many pictures. Especially given that she was still prepared to take the job with him.

Sitting thinking about the young girl that he was letting into his life and her situation led to him thinking about the fact that she was pregnant. Already aroused from thinking about her prowling through his history, he searched pregnant teens. It wasn't long until he was sitting at the computer, pants about his ankles, hard cock in his hand, stroking himself wilfully as image after image of naked pregnant young girls decorated his screen. He watched videos of pregnant girls masturbating, of them having sex, taking it in the ass, giving head, pretty much the full spectrum of what was available. There were pregnant girls who were obviously early in their term through to those that appeared to be only days away dropping. He lined up various stages and day dreamed about the fact that he would have the chance to see Michelle's body go through those changes, even if it wasn't going to be a naked progression like he was currently seeing.

Eventually he grabbed a handful of tissues and allowed himself release, spurting warm cum with a picture of a very pregnant girl on her hands and knees, cleaning a floor in a French maid's outfit. It wasn't planned, it just happened to be at the point where he couldn't hold out any longer.

Paul toyed with whether or not he should delete the history, finger hovering over the button for some time before he decided not to. If she chose to look, that was up to her. He secretly hoped that perhaps her looking would lead to something else ... though hopefully not her running away. He was determined not to do anything that wasn't clearly welcome. Even though she was hot, he knew it wouldn't be right to take advantage of a girl that had clearly been taken advantage of enough in the past.


The following day Paul drove over to pick up Michelle who was glad to get off her friend's couch and cease being a burden. she looked forward to having some control back in her life. She'd known that her friend was stressing about the extra cost, already being closer to the poverty line than she liked, so it was a relief not to have to stretch the friendship any further.

At Paul's she had her own room, though they had to share a bathroom. Michelle spent most of that first day simply enjoying having the place to herself, watching some television, doing some minor cleaning and wondering just how long this could last. She was determined to save as much money as she could as quickly as possibly so that if it turned sour she'd have something to fall back on.

About the middle of the afternoon she decided to check her email and went and turned Paul's computer on. She checked her email and Facebook and then decided to check the history again. She was somewhat surprised to find a long list of sites related to naked pregnant teenagers. As Paul had, she went on something of a journey looking at all the girls through the different stages of pregnancy, seeing something of a prediction of what she herself would go through. It was quite daunting and she was about to turn it all off when she saw the photo that he'd finished on. She wasn't sure whether to be worried or not. Was that how he thought of her? Or was it the fact that she was coming into his house in the role of housekeeper that had led to him finding that image? She wasn't sure but determined to be extra careful when he was home until she could be sure or his motives. She turned off the computer and noticed the tissues in the waste paper basket. She picked it up and took it off to the main bin, figuring it was part of her cleaning. She couldn't help but guess what they contained.

The first two weeks of Michelle's time at Paul's house passed with no much significance than that. She would occasionally steal a peek at what he'd been looking at and he obviously didn't care about her seeing it, or wasn't smart enough to clear his history. Michelle often wondered which it was.

After two weeks though, Michelle received a bit of a surprise. She'd been doing his laundry and had, as requested, been putting it back on his bed, folded and ready for him to put away. It continually nagged at her though that she never saw any underwear. Not once. She surmised that he was either a commando sort of guy, or he was too embarrassed to let her see what he wore. She pictured 'tighty whities'. After two weeks, she finally couldn't contain herself. She went exploring in his room. When she went to his chest of drawers, she started at the top and soon found what she was looking for, though certainly not what she expected. She found a drawer full of women's panties. There was an amazing array of different types and styles, mostly from Victoria's Secret, but not exclusively so. There were boy legs, thongs, briefs, satin, lace, cotton and all sorts of combinations of those variables.

She wondered whether they'd been collected from previous relationships (in which case he'd been around a bit) or whether this was just some kinky fetish. Checking the sizes, she quickly concluded the latter. After all, they were all the same.

Michelle spent the rest of the day wondering about this development, partly jealous that he had a better collection than she did though mostly wondering if this hidden side of him was a cause for concern. Nothing he'd done to date provided any sign that the latter was an issue. She resolved to simply keep an eye on him and be extra watchful ... and possibly to even try and catch him wearing underwear, because the more she thought about how kinky it was, the more she seemed to be turned on by it. She kept trying to picture Paul in women's panties, though her imagination didn't really supply her with a reliable image.

She held out for all of 3 days before she couldn't help herself. As they sat down eating the dinner that she'd prepared, she confessed.

"Paul, I have a confession," she said as he helped himself to a second glass of red wine.

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