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My name is Renee Dubois. I am a romance author. To be more precise, I write erotic paranormal fiction. My stories are full of werewolves, vampires, witches, wizards, ghosts, and, of course, sex. I am often asked if I believe in all the things I write about like magic, creatures of the night, and premonition. My answer? I absolutely do not. I also get, do you write from your own experience? I honestly told people never ever do I. And I never expected to, until now.

I do not believe that dreams can come true, that they can forecast the future, and I never dream of sex. Last night, however, whether it was the chocolate covered strawberries I had been eating before bed, the throbbing Celtic music that I had left playing, or the jasmine incense that scented my bedroom, I don't know, but my dream was so vivid that I felt compelled to write it down before I might forget the details.

At present, I am sequestered at my favorite nudist resort, Crystal Palms, for the month of October in order to achieve the privacy and focus to finish my latest book. The end of the month is in sight but I have gotten a lot of work done. I should make my goal of finishing before the big Halloween Ball here. I always think and write better when I visit this place, it feels comfortable. People leave me alone for the most part. I take my laptop with me everywhere I go, I even write at the pool under a cabana. Today I don't have my laptop but grabbed my journal instead as this bit of writing is personal, just for me.

Journal Entry, October 17

My Dream Last Night

I was standing nude in the center of a gazebo. The full moon shone down and I must have been near water because although I could not see the source, I could hear waves lapping and smell the scent of water. Fireflies dance and flitted about the posts of the gazebo casting a warm glow on the red wood. There were panels of white gauze strung about which were gently blowing in the breeze.

I was alone, then, suddenly, I was not alone. I could not see anyone there. I could only feel a presence close by me, a closeness that would normally have made me uncomfortable. This time I felt comforted. I will call the presence He because the events that followed led me to believe it would have been a Him.

He leaned in close and I felt the cool wispy lips caressing mine. Then I felt cold hands upon my arms, running from my shoulders to my wrists and back again, raising gooseflesh with the chill of it and bringing all my nerves to life. The mouth kissing me moved to my neck to suck gently and then down farther until I could feel licking and sucking at my breasts and nipples. They tautened so hard that they hurt but the pain was pleasurable.

The hands, which had moved to caress my back, lowered now to fondle my ass. The squeezing hands pulled my cheeks apart and I felt one finger swirling around my puckered hole. I moaned at the sensations sweeping through me as the mouth continued its journey down my body and the hands continued to fondle my rear.

I felt pressure upon my legs and I spread them in response to the unspoken directive. His mouth was now discovering my clit and I could feel the coolness of fingers entering my pussy. One hand remained at my ass and I felt a finger entering there. I was being sucked and double penetrated by a presence I could not even identify and I was getting off on it.

In less than a minute I was in the midst of a strong orgasm. It swept through me radiating from my pussy and ass throughout my entire body. My pussy was drenched with juices as He continued to suck at my clit.

In less time than I desired, I came down from my high. Then, He was gone. The presence simply disappeared, evaporated if you will. I was left with a lonely feeling, emptiness; such as I have rarely felt. I was instantly awake.

Awake and confused that is. My nipples were turgid and my pussy was damp. My lips were even swollen. It had been a dream...right?

As I finished writing down my memories, I was even more confused than I had been last night. Had I teased myself into having an orgasm in my dreams? And why had everything seemed cool, not warm? Those kinds of things didn't happen to me. Well, enough of that, it was written down, maybe I could use that dream in a book one day. I closed my journal, determined to be finished working for now.

I got up from my chair and stretched feeling the gentle breeze on my naked flesh and I stepped out into the sun. It was later in the afternoon on a weekday so there were few people lingering to enjoy the remainder of the day. I slipped into the pool and floated quietly focusing my thoughts on the story I was supposed to be writing and not some stupid dream.

The dream, however, kept invading my thoughts so I gave up. I gathered my things and headed back to my room. I was determined to distract myself. I needed to break from my typical everyday routine in order to break my chain of thought. I figured a night out might work.

I slipped on a dressy white cover up that was filmy and billowed as I walked and grabbed a towel and my net book. A can of soup or grilled cheese sandwich would just not do. I headed to the fancier indoor restaurant here. Maybe a nice candlelight dinner and a drink would work.

Upon entering, I chose a seat outside upon the balcony. I nodded politely to the one other couple seated here. I gave my order and was quickly served. As I ate, I opened my computer and began typing at the same time. I vaguely noted the couple leaving. I eventually convinced my waitress that I didn't need anything else and she left me alone to my work. I finished the chapter I had been agonizing over and sat back quite satisfied with myself for the evening.

It was then I began noticing things. The cords of white lights that hung from the wood beams surrounding the balcony reflected warmly against the redwood. I could hear the water in the lake lapping gently at the shore. I got up and wandered to the rail, my gauzy white cover up blowing in the gentle breeze. There were too many odd similarities to my dream to leave me in a peaceful state of mind.

I felt a chill down my spine; an eerie feeling crept over me. As I gazed into the darkness I could make out what seemed like a haze, a cloud, in one spot. I blinked, shocked, as it almost seemed to move toward me. Then it was gone. I felt alone, bereft, until I felt cool air, as if a cold breath, upon my neck.

Unthinking, I tilted my head to the side. The feeling of chill increased, then the pressure as of lips kissing my pulse point. A sucking sensation pulling at my skin caused my eyes to close and my body to tingle. What was happening to me? Was I going insane? I felt a touch at my shoulders, a squeeze of reassurance. Then His cool hands, for they were hands, trailed down my arms to my wrists and up under my top to cup my breasts.

The cold sensations of sucking at earlobe and neck, and caressing and tweaking of my nipples, were so different, so erotically chill that they caused my pussy to flood. I wanted sex; I wanted it now. I turned. All sensation stopped. No one was there. What? I turned back toward the dark night and sensations once again flooded me. The cold hands were fondling my ass, pulling my cheeks apart and lips were kissing me there. I could feel myself penetrated by his cool tongue.

Just as I could take no more, my legs were pulled apart and I felt myself pushed down against the railing. I was entered roughly from behind in a single cold thrust but I was so wet and needy that I simply met it with a thrust backward of my own. I felt His hands upon my hips and He thrust deeply into my pussy, hard and forceful. I could feel His thighs brushing my own and His balls swinging forward to bang against my needy clit.

I needed to cum. I was so close. I squeezed His cock tightly inside my pussy, holding on for dear life. One of His hands came to my clit and with a tweak I was soaring on ecstasy. I groaned as my warm pussy flooded over His cold cock, and then I felt coolness as He came in me, his cum as chill as the rest of him. My limbs were shaking and twitching. I was filled.

As I still leaned over the railing, I felt His cock slide out of me. I felt those cool lips upon my neck once more. A breath of possibly imagined sound, a name, "My Jacqueline," said a deep male voice. Then the presence was gone. I knew He was gone, just as I knew this had been real. I could feel His cold cum dripping from my drenched pussy.

On sex-weakened limbs, I made my way back to my table just as the waitress reappeared. I was told it was closing time. I began gathering my things and, after paying, made my way slowly through the darkened resort to my room. I had much to think about.

Especially that my name is not just Renee Dubois as the world knows me. My whole name is Jacqueline Renee Dubois.

I got little work done in the next few days, as my mind could not remain off the presence for long. I spent hours, instead, working out in the small gym, swimming, and walking the resort hoping that physical activity would relieve my need for sexual satisfaction such as the presence had caused me to experience. I missed Him. How could I miss a disembodied, nonexistent presence?

I had finally convinced myself that I had dreamed or made up the whole thing in response to the stress of my deadline when I happened to overhear a conversation that was not intended for my ears. I was in the small boutique near the pool area browsing the racks of resort wear. I had been there quietly looking for quite a while enjoying the filmy printed cover-ups and the sexy, barely there outfits. The two ladies working there must have forgotten all about me and were comfortable speaking openly.

"So, have there been any reports yet this year?" asked Lady 1.

"No, not that I've heard of," responded Lady 2. "Usually by now some woman has complained of something. It is October after all. That's when this always happens."

"Do you believe them? All those crazy reports of being touched and feeling watched but seeing no one can't be true."

"But every year? Every October it's the same thing. Some lady comes in the office with some crazy report. Remember last year? That lady even said that she saw a mist and that it followed her."

"Do you think that it really is a ghost?"

"Could be. Who knows? This place hasn't always been a nudist resort you know, and it has been in the same family for over 150 years. How they've held on to it I don't know, but there were rumors of a tragedy back at the time just around the Civil War. And if there really is a ghost haunting the place every October Mr. Crystle isn't going to want that broadcast far and wide. Would make folks not want to come to the Halloween Ball."

"Bet there are clues somewhere, records of reports, maybe a record of that tragedy. I bet out at the big house where Thomas Crystle stays when he's here."

I was so distracted eavesdropping upon the clerks that I bumped into a rack of sunhats knocking many to the floor. The conversation immediately stopped and Lady 1 hurried over to help me restore the hats to their proper places.

"Are you all right dear?" she asked me.

"Oh, yes," I answered. "I'm fine. Sorry about my clumsiness."

"No problem dear. Can I help you with anything?"

"No, no thank you. I have to be going actually, but I may be back tomorrow for that little blue outfit on the rack over there!" I stated pointing to a see through pants and crop top set I had been admiring. My comment successfully distracted the saleslady and I made my escape into the sunshine.

My mind was whirling and I was already making plans. The researcher in me was coming to life with a passion. I was not the first one to have odd experiences here, and every October? Forgetting that I did not believe in such things, I quickly made my way back to my room and my computer, mentally jotting down a list as I went.

1) Surf internet - Mr. Crystle, Crystal Palms, and ghosts

2) Trip to local library - research local ghost stories and local legends from Civil War

3) Visit resort Office - hit up chatty, gossipy ladies there for information

4) Get into the "Big House" somehow!!

For the rest of the evening and most of the next day I worked on steps one and two. Neither resulted in much information. Whatever the secret was, it was well guarded. I was looking forward to step three. Tomorrow I would stop in at the office. I loved to visit with the three ladies who usually worked days there. The three had read my books and were always eager to discuss all kinds of things with me. If I let them think I was researching for a new book I was sure they would open up like flowers in the sun.

As I lay upon my bed that night unable to sleep I thought about the presence. I longed for Him to return to me, to touch me again. How could I, a confirmed skeptic, feel such desire for a non-entity? How could someone not real bring me to such pleasure? My nerves were firing throughout my body. I was completely sexually frustrated. It was time to take action.

I got up from my bed and rifled through my suitcase till I found what I needed. Returning quickly, I opened my laptop and surfed my favorite porn site until I found a clip I liked. Watching two hot naked bodies fucking like bunnies, I propped up my knees, spread my legs, and began stroking my clit. I was very wet and ready. I slipped three fingers inside as deeply as I could as the man on the screen plunged his cock deeply into her pussy. I was throbbing and needed more. I needed to cum.

Reaching out, I retrieved what I had gotten out of my suitcase, my purple monster. I grinned as I looked at the huge purple vibrator, nine inches long, two inches wide, and very powerful. Without lube, I was wet enough to not need any, I eased it inside while it was still on a low speed. It slowly filled me up, filled my need. Once it was in to the hilt, I turned up the volume. It touched me everywhere inside, buzzing sweetly. I eased it out and began thrusting it into my straining body over and over. While one hand controlled the monster my other hand was stroking my clit.

My head fell back, my eyes closed and I moaned. It didn't take long as I reached a peak. With the monster deep inside, I gripped it with my inner muscles as hard as I could and flew to pieces. Knowing the walls were thin I kept it to a moan as jolts shot from my pussy up my spine and out my limbs. I stiffened my body holding on to the feelings as long as I could.

I descended slowly and removed the monster from my pussy. It was drenched in my juices. Feeling extremely naughty, I lifted the tip to my lips stroking it with my tongue. Sex had a smell and a taste and I enjoyed both. I swung my legs over the side of the bed still licking at the vibrator as I glanced up into the corner of my room. A haze hung there, a distinct body shaped haze! What the hell? The fucking ghost had been watching me? Was this ghost a pervert?

Pissed now, I got up and walked straight toward the haze. It evaporated as I approached. "Yeah, you'd better run," I called out shaking my fist at it. I stomped to the bathroom to clean up my toy then stowed it back in my luggage. After shutting down my computer which was still streaming porn I was definitely not in the mood for now, I lay back down on the bed knowing I would never sleep tonight.

The next day took forever to get there. It was worth the wait though. I chatted comfortably with the three old sweeties for nearly two hours and came away with a notebook, a fountain of information, and an invitation to visit the Big House the next day with the housekeeper as my personal tour guide. I reviewed my notes as I sat alone near the pool.

The land had been in the Crystle family since soon after the American Revolution. There had been a typically gigantic plantation home here. The "Big House" being referred to was the only remaining wing of the original structure, the rest having been burned after the Civil War.

The ghost stories had been prevalent since the early 50's at least. For the past ten years or so different reports that had been received had been recorded in the notebook now in my possession. One of the ladies had been fond of the real life ghost dramas on TV and had followed recommendations to write down the stories in detail as they were received. It was believed that the ghost was the spirit of Thomas Crystle, Thomas being a family name that was still being passed down to this generation. Thomas, the older of two brothers, had gone off during the Civil War to fight for the North instead of fighting for the South. He had fallen on a battlefield far from home. His brother who had fought for the South had inherited the property, married a neighbor's daughter and named his son Thomas in honor of his brother.

As I flipped through the notebook I realized that it was true, all the reports took place during October and women had all the sightings or experiences. A horny ghost? Well, a nudist resort was a good place for one I guessed. Another question popped into my mind. Why had the ghost never "approached" me before? Wait. Had I ever been here at this time of year? I thought back over my visits. No, I realized I hadn't. Most of my visits were in the spring and summer with an odd visit at Christmas/New Year. So, if the ghost only presented during October... What in the world was going on here and why had the ghost seemingly singled me out this year? Answers would not come till at the earliest tomorrow.

After a quick dinner of a grilled cheese with a glass of white wine I tried unsuccessfully to work on my book. I could not keep my mind on my work. My thoughts kept wandering to Thomas. To die far from home fighting for what you believed in even though it went against your upbringing? Harsh. If Thomas was the presence, the ghost, what had happened to hold him here? Why hadn't he passed on?

I couldn't believe it. I was thinking like I was a character in one of my books and all the things I'd written about over the years were possible. This was ridiculous. I needed a good dose of reality. I needed to get out of my little room. I threw a towel over my shoulders and, in nothing more than flip-flops, headed out and down the path that led to the little beach.

I walked a bit. It was a beautiful night, not too hot, not too cold. The cloudless sky allowed the moon to reflect off the water of the lake. I took a deep breath. I loved the smell of the water. I had always lived near water until my job had forced me to relocate to the big city. I hated it there. I loved it here. Although I was working and on a deadline, I felt freer here than anywhere, almost like I belonged here. I threw my towel on a chaise lounge and flopped down, completely relaxed, thinking on my ghost.

My ghost? I had officially lost my mind. Then I saw it, the mist, the same as the other night, out over the water of the lake. I stood up trying to get a better look. It was coming closer, directly toward me. As it came up the beach, it began to coalesce, to take a vague shape. As with the other night, I could not make out details, but it was the form of a man. As it came closer, it became clearer, but all I could tell for sure was that He was over six feet tall and wearing some type of uniform and fancy hat. Hmm, Thomas had fought in the Northern Calvary in the war.

"Thomas?" I asked hesitantly. If I had lost my mind I might as well take it and run with it.

The figure nodded.

Feeling faint I asked, "Was that you with me those other nights?"

Thomas nodded once more. I guess yes and no questions only tonight.

Feeling snarky I asked, "Was it as good for you as it was for me?"

I could make out a definite grin as he nodded once more.

"Damn it Thomas! Why me? Why are you here?"

He looked puzzled for a moment then pointed down the beach. I could see an image. It was Thomas in a hot embrace with a beautiful woman. An unreasonable jolt of jealousy rippled through me.

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