tagBDSMThe Price

The Price

byMr James©

Kat stood in the middle of their bedroom, a guilty blush turning her face scarlet. On the carpet in front of her, where they had fallen from her purse, were a handful of parking tickets, still unpaid. Andrew stood and watched as she picked them up, one by one, his face a cold mask. A moment ago, she had playfully tried to steal a kiss as he had been buttoning his shirt and fastening his tie, before she changed from her working suit into an elegant gown for their anniversary trip to the theatre. Then he had pressed her back onto the bed and straddled her as he covered her face and the base of her throat with hungry, passionate kisses. She had moaned, deep in her bosom, and reached up to pull him down onto her, opening her lips invitingly. At that moment, her purse, forgotten in their passion, had sprung open and deposited its contents in a flurry of papers and cosmetics across the bed and onto the floor. Laughing, he had slid off the bed and bent over to help her pick the things up and that was the moment he had noticed the handful of unpaid parking fines. Picking them off the floor, he had glanced over them, ticking them off one at a time.

"I thought we'd sorted this out," he growled, "This isn't an emergency, this is sheer idleness. You could have parked on the multi-level at the mall, but these are for parking on Main Street."

Kat just stood in front of him, trying to look meek and crestfallen. Andrew flicked through the tickets again and she could almost hear him totalling the fines in his head. At last, he put them carefully on the dressing table and sat on the stool in front of the mirror. Kat stood with her head bowed and her hands clasped in front of her. Andrew sighed and ran his fingers through his dark wavy hair, flecked in one or two places with grey. He took his eyeglasses off and polished them on a tissue from the box on the dressing table and then looked at her, still standing in the middle of the space at the end of their bed.

"Did you think they would just go away?" he snapped, "Twelve hundred worth of parking fines would just vanish, if you waited long enough!"

"No," Kat whispered, "I thought I could borrow the money and then pay it back a little at a time."

"Borrow the cash? Who from?" he demanded, "What about interest? Collateral?"

"I hadn't thought about that," she confessed, "I just thought that it would let me pay the fines without having to borrow from you."

"And now?" he asked.

"I don't know," she admitted.

"I suppose you would like me to make you a loan so you could pay the fines off," he snapped.

"Oh please!" she exclaimed, "I'd be sooo grateful."

"I'm not going to do this for nothing. You'll have to pay me back," he warned, "with interest."

"Oh yes!" Kat gasped, "Anything."

"Right!" he snapped, "I'll pay the fines, and you will pay me back over the next twelve months. I think you should pay one hundred a month, plus interest."

"How much interest," Kat asked, warily.

"I think that, rather than money, we should agree a form of interest that will act as a reminder of how you got into such a mess," he told her, "I think that each month you should receive twelve stripes of the cane, as a reminder and as interest. One stripe for each hundred."

Kat swallowed nervously and thought furiously for a moment. It would not be the first time that Andrew had spanked her although, until now, he had only ever used his hand or a moccasin. She knew that he had a thin rattan cane in the closet and had even, once or twice, ran her fingers over the smooth wood and wondered what it would feel like to bend over and surrender to a caning at his hands. Out of the corner of her eye, she could see the gleaming leather of his shoe moving as he tapped the toe of his foot with gathering impatience. She lifted her eyes and looked him in the eyes, for a moment, then nodded.

"Good!" he murmured, his voice barely louder than a sigh, "I'll pay these in the morning. You, however, will start with your first interest payment, right now."

Andrew stood up and gestured to the stool he had been sitting on. Kat moved across the carpet and stood in front of the stool, waiting nervously. Andrew stood in front of her and slowly unbuttoned Kat's blouse, pushing the material aside to reveal the swell of her ripe breasts, nestling in the soft silk cups of her bra, under a coral coloured silk camisole. Kat closed her eyes and let her breath out in a long, trembling sigh as Andrew cupped his palms over the taut globes, squeezing gently, tenderly, feeling the hard points of her nipples against his palms. Sliding his hands over the silk, he moved them down to her hips and unfastened her skirt, letting it drop to the floor, so that she stood in front of him, wearing only her underclothes and her work shoes. Her French-cut panties were coral coloured silk, to match with her camisole and bra, while her hold-up stockings were sheer black silk. Andrew ran his hand over the front of her thighs, pressing his fingertips against the silk of her panties, making it cling to her shaven skin.

"You know where the cane is, go and fetch it," he ordered.

Kat opened the closet and took down the smooth length of wood, carrying it over to Andrew. She held the cane out in front of her, waiting obediently. He took the cane out of her hands and flexed the wood, gauging its flexibility. Kat watched, worrying her bottom lip with the edges of her teeth, as she imagined the burning sting as the cane cracked across her buttocks. She blushed as droplets of her sweet nectar oozed out of her pussy and she felt the walls of her cunt tightening in excitement. Andrew swung the cane through the air, making it hiss close to her skin. Kat bit her lip again as she felt the points of her nipples hardening and pressing against the soft silk of her bra.

"Bend over the stool," Andrew ordered.

Kat knelt and lowered her belly onto the cushion of the stool. She gasped as Andrew pressed down on the back of her neck, forcing her head lower and lifting her ass higher in the air. She smelt the dry dustiness of the carpet, almost touching her nose, and felt the tightness of the backs of her thighs as she arched over the stool. Andrew hooked his fingers into the waistband of her panties and slid the silk smoothly down to her ankles. Kat trembled as the cool air played over the backs of her thighs and the taut globes of her buttocks. Andrew's fingers were warm against the smooth skin of her bottom as he stroked her tenderly, from the dimple at the base of her spine to the shallow creases at the tops of her thighs.

"Now we're about ready," he told her, "You will count each stroke you take, out loud. Do you understand?"

"Y-y-yes," Kat replied, hesitantly.

Kat took a deep breath and steeled herself for the first stroke. Out of the corner of her eye, she could see the pale wooden rod arch into the air. The cane hissed as he brought it down and around, with a flick of his wrist, so that it slammed hard into her taut buttocks with an echoing 'CRACK'! Kat's breath hissed between her teeth as she felt the burning sting of the cane on her taut backside. She could feel the welt rising across her buttocks as she opened her mouth to cry out.

"Oww!, One, Sir," she sobbed.

Andrew flexed the cane and waited for the burning in the welt to subside. Carefully he examined the stripe across her buttocks, red and raised against the milky smoothness of her ass. Kat squirmed a little, feeling the muscles of her cunt tightening and squeezing a few more drops of her juices from between her pussy lips. Watching to see that Kat was beginning to relax, Andrew lifted the cane again and cracked it smartly across her ass. Kat's back arched as she screamed softly.

"T-t-two, Sir. Please, Sir, not so hard," she begged.

Andrew ignored her plea and watched as her buttocks trembled and a second line, exactly one fingerwidth below the first slowly swelled and reddened against the smooth skin of her ass. Andrew lifted the cane again and flicked his wrist, bringing the cane whistling through the air to crack against the taut globes.

"Oww! Three!" she gasped.

CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! Andrew's arm swung the cane harshly against Kat's taut buttocks, lifting bright red, burning weals across her ass. Kat's body jerked with each stroke, her back arching as she threw her head back, howling, as she counted each stroke.

"Aaah, four! Five, Six!" she moaned.

Andrew paused, watching Kat writhing on the cushion of the stool. The air was scented with the sharp tang of the juices that had oozed from her pussy to stain the velvet covering the top of the stool. Kat moaned and tried to press her swollen clit against the rough material. The lips of her pussy were puffed and swollen sprinkled with pearls of her sweet juice. Andrew reached out and ran his fingers along the backs of her thighs, sliding them between her legs and along the oozing slit of her pussy. Kat moaned as he pressed his fingers into the hot, bubbling hole, exploring her sweet wetness. The tip of his finger brushed the hard pearl of her swollen clit and she shivered as sparks of dark pleasure shot through her nerves.

Andrew withdrew the tip of his finger, from between the lips of her pussy, and gazed curiously at the slick film of moisture coating the end. Slowly, tormentingly, he ran the tip of his finger along Kat's lip, sliding it into her mouth as she pouted against the slippery finger. She could taste her own juices as he slid his finger in and out, smearing her tongue with her own juices. Kat groaned when he slid his finger out of her mouth and sighed, disappointed that he did not return to caressing her pussy and the hot cheeks of her ass.

Andrew waited for a moment and then picked the cane from the floor, where he had laid it while he explored the hot wetness of her dripping pussy. The pale wood seemed to gleam in the light of the room and he took a moment to admire the functional simplicity of his chosen implement. Lifting his arm a little, he gripped the cane firmly and brought it swishing through the air to land on the tightly rounded curves of Kat's ass. Kat arched her back, trying to avoid the stinging impact of the wooden rod as her breath hissed sharply between her teeth. The movement scraped her nipples against the velvet cushion of her stool and, even through the layered silk of her camisole and bra, Kat could feel the friction against the swollen points.

"Seven!" she gasped, "Oh please stop! Fuck me do anything you want, but I can't take any more punishment."

Andrew ignored her tearful plea and slowly raised the cane, taking a long, deep breath as he watched the line, where the cane had struck her taut flesh, swell and redden. He imagined the burn of her blood rushing to the silky skin and pooling within the weal, reddening it like a ripening cherry. Kat bit her lip as she trembled, anticipating the next lash in a welter of nervous anticipation. The cushion beneath her pussy was sodden and sticky where she had oozed onto the absorbent material and she wriggled against it , the rough material harshly rubbing the sensitive nub of her erect clit. Andrew swung the cane four times, quickly, choosing unmarked patches of her buttocks as his targets.

"Aaaah! Eight. Pleeease! Nine! Ten! Ooooh noooo! Eleven!" Kat squealed and sobbed.

Her whole body was shaking and her pussy had begun to drip, the sticky liquids smeared over her shaven skin and the tops of her thighs and stockings. Andrew paused, his arm lowered, as he waited for the burning in the welts across her ass to subside. Kat desperately wanted to reach back and touch her burning ass cheeks, to trace the ridges left by the blows of the cane and to spread the soothing juices from her pussy across the cheeks of her flaming ass. Andrew watched as Kat tried to relieve the building tension in her pussy by rubbing her clit against the rough, damp velvet cushioning the top of the stool. Kat was sobbing with frustration and the burning sensation from the welts across her ass. Andrew waited, with diabolical patience, for the sensations and Kat's sobbing to tail off. When he was satisfied that Kat had relaxed sufficiently, he raised the cane again and cracked it across her tender ass with a single, precise twitch of his wrist. Kat convulsed with the burning sensations that coursed through her body, setting her ass aflame and making her pussy gush fragrantly over the stool and her stocking tops.

"T-t-t-welve!" she wailed.

Andrew laid the cane down in front of her and then slowly undressed, folding his clothes neatly and sitting on the side of the bed. Kat heard the rustle of his clothes as he laid them carefully aside and knew that he would be waiting for her but that, if she moved before his command released her, he would punish her further. She knew that his cock would be swollen and erect, jutting upwards from his groin.

"Put the cane away and come here," he commanded.

Kat slowly raised herself from the stool and, resisting the urge to reach back and caress her burning bottom, carried the cane back to the closet. Slowly she walked over and stood in front of him, waiting for Andrew's next command.

"On your back," he growled.

Kat lay down on the bed, wincing as she lowered her tender buttocks onto the cool sheets. Leaning back, she hooked her hands behind her knees and pulled her legs up and as wide apart as she could. She felt the mattress shift as Andrew stood and leaned over her, the tip of his cock brushing along the wet lips of her oozing pussy. Reaching down with one hand, he rubbed the swollen head of his cock along the damp slit, working it between the lips and easing it to the entrance of her aching cunt.

"You got just what you deserve," he gloated, "and you loved it, just as I'm going to love fucking your juicy cunt."

Kat just nodded and pulled back on her knees, the opening to her cunt wet and ready to receive his thick, swollen cock. Andrew shoved, hard and fast, ramming his cock deep inside her. Kat squealed and grunted as his weight bore down upon her, driving his cock deep into her cunt. The sensation of his thick meat stretching her already tormented pussy was too much for Kat to bear and she bucked beneath him, her cunt squeezing his throbbing cock and milking the pre-cum into her womb. Andrew arched his back and rammed his cock hard into her cunt, pinning her down as his cock jerked and sprayed hot wads of his cum deep inside her. Breathless they clung together as their heaving breaths eased and their skin cooled. Andrew glanced at the bedside clock and smiled as he realised that they were already too late to catch the theatre.

"Now that you've paid your interest for this month," he whispered, "I'll take you to dinner. Then we'll come back to bed and I'll help you soothe your hot backside," he promised.

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