tagLoving WivesThe Price of Forgiveness

The Price of Forgiveness


I want to thank Wolf Vixen for continual help in catching all the little things I miss and all her feedback. Most of you will like this story because the under dog finally gets his due without becoming an asshole.

So sit back with a cold one and be prepared to be entertained.


I sat in the restaurant and watched the two of them coming towards me. On a scale of 1 to 10 they were very close to a nine. As they walked by I smiled and they kept on walking ignoring me. Was I surprised? Not really, I was used to it. They were about thirty and I was just over fifty and not in their league. So another day went by in my wonderful fucking life.

I was happy. I was married, had three great kids, a good job what else could you want. We got married at twenty-two and planned for two kids and ended up with three, oops. At twenty-five years into our marriage I was traded in for a new, sportier model. One with a full head of hair, a fast car and a carefree life style that looked great from where my wife Ann sat. Did I see it coming? Hell no, or I would have stopped it or at least shot the son of a bitch. I think the worst part about it was that the kids accepted him lock stock and barrel, which put me on the outside looking in.

The divorce was ugly, I made sure of that, and lasted well over a year. The kids told me to stop being such an ass but it wasn't there money I was fighting for it was mine. I finally got a sixty forty split but not before everything we'd built for the last twenty-five years was torn down, including my relationship with my kids.

I got a nice but smaller house in a new neighborhood and began my life again, minus my wife and kids. Everyone at work couldn't believe it and were sympathetic but thanked God it wasn't their life. And for the next five years, life sucked the big one.

I had a few dates that went absolutely nowhere. There was a ton of divorced fifty-year-old men out there with receding hairlines and a bit of a paunch. I started at the gym for something to do at night and watched as the beautiful people worked out.

"I'd give a thousand dollars to bed that one," a guy next to me at the gym said one day. "She's got a perfect body and knows it. She is, however, the most stuck up woman I've ever met. I was on the treadmill next to her one-day and tried to start up a conversation. After a couple of minutes she stares right through me and says I'm trying to work out if you don't mind and turns up her I-Pod, what a bitch. By the way, my names Rob," he said extending his hand.

"My names Dan, good to meet you."

"Just a fucking meat market in here now," he went on to say. "It's not just about the working out anymore, it's about how good you look doing it," he said with a laugh. "Come here often?"

"Most nights, it beats spending hours in front of the boob tube," I told him.


"Yeah, five years. My wife went for the red sports car instead of the minivan," I said trying to laugh.

"Me too, but I finally found a woman who is satisfied at what I'm offering. Not too many of them out there," he told me.

"You're right there. The hot ones want a younger guy or a sugar daddy to support them. Then there's the single mother group with two to three kids that will do almost anything to hook a man who will take care of her and her brood and finally the bitter divorced ex-wife who lets you know from the get go there will be no nookie at the end of the date. Dating sure is fun isn't it?" I said laughing out loud. "And that's why I don't do a lot of it."

He told me he'd see me around and left me to my abs machine. I was bound and determined to get rid of my keg middle and at least turn it into a twelve pack, I could dream couldn't I?

Once a month, my work always had some kind of social function. I used to go with Ann, but now I only went to a few and usually stag. I'd look at the couples and get both angry and jealous. I had that life once and sure missed it as I watched the couples dance and play kissy face with each other. Oh to be in love again. I'd dance with a few of the women but it was almost like they were doing me a favor because I was high up on the food chain and they didn't want to piss off one of the bosses. People would come by and be nice but I knew what they really thought, "what a loser, he can't even get a damn date." That's why I usually stayed home.

"Holy shit," is all I could say as I looked at my lotto ticket. Not all six numbers but at least I had five. I checked the next day on line and say that I'd one $28,000.00. I wasn't hurting for money, but it was at least a shot in the arm. It lifted my spirits for about a week, that is until I got shot down on another date.

"Dan you're a nice guy, it's just that I'm not really attracted to you," she tried to explain to me in a nice way.

"Fuck her, I didn't need her, I didn't need anyone," I said feeling sorry for myself once again.

Three things happened after that. First of all, I got serious about working out. I not only went to the gym now, I pushed it when I was there. No more gawking at all the sweet young things, I was there to get this pitiful body into shape again. Next, I got rid of my four-door car and got a nice two seater. It wasn't brand new, but was still in decent shape. It was my mid life crises car I told everyone. Finally, I spent the night with a hot babe. She was about thirty, had a killer body and did everything I asked her to do at the end of the night. She cost me $500.00 but was worth every penny.

I can hear what your thinking, you went out with a prostitute? Not a prostitute, an escort. I pick one that was affordable, whatever that meant, took her to dinner, had drinks and even went to a dance club. I took her back to my place and had some pretty good sex. She blew me; I ate her and took her from behind. She got me off twice that night but only charged me for once. She said that since I got her off with my tongue, she owed me one. Pussy tasted as good as I remembered it and I guess I hadn't lost my touch even though later I thought about all the diseases I could have gotten from her. What the hell, I was back in the saddle again.

"All right Dan, who is she?" I was asked Monday morning.

"Who is who?" I asked with a stupid look on my face as Keith, the marketing director caught me by the coffee machine.

"I saw you at dinner Saturday night at Vic's. My wife and I were just leaving when I saw the two of you walk in. Nice, very nice indeed," he told me. "Did you get lucky?"

"No luck involved, she did whatever I wanted," I told him with a big shit-eating grin.

"To be single again," he said. "Well, don't wear it out," he said punching me in the arm as he walked away.

I didn't lie, it's just that I didn't tell him the whole truth and what did it matter anyway, it wasn't going to happen again; or would it. The summer picnic was two weeks away and I hadn't planned on going, I was tired of going stag to these functions.

"Coming to the picnic?" Keith asked.

"Hadn't decided one way or another," I told him.

"Thought you'd want to come by and show off your new woman," he said with a chuckle.

"I dropped her, too high maintenance," I told him as I now noticed the look of disappointment on his face. "Got a new one that's even hotter," I told him as I watch his eyes light up. "I just may bring her," I said now excusing myself.

"What the hell was I doing? I don't even know a hot babe," I said to myself as I sat in my office. "Now what am I going to do?"

On the Monday before the picnic Keith hit me again.

"I told all the guys about your hot girl friend. They're all looking forward to meeting her," he said. "They didn't believe me at first, but when I told them about your last one, that peaked their interest, see you Saturday."

"I'm fucked," was the only thing I could say. "Where in the hell was I going to find a hot babe by Saturday and one that would go out with me?"

It's only money I said to myself as I made the call.

"She's got to he smoking hot and pretend to be my girl friend. I don't want a blonde bimbo but someone thirty five to forty that has something between her ears," I told him. "It will be for about six hours and tell her she doesn't even have to sleep with me if she doesn't want to, but she's got to make it believable," I explained to him.

And smoking hot Rhonda was. About 5'9" tall, 135 pounds max with a body that would make a grown man cry. She had long black hair and was Egyptian, college educated and had personality plus.

"Just say we met at a seminar and we've been going out for about a month." I told her, giving her a little bit of information about myself.

"Don't worry, I've done this many times," she said kissing me. "Don't touch your lips, I want everyone to see my lip stick on them when we pull up," she said with a smile.

I told you she was good.

Everyone, and I do mean everyone couldn't take their eyes off us; or should I say her. More than one guy gave me a thumbs up and Keith brought his wife over to be properly introduced. We stayed for just under four hours before Rhonda casually mentioned that she needed a little alone time with me with a wink. She'd played it to a tee. We walked hand in hand over to my car. I opened the door for her; she gave me a kiss and stepped in as everyone watched.

"You were great I told her," as we drove away. "For a while there I almost believed it myself."

"Why does a successful man like yourself have to hire a woman to be by your side?" she asked.

"Believe it or not, they're not coming out of the wood work to jump my bones," I told her. I gave her the short version of my life and she even seemed interested.

"You have a choice Dan. We can go back to your place and have sex, which I can guarantee will be the best you've ever had, or we can rework the old Dan. Your choice."

"I took one look at her body and took the latter, what did I have to lose?"

Our first stop was a hair salon. She had them cut my hair short and gave me suggestions on facial hair. We next went to a clothing store and bought five new out fits that could be mixed and matched. She had a great sense of style, which I knew nothing about. Finally we went to a specialty shop and picked out three new suites. They weren't cheap but looked great on. My lotto winnings were coming in handy.

Rhonda threw out about fifty percent of my clothing.

"Old, outdated, worn," she said as she made a pile on my bedroom floor. "Dan, you're not an old man, why do you dress like one?" she asked. I didn't have a good answer; hell I didn't even have a bad one.

At about 7:00, I put on one of the new suits and we went to dinner. I looked great and she was beautiful. Heads turned when we walked in. I wasn't vane enough to believe they were looking at me, but I gave myself a good time anyway. We had a nice dinner and went into the lounge to dance afterwards.

"Don't take this wrong Dan, but you have three left feet. If I can be so bold, I suggest you try a dance class or two, maybe just to freshen up your moves. Your wife was probably the only woman you danced with and now with her gone, you need to be able to dance with all comers. She told me I'd look hot with a closely cropped goatee because it would take away from a woman looking at my receding hairline.

"The lady knew her stuff," I said as we headed back to my place and her car. We kissed at her car and I didn't even ask if she wanted to head upstairs. I'd already paid the service but slipped her a large tip; she'd earned every penny.

"Next time we're eating inside and going no where," I said as I held her door open.

"If there is a next time," she said. "After today I don't think you'll need my services any longer, but if you do, ask for me."

I watched her drive away and went inside to my empty house again. Monday I wore one of my new suits and started growing my facial hair. I shaved it on my cheeks and under my neck that was all. I decided that I'd see what it looked liked before I came up with any type of style.

"You dog," Keith said as he walked into my office. "Just tell me your banging her," he said with a smile on his face.

"Keith, I don't kiss and tell, and besides I don't want to get the reputation as being a player," I told him.

"Well I told all the guys after you left that you've been banging her for a month and that this one was a lot hotter than the last one," he said with an envious smile. "To be single again," he told me. "I've had the same piece of ass for the last fifteen years and what would I wouldn't give to have a little strange stuff like that."

"Keith, take it from someone who has been there and done that. Bring a single red rose home to your wife tonight, take her to dinner and tell her she's the most beautiful woman in the world. Wine her, dance close to her and make love to her like it's your last night together. I can guarantee you if you do what I say your life will no longer be dull and boring and you'll forget all that shit about screwing someone else. I'd give anything to have what you have right now," I told him.

"I'll try it tonight," he told me leaving my office.

Everyone now looked at me in a different light. I was no longer the "also" works here, but was now someone available and maybe a good catch. Women said good morning to me for the first time, and even my secretary asked what was different about me.

"I'm still the same guy I was last week," I told her and went back to work.

At lunch everyone wanted to know who my new squeeze was and for the first time in ten years there, people wanted to know about my personal life. I smiled and told them nothing. I left it to their imagination, which to a horny guy was like pouring gasoline on a fire.

Tuesday I became the man. Keith went home and did exactly what I'd told him to do. He came in a half hour late with this shit-eating grin on his face. He stopped by my office and just said we'd talk later. He did mention to a few others that I'd given him a little friendly advise and it had worked better that he could possibly have imagined. But my boring life, outside of work, still stumbled along. I did, however, sign up for dance classes at the local college.

Tuesday was crazy busy and I had all I could do to get all the new proposals approved and materials ordered. I skipped lunch, even though a couple of guys invited me to go with them. That was a first. Wednesday was a little less stressful but had two new vendors in and spent the better part of the day going over specifications and blanket order quantities. But before I left on Wednesday Keith came into my office and shut the door.

"I just want to tell you that you were right on. I went home gave her the rose and a huge kiss. I told her to get dressed because we were going out. She asked what the occasion was and I just told her it was because I loved her so much. Dan she ran upstairs and was dressed in twenty minutes and for her that was a new record. We had dinner and danced until after midnight. I took your advice and made sure she went to sleep with a smile on her face, a big smile," Keith told me. "She woke me up in a special way the next morning," he said smiling. "Hell if I didn't have that damn budget meeting I would have called in sick or dead by the time she got done with me. I just want to tell you thanks for the advice. This morning she was playing footsie with me at breakfast and whispered to me that I'd better have a big lunch because we're skipping dinner tonight." "You're the man Dan." He said giving me a high five.

Hell, all his wife wanted was a little attention, that's all. I could see it, why couldn't he. I guess sometimes your too close to the problem and don't see it, I now wondered if that had been true in my case. Oh well, I wasn't going to worry about it now.

There was no one at work I was interested in. The only girls I lusted over were no older than thirty-five and way too young for me. When Kathy said she had two tickets to the Atlanta NBA game and wanted to know if I wanted to go I jumped at the chance. I wasn't looking at this as some kind of date, but just an outing with someone from work. We ate; we drank and had a great time especially since Atlanta beat the Bulls. I took her back to her place and when she asked if I wanted to come in for one more beer. I thought, why not? How we ended up in bed, I'm not quite sure, but that's what happened.

I remember kissing, and feeling her up and the next thing I know I was between her legs with her pussy in my mouth. She was pretty damn vocal, louder than anyone I'd ever been with which spurred me on.

I ate that bitch and sucked her pussy until there wasn't a drop left of her juices, after she had climaxed for the second time. I did hear a oh my fucking God after I flipped Kathy on her stomach and reamed her ass all the while playing with her long clit. She was acting like no one had ever done this to her, and maybe they hadn't.

I'm not huge, just under seven inches, but with the noise coming out of her mouth you'd think I was twelve inches long and two in diameter. It takes me a bit longer to get off wearing a condom verses bareback, but that just made it all the better. Kathy had the tightest pussy I'd had since I first got married to Ann. I finally dropped my load into the rubber and eased out. I lay on the bed next to her and calmly asked if she was having fun and where did she want the next load.

I was kidding because there was no way I could have done it again, but Kathy did know that.

"Dan, I don't think I could go again, I may not be able to walk tomorrow anyway," she said with a smile.

She came over, kissed me and tried to touch my tonsils, even though they'd been taken out when I was a kid.

"I guess the rumors are true," she told me. "You want to spend the night?" she asked. "I think by morning I'll be ready for another round."

"I'd love to, but I don't have a change of clothes and don't want to go to work in the same clothes I left work in, someone might start to spread rumors." I kissed her again and even gave her clit a little tongue action before getting out of the bed.

"You sure I can't talk you into it?" She said now uncovering her nude body.

Ok I'm weak and hadn't had pussy this good in a hundred million years. By the time I left at 5:00 am, Kathy had two more orgasms and had done anal for the first time. We were spooning and she was sopping wet and it just kind of happened. All right I planned it and was half way in before she started to say anything. A little clit and finger action, and I was three quarters into her ass. Ann allowed ass play only on special occasions and Kathy's ass was as good as I'd remembered it. We showered together and I was on my way home, tired but totally satisfied.

I played it cool for the next three weeks. I went to dance class, started cooking lessons and hit the gym every other night. I was busy for the first time in a long time.

The Labor Day BBQ was slated for Saturday and I debated about going. I still didn't have a real girl friend and had bedded two of the girls in the office so I wasn't about to ask either one of them. I called Rhonda.

"Dan I thought I'd heard the last of you," she said.

"Me too, but I still need a little help." I explained to her about the BBQ at the C.E.O.'s house and that there would be a dance band, a hot tub and pool and enough food to choke a horse. "I just need someone special to take, you interested?"

We took her car to the gathering but I drove. Her 600SL Mercedes drove like a dream and Rhonda looked elegant as always. I told the valet that if there was a scratch on the car when we came out he would be dead meat. We walked into a packed house.

Three things happened that night. I made points with Rhonda for treating her like she was the last woman on earth, showing her my new moves on the dance floor and I finally slept with her. Or should I say we spent the night together.

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