tagNonConsent/ReluctanceThe Price of the Contract

The Price of the Contract


Helen Slattery was just returning to her office at Bowman and Tandy architects, where she worked. She had been at a meeting with fifty year old David Lyons, the main man behind the idea of building a multi story car park in a derelict part of East Lambton, Surrey and Helen had been negotiating for months to secure the contract. She was very confident that she was close to sealing the deal. It had been a hard few months but Helen felt at last it had been worth it.

Helen was forty-five. Five feet seven and slim. Her golden curly hair shone brightly. She more than held her own against the younger women. Her slim waist and medium breasts got her noticed by all the men of the firm.

When Helen arrived at reception, Jenny Harper, the young receptionist spoke to her.

"Oh, Mrs Slattery, Mr Bowman said he wanted to see you the moment you got back."

"Thanks Jenny," she responded politely and headed for Mr Bowman's office.

Denis Bowman was the sixty-two year old senior partner of the firm. 'He's really keen on this contract.' thought Helen. As she arrived at the office, Jane Sharpe, Denis Bowman's secretary greeted her. "Hi Helen. How are things going?"

"Just great, Jane. I think he wants to see me?"

Jane buzzed. "Mrs Slattery to see you, sir."

"Send her right in," came the reply.

Denis Bowman was sitting at his desk, reading through paperwork and puffing one of his huge cigars. "Ah Helen, good. How are negotiations coming along?"

"They're coming on fine Mr Bowman. I think another week or so should do it."

"You see the reason why asked was that David Lyons rang me. He is most anxious that we seal the deal and wishes to continue the negotiations at the Carrington hotel over dinner at seven."

"But Mr Bowman, I promised Jim I'd be home early. I've been out late all this week."

Jim, was Helen's forty- eight year old husband.

"I am sorry, Helen but we desperately need this contract. We have to get it at any price. Your job and all the others depend on it."

Denis Bowman wasn't lying when he said that. The slump in the market had made business very scare and this contract was very lucrative. It would keep them going for another few years. "I won't have time to change."

"That won't be necessary. It'll be a working dinner."

Helen returned to her office dejected. Now she would have to phone Jim and tell him the news. When she rang and told him, he was disappointed but understood. They both did because the mortgage on their home depended on both their incomes.

Helen arrived at the Carrington, just before seven. She was intrigued about this working dinner. David Lyons never mentioned it earlier in the day and she was under impression that they had covered everything.

When she got to reception she explained she had an appointment to see Mr Lyons.

"Oh yes. Mr Lyons is expecting you in his suite on the third floor. Number 314."

Helen took the lift to the third floor and felt uneasy. She went over in her mind about her earlier meeting. 'Have I forgotten something? What has David thought of now?'

Helen put her briefcase down and looked at herself in the hall mirror to make sure her business suit of grey jacket and skirt that was slightly above her knees, were clean and had no creases. She also made sure her white blouse was buttoned all the way up.

When she knocked at room 314 the door was opened by a young man in a white waiter's jacket and beckoned her in.

"Ah, Mrs Slattery. Good of you to accept my invitation."

"I'm really not sure why I'm here, Mr Lyons. I thought we had more or less covered everything."

"Please indulge an old man, Mrs Slattery. There are some points of the contract I would like to smooth over and we can do so socially over dinner."

Helen could see the small square table was already set with lit candles. David Lyons gracefully eased a chair out and allowed Helen to sit. When he was seated he rang a small bell and the four course meal was served by both young men and women.

When they completed the meal and the table was cleared away, Helen took up her briefcase and was about to open it when David Lyons spoke up. "Please, let us sit over here and be more comfortable." he was pointing to a settee facing a log fire.

Helen sat down and opened her briefcase. She put plans on the little table. In the meantime David Lyons sat beside her and handed her a glass of brandy.

"Thank you," she said politely. "So what loose ends exactly do you want to tie up?"

David Lyons moved closer. "Well, there's the estimate for the contract. "

"I don't understand. I thought we had agreed..."

Well, there's one sure way of sealing the deal and he put his hand on her smooth, nylon covered leg and began to feel his way up her skirt.

Helen jumped up enraged. "Mr Lyons. How dare you? I'm a married woman," and with that, she turned and was about to head for the door.

"I'm sorry Mrs Slattery. Mr Bowman gave me the impression that you were prepared to seal this contract."

"Yes, but..." Helen stopped in confusion.

"I see. You don't want the contract."

"Yes. We do, but..." Helen paused again and thought. "I'll have to phone Mr Bowman."

"Be my guest," responded Lyons.

Helen stepped outside into the hall and flipping open her phone she rang Denis Bowman and tried to explain what happened.

"Just get that contract Helen. Don't bother coming back without it."

"Yes, but..." Her phone went dead. "Fuck you Bowman," she said under her breath.

When Helen returned the suite she found Lyons dressed in a silver dressing gown.

"Please, Mr Lyons. I'm a happily married woman..."

Lyons cut her off. "Now look doll. Do you want the contract or don't you?"

Denis Bowman's words came back to haunt her. 'Don't come back without the contract.' Helen simply bowed her head in silence. Lyons signalled her to follow him to the adjoining bedroom.

Lyons walked over and slowly unbuttoned her white blouse. Helen remained silent and did not resist even after her whistled when he saw her breasts straining in her low cut red lace bra. Helen blushed and closed her eyes as he gently licked the exposed top of her breasts. Although the tingling excited her a little, she still remained silent. A tear fell from her eye as she felt the zipper of her skirt being pulled down and the loosened garment fell to the ground, exposing her matching red knickers, that, despite being surrounded by her black tights, were still quite visible. Now with her blouse completely free, he eased it from her body and Helen simply allowed it to fall to the carpeted floor.

As Lyons began to kiss, nibble and suck her bare neck, Helen struggled to maintain her silence. She grunted a little but still resisted the temptation to moan. Lyons' hands went around Helen's back and the unfortunate woman felt her bra being unsnapped and Lyons pulled it gently from her upper body and simply dropped it to the floor. Instantly her nipples hardened. He sucked and licked her naked breasts and each moment her nipples were lashed by his tongue, Helen Slattery felt her resolve beginning to erode. Her imminent collapse finally came as his hand made its past the rim of her tights and began to gently rub along her pussy bush. "Oh my God" she slowly exclaimed as she rapidly became wet. Lyons pushed her gently onto the bed, on her back and as before, Helen made no resistance when Lyons simultaneously rolled down her tights and knickers. Indeed it was with a certain unwanted excitement that she aided the process by raising her arse.

Lyons quickly stripped and mounted his waiting prey. His deep, passionate kiss took Helen completely by surprise and she simply surrendered to his wishes. He kissed, sucked and nibbled Helen's neck. The tingling sensation of this sensuous action made Helen shudder with excitement. He proceeded down her naked body, continuing his licking, sucking and nibbling in alternate intervals. When her reached her breasts and worked her nipples gently with his tongue, Helen could no longer resist. "Ooooh," she moaned, in long dragged out tones. Continuing down her slim waist, Lyons continued his gentle stroking and Helen continued her soft joyful moaning.

When Lyons reached her pussy, his tongue ravenously lashed her, pushing through her bush and past her pussy lips and excited her wet clit.

By now, Helen Slattery was lost in her own world of lust and desire. The disappointment she felt at Lyons' withdraw his tongue was quickly replaced by the joy she felt as he inserted his huge hardened rod deep inside her. Her body reacted excitedly and she placed her hands on his bare hips as if to guide is actions.

The pace was initially slow but picked up at each stroke. Helen's body, too, soon developed a rhythm that satisfied them both. Helen had not enjoyed this level of sex in years. The physical exertion began to take their on both of them as they perspired and their breathing began deeper and deeper. At last, Helen felt her juices beginning to gather. She felt too, that her "lover" was very close to cumming. When she felt the hot sensation as his cum was released inside her and her love juices flowed to meet it, Helen Slattery gave a deep sigh of sexual gratification. Lyons too, sighed heavily.

The combination of fucking each other and their full day of work exhausted both of them and they rapidly fell asleep, feeling secure in each other's arms.

Helen was the first to wake up. The early morning sunshine was almost blinding. She looked at her watch. "Oh my God. Seven thirty!" She gently slipped out of her still sleeping "lover's" embrace and rushed naked to the en suite shower.

As the warm spray slowly washed away her tiredness, Helen debated in her mind just how she was going to say to Jim. She couldn't tell him the truth. He wouldn't believe it anyway. If it was her she wouldn't believe it either. She'd think of something.

Helen was still in deep thought when the rough hands of David Lyons gripped her wet, naked breasts.

"Please, Mr Lyons. I've got to get to work."

"But this is work, sweetheart. The price of the contract."

Helen could feel his huge dick rubbing against her arse. Then, suddenly he drove his rod between her arse cheeks and rammed deep inside her. The ramming went on for several minutes. Each stroke was faster than the last one. It was Helen's first anal experience and she hated it. For the sake of the contract, she pretended to enjoy it, giving the odd, unconvincing moan for good measure.

At last Helen felt the sensation of hot cum exploding inside her and she gave a sigh of relief as it did so.

Helen got dressed.

"Well, you are a good fuck. As far as I'm concerned the contract is yours."

Helen's delight upon hearing this news was short lived.

"The deal must of course, be ratified by my partners."

"When will that be?"

"This weekend ."

"And when will I know?"

"Oh, you'll know this weekend too, when you argue your case."

"I don't understand."

"Well, let me make it quite clear. My partners, Bill Lomax and Steve Cahill will be meeting aboard Bill's yacht off the south of France. You'll have an opportunity to put your case to both men."

"This weekend? I can't..."

"Look Mrs Slattery, do you want the contract or don't you?"

A dejected Helen nodded.

"Good. I'll contact Bill to pick you up in Nice. And as for your boss, just tell him you're a third of the way there and should have it all wrapped by the weekend, if you play your cards right." Lyons grinned. "Goodbye, Mrs Slattery."

Helen left the hotel and headed for her car. 'This deal gets worse with each passing moment' she thought, as she drove to the office.


That Friday morning, Jim drove Helen to the airport. He didn't like the fact she would be away all weekend and he made his feelings be known. He would like it even less if he knew just she had to do to secure the contract. She had to fuck David Lyons and now she had to satisfy the other members of the consortium and she wasn't looking forward to it.

When Helen arrived in Nice she headed for the gate when she heard her name being called.

"Mrs Slattery?"

Helen turned round and a young man in his early twenties stood there. He extended his hand. "Hallo there. I'm Bill Lomax."

For a moment, Helen was stunned into silence. "Bill Lomax? I'm sorry. I was expecting someone older."

Bill Lomax laughed. "That's ok. Don't let Dave put you off. He's the old man of the group. I'm twenty-seven and Steve is twenty-eight. We both made our money on the stock market. The consortium is really only a sideline for us. It keeps Dave happy. Here, let me get your bags."

"Oh no. Please let me."

"Don't be silly," smiled Bill Lomax and picked up both bags.

Suddenly, Helen Slattery's apprehension seemed to melt away. It was naughty of her, she knew, but she became aware of a lust she never thought she had. A lust for this and other young men.

Lomax led Helen to a large range rover and deposited her bags in the back. It was just a ten minute drive to the quayside. They arrived opposite a large yacht.

Helen was very excited. She was overwhelmed by the size of the craft.

"Steve, are you aboard?" shouted Lomax.

Another young man in his late twenties stuck his head out of the window of the bridge. "All present and correct, Bill," he responded enthusiastically. "Just get on board and we'll be on our way."

Steve Cahill spoke briefly to one of the crew before he joined Helen and Bill Lomax on deck.

"Well you must be Mrs Slattery. It's nice to have a very beautiful woman aboard."

Helen blushed. "You flatter me, Mr Cahill. I'm sure I'm not a patch on the young women you've known," she replied modestly.

"Nonsense. Nice outfit too."

Helen was dressed in a white blouse and slacks. "I wasn't sure what to wear. I didn't want to be too casual."

Steve Cahill laughed. "You're dressed just fine. Bill, why don't you take our guest to her cabin?"

"This way, Mrs Slattery."

The cabin was surprisingly spacious. Lomax dropped Helen's bags on the floor.

"Where are we sailing to?"

"Oh we're just going out for a few miles. When you've put your things away and freshened up, why don't you join Steve on the bridge? I think you'll enjoy it."

"Thank you. I'd love to," replied Helen, taken aback by the courtesy of both young men.

Helen climbed the steps leading to the bridge and saw Steve Cahill at the wheel. He looked at her. "Well. What do you think? A fine view, isn't it?"

"Yes it is. It's breath taking."

Steve Cahill turned to one of the crewmen and signalled to him to take the wheel. "Let me show about the ship."

Helen followed him on her guided tour. He eventually stopped at a cabin and opened the door. "This is my cabin"

When she went in, Helen could see a cooled bottle of champagne and glasses. Steve smiled. "I thought we'd celebrate the contract. Sit down and make yourself comfortable."

Helen sat on the settee and Steve opened the bottle and each of them a drink. She sipped it and placed the glass on the table.

"Does this mean we have the contract?"

Steve sat beside her and laughed. "Patience, Mrs Slattery. There certain, ...er ... formalities."


"Well, I'm sure Dave explained," and with that Steve eased over and kissed her.

Helen wanted to resist. Two things stopped her. One was getting the contract. The was that Steve, like Bill Lomax was young and handsome. Once again when Steve slowly unbuttoned her blouse , revealing her white lace bra, she made no resistance. Indeed, she simply welcomed his advances, as his hand gently squeezed her breast through her bra, which excited her.

Almost like a symmetrical move, Helen unbuttoned Steve's shirt, revealing his young bare chest. It seemed to drive her wild as she passionately returned his kisses.

Steve moved his hands round her back and unsnapped her bra, causing her breasts to spring forth. His gentle kissing and nibbling of her neck made Helen shudder with excitement and she released a soft brief moan.

Steve eased Helen back on the settee and began to open her slacks. Helen kicked off her shoes and when he began to pull her slacks and knickers she was only too willing to ease her arse up to help him.

As she lay naked on the settee, Helen watched with excitement as Steve undressed rapidly. She began to get wet just looking at this young man's perfect body. She couldn't understand it. She had been happily married to Jim for over twenty years had never even thought of looking at another man. Now that conservative exterior had given way to a lust filled mind that craved young cock.

As Steve descended gently to her, Helen opened her arms as if welcoming a new lover. He kissed her passionately. He kissed and nibbled her neck, working his way to her firm naked breasts. The tingling sensation of his tongue as it wrapped around her nipples was too much for Helen and she cried out, "Oh my God Steve. More, please, more. Don't stop," she begged.

Encouraged by Helen's words, Steve lashed her breasts with increased ferocity. This in turn made Helen lose what little sense of conservative morality she had left as she began to moan deeper and deeper. As Steve travelled down her slim waist to her already wet pussy, Helen Slattery was already consumed with lust. As his tongue gently lashed her pubic area and love box she could feel her love juices already gathering. His tongue was swiftly replaced by his hardened cock and he began to pound her. The rhythm, slow at first, picked up pace with each stroke. Helen's own body reacted and moved in tandem with his creating a mutually satisfying pace. Both were now lost in their own lust filled dreams. Their breathing became deeper and deeper and the perspired heavily.

Soon Helen felt Steve's hot cum collide with her own juice flow and both sighed in deep satisfaction as they orgasmed. They swiftly fell asleep in each others arms.

Helen had no idea how long she slept. She was woken by a knock at the door of the cabin. It was Bill Lomax. "Hey Steve, wake up. We're almost back in port."

Helen suddenly came back to reality. "My God. What time is it?"

Steve looked at his watch. "It's nine pm."

"I need a shower."

Steve smiled. "Sure. In there," and handed her a robe. He grabbed another and went up on deck. He returned just as Helen was drying her hair. In his hands he held a black dress. "Bill will be going to the casino in an hour. He'd like you to accompany him," and he handed her the clothes. Steve swiftly dressed and left her to dress.

A few moments later, Helen was on deck in her black dress. It was well above her knees, much shorter than she liked and low cut, showing her firm breast line.

"Wow. Bill is a lucky man tonight."

Helen blushed.

"I certainly hope so Steve."

Helen turned and saw the young man standing there dressed in a tuxedo. Once again Helen could only lust as she saw him.

Shortly after the yacht docked, Helen and Bill set off by car to the casino. It was only a short drive. It was clear to Helen that Bill was a very regular customer because as he handed the keys of the car to the attendant he was greeted with familiarity. "Good to see you again, Mr Lomax."

"Good to be back, Felix," and handed him a generous tip.

"Thank you sir." He took the car and drove it to a parking slot.

"How about something to eat?"

It was only then that Helen realised she hadn't eaten in hours and was famished.

"That would be nice."

Helen was deep in thought as she consumed her meal. She was struggling with different emotions. On one hand she was feeling guilty for betraying Jim. On the other, she was consumed with lust for these young men. Worse still, she eyed every handsome young man in the restaurant. It was like a dormant part of herself had been awakened and would not go back to sleep.

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