tagBDSMThe Price You Pay

The Price You Pay


Don't even try those "puppy dog" eyes on me. Even those baby-blues won't save you this time from the punishment you deserve. It doesn't matter what you do; it's long past time I give you a harsher reminder of what the rules are around here. I've been too lenient, I guess, in the past. Well, that's a situation I'm about to rectify, rest assured.

Oh, now since the eyes aren't working, you're going to try pouting? You really shouldn't pout, darling, it makes your mouth look awful. Don't act like you didn't know this was coming. Now, be a good boy and go fetch your bag of toys for me. I have to get you ready for this properly. Ah, yes, your little suitcase of fun. Thank you very much, my pet. I must say, you're being so obedient today. How wonderful for you, but I hope you realize it's not going to make your punishment even the slightest bit less. Now, let me see. I think we'll go with the soft cuffs today for your wrists. I like the way they're flexible enough to let you struggle a bit. Put them on while I look for the appropriate attire for your ankles. Something simple, I think. How about the spreader bar with the attached restraints?

Yes, I think that would be best. I do so love the way you look with your legs spread. I want your legs spread wider, pet. Don't make me tell you twice; you don't want to make me angry. There we go, that's perfect. Let me fasten those wrist cuffs together for you, behind your back. Now, isn't that nice? You almost look like the obedient little slave you pretend to be. But something's missing. Let me think here. Oh, yes, I forgot. You're here to be punished, and it won't do for the neighbors to hear your whimpering. So let's find a gag for that pretty mouth, and I think I know just the one. Here we go. I like this one on you. The way your lips stretch around that little red ball makes your mouth look so sexy. It reminds me that you can use your mouth well for other things besides begging for lenience. Perfect. I think you're ready now.

Perhaps we should go over the reason you're in this little mess right now, hmm? Oh, I know you don't want me to say it out loud. You'd rather me punish you and get it over with, rather than have your crime revisited. Well, we're not here to accommodate you, are we? We're here to teach you a lesson. She was such a pretty little girl, wasn't she? I can see why she tempted you. All that pretty blonde hair, and also those fantastic legs. If you would have come to me first, I could have arranged a proper play session for the two of you. But you didn't take the time to find out that she was Master Te's live-in submissive, before the two of you started rutting like beasts, now did you?

And what was the third rule I gave you when you came to me for training? Answer me. Oh, you can't talk around that little gag, can you? Well, let me lay it out before you: the third rule was that you were never to engage in sexual congress with another woman, unless I gave you leave to do so first. I don't know how many times you might have done this behind my back, if Master Te hadn't have coaxed a confession out of his little slave girl. Thankfully, he called me after that, so I can give you a prompt reminder of rule number three. I'll have to remember to give you over to him for a small session some time, as a way of saying thanks.

Bearing this direct disobedience in mind, I think it's time we break out the heavy artillery, shall we? The crop is nice, but it won't leave a good enough warning on your ass to even bother with this time. And the paddle marks would disappear overnight, and that simply won't do. No, I think this is a job for the cat 'o' nine tails. Oh, I see I have your attention now. You don't like that particular whip, I know. That's why I save it for only the strictest of punishments. Like today, my pet. Tensing up won't help you any. I can see you're a little nervous. Your skin is shining with a layer of your sweat, so pretty on your naked skin. Perhaps you should have thought a little harder about rule number three before you acted, then.

How delightful! I loved that little jump your body made when the flogger popped, seconds before it smacked against your ass. Truly, you have to know I do this because I care about you. If I didn't love you, would I care about teaching you to remember my rules? If I didn't care, would I take such pleasure in watching the strips of leather fall down on your naked flesh? They leave such wonderful color on that beautiful rear of yours. I love to see that pale flesh darken to rosy pink wherever my whip falls. You're crying? I know, I know. It hurts, doesn't it?

You love the attention, but you hate the pain. Well, maybe next time you'll think before you break one of my wishes. I'm painting such a lovely reminder on your body. It's only been a few strokes, and already your body is a mass of quivering flesh. Don't struggle, my pet, it only makes my whip mark up those slender hips and thighs of yours. And with the way your legs are spread, you wouldn't want me to clip anything personal, now would you? Oh, what a beauty you are! Your face is a study of color. The way your cheeks and nose are so red with outrage contrasts nicely with the blond mop of hair you have. I bet that little submissive looked just like this when you were taking her body, didn't she? And all those little whimpers from behind the gag, well, if I didn't have that little ball plugging your mouth, I'm sure the neighbors would have heard you shout out again and again.

And yet, for the pain and suffering of my lesson, you know you deserved it. I can see that cock of yours, rising from the nest of hair to point towards your belly. The rest of you may be ashamed, but that arrogant prick of yours is happy to be alive, and beginning to drool a clear fluid from its tip. Almost done, darling. I'm giving you twenty lashes for now. This is only your first offense after all, and I don't want your punishment to be too severe. Do it again, and you'll give me permission to give you forty lashes, and I know you don't want that. Forty lashes from my heavy cat 'o' nine tails would be enough to break even your resilient skin and draw some blood. But I think you're ready to show me just how sorry you are, aren't you, my beauty?

Let me undo those bonds, free your hands and ankles. And the gag, let me get that off, your mouth must be so sore. There you are, free at last. Now, I'm going to go sit in this chair, and I want you to show me just how much you love me. Come show me how much you want to thank me for teaching you your lesson. Yes, I like that, you crawling over to me on hands and knees. Put that mouth to good use, pet. It shouldn't be too hard for you to make me spend. Watching you was a true pleasure, and I'm fairly sure I'm dripping by now. You know I love your tongue. You can do wonders with it, and it pleases your Mistress well. Mmmm, that's it. Rub your nose against my clit while you drink me. Perfect, now keep at it. Beautiful. I think I might set up a session for you with that little slave girl anyhow, even though you did disobey me with her.

I'd like to see if you could eat her pussy this well, even if I was giving you some encouragement from behind with the paddle. I'm close, pet, work your mouth faster. I want you to drink my juices when I come. God, yes, you do that so well. My gorgeous slave, my divine wonder. I'm coming, mmmm, and it's a hard one. Feel me closing around your tongue? Your face looks so pretty coated in my juices. You've proved your loyalty to me, and your lesson has been taught. You deserve a little reward at least. Go fetch the bottle of lubricant from your toy bag. I'll take that. Let me lubricate that massive erection for you, but I forbid you to come in my hand when I do.

That feels nice, doesn't it? My hand coated in the water-based oil, rubbing up and down that lovely cock of yours. I don't believe I've seen you this hard in a while. It's rare that you get to your full nine inches, but it's an impressive sight when you do. And while I'm at it, let me wet those balls for you. That feels good, too, cupping those soft sacs in my palms while I work the lubricant over them. Okay, now that you're prepared, I give you leave to masturbate. I want you to bring yourself to orgasm while I watch, darling. Show me how excited you are, while I take care of myself. It excites you to watch me play with my own pussy, doesn't it? Usually I have you take care of me, but tonight I want to give you inspiration to fuel your own masturbation by. I like how you play with yourself.

I don't think a woman could ever play with a man like he plays with himself. I love the way your fingers slide up and down the shaft of your dick a little roughly. I can see it in your eyes that you're going to come. What a beautiful show! The jets of white cream shooting up, rope after rope coating your belly and even as high as your chest, that's impressive. And here I come again, in time with you, and it feels so fucking good. What a darling submissive you are. Your punishment is through, but I've little doubt that you'll do something again to incur my wrath. Oh well, that means more pleasures for another day. You at least know now that there is always a price to pay.

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