tagErotic CouplingsThe Prick Pt. 04

The Prick Pt. 04

byParis Waterman©

I spotted her while driving out of a Dunkin' Donuts. She was standing near the traffic light, wearing a sign that said: "Lost Everything - All possessions - Please Help."

She was a petite thing, with dirty braided hair, but managed to have a clean white Tee on, along with a tattered pair of jeans and some well worn sneakers.

She was also fairly young, probably not yet twenty. As the light was red, I lowered the window on the passenger side and beckoned her over to the car.

"Please help me Mister," she whined.

I glanced in the rearview mirror. No one behind me and the light was still red.

"Want to make twenty bucks, maybe more?"

"Sure!" she exclaimed with a faint smile.

"Get in; I'll bring you back to this spot after you earn it."

"I don't...."

"Twenty or more..." I said.

When she continued hesitating, I said, "When the light changes I'm outta here."

She looked up at the traffic light and reached for the door handle at the same time. She was in the car and we were off as the light turned green.

Three blocks later we came up against another red light. I lowered my sunglasses and looked directly into her brown eyes. Now I happen to be blessed with a pair of what I'm told are dazzling placid blue orbs that hold the ladies in check... for a time anyway.

I saw her breathing quicken as she wondered what lay in store for her. Her fingers gripped the frame of the door as if anticipating a quick departure from my car. Her mind was a whirl of thought as pulled into the parking lot of a now decrepit shopping park. Only the liquor store was still open. The Chinese restaurant had closed a month or so ago, and all the other tenants had left months before that.

"You want to know what's expected of you in order to earn the twenty, right."

"Yeah... I guess so." She said nervously.

"Show me those tits of yours," I said beginning my experiment.

I watched her nostrils flare. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath. Without opening her eyes she asked, "What if someone...?"

"No one will see," I said quickly, punctuating my words with a soft, wet kiss below her ear. It must have been several days; perhaps a week since she'd bathed. It didn't bother me in the least. I'd spent time in Cambodia's jungles. I knew what it was like to be filthy and sweaty.

I raised my head and smiled at her disarmingly. I let my blue eyes show a hint of deviltry as she looked into them and shivered.

Her hand slipped the thin fabric of the tee up, exposing her left breast in its entirety and the right to just below the nipple. Her nipple stiffened in the air-conditioning and she moaned softly in anticipation as my mouth found the exposed bud and nipped at it.

She whimpered as I teased her breast with my teeth and tongue, running them around her nipple in tiny circles, then sweeping across the top of her breast and around the sensitive underside.

Need blossomed within her and her hands fell to her lap, pulling at the thin fabric of her jeans. "Please, Mister," she pleaded in a strained whisper as I worked the top button of her jeans open. "Oh please."

I dragged her fly down with agonizing slowness while my other hand began stroking and squeezing her as yet uncovered breast.


"I think you're going to earn more than that twenty we discussed," whispered as my fingers found the edge of her underwear and crept underneath and felt her wetness.

"Mister... I don't...."

"Yes you do," I hissed snake-like in her ear. "Oh, yes you do, young lady. You want my money. I want your...." I was stuck for the right words, and fell silent.

Words no longer mattered actually. My fingers found her center, caressed it lightly as she trembled with expectation, and dare I say it? Excitement.

"I... I left my boy...."

"Your boy friend's waiting back there for you?"

She nodded nervously.

"You let him pimp you off like that?"

"He's not...."

She couldn't bring herself to utter the word, but realized it was true. She was here with me in the car. I had her tits out and a hand inside her jeans, about to finger her. Of course he'd pimped her out.

"It's not like it's your first time," I said not unkindly. "Now we'll be more comfortable in the backseat. Climb over."

She clambered over the passenger seat almost docilely and I followed after her. Once we settled in, I put an arm around her shoulder and she rested her head in the crook of my arm. My hand returned to her pussy. She spread her legs automatically, gasping when my fingers touched her. She was already wet. By the time I sent my middle finger into her, her juices had soaked the gusset of her panties.

She grabbed a handful of my t-shirt and pulled. Her legs squeezed together on my hand, but I kept rubbing the tiny, but hard bump under my finger.

She whimpered and looked into my eyes. Her hips thrust up and down in rhythm to my rubbing her clit. A moment later she had her face buried in my shoulder. It was time. I sent two fingers up her snatch on an exploratory mission.

She moaned.

The faster I jabbed them into her faster her pelvis ground back at me. Now there was a distinct sucking sound coming from her twat each time my fingers came out.

She was panting and when she raised her head to look at me I noted a large wet spot on my shoulder where she had drooled on me.

Knowing she was watching, I took my fingers out of her and stuck them in my mouth.

"Mmmm, want a taste?" I asked.

She nodded her head and I jabbed them back inside her for another couple strokes, and then fed the fingers to her guppied open mouth. Her expression changed, like she was trying to decide if she liked the taste. She licked her lips.

"Is that how I taste?" she asked.

"Don't tell me that's the first time you've sampled your nectar!" I said with disbelief.

"But ..." she sputtered.

"Do you like it?"

"Yeah, kinda. But I thought I'd taste different."

"Kiss me, see how different that tastes," I said.

She tilted her head up and kissed me, moaning into my mouth as my tongue invaded her mouth and swept over her gums and teeth.

She kicked a leg over me as she moved on top of me, straddling my body with her long, coltish legs. And then she surprised me by raising her ass in the air, and working my dick out into the open and angling it so that I slid right into her juicy pussy.

Nice trick, I thought, a talented girl, this one.

She continued working my fairly thick dick into her. She had to want it as much if not more than I did.

Lordy, she was tight! It had to hurt some; I was sure of that.

I stroked the side of her face. "You can stop if you want."

She shook her head. "I don't wanna stop."

I moved my hands down to her ass and pressed her down, gently but firmly. I didn't want to hurt her, but felt she needed a little help to do it all the way.

"Ow... ow... oh, God," she cried.

Jesus, she was tight! I stopped to let her get used to being stretched. I'd fucked girls up the ass with less difficulty than this. But it was worth it, that's for sure.

"Wait! Wait!" she whimpered. "My bag... hand me my bag, will ya?"

I found the bag on the front seat and handed it to her.

She looked at me and reaching into the bag said, "I carry a little bottle of baby oil, you know... just in case."

She had already opened the bottle and was pouring a small amount directly on her pussy.

I thought about the transformation from shy teenager to almost professional status and decided I was right the first time. She was hooking, not begging.

I began working it in and out with relative ease.

"Oooooohh, look how easily it glides in now," she chirped.

Still pumping slowly, I leaned forward and kissed her mouth with her tits pressed against my chest. As soon as he released her mouth she said, "Fuck Anna!"

"That your name, Anna?"

"Yeah, fuck Anna, please! Anna loves a good fucking."

I made it a point to do just that and fucked Anna like she'd never been fucked before.

I drove my dick deep, pulled back slowly, and slammed back into her so hard I heard the breath whoosh from her mouth.

I took it complexly out and slapped her clit. That drove her wild.

"C'mon, fuck Anna!" she whined.

I slipped it back into her wet snatch, and hit her at various angles during the next fifteen strokes. Her hips were flying up to meet me with each successive thrust.

I quickened the pace and had her gasping.

I slowed down and she sobbed and began begging me to "do me ... really do me!"

"What happened to Fuck Anna?" I asked as I came to a complete halt.

"No ... No! Fuck me! Fuck Anna! Please! Please! Please!"

I started in on her again, this time angling upward, looking for her g-spot. I hit it on the second stroke. She told me as much by shrieking: "Ohhh, fuck yeah!"

I tried to stay on course then, hitting the spot with every other stroke. I also increased the tempo of my thrusting, almost jackhammering into her.

Her hips thrashed violently against me; while her cunt walls attempted sucking my cock into the oblivion of her orgasm.

Oh yeah, she was cumming big time.

I felt myself tense and a split second later released my load into her snatch.

"Huh – huh – huh," she huffed.

I kept pumping away at her even as I finished cumming. I was rewarded by her achieving another rousing climax that left her exhausted for the moment.

I waited for her to calm down, then asked, "Ever have anyone eat you out after they came in you?"

"Nugh ... no ... no, never," she rasped in disbelief. "You gonna do it?"

"Yeah, I am."

"Holy shit!" she managed before I told her to spread her legs for me.

Moving quickly, Anna spread her legs fairly wide apart. I glanced down at her cunt and found essentially what I'd expected to see: a combination of cum and her secretions trickling out of her and onto her ass.

"Try to relax and enjoy this, Anna," I cooed.

The very words caused her to shudder in anticipation.

Leaning in close, I sent my tongue out and licked the tip of her clit.


"Lean back, baby. Keep those eyes closed. I want you to tell me if you feel me licking away at you, okay?"

"Okay ... yeah ... felt that touch to my clittie."

I hadn't thought it possible, but Anna spread her legs even more. It took me a moment before I caught her purpose it spreading them so much. She was presenting her asshole to me in hopes I would eat her out back there too.

I pretended not to notice and concentrated on eating her out. I took me several minutes to ingest my sperm and her excess fluids then I went to work on her.

She came quickly, maybe three minutes in; and again at the seven minute mark. I was checking my watch each time she shuddered and came.

I pretended to discover her little ploy with her asshole about then and asked her if she wanted me to lick her back door.

"You want to lick me back there?"

What a fucking phony!

"Yeah, why not?" I said, as if just realizing it was possible.

"If I, umm, shift a little . . . my tongue can probably, yeah, I umm, can get it in there."

"Oh, baby!" she moaned happily.

I licked her asshole and she moaned happily.

I let a hand snake its way up to one of her breasts and tweaked a very stiff nipple.

"Oh, Anna ...Look at your nipples now! They'd poke my fuckin' eye out if I tried suckin' on 'em now!"

She gave a nervously lewd laugh and said,

"Probably would. I'm so fuckin' hot, man!"

"Squeeze 'em for me baby!"

She hurried to comply.

"That's a girl! Feels good don't it?

"Yeah ... does," she answered slowly as if in a daze.

I sent three, then four fingers into her snatch while lapping away at her asshole. I found her g-spot and pressed on it as my tongue slipped into her shitter.


Wresting my mouth away from her asshole, I called out, "Yeah, baby! Cum for me! Cum big time!"

She did. She came with a veritable gusher, spewing a stream of cum juice that flooded the both of us. I hadn't expected her to be a squirter, but she was that and more. Both of us were drenched in her bodily fluid.

The backseat was stained beyond repair. I wasn't too concerned there; I intended to sell the heap soon anyway.

"Wow, baby ... you're something else!" I told her.

"You ... you ... you too," she managed to gasp.

"Jeez, Anna, look at your clit! It's standing up . . .looks like a small cock right now, want me to give it a lick?"

"Ohhh, I don't ... know...."

I licked it anyway.

"OHGOD OHGOD! OH GOD!" she wailed.

"Cum for me, Anna! Come on, cum for me!"

Anna obliged me and came for me; and came again as I kept toying with her clit.

I allowed ten minutes to pass before I straightened my clothing and moved back behind the wheel.

"Fix your clothes, Anna?"

"Huh ... oh, yeah, I get dressed, sure. Um...."

She was about to ask me for her money, but I beat her to it, saying, "That'll be fifty bucks, Anna. I delivered on that hump, didn't I?"

"What? What did you say?"

"I said you owe me fifty bucks for the fuck and oral sex. It's a low rate, but I know it was worth it. You must have cum a zillion times, right?"

"Um, yeah, I came ... but ... but you wuz supposed...."

"Hey, no credit, Anna. Cash on delivery, and I sure as hell delivered."

Anna was flummoxed. She had no reply. I watched as she reached into her shoe and extracted three twenties. I gave her a tattered fiver in change, and while she fixed her hair I drove her back to where I'd picked her up.

Her so-called boyfriend was waiting. As Anna got out of the car, I called out to her boyfriend/pimp, "She was a real treat, man. I'd do her anytime, but lemme tell ya, next time it'll cost at least a hundred fifty.

Then I drove off, chuckling at having bested them at what they're supposed to be experts at.

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