tagErotic CouplingsThe Priest & the Nun

The Priest & the Nun


My friend Lori and I always talk about the strange and sadistic things that we would like to do to other people. It seems as though when we fantasize together we come out with strange and almost horrific stories. I would like to share with you two stories that we came up with one afternoon while we were watching pornographic movies and having a few drinks.

The first story we came up with entails us going to the beach in a very large van. Lori and I are very good looking so it take us no time to pick up a couple guys and lure them back to the van so we can have our way with them. We have sex with the guys for a few hours and then the plot twist happens. Lori crawls up to the front of the van and pulls out a gun from the glove box and points it at the guys.

They immediately freeze and we order them to suck each other’s cocks. After refusing for a few moments they comply with our orders and we watch in pure joy and laughter at them. Both of them make completely revolting faces as they get each other off. They try to stay soft, but it does not work. We make them continue until they have come all in each other’s mouths and we force them to swallow each other’s come. We are made very horny by all this and think of more way to play with our two new dolls.

We force them to fuck each other in the ass hard and fast. My boy actually starts moaning as he is being fucked by his friend and he spurts his come all over the floor of the van.

The other boy is ripped open by my boy and screams out in pain and we just laugh as my boy continues fucking him like crazy. My boy actually seems to enjoy this and it turns me on slightly seeing this. I love a man who is willing to give the pleasure and take it as well.

After hours of playing with them we clean them up and kick them out of the van. I was not very happy to see my boy go, but I had to let him. Perhaps his sexual life will be better because I did this to him.

Lori and I take off down the road and drive for hours taking turns on driving. We even stop a few times a get each other off with our dildos or fingers. Lori’s pussy tastes so sweet and I try to eat her out as often as possible.

This is where the second story and the first story join together.

We drive for hours and into another state and down this really long highway. It is there that we come across a Catholic church and go inside pretending to be a couple of girls who have came for confession. Lori then pulls the gun and we kidnap a priest and a nun and drag them out to the van and take off again.

After driving for hours we stop the van and watch the two of them, as they are scared and praying for mercy. We laugh like crazy and then strip both of them. Lori plays with the priests cock while I finger the nun’s pussy.

The nun is very young and quite pretty so doing this does not bother me. Her pussy is so tight that it is hard for me to even place two fingers inside of her. As I finger her I watch Lori with the priest and laugh as I see him getting hard within the grasps of her hands.

She ties a cock ring around his cock to prevent him from going soft and then she pushes him in the direction of my sweet virgin nun. I watch in pure joy as I know what is going to happen.

Lori plunges the face of the priest into the nun’s pussy and orders him to eat her out. In fear for his life the priest complies and the nun soon comes all over his face. Lori has to play with the priests cock again because it has gone semi-soft and she wants to make sure that they both get the ultimate experience out of this. She also wants to make sure that mine and her appetites for the destruction of these two are satisfied for the moment.

After Lori has gotten the priest rock hard she guides him over to the nun and guides his cock into her pussy and begins rocking him back and forth making him fuck her. The nun is actually moaning. Lori makes the priest anal fuck the beautiful nun and then I make then nun suck the priests cock until he has came in her mouth. She is of course forced to swallow his seed.

Lori unties the cock ring and we push them out of the van on the side of the highway.

Our adventures like this carry on for days and amazingly enough we are not caught or even hear anything on the news about it. Everyone we got hold of must have enjoyed what we did to them. Every once in a while we would go out and do this to unexpecting guys or other people just for giggles for ourselves. We can be pretty sadistic at times, but hey we’ve never acted on our little fantasies, just talked about them.

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