The Priestess Ch. 02


Vita led Elias and Sophia through to a room behind the bar. There were old, shabby benches with comfortable, if worn, looking cushions. Elias urged Sophia to sit. She perched on the edge nervously, noticing that Elias had no such reservations. He sprawled across the remaining space, leaving Vita to sit opposite them. Sophia jumped when Elias' arm wrapped itself around her calf.

"Still working for the enemy?" Sophia winced a little at Vita's bluntness.

"It pays well." To Sophia he sounded defensive.

"I'm not criticising. If I'm honest, no one much cares as long as taxes don't rise and there's food on the table."

"No one cares?" Sophia spluttered, "They've desecrated our religion, slaughtered our men and hunted down the monarchy. How can people not care?"

"Look love, in the real world people haven't seen a difference. Sure, a few worshipers are pissed off and a King got beheaded, but the army was only a few thousand men strong. We have more men than that in Eastfield."

Sophia was stunned to silence. She felt her eyes welling up with tears. The only family she had ever known had been tortured, raped and murdered, and no one cared? Strangely, Sophia believed Vita. The people she had seen didn't look like they were suffering.

As conversation carried on around her, Sophia tuned out. She couldn't take her mind off the suffering that she was sure would happen to the people of her country in due course; the General wasn't a kind man, and the visions she had seen weren't pleasant. Sophia decided that she had to work up the courage to ask Elias where they were really going, so that she could start to talk him out of his goal. If she could just explain to him that he was hurting people, surely he would stop. That's not the way. The voice made Sophia stiffen. When Elias looked at her questioningly, she gave what she thought must be a strained smile as reassurance. The thought of someone sharing her head, even her Goddess, was uncomfortable and left her feeling slightly disjointed.

You'll get used to it, said the voice as it floated through Sophia's mind. She felt as if she were being laughed at. This way you'll be able to meditate less, and I can talk you out of foolish choices. Feeling a little berated, Sophia nodded to herself.

"That's true," she muttered.

"You know of him?" Vita's voice surprised Sophia out of her pensive state. She realised that both Vita and Elias were staring at her. Blushing, she glanced away hoping that the conversation would carry on.

"You're tired." Elias announced. Nodding, Sophia stood.

"If you tell me where we are sleeping, I'll go to bed now."

"No." Not expecting the response, Sophia paused. She felt awkward and uncomfortable, not knowing if she should obey or not. "You must eat, and I won't let you go to bed alone," Elias clarified. "I'll bring us food. Vita will keep you company."

After Elias had gone, Sophia found herself staring at the woman across from her. Despite her skinny frame, her breasts were large with a deep enticing cleavage. The dress helped; the bodice was tight, the skirt flared, and the top very low cut.

"They paid their way at one point," Vita laughed obviously noting Sophia's glance. Sophia coloured once again. "He's a possessive one, you know," Vita continued, "and you can't have any other experience with men." Sophia shook her head, wondering where the conversation was going.

"Are you taking anything to prevent pregnancy?" At the question, Sophia's stomach flipped. She felt herself pale.

"No," she stammered out. She couldn't imagine Elias being a suitable father considering his hobby.

"We'll fix that, love. There'll be a drink with your breakfast, and I'll give you some herbs to make it each morning. It's saved me from a few fixes." Vita was smiling gently at Sophia. It made her look a lot more attractive, though nothing would make her beautiful.

"Thanks." Sophia couldn't manage more than a whisper as she stared at her feet.

"Are you hurting anywhere?" Vita continued in the same gentle tone. Sophia shook her head in response. It wasn't the truth though; the inside of her thighs and between her legs was raw. Sitting on a horse and allowing Elias to take her had taken its toll on her delicate flesh.

"I can't help if you don't tell me," Vita sighed. Sophia just shook her head again, embarrassed to be discussing such things. "Fine. If you change your mind, I'll be around. I'll tell Elias you'll take your meal in your room. Maybe you'll talk to him."

As Vita left, Sophia relaxed. She didn't think the woman was being mean, or even meant to make her uncomfortable. Sophia knew she should get a grip and start acting like the woman she now was. She couldn't afford to be shy or squeamish if she was going to do as her Goddess wanted. Sophia was sure that her eyes would be completely opened before she left Elias' company.

Vita led them both up narrow stairs near the door that they had entered through. The inn was in full swing now that the sun had set, making Sophia wonder how she would sleep. Taking the tray of food from Elias, she entered the small bedroom first. It looked comfortable, with worn furniture and thick blankets. As she was placing the food on the table, she overheard Vita's parting comment.

"You just be gentle with the girl," she hissed. "If you can't be, you know where I am." Sophia felt her heart sink.

Climbing into bed, Sophia felt a little woozy. The dinner had consisted of cold meats, cheeses, bread and fruit. It was the wine that had Sophia feeling a little strange, though. It had been clear, crisp and fruity, and was the first wine that she had ever drunk. As Elias joined her, just as naked as she was, she couldn't help but giggle.

"What's wrong?" he asked gruffly.

"A few days ago," Sophia started, wrapping her body around Elias' in a move that seemed to take him by surprise, "I was a priestess. I never expected to be drunk, and in bed with a naked man." Sophia ran her hands over Elias' chest, feeling the way the muscles moved as he shifted his body around her. Bravely, she licked at his chest, enjoying the saltiness of his skin. In an attempt to seduce, she slung her leg over his, rubbing herself against him.

"Are you sure, priestess?" Elias asked with concern in his voice. "You're rather drunk."

"I want you to take me, soldier," she commanded in her most serious voice. It just made her giggle again. Elias looked at her with uncertainty for a moment, but then she closed her hand around his hardness. She watched as his lids got heavy and his breath whooshed in.

Closing her eyes in satisfaction, Sophia enjoyed the victory of Elias' hand gliding across her breasts and down her stomach. It was only as his fingers worked their way between her folds that she winced; she felt bruised and swollen.

"I won't take you tonight, Sophia. You are in no state to have me inside you."

"Then show me how to pleasure you," she demanded, the alcohol making her brave. Her fingers traced the heavy sacks that hung between his legs, pulling gently at the loose skin that she found there. Elias' eyes had opened wide at her offer, but lost focus at the new attention. She liked the way the skin felt, and could tell that he was enjoying the sensations she was causing.

"Did you enjoy my mouth between your legs, priestess?" Elias grinned. The question was so unexpected that Sophia couldn't help but blurt out her response.

"Yes." She was embarrassed by the pleasure that such a vile, base act had given her.

"There's no shame in it, priestess. It's how you can pleasure me." The statement made Sophia freeze. She met Elias' eyes and saw the challenge there. She didn't think it was something that a respectable woman would do, but the look in his eyes encouraged her. She had to win him over to her way of thinking, and surely giving him pleasure would help. There is nothing wrong with giving him your mouth. Sophia was grateful for her Goddess' comments for the first time. Taking a deep breath, and steeling her reserve, she shimmied down the bed.

Licking the long, thick shaft for the first time was a pleasant surprise. Elias' organ twitched as Sophia made contact with the very masculine tasting flesh. Taking her time, something she wouldn't have done without the wine, Sophia explored every inch of him with her tongue. Swirling it once more around the smooth, swollen head, she sucked in between her lips. The shuddering sigh that escaped her soldier told her she was doing something right.

Bringing her hand up, Sophia started to stroke the base of him as she worked. Elias started to moan, his hand wondering to the back of her head. She half expected him to force her head further onto him, but instead he stroked her hair. Groaning in pleasure at the petting, Sophia noticed that it made Elias clench his fist against her head. Repeating the noise had the same effect. Soon, she was moaning around his shaft as she sucked, licked and pumped.

When the hot flesh twitched in her mouth, and the heavy balls tightened, Sophia continued. She was shocked when squirt after squirt of creamy, salty liquid was deposited in her mouth. Trying to pull her head away, Sophia discovered that Elias was holding her there. She was forced to choke down his ejaculate, coughing and spluttering around him as she did.

Once Elias was done, Sophia placed her head on his thigh. She felt a little queasy, and wondered if the wine was wearing off, or if it was from the experience of swallowing Elias' bodily fluids.

Gazing down the length of his body at his priestess, Elias couldn't believe how easy it had been. She had taken his cock in her mouth like a pro. Part of him wished that he had gotten her drunk before. He wished he could have fucked her; there was nothing like burying himself in that tight little body. Still, he had heeded Vita's warning. He was half tempted to go and find her once he had recovered a little. She liked it rough, did Vita. Not as rough as he liked to give it, but it would do in a fix.

Stroking his priestess' hair from her face as she dozed on his thigh, he kept picturing her tiny mouth wrapped around his thick dick. He had longed to force her head down, but knew if it had been a bad experience it would be the last time she let him use her like that.

When Elias started to doze himself, he hauled the drunk woman up the bed. She stirred a little, and looked at him groggily, but didn't fight when he lay her against his chest. Covering them both up, Elias wondered how she would ride tomorrow. He had seen how chaffed her thighs were, and thought perhaps they could stay another day or two. It was so early in the journey that they could make time up later on. They had six months to accomplish a lot, but he was sure a few days wouldn't make too much difference.

Sighing, he considered the first object. The mountains where the monastery lay would be treacherous for Sophia. The old ruin would provide them with little shelter once up there, and if there were any bandits he might not be able to keep her safe. Elias had determined to leave her before then, but feeling her warm in his arms had been all of the convincing he needed to keep her with him. Besides, she might be able to help to steal the shield; any monks that were left would hardly suspect such an innocent, young priestess.

Sophia stirred feeling slightly groggy, and very headachy. Her stomach was churning, and the sunlight that had managed to penetrate the grime of the window was hurting her eyes. Groaning, she rolled to the side. Sophia ended up pressed against the hot flank of her soldier.

"Morning, priestess," Elias said, far too cheerfully. Sophia only groaned in response. Pulling the covers up and over her face, she buried herself. The memories of what she had done last night came flooding back. She was ashamed of her wanton behaviour, and couldn't believe Elias was still in the bed with her. Surely he had been annoyed by her display.

"Vita brought breakfast a while ago. You need to eat something before we go shopping."

Elias new her too well, Sophia decided. Curiosity got the better of her. She poked her head out from beneath the sheets and gazed up into the grey eyes that were staring at her. Elias had self-satisfied smirk on his face that goaded Sophia into hitting him in the stomach. It was only a light blow, but she was horrified as soon as she had done it.

"I'm s-sorry," she found herself stuttering into Elias' shocked face. When he laughed, she flinched. Sophia waited for some sort of reprisal, or punishment, but instead she was rolled on top of him.

"You're going to have to hit me harder than that if you want me to take you seriously, priestess," he murmured, tucking a stray strand of hair behind her ear. Sophia shuddered as she sat astride him. He was hard beneath her and, despite her hangover, she found herself grinding shamelessly against him. It stung a little, but she wasn't as sore as she expected.

"Later, priestess," Elias chided her, rolling her back onto her side. Embarrassment warred with disappointment for a place in Sophia's gut. As he climbed naked out of their bed, she pulled the sheet further up her body. She had forgotten, for a moment, what he was capable of and now she was feeling shy again. She studied him as he dressed, feeling more than a little awkward.

"What will we be buying?" She blurted out.

"Warm clothes; the mountains get cold." With that, he strode from the room leaving Sophia alone with breakfast and her thoughts. She was pleased that she knew a little more about their journey, but since she was new to the outside world she had no idea which mountains Elias meant, or how far away they might be. She had never studied the geography of her country, and only new that it was a small place, with a moderate climate. Of course, that was in relation to other countries; to her, her home nation seemed huge.

As Sophia followed Elias through the square, she was shoved, stood on and elbowed. Her intention had been to stay close to Elias, but she soon found that this was impossible. As he strode ahead of her, seemingly unaware of her struggles, she started to panic. The square was so noisy that she had no hope of attracting his attention. A man to her left was bellowing in her ear, sharing the prices of the meat on his stall. To Sophia's right was a woman haggling for a piece of jewellery; the stall holder seemed so outraged by her prices that he yelled in indignation. Jostled by every passer-by, Sophia soon lost all sight of Elias.

Frantically, she spun in a circle wondering if she had lost all sense of direction. When a hand gripped her elbow she jerked away, stumbling away from whoever had dared to lay hands on her.

"Priestess, hold still." Relief washed over her as the hand took her elbow again. As Elias took her hand and guided her through the crowd, her relief was short lived. For the first time, Sophia realised how truly dependant on him she was; Sophia knew no one, had no money, and no idea how to find a job or somewhere to live. She had never needed to learn skills to survive a life outside of the temple. She could never imagine fighting through crowds like this day after day; she would go crazy.

"In here," Elias said, concern lacing his voice. His obvious worry snapped Sophia out of her own contemplations. If she wanted to learn to survive, she would have to pay more attention. The shop they entered was richly decorated, and was obviously intended for people with wealth. It was hard to reconcile the Elias who stayed with Vita with the Elias who could afford to shop here. The shop assistant certainly seemed to agree that Elias seemed an unlikely candidate for the wealth that was needed to buy his goods.

"Can I help you, sir?" The word sir was dripping with contempt. Elias gave Sophia a small smile, then released her hand. Unease rolled around her gut. She could see the shop assistant eyeing Elias' scar, and knew that he was regretting his tone.

Elias, quick as lightening, reached to his side. Sophia had no time to react, and flinched as he flung something towards the man. She had thought he was going for his sword, and had no time to modify her reaction. Instead, what landed on the counter was a tatty, stained bag that clanked loudly. The man became wide eyed as to bag spilled some of its contents.

"I will go and get the owner, sir. He will be more than happy to serve you. Please, take a seat." Elias did as he was bid as the man scurried off, holding out a hand to Sophia in an invitation to join him. Still filled with apprehension, Sophia seated herself in his lap. Elias stroked her back reassuringly. He seemed to feel the tension in her.

"I am not as uncontrolled as you seem to think me, Sophia." Although Elias' tone was patient and gentle, his use of her name told Sophia otherwise.

"I'm sorry," she whispered, snuggling against him. His arms tightened around her, his lips brushing her temple, then seeking out her mouth. He seemed to suddenly be filled with passion, and claimed a kiss that left her breathless, her lips reddened and swollen beyond all decency. Her cheeks coloured to match as she heard an impatient throat clearing behind her. Elias chuckled, then turned to face the new man.

The owner of the shop was richly dressed in bright colours, and expensive fabrics. He was short, round and balding. The look on his face told Sophia that he clearly didn't believe his assistant's claim that they could afford to shop in his establishment.

Before the man could speak, Elias lifted Sophia from his lap and turned to face him. He proceeded to list all of the garments they would require, some of which Sophia had never heard of. She was quickly stripped, measured, then forced into a variety of styles, colours and fabrics. Throughout the whirlwind ordeal, the owner scribbled notes onto a pad of paper. It was only after a very lengthy hour that Sophia was able to sit and catch her breath.

"I don't like shopping," she announced, much to her soldier's amusement.

"It won't be so bad next time. We have your measurements now."

"Why aren't you being measured?"

"I know mine already. Besides, I don't need to look half as pretty as you do."

"Why would I need to look pretty?" Sophia's genuine question seemed to give Elias pause.

"Don't you want to look pretty?" He asked eventually.

"I want to look presentable, but I've never had the luxury of anything but plain, simple garments. As long as I'm clean and tidy, I'm happy."

"Then it seems I've wasted a small fortune today." Sophia worried for a moment that Elias was displeased with her, but saw nothing but a bemused smile on his face. "I thought expensive clothes would please you, priestess." A funny, pleasant warmth spread through Sophia at the thought of her warrior doing this to please her. From what little she knew of society, she imagined that his actions would have pleased most women.

"Thank you," she said with feeling, "I'm sure it isn't too late to cancel your order though. We could go somewhere else."

"The clothes will be of a good quality, and that's what matters. They will be warm, and durable. If you choose to stay with me you'll need them to be."

Elias was presented with a receipt, and told to come back in two days. It was pleasant news to Sophia that she would be able to avoid climbing back on the horse for a while. Her legs were still raw, something that the shop owner had commented on. It pained her a little to walk, but she made no complaint as Elias led them through street after street. It felt like she had walked miles before they stopped again. Her feet were sore from shoes that had never been intended to be used outside. The sandals that she had taken from the temple had certainly been ill considered. If she had thought that her life would have involved anything other than whoring for the man holding her hand, she would have made a better choice.

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