tagSci-Fi & FantasyThe Priestess Ch. 1

The Priestess Ch. 1


Delia walked quietly into the large suite of rooms that comprised her quarters. The Twins were there, talking quietly to each other, perhaps planning her seduction while they sipped the spiced wine that made them sterile for a moon's path.

They looked up at her when she approached them and held out her hands to guide her down to the couch. They knew this mood of hers and respected it. Within moments they had her lying down on her side with the two men on either side of her. Luc ran a hand through her hair, pulling it free of the clips she wore to restrain the curly mass as Reeve caressed her hands.

"Do you wish to talk about it?" Luc asked quietly. Delia sighed and moved her head against his gentle hands.

"They ask too much," she whispered. Her green eyes darkened with the memory. "Change the moon, shorten a season, they don't understand."

Reeve placed a kiss against her clenched hands. "Relax, this never does you any good."

Delia sighed again and nodded. The Council treated her like a machine, one of the few powerhouses they had. She had already burned out one companion with their insane demands, she would not risk another one. Or two.

Reeve gently removed her robes and she rolled onto her stomach for their gentle massage.

After an hour of relaxation, Luc rolled her over and stretched atop her. His mouth covered hers and moved with expert pressure. Delia touched his face gently. She hadn't really wanted them for a surge, but for the wonderful massages they gave. But they had needs also. She put out her hand for Reeve's. As always he sat close by, waiting for her to ask him to join. He was the younger of the two and defered to Luc in her chambers. Although the men weren't related, they looked so alike everyone refered to them as the twins.

"You both are so good to me," she whispered. Twin brown eyes stared at the exhaustion on her face. Luc moved off of her but still ran a caressing hand over her. Reeve's hands moved over her face and hair.

Delia basked in their energy. When she felt the tenseness wearing off she put both their hands on her breasts and raised her face for Luc's mouth. Reeve found kissing too tame for his passions, so he opened her legs gently and placed his mouth on the softness of her. His fingers moved inside her preparing her for joining. She gasped into Luc's mouth as his hands caressed her breasts. When he felt her begin to tremble, he lowered his mouth to one nipple and drew the tip into his mouth.

Delia smiled with anticipation of the surge to come. When they had her flushed and excited, they looked down at her and waited for her to choose who should mount her.

Delia raised her arms and embraced Reeve. She needed the blinding passionate energy of him to coax the moon faster along its path. Luc was too gentle, too smooth for such a surge. There was no jealousy between the three of them for they all knew this wasn't her own personal choice. She was a vessel for energy and she needed the energy mating with them gave her to keep the city alive in the harsh climate of Euroka.

Luc picked her up and laid down with her on top of him. His hands went to her breasts as his mouth moved over hers again. Reeve positioned her hips to receive him. Carefully he and Luc guided her. She cried out as his shaft pushed inside of her. She was slightly built in her sheath and it was not unusual for her to bleed after a particularly passionate mating.

Delia threw her head back, Luc's mouth on her breast, his other hand stroking the small pearl between her legs as Reeve measured himself within her gently then with more urgency. Soon she was moving against him hungrily even as her hands moved upon Luc's manhood. Luc groaned as he felt the wild trembling of the two above him. He didn't mind being outside of her body, since the sight of Reeve and Delia joined enflamed him.

Reeve thrust into her wildly, straining to give her the energy she needed. The frantic cries of the lovers were almost drowned out by the humming that accompanied a surge. Delia's body was bathed in a golden light as the surge overtook her. When Reeve stiffened, throwing himself into her one last time, his seed was the last bit of energy Delia needed. She cried out as the power of their lovemaking overwhelmed her.

The moon moved.

Reeve lay on his back, panting. Soon, sleep would overtake him. Luc picked Delia's exhausted body up and carried it to the bath he had prepared earlier. He sat down in the hot water, Delia on his lap. He gently eased her legs apart and washed the seed from her body. This time was his.

Delia needed his quiet smooth passion to restore her. Reeve laid on his side as he watched the two move together in the bath. Delia grasped Luc's shoulders in her hands as his mouth moved upon her. Reeve knew she loved Luc's gentle mouth, they discussed such things now, though she never spoke about her other companions. He and Luc shared her together and he felt no loss for the lack of privacy in his life. Her companions were housed in her splendid chateau, she provided their families in their own private homes. So he was kept, no matter. Whenever he needed her, she tried to arrange it. It was more than most men got from their wives. And she was his wife. There had been a courtship, a ceremony and the fact that she had other husbands didn't bother him.

She was a priestess, able to harness men's energy into surges that could make Euoka livable. With Clev she could grow crops, with Jend she could change the weather. Each companion was chosen for his unique energy and the way she could use it.

But there were dangers. She could not be with child. The spiced wine that served as an aphrodisiac killed men's seed. At first, she had overseen the drinking of the wine, but now she trusted them. If they got her with child and she used a surge, it would kill the child and damage her. The priestess before her had gotten herself with child and the miscarriage had wiped out her mind, making her unfit to care for the city.

Her companions had been released, and Reeve had spoken to them. He knew why she had gotten with child, the men had refused the wine, in fact trying to kill her. She had treated them badly, pitted them against each other by creating jealousies. She had an evil passion that called for lustful orgies that darkened the men's souls.

Delia was not like her. He wondered if she even had a libido. She never called on her companions unless she needed a surge. She was careful to treat them well, and equally shared herself when their own libidos raged.

She was a gentle mistress, never pulling too much power from them. There had been an accident a year ago, an earthquake had threatened the city and she had chosen Hykel to calm the quake. The surge had been so great, Hykel had not even the strength to breathe when it was over and he had died. Delia was almost in as bad of shape. It had taken all of Luc's and Reeve's strength to restore her. And she had cried for month, refusing to go near her companions until the situation was dire. Only then had she sought one of the men out, but she had cried afterward and had ever since. Reeve watched her now, hoping she had finally grieved enough.

Luc raised her and set her down on his manhood, careful of her tender flesh. She threw her head back, gasping as she moved above him. The gentle ebbing surge from her made the very water glow. Moments later he groaned as his release came. She fell against him and he held her. Luc separated them and cleansed her once more. She lay with her head against his shoulder as he did this. She made no sound as his fingers brushed against the soft petals. She flinched when he reached inside, to make sure he and Reeve had not harmed her. When he was done, she sighed, burrowing her face in his neck.

Reeve entered the water then, with a bottle of cleansing oil. The two men washed her, careful of her weariness. They watched her, waiting for her to succumb to her grief over Hykel.

Delia noticed their watchfulness and treasured it. She had almost refused these two when the duo had been suggested to her. It had seemed very immoral to accept the two men as a co-companion. She was a quiet, almost shy woman and her role of priestess weighed on her heavily. Having five companions was more than she could accept at first. Sometimes even the four she had now bothered her.

Finally, the men had convinced her, and they had been right. One man of gentleness, one of fire, they brought her power to do almost anything. Only Hykel had raised more power from her and now he was gone.

She touched their faces gently, trying to ease their concern.
"I'm all right, truly." She hugged them both, sending them a little energy to support her claim.

"It may be too soon, Delia, but you must think of the vacancy here." Luc said softly.

"Why?" Her mouth twisted at the thought of another courtship. "Things have been calm lately. Perhaps we do not need another."

"Delia, that is not fair. We have all been working twice as hard to make up the loss, it isn't good for us, or you." Reeve insisted, pushing an errant curl out of her face.

Delia broke free of them and turned to leave the bath. She shrugged into a bathing robe and stood before the fire staring into the flames.

"I take it you have someone in mind," she said at last. Luc came up behind her and massaged her shoulders.

"Rojer, in the city. They have been training him for the guard, but he shows more promise than that."

"How does he feel about me? About being a companion?" She asked pointedly. Few men truly understood the role of a priestess' companion, fewer more desired it.

"He is uncertain. The crystals found him, and he isn't sure what to do with the knowledge."

"Nor am I," she retorted. No one knew why some men threw off energy nor why some women could harness it. They called such women priestess, and the men companions.

"Look into it, Delia. Think about it. Meet him, that's all we ask." Reeve pushed.

Delia sighed and turned to them. Her smile was grim, but she had accepted it. Her voice was husky as she reached for them. "But for now, boys, its just us."

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