tagNonConsent/ReluctanceThe Princess and I

The Princess and I


Her limbs were twisted under the sheets. Her lips parted as a soft sigh left a whispering mist over the cold night air. Her head turned slightly as a moan escaped from her throat which had echoed in the small room. Her legs parted while her fingers grabbed the coverlet as her hips lifted.

The heavy coverlet shifted down and her other hand had sneaked up to caress her young breast with nipples budding hard through her thin chemise. Her cheeks pinked with deep flush as she moaned aloud and then gasped. Her eyes snapped opened and sleepily she closed her eyes as waves of pleasure singed her nerves and she groaned as her body shivered in delight. Her eyes drifted down and saw her legs were wide and her hips lifted over a hard silhouette under the sheets.

She felt her body creamed more as warm flesh moved over over her heated flesh carrying wet heat trailing over her flesh and her ear picked at the sound of suckling muffled by the sheet. She whimpered as the warmth breath stroke the sensitized flesh and small bites stung her pleasurably and then something sneaked up underneath her chemise and found her pebbled breast and rubbed and milked her sensuously. The feelings were too much for her. More of her cream coated her skin and the head between her legs lapped at them greedily as the wicked tongue continued to torment her and then it stopped and left her breathless with sweet agony. Two fingers were now probing the nether hole and enter her with such slowness that she could feel herself wet even more. Then the figure turn her to her stomach and she waited as the man unbuttoned her chemise and kissed her bare creamy shoulder. Her skirt was lifted up and his hand spread her buttocks open and she moaned at the felt of a hardened flesh probed her nether opening and she braced herself.

The sound of rapid knocks on the heavy door woke Princess Anya from her dream and she groaned as the sound of the doors unlocking made her sat up straight and glared at the morning handmaidens who had come carrying several newly ironed gowns, a breakfast tray and hot water for her bath. She waited for them to make the chamber welcoming for the early traces of dawn and she watched them like a hawk until they left the chamber. As soon as the door closed, she heard the lock being placed and she slumped back to her bed with a groan.

Clever of her parents to held her like a prisoner of war so that she could not attempt to run away again from the horrid arranged wedding in the next two days. Her people were already in the hype of welcoming the groom from a country that was at the edge of her own.

Unfortunately, she had dreaded that fact ever since she remembered the time she was being forced to make friend with a very terrible boy prince who had teased her mercilessly about everything about her and how she had cried and try to hit him for saying bad words until they got into a very huge fight until the kings had them both of carted away from each other. In the end, her parents had her punished by locking her in a room for trying to bite the fingers off of the kid who was to be her future husband.

The fact had even the most unpleasant forthcoming when she had attempt to countless arguments about her marriage in which had range from a yelling charade to actual rebellion by refusing to act like a lady and taking up horse riding and sword fighting and ten years later, her parents was at their their ends by keeping her locked away until her impending marriage.


"You are a princess, Anya. Behave like one for God's sakes!" Her father roared until the great hall echoed and the servants instinctively cower in fear except for the woman in a boy's garb who was gripping tightly on the hilt of the short sword at her side while keeping her posture regal even when facing an angry monarch who was panting hard as if in pain.

"Calm down before you cause yourself another attack." The queen at his right went to her husband's side as if to calm him with her presence but turn to her daughter with a kindly gesture, "Young lady, you should listen to your father."

Anya gasped in disbelief. "Mother! He's forcing me to marry someone I've known within seconds to want to kill."

"That was only one time, my child. First impression those ten years ago could not mean anything." Her mother shook her head daintily as she sat on the smaller chair that complement her as a queen while the king look at his daughter in another bouts of disapproval. "Prince Alexei is a great King better than even his father. And you will marry him as promised!"Her father words caused a backlash as his daughter snorted and cursed under her breath which was unfortunately in the hearing range of her parents who erupted into another bouts of disapproval.

"Well, I'm sorry!" Anya huffed to silence her parents. "But it's not just because he's a good king, by default, he is a good husband and the concept is positively medieval!"

"Bah!" Her father sat back on his seat and rubbed his temple. "I shouldn't had brought these two to meet together early."

"Well, maybe you shouldn't have agreed to a betrothal at the first place," Anya muttered as she crossed her arms in defence.

Her mother was now quite worried with her father's tired frame and stood at his side and now look at her sternly. "Anya, go to your room."


"Give your father a peace of mind. Your wedding is still coming in the next eight days whether you like it or not. And dress yourself to resemble a woman."

With that, Anya gasped and stalked toward the great door in anger. Even as the servants were eyeing her every steps, her mind was racing to find a solution to this benevolent fate. But her eyes caught a glimpsed of delivery cart down at the side of the labyrinth garden to the kitchen at the other wing of the castle. And an idea came into her with a grin.


Later that evening, when the horse cart carrying several baskets of old food went out of the boundary of the castle into the villager's town, Princess Anya gripped her knack sack with her as she waited for the cart to pass by the thickest of the night crowd, she slipped out of the moving cart and kept her cloak hiding her face as she went through the crowd celebrating the incoming wedding (which she was adamantly trying to escape from) and saw the huge master of horse's stable and buy herself a strong horse.

"But the night is coming, my lord. It's dangerous in the woods!" The young boy counts the coins in his hand as she checked the horse for any hidden injury and anything that hinder her from her journey. "Couldn't you wait for the next morn' to come?"

"I haven't got time," Anya lifted herself on the horse and leaned to take the reign but the stable boy caught a glimpse of her face and with a gasp he accidently let go of the silver coins in his grasp. Seeing that he had seen her face, Anya flicked a gold coin to his way to silence him and immediately send the horse into a steady gallop to the main drawbridge at the edge of the town before her father's men could sniff out her latest escapade.


Leon was lounging against the warm side of his horse and the fire he had made at his side. Looking up to the sky musing in his own world as he felt in tuned with the nature around him. Even as the night grew later, he was kept awake by an impending restlessness that waits by the end of his destination. As his eyes began to grow drowsy, a splash of something caught his ears and his head swivel to the lake he had purposely set his camp nearby. Curiosity clawed into his conscience as his instinct kept nudging to the direction of the lake. He wonders if he had luck to find an animal to roast that night or another set of stale bread and cheese.

Soon his footsteps carried himself to the edge and then he kept himself hidden as he saw a lithe form of a goddess streaked through the waters as if she was a water creature herself. Her skin glistened as the moonlight cast a glow on the water droplets making her appear even more ethereal by every second. She stopped in the middle of the lake to float freely before sinking and diving toward the clearing where she had kept her clothing which was conveniently, where he had hidden behind the tall shades of the heavy greens that had grown at the side of the lake.

With her back toward him, the beauty had tried to comb her wet hair with her fingers and then reached down to pick her dry tunic and then all the time Leon devoured the naked goddess rear as she bend down to reach for another item at the ground. His mouth watered as her wet breasts jiggled as she sort through her sack and her thigh were slightly widened to reveal the shadow between her legs. His hardened cock almost burst through his trousers as she bend down to her knee and seem to be whispering something as her hand was searching something in her sack. The sight was all that broke him as in second he was on top of her and trying to disarm her as she fight under him to reach the sword she had kept nearby.

"Unhand me!" She hissed as her body was pinned down to the ground and her arms were crossed to her front and was gripped by a strong hand and the one behind her was chuckling as he kept her pinned still.

"Hmm... should have known better than to be naked and alone in the forest, woman." He inhaled her scent and licked her neck as he listened to her harboured breathing. "This forest is crawling with most of the land's dreadful beasts. Surely, you are not that stupid enough to be such a delicious morsel for those hungry beasts." With his free hand he sneaked between her buttock and she cried out when he found her cunt. "Ah... a fresh pussy." His finger explored her even more fully and tried to finger her but he hesitate as he found her tight against his single finger. All the while of his exploring, she was cursing as violently as she was trashing until she realized that it was futile as he had dominant her so thoroughly,

"Virgin." He whispers against her ears with a hint of a growl of satisfaction and she gasped when he began fingering her clit until she flushed as she felt desire began to burn as he build them with a skilful hand. "My, my... aren't I lucky."

Then without warning he pulled himself off her but kept her face down while he licked his wet fingers with a smacked and undoing his belt. Then he turned her around to bind her hands and effectively silenced her attack with her feet as he inspects his finding. And pleased with what he's found. Anya nearly bites her tongue to control her verbal lashing to the man who was staring at her so lustfully. But her reaction to him was even shocking, his eyes were sparkling gray and now was narrowed into heated gaze which made her feeling butterflies between her legs, His face was like from a carve marble statue of ancient warlocks even his broad shoulder bespoke of his display of masculine arrogance. By successfully putting her in such submissive way, her inside was screaming to slaughter him as he inspects her body with more appreciative eye.

"What's your name woman?"

She glared at him with murder in her eyes and kept her mouth firmly shut. With a laugh, he grabbed her sack and tied the edge of the string to her leg as he lifted her as if she weights nothing and carried her to the camp.


With both of her wrist were bound to a heavy branch on the ground, she was spread naked on a blanket as the man had stroke the fire even more brightly. She should feel cold but the horses that were on both of her side were keeping her warm as the man by the fire began to undress to his leather trouser. She gulped at the hard tattooed muscle on his back and when he turned to watch her watching him, he smiled as he began to unfasten his breeches. Her eyes began to grow even wider when she caught the sight of an erect cock and she began to struggle at her binding as he shed the last of his clothing and strode toward her. "Never seen a cock before? Well, you shouldn't have shouted obscenities when you didn't have one inside of you yet."

Her mind was in turbulence as he knelt and sat between of her thigh and grasped her both of her breasts in his palm. "Yes, these puppies are made for sucking." She whimpered as he kneads her breast slowly and then traced her flat stomach and down to the downy dark curls between her legs and he spread her wide open.

"What are you going to do with me?"

With a smirk, he bends down and began to assault her virgin pussy with his tongue. She screamed as he suckled her clit until she creamed and he bend down enough to suck and tongue her tight hole. The intense shock combined with her fear and anticipation heightened the pleasure he had forced onto her and made her scream out her climax as the man thrust his tongue against her entrance. When he finally lifted his face from his feast, she was already arching her back and her eyes were rolled back to her skull and her mouth were wide open gasping for more air.

"Your name, little one."

With a small peek and a confused facade, she whispered her name and then he laughed out loud.

"Well, have I done something to the Gods to receive a virgin princess in this side of the world? Well, not much of a virgin when I'm done with you." He growled as he shifted his cock to rub against her pussy and she moaned even as she was crying in her humiliation as her leg was wide open and he lifted his hip high enough that his blood engorged thick cock was waiting to claim her virginity.

"Please don't, my lord. You won't fit. Oh please..." She whispers as the man lowered himself and entered her slowly.

She gasped when his cock began sank into her and then she cried fully when he penetrated halfway and caught her scream with his kiss when he sank fully into her. Heaven was all he could think off when he was inside of her. He could stay longer if it hadn't for his innate desire to stroke her with his cock. But he waited and sensed that she began to feel less tense as he rubbed her clit rhythmically until she moaned.

He lifted his head and caught her chin and both of them stared into each other as he began to fuck her slowly.

"Finally, a virgin princess no more." He growled with satisfaction as she moaned when he began to suckle her breast and doing more wicked things to her body that she had felt her resistance were slowly dissipates as he claim her thoroughly. Through the night, he had untied her and had taken consideration of her first time with his full attention with wildest imagination as he could think off.


Anya woke up feeling slight sore (as Leon had been so considerate and put a balm to the pussy he had claimed so thoroughly) but she was extremely content with everything. Warm rays of sunlight had bathed her naked skin and she never had felt at peace than the feeling of soaking the Mother Nature at its zenith. A steady rhythm of a heart beat echoed into her subconscious until she realize she was pillowing against a broad shoulder and that one of her breast was cupped by a strong hand and another had laid between her thigh. Never had she blushed and felt being a woman as strongly at this moment by the hand of a man. "Good Morning," a roughened sound came from the top of her head and immediately she flushed in bashfulness as he rubbed her nipple with the pad of his fingers and he groaned as he felt her wetness between her thighs.

"There's nothing to be ashamed of." He whispered when he saw the hint of pink cheeks before she duck her head from his gaze. "Ah! My lusty princess!" He lifted her so that she lay on top of him with her head under his chin. "Now, what should we do with the girl whose going to be married within four days?" With a shock she almost clipped his head when she looked at him fearfully. He laid a hand on her cheek and rubbed her lovingly that she ached for more. "Please, don't take me back," She whispers softly against his caressing fingers. His cock was already wide awake for her administration as she lowered her pussy to his cock. Exactly the way he had teaches her the night before. "Keep me, use me. All of me for you."

She began to plead as she humped his cock and then fucked him fully until he reached the inside of her womb. "Where it belongs," she echoed her thoughts as she arched her head upward and enjoying herself with his cock while he watches in satisfaction. Several more thrust and then several hard grind, he carried her with his cock inside of her and made his horse say on its heel and he lifted her long enough to lay her front on the side of his obedient horse and he began to fuck her from behind.

All the while, she begged him to take her away and all the while, he didn't even say a word about keeping her from himself.

*** By afternoon, they had taken a long ride together and for hours they rode together in companionable silence until night had blanket the land. For the night, they had taken their horses out of the forest for a ride to a village several hours ride from where he had encamped and for safety sake, he made her disguised in her boy garb and made her kept her head low so that the soldiers won't recognize her as a princess.

Nevertheless, they kept their cover so well that the tavern where they had stopped was accepting that the two of them were brothers so that they could rent a room for themselves. However, soon the room was being filled with voices of a woman's moans and a man's roar of claiming his possession. That night, their loving was as fierce as if it was their last. By every thrust he had brought into her, her heart was slowly beginning to accept him as her mate. She had begged and cried out for his love but he was silent and as intent on taking her to heaven and back.


The early dawn was already casting the light across the room and also the occupant in the queen bed in the middle of the room. The room was in a mess as pieces of clothing and soil sheet covered the floor while the sound of flesh and the creak of the bed hinted that neither of the. A moan caught at the back of her throat as she twisted and turn against the incoming madness that threatened to consume her within its flames. She bury her head into the pillow as she gritted her teeth as she arched her body and stifled her sobs as she felt the slivers of climax under her skin. The wet heat was leaking from her burning pussy and she whimpered as tiny shivers escaping from her skin.

Her pussy ached dimly as it was battered by the continual cock thrusting that was intended to torture her into insanity. She gasped and pants as a finger sneaked into her aching folds and fondled her clit while another hand was cupping her breasts and playing them until her hardened nipple bud ached painfully.

Suddenly his cock thrust into her even harder that nearly threatened her head to bump unceremoniously against the headboard but his arms kept her still as he stared to fuck her even more ferociously and with a burst against her senses she screamed as pleasure bombarded her senses leaving her panting and moaning as shivers cast an unsteady glow against her heaving skin. Dimly she felt hot liquid heat overflow around the cock that was still fitted snugly inside her. But the tears from their intense loving were still flowing from her cheeks as she lay on the pillow while he strokes her hair.

"Leon, you are going let them take me back." The sorrowful musing nearly broke his heart as he paused to kiss her wet cheek.

"How long have you've known?"

She stiffened and closed her eyes in utter denial. She had known from the moment she saw the guards in the village that he had taken her back to the town that was at the border of her kingdom. He had planned to send her back all along. "How could you! If you show your face to me again, I'll have you hanged."

She threatened but the threat was not as strong enough to shield her from feeling so helpless and unloved. Her body shook from soul wrenching sobs that he seen it as a sign to leave.

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