tagSci-Fi & FantasyThe Princess and the Angel Ch. 02

The Princess and the Angel Ch. 02


For many months afterward, Princess Aeronwyn was saddened by the loss of her true love. She went to her rose garden everyday, and stayed there from mid day to late evening hoping her prince would appear to her. Prince Brenial watched her from afar wishing he could hold his princess again and love her like he did that day in her garden. Each day they pined for each other and wished they could be together again.

As the months went on, King Saturnos's health began to fade rapidly. He wished for his daughter to marry before he died so that he could be part of it. Prince Brenial knew this, as he watched over his princess and now her father everyday. He pleaded with his master to release him from his service so that he may go back to being a prince on earth, and so that he may return to the love of his life, but each day, his master refused his request. Many days passed, and finally Brenial got his master to see what he saw every day: King Saturnos in his weakened state laying in a bed looking as though he may pass at any moment, and his lovely daughter Princess Aeronwyn by his side praying that her father would hold on long enough for her prince to return so they may be married. Upon seeing this, Brenial's master decided he could no longer keep him in his service. He reached out and removed Brenial's halo from his head, and in doing so put Brenial into a deep sleep. In the instant the halo was removed, Brenial's wings disappeared, and he was surrounded by a white light. Slowly, he drifted down through the white light until he was finally in Aeronwyn's rose garden laying on the lounge sofa where they first met.

He slept through it all and remained in the garden for the rest of the night. As dawn approached, Brenial awoke to find himself in the rose garden. He noticed that he was fully clothed in his princely dress. He wondered if he was no longer an angel, but was unsure. He would to wait till twilight to find out. For the first time in many months, he wondered how his princess was, as now he could not just look down and see her. He would have to go and find her and see for himself how she was. He had never been to the other parts of her garden. He moved slowly through it, looking at each and every flower as they opened to the sun's light. Through each archway was a new surprise for eyes. He had never seen such beautiful flowers up close before. He was entranced by their beauty. Finally he came to the gate that led into the castle.

He opened it and proceeded up the stone path toward the castle. As he approached the castle, the guards stopped him. They did not realize he was the prince, that their princess had been waiting for. When asked who he was, he told them he was Prince Brenial, Aeronwyn's true love. Upon hearing this they took him straight to her, knowing she had been missing him for months. She was still asleep in her bed as they approached her chambers. They stopped outside her door and the guards returned to their posts outside, leaving Prince Brenial in the capable hands of Aeronwyn's handmaidens. They opened the doors to her chambers and let him enter. He approached her bed. He had forgotten how beautiful she was in person, after watching her from afar for so many months.

He stood watching her for a few minutes before bending down to kiss her ruby lips. How he had missed them... As she felt his lips touch hers, she tried to brush them away thinking it was her hair brushing her lips, but the sensation didn't go away. She was dreaming and thought the sensation was from the kiss in her dream. She did not realize that it was a real kiss. Prince Brenial broke the kiss and walked around her bed to the other side, and slipped under the covers next to the woman he loved. He loved how she looked so peaceful and beautiful laying there asleep. He leaned in and kissed her again, this time with more passion than before. As he kissed her, he reached out and began to stroke her long auburn hair. Feeling him stroking her hair and again feeling the kiss on her lips, she began to stir from her sleep.

Slowly her eyes opened and she saw him. At first she thought she was still dreaming, then she felt his hands touch her face and again felt his lips on hers. She realized it wasn't a dream. She couldn't believe he was actually there with her. For a second she just stared at him. She had no idea how and when he came back to her but she didn't care. She was just happy he was back. They wrapped their arms around each other and kissed with so much passion that the room felt as though it were on fire...After many minutes, they broke their kiss, and she grabbed his hand and hauled him out of the bed and started running through the castle to her fathers chambers. She had to get his blessing and then get the wedding plans in motion. They reached her fathers chambers and woke him so that she could introduce her prince, and receive her fathers blessing. Her father was overjoyed to finally meet the prince that he had heard so much about over the past months. At the news his daughter was ready to marry, he bestowed his blessing upon them and ordered the wedding plans beginning immediately.

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