tagNonConsent/ReluctanceThe Princess and the Dragon

The Princess and the Dragon


The Princess wondered around the ruins of the castle in a daze. Her family and people were gone. She was completely alone. What had happened here? She thought in a panic. What was she going to do? She had spent her life being taken care of but now there was no one here to take care of her. She awoke to a disaster. The castle was destroyed, rubble that used to be walls was littered every where and she could clearly see outside through the walls that were left. Smoke hung in the air. Not a single living thing appeared to her. Not a mouse, not a dog, nothing.

Just then a flapping noise drew the Princess' attention to above. She gasped as she saw a great dragon circling above the castle. It's large eyes focused on her as it let a fireball fly from its mouth. The fireball flew above the castle, not meant for the Princess, just meant to show her it's power.

The Princess began to run aimlessly through the castle, trying to get away from the dragon but it seemed there was no where to hide. It's large, dark eyes followed her every moment. It landed in front of the castle, then disappeared.

The Princess gapped wondering where it could have gone. Finally the sound of footsteps broke through her thoughts. As they came closer and closer the Princess' good sense kicked in and she whirled to run. Too late. A hand snaked out and caught her by her long blond hair. She was roughly yanked backwards into a muscular leather covered chest. The wind was knocked out of her as she struggled to regain her balance.

"Hello, Princess." a voice breathed into her ear. She shivered at the warm breath. She found herself in an iron grip, unable to turn around and see the face of her attacker.

"What do you want?" she stammered out.

Her attacker's body shook as he laughed. "What I intend to have, dear Princess." With that he spun her and threw her over his shoulder so fast that she was unable to get a look at him. She struggled to try to get free but her flowing gown hampered her movements.

Her capture took large strides towards the only area undamaged, the dungeon. Once the Princess realized where he was heading she struggled even hard to get away, but it was useless. He chuckled at her measly attempts to escape as he headed down the steps.

Once at the bottom of the steps he walked quickly to a wall that contained shackles. Before the Princess could blink she was on her feet with her arms and legs shackled to the wall. Only then did she finally get a look at him.

He was not unhandsome with chiseled features, strong jaw line, dark hair and flashing dark eyes. Eyes...the Princess gasped. She was staring into the eyes of the dragon!

"Your, your the dragon!" she shrieked.

"Yes, I am." He replied in a gruff voice.

"Why did you do this? Where are my people?" She asked not fully comprehending her situation.

"As to why, that's simple. To get what I want. Where are your people? I think you should probably be more concerned about yourself right now." And with that he ripped her dress from her body.

Because she had been sleeping she had no undergarments on. She now stood before him completely naked with no way to shield her body.

He stood back to admire her. His eyes raked over her heaving breasts both tipped with dusky nipples, down to her slim waist, following the curves along her full hips. His eyes came to rest on the mass of blond curls between her legs. He slipped an eager finger into that mass stroking her lips and clit. Her mouth dropped in shock at what he was doing but soon she became aware of the sensation he was creating with his finger. A quite moan escaped her lips as juice flooded her pussy. She began to pant as the sensation spread throughout her body. He gave her a lopsided grin, then pushed his finger back towards her hole. He entered but stopped short blocked by her maidenhead. The Princess let out a cry of pain at the feeling.

He withdrew his finger, then licked it off. "Pure. Just the way I like my helpless maidens." With that he dropped to his knees and buried his face between her legs. He spread her lips wide and surrounded her clit with his mouth. The Princess threw back her head and cried out as his tongue brushed over her clit. His tongue moved faster and faster. Her body tensed up, her hands gripped the chains of the shackles as her legs trembled. Her orgasm slammed into her with such force all she could do was scream from the pleasure. Her screams of pleasure turned to a scream of pain as her capture quickly climbed to his feet and slammed his large cock into her virgin pussy easily breaking through her maidenhead. She squirmed trying to get away.

"Just hold still, Princess. The pain will stop in a moment. But the more you move the more it will hurt. Just relax."

Taking a deep breath, she did as he said. Soon the pain vanished. He slowly moved inside her, allowing her to get used to his size. She shuddered as pleasure spread once again through her body. Her grabbed her hips and withdrew his cock until just the tip remained. Then he slid forward watching as her hungry pussy ate up his cock. He groaned at the tightness of her never before touched pussy. She gripped him like a velvet glove. He moved faster and faster. The Princess moaned with each stroke, thrusting her hips towards him in an attempt to take more of him inside her.

With a growl he yanked all the shackles from the wall. He turned and tossed the Princess to the floor, falling quickly on top of her. Her grabbed a hold of her ass cheeks and plundered her willing body. He slammed forward to the hilt, his balls slapping hard against her wiggling ass. The Princess moan and groaned while raking his back with her now free hands. She urged him to go faster as her climax was close at hand. She arched her body as her climax exploded. Her pussy grabbed and pulled at his cock. His fingers bit into the tender flesh of her hips as he slammed into her. He groaned loudly as she throbbed around him. His cock erupted deep within her pussy, coating her insides with his thick white cream.......

The Princess awoke with a start in a bed soaked with her juices. Her eyes wide she looked around a bit disoriented.

"Good morning, Princess. Shall I get your breakfast? " her handmaiden asked from the corner of the room.

"Yes, that would be fine. Thank you."

Her handmaiden quickly scrambled from the room. The Princess climbed out of her large bed and made her way to the window. She propped her chin up on her hand and stared wistfully out of it wondering if and when her dragon would come.......

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