tagLesbian SexThe Princess and the Peasant Ch. 02

The Princess and the Peasant Ch. 02


Weeks had passed. Betta was called to serve her princess almost daily and quite often, multiple times on any given day. This morning, it was early, the sun barely up. Betta stirred as the drapes were pulled aside. When she looked, it was one of the young maidens. She was wearing her usual short white cotton shift. She turned to look at betta. "The princess is on her way. You should collect yourself." Betta slipped out of bed and pulled her night shirt over her head. She picked up a brush and began brushing her hair.

The door opened and a second maiden held it as the princess entered. "Well now." She said. "I let you be for a few hours and return to find you standing here nude in the company of my favorite little maiden."

Betta looked frightened. "No princess, she only came to wake me and let me know you were arriving soon."

The princess slid a finger under the chin of the maiden. "You don't fancy my little one here?"

"No princess." Betta assured her. "It is not that."

"So you do." The princess said. "Yearn for this one and not your princess?"

"Please." Betta sniffled. "It is not so."

The princess came to Betta. She turned her to face her. Lowering her head, she kissed the girl. "I woke this morning with a craving for entertainment. Perhaps you should quench this thirst you have for this lovely thing."

"Princess I." Betta paused. "I will do whatever you wish."

"Well then." The princess said. She turned to the second maiden and motioned her forward. "Go, undress that one. Make her ready for my new treat to enjoy."

Now beside the bed, the second maiden tugged the chord on the first maiden's robe and it opened allowing it to fall to the floor, leaving her standing there nude. The second maiden moved away and out of view as the princess settled into a nearby chair. One high enough to provide a clear view of the bed.

Betta watched this and finally moved to the girl. With a gentle hand on her shoulder, she eased her onto the bed. Betta crawled up beside her. She brought her lips to the girl's. They kissed and Betta could sense that this girl was eager for her attention. Betta slid her hand over the girl's shoulder, down her arm, over her slim hip. When her hand ventured near her sex, the girl opened her legs.

The princess whispered. "Perhaps it might be interesting if you turned her over?" She had already pulled her robe up to her thighs, legs bare and a hand was between them.

Betta stopped her advances, thought and then slowly brought her hand over the girl's butt and pulled her over onto her belly. A hand on her abdomen, the girl lifted onto her knees, ass in the air, shoulders still flat on the bed.

Betta moved to kneel behind her. She leaned in, her hands on soft butt flesh. She spread the girl and pressed her lips to her sex. Betta's mouth covered the girl's pussy. Her lips began a massage as her tongue opened her, searching for her deepest reaches.

The young beauty responded to her tender treatment and began to rock her hips, timing her movements to Betta's tongue. Betta explored the girl, the tip of her tongue searching along the folds of her labia, finding her vaginal opening and burrowing deep into her.

As Betta shoved and withdrew her spearing tongue, it was working magic on this girl. Muffled whimpers were coming from her face, buried in the bedding. Betta moved her hand beneath the girl, her fingers finding her clitoris. As she rubbed a thumb hard onto the swollen bud, the girl's orgasm began. Her bucking ass changed to a steady vibration. Fluid washed over Betta's lips. She was crying now. Praying that Betta would not stop, not leave her. Begging that this mouth stay locked on her cunt.

As her climax passed, Betta sensed it and finally pulled her mouth from the girl. The Maiden pushed back, trying to maintain contact with those wonderful lips. But it was no use, her pleasure was rapidly waning. She was left, as she always was, alone, naked and used with her sex in view for any who might look on.

"Betta, put on your night shirt." The princess stood, straightened herself and called the second maiden to help the girl from the bed. When Betta was covered, she went to take the princess's extended hand. "You do so well." She said. "You make me wet just watching." She turned leading Betta toward the door. "Come with me." She said. "Bring her." She called back.

The second maiden led the nude sated girl, following behind her princess and Betta. Betta turned her head, wondering why she was making the young girl parade nude through the castle. "Don't look back." The princess said. "She is getting her desserts." She added. She squeezed Betta's fingers. "Never conspire to leave me." She offered. "You shall see the price to be paid soon enough."

Down through the passageways they trailed. Winding and turning their way, finally out a concealed door onto a path that led a short distance to the back wall of the stable. They entered, careful to avoid the numerous pile of manure. The stench filled their nostrils. At the far end of the building, a door was ajar. Inside set four large black Africans. Enslaved so long ago, they were no longer an escape threat so they were left unchained to tend to the horses. They leapt to their feet as the princess entered. They had never seen her except from afar. They backed up to the wall.

The princess moved to the side, leading Betta with her. The second maiden led the nude beauty into the room. The eyes of the black men went wide. The princess looked at the terrified girl. "When your brothers arrive at the south wall tonight, they will not find you waiting. But they shall find the sharp blades of my horsemen."

She motioned and the second maiden led the girl forward. The princess took her arm and pushed her to the table. With her hand on the girl's back, she bent her over the slab top. "I just allowed you one last moment of pleasure so in the days to come, you will know that, in my own way, I loved you."

She looked to the black men. "She is yours now." She brought her hand up and placed it on the girl's ass cheek. "So wonderful, such a shame." She offered. She looked back at the men. "She will do as you wish. She will not refuse you." She patted the tender ass once more. "Give her a minimum of care and she should provide you some years of pleasure. Abuse her too much and she will not last. Either way, I have given her life. Something I was urged by my father not to do." She shook her head. Then, surprisingly, she bent down and kissed the girl's cheek. "This is your own doing." She whispered.

She turned and left the room. Betta's hand back in her grasp. The maiden following behind, weeping. When they reached the exit door they heard the girl's first cries. The maiden began to bawl. "Do you wish to take her place?" The princess asked. "I would gladly lead you back there now to make an exchange." The girl went silent, the sobbing had stopped. "I will take that as a no." The three made their way back to the princess's chambers.

Betta had settled into a chair where she could gaze out onto an expanse of woods. The princess was nearby, setting in a high, throne-like, thickly padded chair with her feet on a small matching stool. The maiden set on the floor beside her, where the princess's hand could easily each her. The princess was now absentmindedly twirling the young girl's hair with her fingers as she read

"You seem sad my little one." The princess whispered. "I think we should all do our best to change our moods." She ran her hand down the girl's back. "Take this old thing off, love." When the girl set quiet, the princess added. "You have a need to test my generosity, do you?"

The girl stood and pulled the drawstring. Her robe fell away. Betta had looked from the window to where the girl stood. She was short, petite actually. Nude, beautiful and helpless, but with a proud air.

The princess stood. She looked at Betta. "A hand dear." She turned and raised her hair. Betta came forth and began to unbutton her gown. When she had stepped free of it, Beta unlaced her underthings and rolled them down her legs. She knelt and held them as the princess stepped out of them. She stood now next to her young maiden, both nude. She turned the girl to face her and she lowered her mouth to the girl's lips. She kissed her, licked her face, sucked at her neck. The princess's hands roamed freely over her body.

"Looking around, the princess announced. "I wish to have this girl here, in the sun's rays. Betta, please drag that thick rug here where I will be more comfortable."

Betta went, picked up a corner of the ten foot square rug and pulled it to where it lay in the sunshine that was streaming through the windows.

"There dear." The princess said. "Lie there for me." The girl went to where Betta had placed the rug, knelt down and then lay still, waiting. The princess walked around her. She tapped her toe. "I would prefer you head here."

The girl turned to face toward the window. "And on your back I think?" She rolled over, looking up at the girl who would soon be using her. The princess used her foot to nudge her arm. "By your sides perhaps?" The girl drew her arms tight to her sides. Her feet moved together.

The princess straddled her. "I always dislike this part." She said. "So awkward." She knelt with her knees beside the girl. "Wouldn't you prefer your chin up just a little higher?" The girl rolled her head back. Looking up at the princess. "Yes, yes." She whispered. "Let's all change our moods, shall we?"

The placed her hands along each side of the girl's head. As she eased her sex onto the young mouth, she let out a deep breath she hand been holding. "Ahh, nice," She added. "But don't have me give you constant direction, love. You know very well what to do by now." As she patted the girl's cheek, her tongue slipped between her folds, searching for her vaginal entrance. The princess began to rock onto her mouth.

Betta watched as the princess rode the maiden. She fucked her face without concern. Pulling at her short hair, nearly smothering her at times, she forced at least three orgasms from her. She had flooded her face with her juice. The girl's eyes were full of tears.

Finally the princess rolled backwards and to the side, onto her back. After a few minutes, her hand moved forward searching for the girl's body. She found her thigh and then her mound and her finger slipped between her legs. "You little wench, you are sopping."

The princess set up. "I was afraid I would have to give you to the blacks as well." She patted the girl's belly and then ran her thumb over her nipple. "Betta, I shall keep her." She looked at the girl. "At least for now." She wave to Betta. "Come here."

The princess, setting there, turned and draped her arm over the girl's belly. With both hands on her abdomen, her fingers began to trace over the girl's mound. "Kneel here."

Betta knelt on the other side of the girl. "Open yourself girl, now."

The girl's legs widened. "Get before her." The princess said. Betta lifted her left leg and placed it between the girls and then moved her right leg over, she knelt there waiting.

The princess pressed her fingers along the length of the girl's pussy. She drew them along her slit and pressed them to the sides. She had the young beauty laying butterflied. "Come now, bring your mouth to her." As Betta lowered herself to the girl's sex, the princess pressed her thumbs down above her clitoris causing it to spear forward from under its hood.

The girl whimpered. Her back arched. Betta felt her ass lift slightly. The maiden was as close to cuming as she ever was. Betta extended her tongue and drew it up along her gaping pussy. She flicked at the nub as she passed over it.

"I will leave you to it then." The princess said. She leaned down, putting her mouth to Betta's ear and whispered. "If you move from her or take pause, I will take you down to the parade grounds and have you spend a night with my father's new military recruits. On the other hand, If she cums." The princess ran her hand over Betta's slender back. "I shall whip you myself, make your back bleed, and make you beg." Her hand slid over Betta's ass, two fingers entered her crack. She made circles around her anus. "We are more alike than you think. Make her suffer from too much pleasure and yet, just not quite enough."

She rose to her knees and turned her focus to the maiden. She gripped her right nipple between a finger and thumb. She leaned down and began to suck it. The girl squirmed, breathing hard. Betta sensed her urgency and slowed her licking. She hesitated but then bit down onto the girl's clit causing her to cry out. To her fortune, the princess did not recognize the subtle difference between pain and pleasure.

The princess set up on her knees. "Very well, we shall see which of you disappoints me. One of you surely will." She stood and looked down at the girl. "And you, should you not find the release you so desperately need, I think I shall whip you instead." She settled into her chair. The sun was now gone, dark storm clouds rolled in from the western hills. She smiled to herself. "What a pleasant way to spend a rainy afternoon."

The princess rose and went to a doorway leading to the maiden's quarters while the maiden writhed on the floor and Betta tried desperately not to allow the girl to reach orgasm. The princess returned a few minutes later leading another of her maidens. This one also nude. She was a slim redhead with very fair skin. Freckles covered her skin. She was beautiful, save the now healed lash marks crisscrossing her back. The lack of proper medical attention had caused the welts to heal in slightly raised dark ridges.

She had the girl by the hand and as she settled into her throne chair once more, she guided the girl onto her lap. Her arm was around the girl, pulling her close, her head on the princess's shoulder. The princess's fingers traced over the welts on her back. She whispered to the girl. "Look love. One of them will be receiving some of these before nightfall.

"Oh. Oh." The maiden was bucking onto Betta's mouth until Betta's tongue left her sex to kiss along her inner thigh. Her ass continued to roll but her breathing slowed slightly. Betta did not think she could prevent the inevitable for much longer. They must have been at it now for nearly an hour.

The rug was soaked. The maiden's legs had long since grown weak and were splayed wide onto the floor. Betta's jaws were aching, her neck cramped." She began to have conflicting feeling. Being beaten could not be a good thing but causing another the same punishment seemed almost worse.

Finally she relented and pressed her mouth to the maiden's cunt, she shoved her tongue deep into her. The maiden's writhing turned to wild thrashing. Her legs wrapped around Betta's head and her hands entwined into her hair. "Fuck. Fuck, oh God fuck." She cried. Betta clamped onto her clitoris as the girl nearly passed out. She just bucked and humped and pressed her feet onto Betta's back. Gasps came from deep in her throat. "I, I, I, please, please, I'm. Oh fuck, fuck, yes."

Betta wasn't sure if the girl was ever going to let her climax pass. She wasn't sure she was capable of letting to go. Betta released her clit and lifted her head. The maiden just held her close, her hands still full of Betta's hair. The girl's ass still bucking into the air. She was still gasping.

She was pulling at her, pulling Betta up to her. Betta relented. When she was on top of the girl, the maiden found Betta's mouth and started slobbering kisses and licks over her face. Her arms wrapped around her, holding her tight. "I love you." The girl muttered. Her tongue forced its way into Betta's mouth.

The princess stroked the red head on her lap. "My other girl, where is she?"

The maiden said. "She was asleep, princess."

"Go get her." The princess instructed. The nude beauty slid from her lap and hurried to the outer chambers.

"So." She said. "Giving pleasure is more important that saving yourself from punishment? Both of you, Get to your feet."

The two struggled to stand up. Both their legs were numb, their joints ached. And of course, the maiden was still recovering. When the two were standing next to each other, the princess grinned but remained quiet.

The door opened once more and the two maidens returned to stand beside the princess. "I told you." The princess was looking at Betta. "If you pulled away from her, I would give you to the solders. So, that is the solders misfortune. However, if you let her climax, I would beat you."

The princess looked at the maiden. "But, I think, your little lover here took pity. I think she has more will power than she shows." She waved the two maidens forward. "Never the less, it is a rainy miserable day and a beating is due me. She looked at the maiden. "You received the pleasure, you shall receive the lash."

"No, please, princess," Betta had blurted out a protest. The princess rose, a real rage in her eyes. "Take them." She looked at the redhead. "You know the way." The maiden and Betta was led from the room by the other two.

The princess set quiet, fuming. "My father or my mother even would have had their heads in a clay jar already. I am too lenient.

When the princess entered the small damp room, there was two candles burning. The windowless place was deep beneath the living quarters. The floor was dirt and it was very cold. Betta and the maiden stood against a far wall. The two girls stood next to a long slab table. She walked over to where Betta stood and pointed to the maiden. "I shall teach this one respect first. She looked at Betta. "So you can watch, see what you have caused."

The two took the maiden by the arms and led her to the table. She was pushed over onto her belly in the center of the slab. One girl went to her head and picked up a chain from the floor. She attached a metal band to her wrist and inserted a pin to secure it. The other girl did the same at the opposite end to her ankle. When both arms and legs held her secure, the two moved to stand to either side of Betta.

The princess stepped forward. Hanging along the side of the table, on hooks, were an assortment of straps, whips and various other implements of torture. She ran her fingers along the toys causing then to clank and rattle. "What shall I start with?" She selected a three foot long single leather strap. A wood handle attached to the end. It was an inch wide and a quarter inch thick. It was more flexible than some of the others. She picked it up and drew the length of it along the palm of her hand. "Yes." She whispered. She held it over the girl's back so the tip of it danced across the skin.

"Don't want this to end too soon." She leaned down and whispered to the girl. "I shall show you what makes me climax." when she straightened, she did not delay. Her arm swung back and flashed over her head and the strap crashed down across the middle of the girl's back.

The girl's head snapped back and her legs strained against her chains. Her scream echoed around the small room and down the hallways. The princess pointed at the door. "Close it." We don't want to disturb the others. She turned back to the maiden. She ran a finger along the newly forming welt. "Do not concern yourself love. These will not leave permanent marks." She leaned in, whispering. "But others surely will."

As second pass of the strap landed on her firm ass. The maiden's reaction mirrored her first. She wept on the table. The princess again ran here finger over her ass cheeks. A red stripe crossed both cheeks. A third, fourth and fifth lash came in rapid succession. The girl screamed out as her back began to burn. She was twisting her ass sideways, jerking at her chains.

The princess put her hand on the girl's back. The three newest lashes crisscrossed her back in no particular pattern. The maiden was half sideways on the table bucking against her chains. The princess came to the head of the table and whispered once more. "I think that was five." She said. "I planned to give to thirty. But has this rolling and twisting caused me to loose count, I wonder?" She drug the strap across the girl's cheek. "So I must start again." She put the strap back on its hook and removed one about two feet long but with eight separate strips of leather, each about a half inch wide and somewhat stiffer.

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