tagSci-Fi & FantasyThe Princess and the Penis

The Princess and the Penis


Let us say, for the sake of brevity, you have just read a very well written, emotionally involved tale wherein a prince or knight has overcome a dragon or other seemingly impossible task and has now arrived to claim his reward: a night with the king's (young, virgin) daughter.

The heavy wooden door slammed behind him. She couldn't make out more than an outline, though her handmaids had sworn he was one of the most attractive suitors to date.

"Princess!" He declared loudly into the chamber. "Step forth so I may look up on you. I have heard far and wide of your beauty."

"Have you, kind sir, ever heard of a princess who was not beautiful?" she retorted

"Ah, sassy I see." He remarked, "I shall make quick work of your quick wit. Please, step forth."

No response from the darkness. He could make out the shape of a large bed, laden with fancy pillows and animal skins. A small window to the right of the bed was also visible, the last hints of daylight fading in the sky. But he could not see the princess, he knew she was there, her father, the king, had promised she would be and the king's word is law.

"Princess," he tried again, "let's cut to the chase. I went out on a ridiculous quest, defeated an undefeatable foe, came back against all odds and now I want my reward and that reward is your sweet, sweet..."

She cut him off, "my sweet, sweet what, sir? You've not even looked upon my face, how would thou knowest if I am sweet, sweet anything?"

"Please, princess, step into the light of my candle so that I may decide for myself." Still no response. "Look, this will happen. You can step into the light, let me whisper some sweet nothings in your ear and then give yourself to me, or I can chase you around in the darkness and take you. Either way, you are mine."

She chuckled.

"Just remember, when I'm piercing your maidenhead with my sword, you chose this." He stepped towards the bed, hoping his eyes would find any movement, he'd worked too hard and too long to give up on the very hearth of actualization.

There it was, a slight glimmer of something, just below the window. He moved quickly towards it. He thrust his hand into the darkness. His hand came up against flesh. Soft and silken. He pulled her wrist upwards and held the candle to her face.

The light glimmered in her gentle, gray eyes; her mouth, sweet pink lips, pulled into a defiant grin. Long, blond hair fell over her shoulders like a waterfall. A slight nose and a blush in her cheeks. He could feel himself growing aroused as she slowly licked her lips.

"You caught me." She stated, staring him down. "What next?"

He drew his hand up and slapped her across the face. "You do not speak to me like that. You call me sir."

Her eyes maintained their glimmer as she purred demurely, "you caught me, sir. What next?"

"You will remove your garments. I wish to look upon my reward."

"My body is to you a reward, you have fought hard for it. Would you not like to savor your just desserts, sir?"

He was confused, he was certain he should be in control, yet this princess seemed his mental match. "You will slowly remove your garments," he stated, attempting to regain control.

For the first time since their meeting, the princess did as she was told. Slipping her garments to the cold, stone floor.

The moon now came through the window, the light from behind made her hair glow. Her breasts were pert and young, not saggy like the bar wenches he normally rode. Her body had curves that could inspire fine poetry, but this evening the only thing they were inspiring was his desire to feel himself inside of her.

"Now it's your turn, sir." The princess cooed at him.

"My turn for what?"

"Your turn to remove your garments, sir." Now he was even more confused, he'd planned to be in control, perhaps even take this princess without her consent, but here she was playing mind games with him. He wanted to throw her down on the bed and thrust himself into her, but something about this princess made him want to play the game.

He removed his garments as well. His chest broad and hairy, shoulders muscular, torso marred with signs of battle. A well-trimmed beard covered his chin and his bright, blue eyes sparkled in the moonlight. "Does this please you, princess?" he found himself asking.

"Very much," she responded, taking a long look up and down her hero. Her eyes stopped on his massive erection. It was the first time she'd ever seen a naked man. He watched as her eyes grew big, staring intently at his manhood.

"Don't worry, it'll fit." He grinned as he pushed her backwards onto the bed. "Now," he said, "this is more like it." He ran his fingers, rough from his travels, across her body. She could feel her skin responding, raising up with little goosebumps. As his hands crept lower and lower she felt a response she'd not experienced before. A gentle tingle between her legs. She was not exactly certain of what would transpire, but she knew it had something to do with what was between her legs, a dark, velvety secret that smelled of honey. She'd done a bit of exploring with her fingers, she knew it felt very good if she stroked it, but it was for her future man, she knew, so she left it mostly alone.

His fingers traveled across her breasts, tracing a line deeper and deeper down her stomach, closer and closer to the place she now felt fire. The closer his hands got, the more her body responded, raising her hips, moaning a bit.

"Ah, now you want to play along, princess?" He murmured in her ear, "all in good time, sweet thing, all in good time." He kissed her collarbone and her breasts, gently squeezing her nipples between his fingers and watching as they became erect. He sucked on one, biting just a bit and flicking with his tongue. She moaned again. He was ready for his reward.

He sat up, she followed suit. "Princess, I want your mouth on my cock." The princess looked confused.

"I did not know what to expect, but I thought it involved something other than my mouth." She responded innocently. He took her head and guided her over his member, then slowly he pushed her head downwards. Her ruby lips parted and hungrily she took him in, licking and sucking. A natural born cock sucker. She bobbed her head with accuracy, tasting his manhood, her nose buried in his deep bush.

"Stop now." He commanded.

She looked lost, "was I not good for you?"

"Oh no, too good if you know what I mean." She did not. "Now it is your turn, princess." She laid back on the bed and he began covering her in kisses, leisurely making his way downwards, towards that special place that felt like it might explode. He spread her legs and his tongue made its first foray, tasting her sweet juices. His whiskers tickled her thighs and she giggled, giggled and wiggled, pressing her cunt against his mouth. He traced her outer lips, giving special attention to her clit, he loved feeling her shiver as he hit the right spot. She wasn't sure what was happening, all she knew was that she had never felt like this before, that her body was possessed and the only thing she could think of was the pleasure between her legs. She felt something building inside of herself, a wave of pleasure she could not stop, she screamed as her toes curled and her hips raised even higher, smashing down upon his whiskered face.

She lay panting and now he knew it was time to make his final assault. To take her maidenhead. He rolled her onto her stomach, then bent her legs under her. "I want you to stay in this position, princess. I am going to take my reward now."

He took her hips in his hands, placed the tip of his cock at the opening to her, now sopping wet, pussy and, in one fell swoop pressed himself deep inside her. He felt her maidenhead give way as he thrust as deeply as possible. She squirmed, pressing back on him as he hit against her cervix. Slowly at first he began making deep, powerful thrusts. The princess was bucking and moaning, deep throaty sounds that sounded almost animal like. Over and over he assaulted her chamber, and every time she pressed harder back against this siege.

Suddenly, he felt her muscles contract around his cock, he felt her body go tight then limp as she whimpered softly into the darkness, collapsing beneath him. This was enough for him, his own body erupted, sending his seed deep into her womb.

Together they lay in the darkness, panting, out of breath.

"So, that was it, huh?" she asked.

"Not if I didn't fuck the sassy out of you." He responded, kissing her, holding her down and preparing to remount his assault.

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