tagBDSMThe Princess Chronicles Ch. 01

The Princess Chronicles Ch. 01


The softly lit room entices you to step inside. The door creaks slightly as you push it open enough to step through. Gentle musky scents caress your nose and soft, fresh cotton towels adorn large ornate towel rails on the walls beside the door.

The sound of running water is barely audible but floating alongside the trickles are gentle moans and gasps. Through the slight gap left between the wooden frame and the door you see dark hair hanging seductively over the edge of the bath tub. Each moan causing the silken tendrils to flutter slightly as vines in the breeze.

You stop to observe, knowing exactly who occupies the hot, fragranced bath tub. You know her, you own her and you love her. As if she hears your thoughts, she turns her head enough to meet your hidden gaze as she raises a finger to her lips. As she does so another moan comes from an unseen corner.

"Why so much noise little piggy?" the brunette whispers teasingly, tormentingly.

"I... I really need to... please let me use the toilet." The faceless voice whimpers.

"Oh piggy, we've had this discussion. You need to learn your place before the Master returns. This lesson is the first of many and you really have been dragging it out."

"But I, I am not..." the voice trails off as if beaten.

"But you are piggy. You are SO submissive, and I want you to tell me you are. Then the fun can begin,"

"Those white panties will be drenched in piss one way or another, and you will beg to belong to me by the end of this day!"

"You are so sure of yourself aren't you?" The other soft voice uttered defiantly.

Quick as a flash the brunette stands, curves dripping hot water and bubbles all over the floor. Striding confidently to the corner, she grabs the other woman's hair firmly, forcing a yelp from her reluctant lips. Tugging hard on her victims locks, the curvaceous brunette forces her tongue inside the other's mouth.

The body of the tied and bound slut relaxes as she whimpers with pleasure. Pleasure from the touch of her lover. The brunette caresses the bound one's hair, her face held against the huge breasts you designed and adorned with marks and rings befitting of your property.

"Oh little piggy, do I not pleasure you better than any other? Do I not spoil you with attention and fill you with desire? Did I not tell you last night that I expect you to accept your new role gracefully and with pride?"

"Yes, but I thought it was just another role play."

"Oh my darling lesbian whore. The time for role play is over. You are now mine! And that means you also belong to my Master Daddy."

"But, oh fuck, fuck please don't..."

You desperately try to see what is going on but your imagination fills in the blanks. You know her, and therefore you know she will be administering a potent mix of pleasure and pain, hypnotising her victim deeper into submission.

The brunette skillfully teases a huge climax from the now shuddering wreck of her lover before releasing her from the silken rope bindings. She whispers softly into the blondes ear, her lips within a hairs breadth.

"Now stand and wet those big white panties for me my slut".

"Yes Mistress," her will broken, her resolve dissolved,

"how can I not do as you desire."

As she stumbles to her feet, the brunette, your brunette princess, beckons to you. You walk into the steamfilled bathroom in time to witness the chubby, blonde-haired slut let out a hot stream of piss, soaking her pristine white panties.

A look of horror descends over the blondes face as she sees you. She sinks to her knees sobbing in disgust.

"Why cry my filthy piggy? Daddy is just in time."

Leaving her sobbing slut to her tears, the brunette runs into your arms.

"Oh Daddy, how I've missed you!"

The dirty blonde haired woman sits in her own mess. Quietly sobbing as the realisation finally hits home. None of this was a game, none of what has occurred between the two women was just role play. She realises that she has been coaxed and trained so subtly and so sweetly that she now had become that which she had never even considered. A slut. A slut so addicted to the touch of her brunette mistress that she cannot refuse any demand or command. She knows she must please and obey both her mistress and this man. The man that now stands over her. The cold, wet and filthy knickers cling to her, adding to her embarrassment.

She looks up to see her brunette lover drying her beautiful body with a large fluffy towel. She is mesmerising. Her soft skin lovingly cared for in preparation for her Master. Not for her blonde lesbian lover. The blonde hangs her head woefully.

You lift her head, one finger under her chin.

"Look at her! Isn't she beautiful?"

"Y-y-yes, yes she is." Her cheeks flush red with a mixture of shame and excitement.

"Yes what piggy?" You question firmly, hinting that she might have forgotten something.

"Y-y-y-yes Sir, Mistress is very beautiful." The blonde feels what remains of her defiance melting away.

"Better. Not perfect but then you can never be perfect. No other can match my Princess for perfection in my eyes."

"Yes Sir, I understand." She utters.

Your chest puffs proudly as you see the results of the training you have directed over distance. She has done well to break this one. Pleasure will be her reward. Pleasure and a special gift you know she has wanted for so long.

You pull the shivering blonde to her feet by her hair. You look into her eyes as she stands dripping before you.

"Get in the shower and scrub yourself clean piggy. You stink and you are filthy. You make sure you are scrupulously clean from head to foot, understand?"

"Yes Sir, I understand."

"Good. Your Mistress will take things from here. I will see you later, and you had better be ready!"

You leave the room and make your way to the bedroom you share with your precious one. This room is a private sanctuary where you inflict pleasure and pain on your property, where you make love to your princess. Where you both feel safe, where your power is at its darkest and most intense and where your shared love blossoms.

"You will wash, scrub and be meticulous in your preparation piggy. You will shave your legs, underarms and quivering cunt leaving no hair behind."

The brunette circles the blonde slowly and deliberately, tracing her fingers over the flesh of her lover. The blonde's skin erupts with goose bumps, her eyes close and her mind unravels as she slowly descends into desire.

"Yes Mistress."

"Good piggy. You will find a small selection of toiletries in this drawer. No make-up however, piggy sluts don't wear it. Ensure your hair is completely dry. You may use the hair dryer over there."

The brunette smiles as she issues her instructions. She knows the torment her words inflict on the blonde. She knows what pleasure will be gained from her hard work. She knows her Master will enjoy both her and her new piggy slut.

"Before I leave you to shower, I must tell you a few ground rules. Firstly, you will wait outside our room patiently. You will be naked and you will sit quietly. You will be summoned when we are ready. You will never enter our room without instruction."

The brunette looks intently into the blonde sluts eyes.


"Yes Mistress."

The blonde tries to escape her gaze. The brunette grabs her hair.

"Do not look away from me piggy!" She states as she tugs sharply on the locks of her property.

"Sorry Mistress."

"Good girl, you will learn quickly I'm sure. There is much you must learn, or you will be punished. The punishments are harsh and there is no talking your way out of anything. Do not ever underestimate me or the Master!"

"Yes Mistress. I understand. I... I will be a good piggy slut for you Mistress."

"Excellent! I will hold you to that!"

A wry smile creeps across the brunettes face. Such sweet words, yet such a cruel, delicious fate awaits. The brunette knows this slut will either submit completely or she will wish she had. A dry, wicked laugh escapes her glossy lips.

"My poor little piggy slut, you know you will be expected to obey without question. You will not think about anything, question any command, you exist to please us!"

"Oh Mistress, please, please be gentle! I beg you..."

"There will be plenty of begging I assure you! Now shower and prepare yourself my little whore. You have plenty of time. I, we, will be busy for the next few hours."

"Yes Mistress."

"Good girl. I will be watching you."

The brunette leaves her blonde lover quivering and shaking. Cold, excited and disgusted she begins her preparation. The final statement stirs curiosity and trepidation within the swirling thoughts of the blonde.

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