tagSci-Fi & FantasyThe Princess's Quest Ch. 2

The Princess's Quest Ch. 2


The next morning Lucy woke early and went for a walk to collect some berries and mushrooms from the woods, she came back with enough to provide them with breakfast and David and Anne Marie were already awake looking very satisfied and happy with themselves. David had made a fire and was cooking up a pot of coffee, the three chatted and laughed while the breakfasted as though nothing had happened the night before.

They set off an hour later and made it to the City by late afternoon. The girls got a room at the inn, as did David who was going to set off back to his Father the next day after making sure that the girls were safe.

The girls bathed and then dressed to go down and eat in the inn, David was already there, drinking with a large man.

"Ah, good evening ladies" smiled David, he had already warned them not to disclose to anyone that Lucy was a Princess as that could leave them open to trouble.

"This man is an old friend of mine, his name is Jax, he was a sailor with my father when they were young men, he is now the Captain of a boat and has travelled to many lands. He says he has heard of the land you seek and his ship will be travelling there to trade later this week. If you agree to cook and clean during the journey then he will take you with him.

The girls readily agreed. They spent the remainder of the week helping the Captain to prepare for the voyage and by the time the ship sailed he looked upon the two like daughters, though the old man still felt a stirring in his loins when he looked at the beautiful young princess with her firm round breasts pressing against her shirt.

The journey was passing uneventfully when on the 13th day out of port a ship was spotted on the horizon, throughout the day the ship got nearer and nearer, finally the sailors on Lucy's boat grew fearful as they realised that the ship bore the flag of pirates!

The girls were ushered downstairs and waited in fear for hours. Suddenly there was a yell and the sound of steel on steel. The girls screamed. The battle if it was a battle did not last long, and the girls heard the clump of heavy boots before the door flew open and a huge man stood before them.

"Ha!" he laughed, "the bounty on this ship is better than I had thought, Alkan will be pleased!"

Lucy turned and glared at the tall blonde haired figure.

"Where is the Captain?" she demanded

The man grinned "If you mean the old fool he is feeding the sharks as we speak" He laughed again as Lucy and Anne Marie gasped in horror!

"I am Princess Lucy of Alexria she snarled. The good captain was taking myself and my maid to my Father, King John. Before you took his vessel and slew the poor man." Her heart sang at the memory "my father will hang you from the walls for this" she paused for a second her fury ebbing away before his steely gaze "but if you return us to my homeland I promise you that you will be greatly rewarded!"

He paused staring at her, his mouth was dry, never had he seen such a beauty in all his 33 years. He pondered over her words, they could have been true, apart from her beauty she carried herself regally, that was clear even from what little she had said. He would have loved to have taken her for his own but he knew that his life would have been short if he did not follow his duty.

The Pirate captain sighed. "Alas my princess, the decision to take you to your homeland is not mine to take, this ship belongs to my Lord, the Pirate King Alkan, we are travelling now to his stronghold less than a weeks sail from here, it was good fortune that brought us upon your ship." He paused for a second and Lucy could see the light of lust in his eye, she shivered, her pussy moistening under his gaze. The Captain wished that he could take this beauty, just once, upon his huge bed, but he knew that if Alkan discovered, as he surely would that he had committed such an act his skin would be flayed from his back But she was such a beauty! For a moment his body began to win over the struggle with his mind, his prick hardening beneath his britches as he gazed upon the swell of her breasts. Then with a visible shake he pulled himself together and striding from the room he slammed the door and locked it shut.

The girls remained locked in their room for the remainder of the trip, being let out to bathe and eat. The trip was slow and unpleasant and the girls were scared though Lucy never allowed her captors to know it remaining regal and haughty throughout only showing her fears to Anne Marie when they were alone.

The ship docked at Alkan's fortress base, there the two captors were led from their quarters. Lucy was beginning to wonder how much longer she would have to wear these clothes, they felt dirty and grimy, she had been able to wash them aboard ship and she longed for a long bathe in a hot deep bath.

They followed the Captain up a long cobbled path, a group of his men followed them, they passed through crowds of leering pirates who stared at the young women, particularly Lucy with her long flowing blonde hair and her regal features.

Finally they came to a huge palace, the group walked through the vast gates, the Princess gaped open mouthed at the splendour of their surroundings. While her fathers castle had been impressive the palace was beyond her wildest dreams, they passed through halls of marble with fountains and gardens and strange but beautiful animals, the girls forgot for a moment their situation and gasped and pointed at the many wonders.

Finally they came to a great door, guarded by two huge men, the men stood aside to let the party through, opening the great door before them. They walked down a long red carpeted corridor and came to a further door which opened before them as they approached. Stepping inside the girls were in a small beautifully furnished room, in the middle of which was a great chair and on this chair sat the Pirate king.

Both girls stared at him, he was like no man they had ever seen before, a massive figure, wide across the shoulders, his skin was tanned ebony and his head had been shaven of all hair. He gazed at Lucy with piercing grey eyes, hardly appearing to notice the rest of the party as they stood silently before him. The princess gazed back, her face beautiful and calm, she admired the strong muscles of his huge arms, his wide full lipped mouth and square jaw. Though he was not of a race known to her she found his appearance very attractive.

"Princess" said the king, his voice deep and powerful, "while I regret that you are here against your will I hope that your stay will not prove too….unpleasant. You will be well cared for by my servants but I must give some thought to what I will do with you. Your father is known to me and has long been an enemy of my people. Many of my warriors have died in battle against his armies and I will not quickly rush to do him a service by delivering to him his daughter."

"However, for now I hope that you will consider yourself as a guest and not a prisoner"

Lucy sighed "I had not imagined that I would be quickly released Sire, as fate recently has not been kind to me, however myself and my maid are tired and hungry and in need of a wash and clean clothes, if you can provide us with these then we will be greatly obliged."

"Of course" laughed the Pirate King, a loud booming voice, my servants will take you to your room and clean clothes will be provided. I hope Princess that you and your maid will then join me for dinner".

Lucy and Anne Marie were led away by female servants who appeared from a side door. They went down a long hall and up some stairs and came to a set of doors, Lucy was led through one door and Anne Marie through another.

Inside the room the princess found a magnificent bedroom, decorated with fantastic tapestries and a huge carved four poster bed, off to one side was a door through which she could see a steaming bath, she threw off her clothes and stepped into the bath, sinking into the water with a long happy sight.

Lucy had been bathing for only 5 minutes when there was a knock at a door off to the side of her bathroom which swung open to reveal a grinning Anne Marie, clearly their rooms were connected and Anne Marie, already washed and dressed in a simple cotton gown helped the Princess to bathe and then dress into the clothes provided.

As Lucy stepped naked into the bedroom she stood before a huge mirror, the first time she had caught her image in weeks, she paused to admire her reflection, her legs slightly apart, she looked at her full heavy breasts, so round and firm, her flat tummy and athletic legs and looking down she gazed at her pussy, the sparse blonde hair hardly covering her pussy lips. Turning she admired the rounded cheeks of her ass, she thought back to when she had watched Anne Marie fucking, how sexy she had looked, while she was happy that her virginity was still intact she couldn't help but feel a little jealous that Anne Marie had gotten so much pleasure over the last week. Thinking about sex, her mind turned to thoughts of The Pirate King, she couldn't help but wonder what kind of lover he would be.

"Do you think that The Pirate King would be a good lover?" Lucy asked Anne Marie. Anne Marie gasped.

"Don't go thinking such things princess" she scolded "you know that you must keep your virginity until your Father gives you away to some lucky Lord or prince. Your father would fall down dead in shock if he knew you had said such a thing, him an enemy of your father as well!! Shame on you!"

Anne Marie dressed Lucy. The clothes that had been laid out for her were strange to them both. Lucy was used to clothes that constrained and hid her lovely figure but these clothes were designed to highlight her assets and whoever had chosen them had guessed her size perfectly. First came a black corset which cupped and lifted her breasts, her nipples were only just hidden and the result was to put place her globes on display, like two ripe and enticing fruits separated by a deep cleavage. Her waist was pulled tight by the corset and instead of a skirt she wore wine red shorts that were cut high on her thigh and clung tightly to her ass. Over these revealing clothes came a jacket and trousers of a very light, thin material, almost see through and red in colour.

While Lucy sat Anne Marie combed her long blonde hair till it shone like gold. Finally she stood before the mirror to check her appearance and was shocked by the change that she saw. She looked so desirable, the exquisite twin mounds of her breasts drew the eye like a magnet, her narrow waist only emphasised the curves of her chest and hips while her long legs were on complete display beneath the diaphanous skirt

Anne Marie was wary, knowing that such a sexual sight as Lucy now displayed would overwhelm most men with lust, they were so far from home and so vulnerable.

But Lucy was not afraid in fact she was quite excited, besides The Pirate King had invited them to dinner and supplied these beautiful clothes, it would be far too impolite to reject his kind offer.

There was a knock at the door and a servant entered to lead the girls to dinner, they followed her down the stairs and through some typically beautiful rooms before they entered a smallish room, the rooms covered in dark carved wood, with oil lamps around the walls and candles on the tables.

Alkan rose to great his guests. His pulse quickened at the sight of Lucy, dressed so stunningly in the clothes he had ordered for her. He kissed Lucy's hand "Welcome princess" he boomed, bowing. Then turning to Anne Marie he did the same "and welcome to you too my beauty, your presence is a gift to my humble abode". Anne Marie blushed scarlet at such fine words from impressive a man,

Alkan was dressed in fine black cotton trousers that emphasised his massive thighs while his muscular torso was clad in a blue silk shirt, he looked magnificent, his shaven head lit in the candlelight and a golden ring glinting in his ear.

As they sat food and drink was brought in and laid on the table, the two girls ate and drank a little wine while Alkan questioned them about their adventures. Princess Lucy did most of the talking and Alkan listened attentively. He expressed his amazement that two such lovely girls had been able to have such adventures without some nasty man forcing himself upon them. At this Anne Marie blushed and both Alkan and Lucy smiled.

Finishing their dinner. Alkan offered to show the girls around the palace. He clapped his hands and servants appeared to take away the plates and gasses. The Captain of the boat that had captured them walked into the room. Ahhhh, my friend Captain Jonas laughed Alkan, you have just come in time to join us on a walk around the palace. Jonas smiled and the four went off together, Alkan and Lucy leading the way with Jonas and Anne Marie following. Anne Marie and Jonas lagged a little, engaging in conversation about the beauty of the palace. Alkan who had asked his friend to accompany them so as to distract Anne Marie from serving her princess had planned this. They entered a huge garden, in the midst of which was a massive fountain, tree lined paths went off in many directions and Alkan led the down one path. They came to a low wall over looking the ocean, the view was magnificent and they could see pirate galleons out at sea.

Alkan moved away along the path, followed by Lucy, but Jonas stayed by Anne Marie, he slipped his hand round her waist as she gazed out to sea. She moaned and pressed back against him, it was weeks since she had last made love and she longed for a mans touch.

She felt his cock against her ass, growing and pressing into her, reaching round she stroked his bulge.

Up the path Alkan and Lucy were walking slowly, talking about the trees and animals that they saw, Alkan had told Lucy about his youth as a Pirate and how he had gained wealth and power. Suddenly Lucy started. "Where is Anne Marie??" She gasped.

Alkan looked surprised, though of course he knew exactly where they were "They must have taken a wrong turn princess, if you wish we can go back and look for them" walking back along the path Lucy was disturbed, something did not feel right, she glanced at Alkan out of the corner of her eye. He seemed so kind and regal and yet there was a craftiness about him. They heard moaning coming from up ahead and Lucy and Alkan glanced at each other. Alkan raised a finger to his lips "Shhhh" he whispered, then taking Lucy's hand he led her slowly and quietly round the corner.

The erotic sight that met their eyes was of Jonas powerfully plunging his cock into the pussy of Anne Marie from behind as she bent over the wall.

Lucy watched her friend taking the Pirates cock, she was transfixed by the sight and hardly felt Alkan move behind her and slide his hand round her waist, pulling her back into him. She felt his cock start to grow and unfurl against her ass. His hands cupped her breasts, feeling their firmness and weight. Lucy sighed and rested her head against his hard chest. Alkan moaned as he rubbed his cock against her ass, Lucy wiggled till the expanding shaft sat between the rounded cheeks of her bottom. "mmm, nice and snug" she thought naughtily.

As Alkan's cock continued to grow and throb, Lucy slipped a hand down to her shorts and started to rub her aching pussy through the material, her eyes half closed as she watched Jonas fiercely fucking her screaming, moaning friend.

The tempo of Jonas's fucking increased as he slammed in and out of Anne Marie, Lucy guessed that he was close to cumming, she had seen her friend having sex this last week and her keen eyes had learned to recognise the signs. Anne Marie too guessed that her partner was approaching orgasm and spinning she took his cock, fixing her eyes on the head as she started jerking off Jonas's cock, pointing the head at her breasts. Lucy and Alkan had a good angle from their vantage point to see Jonas stiffen and spurt several streams of milky cum over Anne Marie's breasts.

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