tagBDSMThe Prison Box

The Prison Box


I pulled up to the nondescript house and put my car into park. My mind was racing, my stomach full of butterflies, and I had honestly considered simply driving off as I sat there in the idling car for nearly ten minutes. I had been talking to a woman online, Nicole, for a few weeks now. She knew exactly how to push my buttons, and had no difficulty in manipulating my submissive nature. Eventually, I agreed to meet her and serve in person, in hopes of becoming a more permanent member of her collection of submissive men.

After gathering up the courage I could muster, I shut the car off and stepped out into the warm summer air. I slowly made my way to the front door, trying to look as normal as possible while hiding my mixture of nervousness and excitement. I have to admit, I was somewhat aroused as well, and was worried this may be visible to a nosy neighbor or two. When I reached the door, I apprehensively placed a trembling finger on the doorbell, and jumped slightly when it rang. There was no turning back at this point.

After a few moments that seemed to go on for an eternity, the door swung open, and Nicole's beautiful form appeared before me. In contrast to my relatively slim build, Nicole was quite large. She was around my height, nearly 5'10", but carried significantly more weight. She was quite intimidating in person, even more so than the photos she had showed me online. I gulped, and averted my eyes as she smirked.

"Hello, boy," she began. "Is this any way to greet your potential new owner?"

I blushed, and looked at her again. She had a somewhat annoyed look on her face now, and the finger on her left hand was authoritatively pointing down to the ground.

"Sorry, Mistress!" I blurted out awkwardly as I scrambled to get on my knees in front of her. I surreptitiously glanced around, wondering if anyone was watching this scene happening in public view on Nicole's porch.

"That's better," Nicole stated, her arms now crossed. "Come."

I crawled into the house, and she quickly shut and locked the door behind me. I was practically shaking at this point, not knowing what to expect. I looked up at Nicole for guidance, and she smiled.

"There are many rules in this household, boy," she said. "One of them is that slaves are always naked, unless specifically instructed otherwise."

I quickly nodded, and began to remove my t-shirt and jeans. The process was somewhat difficult, as I had not been given the opportunity to stand. I assume I must have looked quite ridiculous, trying to slide off my pants while lying on my side. I quickly returned to the kneeling position, and folded my clothes neatly as to not make a mess. Still blushing, I wondered how pathetic I must look, completely naked trembling on the floor, while Nicole continued to wear her sundress.

"Much better," she exclaimed. "Now, crawl with me to the kitchen, there's another very important ritual required, and someone you need to meet before we can truly begin."

"Yes, Mistress," I replied obediently, and crawled behind her, feeling thoroughly ridiculous, especially due to the fact that my cock had shrivelled up due to the cold air conditioning on my naked body.

As we entered the kitchen, the first thing I noticed was a man sitting at the table reading a book and enjoying a sandwich. He was somewhat bulky, and had a powerful air about him. His arms and legs were quite hairy, and he had a well-groomed short beard. He glanced at me, but seemed to not care too much about my presence.

"This is the Master of this household, and you shall address him as such," Nicole started. "While you will end up belonging to me, his authority should still be respected."

"Yes Mistress, I understand, and..." I started to reply, but was cut off.

"Additionally, boy, the Master does require one thing of every slave that walks through these doors", Nicole continued.

Without a word, Nicole guided me under the table, and placed me at the Master's feet. With the book still in one hand, he unzipped his pants, revealing his sweaty flaccid cock. He then pulled his pants to his knees, leaving his cock resting on his large hairy balls. I could smell the quite familiar odor of ball sweat wafting from his now-airing out member.

I looked back at Nicole, terrified.

"I...I don't understand," I managed to stammer out, confused and afraid.

"What is there to understand?" Nicole asked. "Have you not worshipped cock before, boy?"

"No, I haven't," I began. "I mean I know I've fantasized about being a submissive slut and all, but this is so sudden."

"This is who you are now," Nicole replied. "Get to it, or leave this house."

I nodded and leaned forward. The strong sweaty aroma wafted into my nostrils as my mouth began to apprehensively open. I stuck my tongue out slightly, and touched the tip. Honestly, it didn't taste like much. Emboldened by this, I opened my mouth and wrapped my lips around the head of the Master's cock. As humiliated as I felt, about to worship a stranger's cock under a dinner table, my cock began to stir a bit.

Nicole however was not pleased, and she rolled her eyes.

"Get on with it slave, I have plans for you," she barked, while leaning down and grabbing my head.

Suddenly, my chin was up against the Master's balls and my nose against his hairy crotch as Nicole forced my head down. She released her hand, presumably assuming that I had understood the point. Doing my best not to disappoint her further, I began to wrap my tongue around the Master's flaccid cock, now fully resting in my mouth.

The sweaty flavor and odor dominated my senses as I began to do my job as a slut. As my tongue worked to pleasure the Master, I could feel his cock begin to stiffen in my mouth. He put down his book, and reached his powerful hand behind my head, and began to hold it in place. With his other hand, perhaps to add to my humiliation, he brought his sandwich to his mouth and took another bite. As he chewed, he began to pull and push my head, guiding me on how to properly worship him.

I, of course, complied. The cock was stiffening further in my mouth, and I could feel it throb as he let out a soft deep moan between chews. My view was incredibly limited, given that my face was buried in his sweaty hairy crotch, but it seemed he was enjoying me greatly. This made me strangely happy, and I begin to suck his large hard cock with great vigor.

As the cock grew, it began to push down my throat, which was an entirely new experience for me. I let out a gag, and drool begin to drip down my chin. This seemed to only arouse the Master further, as he put his sandwich down and placed his remaining hand on top of my head. He forced his cock deep into my throat, without a care in the world for how new I was to this. His balls slapped my chin, and my eyes and nose were buried in his public hair. I struggled to breathe and tried to pull back, but his powerful hands did not let me.

After ten seconds or so, he yanked my head back. I coughed and gagged while trying to catch my breath. Before I could recover, the Master pressed me back down onto his cock once more. I could actually feel it slide down my throat as my eyes bulged. His crotch was wet with my saliva and tears now, and I felt like nothing more than a dirty slut to be used for his amusement.

This cycle went on for a few minutes, and each time the period I was allowed for recovery grew shorter and shorter. Before long, the Master was full-on fucking my face. I was a panting mess of tears, saliva, and precum, and he was clearly loving it. With each thrust, I became more of an objectified slut, and I could feel him grow closer to finishing. Suddenly, he pressed my face down hard into his crotch and held it there. His cock throbbed in my throat, he let out a deep guttural moan, and began to erupt. String after string of hot sticky cum burst into my throat, and I struggled to swallow it. I could barely breathe, and I felt that I would soon be overwhelmed by the Master's endless torrent of cum. Before long however, his bursts slowed in frequency and volume, and he began to pull back. His last couple of shots of cum were placed on my tongue, likely deliberately to force me to taste it.

Nicole reached down and forced my mouth closed, making sure I swallowed every last drop of cum. She then silently pointed at the Master's cock, a clear command for me to lick it clean. It was covered in cum and saliva, and the thought of doing so seemed so incredibly gross, but I obeyed, thoroughly humiliated. When I finally finished my task, the Master returned to his sandwich and book without a further word.

Nicole ushered me out from under the table, and silently motioned for me to follow her, likely not wanting to interrupt the Master's enjoyment of the afterglow. I crawled behind her, thoroughly humiliated. My mouth was wet and sticky, and still tasted strongly of cum and sweat. I considered asking for a glass of water, but I suspect allowing the taste to linger was intended to humiliate me and remind me of my place, so I wisely opted not to.

We made our way into a living room of sorts. For the most part, it looked normal. There was a large couch with a chaise lounge, some chairs, a large TV, and a coffee table with some books. Nicole motioned for me to enter and kneel, and I of course complied. She then reached walked behind the couch, and began to slide a piece of furniture into the room in front of the couch.

This device looked mostly like an ordinary wooden box, except one wall was missing and replaced with some leather restraints and a few attachments. On top was a cushioned area with a hole in the middle, and the inside of the box and a headrest of sorts with four straps. It took me a moment to realize it, but this was clearly a queening box of sorts, most likely designed to restrain and force a slave to perform its Mistress' bidding.

"Boy, this is going to be your role for the day," Nicole began. "I call this device the 'Prison Box', and it's wonderful for breaking in new slaves."

"Yes Mistress," I replied. "You may of course use me as you please."

"I'm aware of that, boy," she snapped back. "Now, stop wasting time and get in."

I got on my back, and slid into the box slowly. I placed the back on my head in the headrest, and left my arms at my side. The inside of the box was dark, and the hole seemed somewhat distant. Nicole looked down at me, smiling, before binding my arms in place using the straps in the opening. She then placed a cuff on each of my hands, and bound them to the sides of the box. My legs were quickly tied together, and it became clear that I was not going anywhere. As a final step, she put a heavy leather flap on the opening of the box where my body had entered, making sure no light could come in outside of the hole in the seat on top. Nicole, or should I say, Mistress, had turned me into a piece of furniture for her pleasure.

Mistress grabbed the remove for the TV, and moved back over to the box, her legs straddling either side. She lifted her dress, revealing her massive ass, her divine pussy, and a complete lack of underwear. Unceremoniously, she lowered herself onto the seat. It was nearly completely dark inside of the box now, and Mistress' aroma began to fill it. I could smell a mix of her sweet scent and the sweat of her large ass, and it was intoxicating. I wanted to bury my face in her, worship her, and take in the taste and smell of her wonderful body. Unfortunately, the headrest was far too low, and I was still bound in place.

Mistress' muffled sadistic laugh echoed through the box, and I felt it move slightly.

"Is my pathetic little slave unable to reach me?" she asked, clearly knowing the answer.

"Yes, Mistress! Please, let this worthless slave worship you!" I replied, eagerly.

"That's weird," she began. "I can't really hear anything. Oh well!"

I struggled in vain to lift my head up, and tried speaking louder, but it simply didn't work. I hear Mistress turn on the TV, and she leaned back a bit to let some light into the box while sighing. The tiny amount of light simply gave me a better view of her body, and it was exquisite torture. My cock throbbed, and my whole body filled with desire. The stale flavor of cum still dominated my taste buds, and I could only imagine how wonderful Mistress' ass or pussy would taste in comparison. The box was slowly filling with her scent, and it was nearly driving me into a frenzy. Mistress knew, and she was taking such great delight in torturing me.

"What's wrong, slave?" Mistress asked, while leaning back farther and looking down at me.

"I want nothing more than to worship you, Mistress," I replied. "Your wonderful scent is filling the box, and I can't take it anymore!"

Mistress laughed. "I guess I understand, slave. I have an idea that may help you out a bit."

Mistress slid forward again, closing the gap entirely, leaving me in darkness. Suddenly, I felt my head being pulled upwards as she pulled on the four straps controlling the height of the headrest. Finally, before long I'd be able to give Mistress the worship and pleasure she deserves. Unfortunately, this was not the case.

While my head had been lifted somewhat higher, I was still not in reach of Mistress' wonderful body. I struggled and thrashed, but the restraints prevented me from doing anything, while Mistress continued to laugh at my misfortune. She then spread her thighs and ass cheeks wider, filling the box with even more of her scent. The mix of ass and pussy was intoxicating, and I could barely take it anymore.

"Ok slave, clearly you can't control yourself," Mistress began. "I was afraid of this. You novices are all the same. Fortunately for me, and perhaps less so for you, there's an easy punishment to help you learn your place. This is about my pleasure, never yours."

I froze, realizing I had made a grave mistake. I opened my mouth to repent, but it was too late. I felt Mistress strain slightly, and a burst of hot air escaped her asshole. It took me a moment to realize what had happened. I wanted to cry out, but I knew Mistress would not take mercy on me. She closed her ass and pushed her legs tightly together, making sure no air would escape. I began to hold my breath, hoping the punishment would be over soon.

"Oh, you silly little slave," Mistress stated, playfully. "The air isn't going anywhere. You're going to have to take a deep breath. In fact, I order you to do so, only using your nose. I want to hear that breath, I want you to take my odor deep into your lungs and savor it. If you don't we'll just repeat the punishment until you do."

I had no choice. I was bound completely, and it was clear Mistress had no intention of letting me go. My mind was racing, and there were simply no other options. I braced myself, and took a deep, loud breath in through my nose. The air was hot and stifling, and felt almost thick in a way. It burned my nostrils, and my first reaction was to cough.

"Are you rejecting my gift to you, slave?" Mistress asked, annoyed. "Very well, we'll try again. You do realize this gets more difficult for you each time, right?"

She pressed harder this time, and I felt the burst of hot air hit my face again. I couldn't believe what was happening. I steeled my resolve, and breathed in again. The air was far more foul this time, but I did my best to not give into my reflexes and cough. I got through one breath, then another, and another. The odor in the box was still thick and unpleasant, but I was slowly getting used to it.

"That's better, slave," Mistress said. "As a slave, you have no right to complain. You take what you are given, and you do what you are asked to do without question. Since you're so new, I'll let this insolence slide for today, but we'll be repeating this training on a daily basis until you learn to accept your place."

"Yes Mistress. Thank you." I replied, thoroughly humbled and humiliated.

Suddenly, the headrest began to rise again. My face was slowly pulled up, and my nose was pressed against Mistress' asshole. I still couldn't smell her sweet pussy, but at least I could feel the warmth of her divine body against my face. She slid down slightly, and spread her cheeks. I stuck my tongue out, and began to lick. However, this was quickly met with a painful slap to my cock. I yelped, and tears began to fill my eyes as I retracted my tongue.

"You never act without permission, slave." Mistress said, authoritatively. "Do we need to repeat the previous punishment?"

"No, Mistress! I'm so sorry, I'll never do it again." I replied.

She must have accepted my repentance, as she slid back into position again and began to watch TV. My face was buried in her ass still, and it was in many ways far more torture than anything that came before. Being pressed against her wonderful large ass while not being able to do a thing was agony. However, she was right, and this was simply not about me. I had to wait for her command, since in many ways, I was nothing more than a piece of furniture for her use.

My patience was finally rewarded.

"Lick my ass clean, and don't disappoint me", she commanded.

Eagerly, I stuck my tongue out and began to go to work. I started with her supple smooth cheeks, and ran my tongue flatly along them. I could taste her sweat, and it was divine. Mistress let out a few moans of pleasure, and it made all of the suffering I went through today worthwhile. I slowly lapped at her cheeks until they, and my face, were soaked. Without warning, the headrest was pulled up further, leaving my face flush between Mistress cheeks. I could barely breath, and each short breath was filled with the aroma of her ass.

Mistress spread herself a bit wider, and slid so her asshole was right against my lips. I began to kiss and suck at it, and I could feel her quiver slightly in pleasure. I then stuck out my tongue, and began to run it in circles tenderly against her tight hole, licking it clean and pleasuring her as best I could. My cock continued to throb, and my whole body felt warm. This is where I belonged, beneath a powerful woman who deserved to be worshipped and adored.

I slowly began to insert my tongue into Mistress asshole, and she let out an audible groan of pleasure.

"Good slave," she said. "Be a dirty little slut and get that tongue in there."

Without question, I obeyed, now fully understanding the consequences of failing to do so. Mistress asshole was now loose and relaxed, so sticking my tongue in wasn't too difficult. I began to move my tongue in and out, and Mistress' whole body began to quake in pleasure. I truly was her dirty slave, my face buried in her ass and my tongue now deep inside her.

My jaw began to ache, but I knew stopping would certainly invite punishment, so I continued to push on, sliding my tongue deeper and deeper within her with each push. I could taste and smell her fully, and she was my entire world. Her breathing grew deeper, and her moans more intense.

Before long, she slid her waist back substantially, burying my face in her pussy. Mistress then pulled the straps tighter, leaving me entirely unable to breathe.

"Not bad for a first time, slave," she said, between pants. "We'll have to continue training you, but that'll be acceptable for now. This next part may be more difficult, though. Get licking."

I obeyed silently, as there was no way for me to communicate, my nose and mouth were entirely buried in her fat pussy, and my eyes still looking into her wet ass. Mistress' juices began to leak down the sides of my face as I hungrily lapped at her. This was easily the most wonderful thing I had ever tasted, and I wanted nothing more. However, her divine aroma and flavor had been distracting me from something quite important. I tried to take a deep breath, but my nose and mouth were still buried in her, and as wonderful as that was, I was quickly running out of time. I began to thrash and try to escape, but it wasn't happening.

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