tagInterracial LoveThe Prisoner Ch. 12

The Prisoner Ch. 12


Over the next couple of months Christina became a regular fixture at my apartment. She was just as wild as I when it came to new sexual experiences. We included Bill in all our activities when he was in town.

I finally left for maternity leave as scheduled. I went into labor a week early, Dan rushed me to the hospital. After fifteen hours of labor I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl.

Dan visited while I was in the hospital and brought me home when we were finally released.

Dan, Tony, and Christina made sure that the apartment was stocked for us when we arrived. There were diapers and formula as well as infant clothing.

I called Bill when I returned to the apartment. He informed me that he would be gone another month, he had a training seminar scheduled. I gave him the news that I had the baby, he could not wait to see her. All I could think was he is going to be surprised.

Our little social group was very helpful when it came to watching Jessica. All of them were very good with her, she took to each of them.

I took the precaution of getting an IUD before returning to my normal activities. I enjoyed my sexual experiences with everyone.

I returned to work after a month and a half.

The technology Bill had to work with was changing so fast his training trip got extended. This disappointed me because he was looking forward to seeing Jessica.

I had to find a baby sitter that could watch Jessica when I worked the night shift. The prison had a referral service, I made a few phone calls.

After several interviews I selected a college student that attended the local college. Her name was Patricia, her major was child psychology. She was trained in infant CPR and was licensed in child care.

Patti as she wanted to be called was a very beautiful 19 year old. She was about 5'5" tall with a 23 inch waist and 34 B breasts 125 pounds, and blonde. Christina drooled all over her during the in person interview.

I got my work assignment the second week back. I was to return to second shift in two weeks. I phoned Patti when I returned home from work, she said that was perfect.

Bill called during dinner to inform me he would be returning Thursday night. I had Friday and Saturday off, so this was perfect.

I had given birth about six weeks ago and was getting frustrated. Wednesday night Dan called, I invited him for dinner Thursday.

Dan showed up at 6:30 and we had a wonderful meal. After dinner I turned on some music and we relaxed in the living room. I had been so horny all week, I made the first move, "Are you sure about this?"

"Yes it has been two months."

Dan and I kissed and petted each other for what seemed like an hour. I reached for his zipper pulling it down. I reached in to find he was erect already. Undoing his belt and snap to his pants he slid out of them. I undressed quickly and engulfed Dan's cock.

I bobbed on Dan's cock for a long time. When he finally shot off in my mouth, I savored every drop. Dan switched positions with me, eating me to multiple orgasms.

Dan started kissing his way up my body. Stopping to suckle on my breasts teasing my nipples with his tongue. I cold not take it I pulled Dan up and kissed him, forcing my tongue in his mouth. I felt Dan's cock slap my pussy, I stroked it. After several minutes of fondling Dan's cock I pulled it to my honey pot and inserted it.

Dan fucked me slowly as it had been awhile since we fucked. Dan was so slow and gentle I was beginning to feel loved. I wrapped my legs around his waist and flexed to meet his thrusts.

We did not speak while we were fucking. It was such an intense feeling with Dan gently sawing in and out of me. I had multiple mini orgasms during this loving fuck.

I kissed Dan his tongue wrestling with mine, I closed my eys and enjoyed the fuck. Dan finally came deep inside me, I exploded when I felt the first jet hit my cervix. Jet after jet of semen was deposited into my pussy.

My mind had gone blank during my orgasm until, "Bravo that was so hot."

I opened my eyes to see Tony, and Christina smiling, "Patti," I jumped up and ran to the bedroom.

I put on some clothes and calmed down after seeing Patti. I walked out to the living room, "Patti I'm sorry you saw that."

"Why Dani? It was hot."

"I'm a little ashamed, you are going to be an employee, so to speak."

"And this is 2010 not 1910."

"Well what can I do for you?"

"I came by to see if you had a key for me when I start."

"I have to get a duplicate made, can I call you in a day or two?"

"Yes that will be fine," Patti started walking out with Christina following. After about ten minutes Christina had not returned, I went to check. Looking out the window I got the shock of my life. Christina and Patti were hugging in the parking lot in a deep passionate kiss.

Christina returned a short time later, "What were you doing?"

"Nothing special."

"Trying to seduce the baby sitter?"

Dan spoke up, "What?"

"Christina was checking Patti's tonsils in the parking lot."

"I should have thought of that, she's hot," Tony added.

We all broke out in laughter, "If all goes right she will join our little group," Christina added.

"Bill will be coming home tonight and over for dinner tomorrow."

"You should invite Patti, Bill should meet her too."

"I have some errands to run tomorrow, but that is a good idea."

I went shopping on Friday and had a key made. When I had finished putting the groceries away I called Patti. I informed her I had her key and invited her to dinner, she agreed.

Everyone showed up around six for dinner, Jessica was sleeping. We enjoyed our dinner Bill had some questions for Patti. He seemed very happy with her answers and the fact she was trained and licensed. When we were done with dinner we cleaned up and headed for the living room to relax.

We continued our conversation in the living room. Jessica started to cry, I went to clean her up and change her. When she was changed and stopped crying, "Bill close your eyes."


"Just do it, this is a surprise."


"Somebody check make sure he can't see."

"Christina shouted, "Dans got him blindfolded."

I walked out to the living room, "Bill hold out your arms."

Bill did as he was told. I held Jessica to him and he craddled her Just like he was suppose to, "Can I open my eyes."

"Hold on to her for a minute first."

Bill was a natural with children, Jessica took to him right away. I went and retreived my camera to get pictures. I snapped the first with Bill still blindfolded, "Okay remove the blindfold."

Christina untied the blindfold and pulled it off. I snapped a picture of Bill's expression when he first saw Jessica, "This can't be she's ........."

to be continued................

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