tagNonConsent/ReluctanceThe Prize Ch. 08

The Prize Ch. 08


Teel sat by the window looking out, languishing in her luxurious prison. She was captive and unhappy about it. Her glittering gaze dropped to the gold band around her left ankle that was attached to a bolt in the wall. For his protection he had said. To keep her from attacking him as he entered her gilded prison. Locked away from everyone but him.

She heard him enter the room and bristled with renewed displeasure. She, captive. Even the word disagreed with her.

He approached her stiff form and raised her chin so her eyes were level with his. "Do you remember," he asked. "Do you remember us?"

"No," she replied, shifting in his hold, restless just for being near to someone she loathed so much.

His hand slid up between her legs and parted the silken folds there. She pulled hard against his hold, but he would not release her until he had what he was after. His finger pushed into her dry, unwelcoming depths before withdrawing just as swiftly. He released Teel, pushing her away from him as though she disgusted him. Teel couldn't fathom why but for just a moment she felt bad that her body hadn't welcomed him as he had expected. And then cold reason asserted itself and reaffirmed that he had no business expecting anything from her except disdain and hatred.

He settled across from her on the bed, his eyes gleaming in the night as he spoke. "My mother was one of your people." Her eyes shifted to him in surprise. He kept on speaking as though he didn't expect a response to that interesting tidbit. "I never told you that, but I'm certain you must have guessed it. That night is forever burned in my memory. The way your slick skin glistened in the night as you pleasured yourself on me, the way you drove me out of my mind. Your nipples were perfect hard berries of temptation as they begged for my mouth, and I wanted to give them my attention but it was so easy to become distracted by other things. Like the way you clenched your pussy so tightly around me that it felt like your hand. Better than your hand. You were so wet and welcoming. You couldn't get enough of me. You took me so deep I was sure you could taste me in the back of your throat. And the entire time you tried to hold on to your control, to use my body as a weapon against me." He looked into Teel's glazed eyes and knew that she was getting as caught up in the story as he was. Her mouth had parted slightly as though she couldn't get enough air.

"Do you remember what happened then?" His eyes dropped to the hard pebbles he could see clearly through her shift, before lifting to see her answer even though he already knew what it would be. Her head shook slowly from side to side as though she was in a trance and could not find her voice to speak or even the will to move normally.

"I ripped you apart one delicious scream at a time. You were always vocal when taking your pleasure. The feel of your convulsing body in my arms is one I can live a lifetime remembering. How you arch your spine and neck when you cum, how you spread your legs that little bit wider as though begging for one more taste, how you cling in the moment before you remember who you are. I love to watch you fall apart."

Teel could feel the pulse between her legs speed up at his words. It had been a mild itch since he had started talking and was quickly approaching a raging inferno. She turned her head away from him. He was so virile sitting there, praising her and desiring her in the same moment.

"It is easy to boast of an event that I cannot recall, for how can I dispute the accuracy of your words having no knowledge of them?" She was angry for feeling aroused and wanted to hit back at him for making her feel so out of sorts. If she had remembered him then she would have know better than to provoke him when he was clearly aroused.

"Shall I bring the event to your recollection now?" he offered. "Shall I push your thighs apart and show you how you cried, how your thighs shook with fatigue after I worked your body so hard, how your voice rose in pure panic as you realized there was nothing you could do to stop me?" His flesh visibly hardened just thinking about it. "Shall I?" he questioned, watching her eyes widen as she watched his flesh swell before her.

Her head shook silently negating that she wanted any such thing, but the swift breath she pulled into her lungs told of her involuntary excitement. He moved swiftly gathering her into his arms. He easily subdued her struggles and pressed his finger between her thighs again. His finger came back dripping wet with her desire.

His triumphant eyes flashed down into hers. He turned abruptly to leave the chamber before he did something she would regret. Teel sat where he left her tempted to spread her thighs and pleasure herself. Heathen he might be, but his tongue was lined with silver and he could call the birds down from the trees, much less excite her with his words.


The next day dawned clear and bright with Teel settling into an unhappy routine. Rogue took her to bathe, spent time dressing her, ate his morning meal with her. All without saying a word. Teel took her cue from him and remained silent throughout the morning. He disappeared in the afternoon and she was left alone with a slew of scrolls and games. She didn't touch anything, but rather sat by the window willing herself to remember.

Night fell and Rogue came as she knew he would. He started shedding his clothes as he entered the room and she backed away from him until her back was against the wall. He crossed over to her and drew her resistant form over to the chair in front of her vanity. He turned her to face him as he sat in the servant's chair directly across from her.

He started the night off like the one before. "Do you remember us?" he asked.

"No," Teel replied.

He gave a small unconcerned shrug and continued on as though it didn't matter sliding his fingers between her legs. Only Rogue knew that each day that passed without her memory filled him with an increasing sense of dread. What would he do with her if she failed to remember? She was too dangerous as she was. His fingers found she was damp but nowhere near the liquid pool of desire he wanted her to be. He brought his fingers to his mouth and cleaned each one of them with his tongue.

"You shared something with me once," he told her, watching as she struggled to keep her eyes above his waist.

Teel feared for her sanity if he kept up these teasing games he was wont to play. She knew what it felt like to have his thick pleasure rod in her and she was afraid to look lest she suffer lust of the eye. But watching him taste her passion wasn't helping to calm the insidious desire she felt taking hold of her.

"Your naked body was propped in front of me and you touched yourself for my pleasure. At least I think it was for my pleasure. It's hard to say because you were enjoying it as much as I was, if not more. You had my dagger between your sweet pussy lips, but it was nothing like having me there, was it? You could squeeze, but it wouldn't reward you by brushing your clit or talking dirty to you or tasting you with its tongue. No. That was me between your legs with my mouth sucking your pleasure nub between my teeth giving you the pain and the pleasure that you desired."

Teel could barely breathe. He was killing her with his hot wicked words, the smoldering look in his eyes that told her she was lucky he wasn't buried in her yet, and the slick smell of his arousal. His penis had long since hardened and was standing between them hard and thick and proud. Her hand itched with the desire to wrap around it, but she stilled herself knowing this was all just a test. It was hard to remember that though as his words continued to pour over her making her want to give in for as long as it took him to pleasure her.

"I loved watching you. My eyes lit a scorching path over your skin, but you were the one who was so hot you burned the eyes right out of my head. You came for me when I wasn't even touching you. Your words were a seduction so pure and powerful that even now they have the power to make me weep with desire." His hand swept over the pearly drop that had gathered on the tip of his penis and he swept it up with his thumb bringing the taste to his mouth.

She was hard pressed to bite back the moan that had risen in her throat. Did he have any idea what he was doing to her with his visual display of pure eroticism?

"They say turnabout is fair play Teel, so let's see how you like it," he warned, his eyes locked to hers, drawing her in deeper. "I want you to know how stimulating I find you, whether you're touching me or not, just thinking about you is enough to make me hard. I love the feel of your hands on me. Your mouth. Your eyes. I want to take you again and again in every way I can think of. I want to fuck you hard and fast until you beg for mercy, and then I want to do it all over again."

His breath grew shallow and she knew he was going to cum, and she waited, wanting to see for herself the kind of response she could draw from him. His hand wrapped around his steel rod and stroked it once before his pleasure erupted in a stream of white relief.

Unconsciously her tongue came out and wet her top lip. It was clear to him what she wanted to do to him. "Come here," he invited. Teel held herself in check, but just barely.


His hand reached out and snagged in her hair to drag her closer. "Yes." The pressure on her head pushed her face within an inch of his straining member and she knew what he wanted.

Mutinously she turned her head to the side refusing his silent demand. "Lick it clean." His hand tightened ominously as she remained still bringing tears to her eyes. She leaned forward flicking just the tip of her tongue against the head. Her tongue came back coated with his cum and as she absorbed the taste in her mouth she found it pleasing and without urging leaned forward again.

Her tongue and mouth raced over his flesh picking up every drop she could find savoring the taste before bending over him again. Her eyes spied one last glob on the side of his hand still gripping his straining flesh, but she ignored it.

"All of it." His gruff words caused her mouth to form a stiff straight line. She had already done as much as she would do for him this day. His hand in her hair dragged her down until her lips were pressed against it and he held her there. After a few seconds she realized she didn't have much choice and swept her tongue out to cleanse that one last spot. "Now suck it," he commanded. She could see the gleaming passion in his eyes and knew he would force her if she refused and yet some hitherto unexplored dark part of her wanted him to force her.

His free hand swept down and clutched a handful of the fabric she was wearing. She raised her eyes to his daring him to tear it. She had barely looked up before the sound of ripping filled her ears. His hand dropped down and pinched her nipple hard. Her spine arched at the pain pushing her further into his painful hold. He twisted her sore nipple until a cry fell from her lips. And though her mind understood he was giving her pain and a lesson in domination, the liquid fire between her thighs was giving a different message. She clenched her thighs together and gritted her teeth as he moved to the other nipple.

He squeezed hard and watched impassively as she winced. In truth he didn't want her to suck him. Not when he knew he could fuck her any way he wanted to in punishment. He dragged her up to stand in front of him glorying in her defiance. Her nipple hardened, red and inviting, as he released it. "Should I suck it?" he asked, his mouth watering at the thought.

"No." The word was swift in coming and he knew then what he would do to her.

His fingers slid between her legs thrusting gently into her lush folds. He withdrew abruptly and gathered both her hands in one of his prepared for her to fight him. He slid his middle finger down her back, slowly so as to allow her mind to assimilate what he was going to do. He felt the moment she stilled and then stiffened and knew she would begin to fight him any minute. His fingers fluttered softly around her puckering hole, kindly asking for entrance. He pressed a single finger against the center of her tight hole and moved it gently forward. She protested immediately trying to pull herself free and cursing him with the fullness of her vocabulary. He laughed at her ineffectual struggles and pushed the finger in past the knuckle. Withdrawing the finger he lifted his eyes to her face before pushing it back in. He saw her eyelids flutter as she continued to rain abuse down on his head. He knew from past experience that her fluttering eyelids were a sign of intense pleasure and he repeated the motion. Gradually her struggles and her insults ceased and he felt comfortable releasing her hands. With his free hand he slid three fingers into her pussy and used a forth to massage her quivering clit. He could feel her pleasure mounting swiftly and she leaned into his hands as he played her like a well used instrument. She convulsed in his arms and couldn't begin to hold back the screams of pleasure falling from her lips. He used the opportunity to pick up the remnants of her shift from the floor and swiftly maneuvered her over to the bed before she could think to protest. He deftly tied her hands around the post and moved around her. Her labored breathing made it hard for her to voice any protest, but eventually she managed a breathy, "Untie me." She sagged heavily against the bed hating that her voice lacked the control or authority that she wanted to inject in it. Hating that he had once again dominated her using nothing more than her body as his weapon of choice.

"Or else?" he casually queried. "What will you do if I don't? One would think you would be trying to sweeten me up right now. After all who knows what I could do to you in this position?"

Teel didn't have the sense to be afraid of him and defied him yet again. "What can you do that you haven't already done? I am nothing to you but a body upon which to plow your seed and I despise every second I have to spend in your company."

Rogue's eyes darkened a fury black better fit for the pits of hell and there was no kindness in his face as he paced around Teel. His hand slid down her back and cupped her ass. Teel immediately became aware of how he had positioned her. Her upper body was supported by the bed and her lower body hung off the side. She felt his hot breath on her backside as he kneeled next to her. His lips traced the curve of one round globe and she trembled at the light touch. He stood and she felt him reposition her legs to widen her stance. His solid warmth pressed against her and she felt his hardness as he pressed her cheeks apart.

Her head lifted and her wild eyes sought his. "No."

He pressed forward slowly and she tightened against him refusing him entrance. "No."

"Relax," he bade her, his hand soothing her hair away from her damp brow.

"No." She struggled wildly against him and he gave a humorless laugh knowing her struggles counted for nothing.

He pushed harder against her forcing entrance and she screamed against the intrusion. "Don't do this," she begged lifting her tear streaked face to his.

Rogue felt a twinge of sympathy as he looked at her, knowing this time the pain was real and even in his anger found himself unable to hurt her. And yet his fury demanded satisfaction.

Relief washed over Teel as she felt his withdrawal and a silent prayer was lifted in thanks for her salvation. Silence surrounded her as she heard the quiet swoosh of the door closing. Would he leave her like this?

She twisted her wrists ineffectually trying to free herself before he returned. She sensed his presence before she saw him and flipped a quick look over her shoulder before resuming her struggles. He stopped at her side and sat a small tray on the table beside her. Her wary eyes met his as he lifted a brush for her to examine. As soon as her eyes connected with it she felt a shaft of fear move through her and the curtain that was shrouding her mind twitched giving her a glimpse of the pinnacle of pleasure and pain with a line so thin between the two as to be barely discernable. The curtain fell heavily back into place leaving her with no real idea where the fear was coming from, but a heavy dread still held her heart in its grip.

Rogue correctly read the fear in her eyes and for a moment wondered if she remembered. But he knew if she had she would have immediately started promising him the moon to hold off what was coming. As it was she only stared at him with a look of wild eyed fear and pure confusion etched sharply across her face.

He dipped the brush into the cup and moved out of her line of sight gently brushing the tightly puckered hole that would soon beg for his attention. Her spine arched sharply as the brush connected and a loud gasp was ripped from her throat. He dipped the brush back into the cup and retraced the same area again until she was liberally covered with it. His industrious hands dipped the brush again and he gently dragged the bristles over her moist cunt. She leaned heavily into the motion and followed the brush with her hips as he moved away. He brought it back seconds later moving the soft bristles over her clit. To Teel it felt as though a thousand fingers were running over her aroused flesh, each in quick succession, and she sucked deep breaths into her lungs as the intense pleasure washed over her demanding an orgasm.

"What did you put on me?" she panted. Sweat slicked her brow with the effort she was exerting not to climax as the bristles were removed.

"Just a memory. An enjoyable one if I remember correctly." His lips found the curve of her shoulder and his soft insidious voice gently urged her to completion. "Just let go." And how she wanted to. She shifted restlessly wishing she could bring her hands down between her legs to just stroke once. "Give me what we both want and let me watch you cum."

And she did. His eyes on her acted as an additional drug, drawing out the pleasure until it was unbearable. It was unlike anything she had known before; sharp, intense and yet wholly unsatisfying. She could still feel the fire between her legs and around her tiny hole. She knew without a doubt that he would try to enter her there again, and by the greedy sucking motions she could feel it making she knew this time her treacherous body would welcome him. And as if he was reading her mind and was anxious to see her proved right he pushed his finger back into her tender rear hole. Her sphincter clenched tight around his finger dragging him in deeper than he had intended to push. A low mindless moan of pleasure fell from her lips as her lips betrayed her. "More."

He slid one hand up her back to steady her as he withdrew his finger and prepared to insert two. Her back was slick with sweat and it was clear she was again resisting climax. His fingers slid easily into her welcoming flesh, twisting as they were withdrawn and roughly pushed back in. Her head fell forward and the heartfelt, "Oh God," that was dragged from her mouth told him how deeply she was enjoying herself. He slid a third finger in. "Oh fuck," she screamed pulsing around him in another heart stopping orgasm.

A harsh breath was dragged in to oxygen starved lungs before she lifted her head. Her eyes met his for a moment before she said the word he had been waiting a lifetime to hear. "Yes."

Rogue slid swiftly into her sopping pussy before burying his length in her ass. Teel was incandescent with pleasure, rippling in his arms like a tumultuous sea.

"You're so tight," he praised, feeling nearly strangled by the death grip her sphincter had on his turgid flesh and so enthralled with the sheer pleasure of it he wasn't sure he could hold on to his sanity.

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