tagMind ControlThe Procurement Agency Pt. 01

The Procurement Agency Pt. 01


01. The Procurement Agency:

02. The Theater:

03. Susan:

04. Susan, Enhancer:

05. The Agency Tests Susan:

01. The Procurement Agency:

The Procurement Agency is a supplier of males and females to international brothels. When one of its Clients require a unique 'employee' that isn't available locally, the Agency will meet their needs. They specialize in the recruiting of late-teens and adults under thirty, and prepares them for the brothels. The requests are specific and the preparation involves the enhancement or transgendering of a male or female.

As its name implies, the Procurement Agency selects the new recruits at random who are abducted during the night and brought unconscious into preparation rooms where they are undressed and all ID's and personal items are incinerated. While unconscious, each are held in a spread-eagled position in a shower and a permanent depilatory is used to remove all the hair below their shoulders. An injection is given to each of them that will induce a permanent, amnesiac state and all they will be able to remember are their first names.

02. The Theater:

Diana, the recruitment director, draws up the daily agenda and supervises all of the performances. Her assistants include men and women who are trained in the physical handling of new recruits.

The theater has a seating capacity of 200 and large HD screens hang from the ceiling to give the Agency's members graphic close up views of what is happening the stage. The stage also has a large HD screen tilted down from the ceiling. The devices under the stage floor include the Enhancer which is used for sexual enhancements and the transgendering of Shemales and Hermaphrodites. Other devices under the floor include a customized Sybian and a platform-like bed.

Hidden below the stage is special item that only Diana knows about. She acquired it from a friend who lives in the Amazon Rainforest and isn't sure how or when she will use it.

03. Susan:

The Client's request was for an enhanced, bisexual female.

A hush fell over the audience and the Client watched the streaming video of two men leading Susan onto the stage with their hands grasping her arms. A panic stricken Susan saw the large audience and began struggling with the men as she was led toward the rectangular covered tile near the front of the stage. While the men held her with her feet on the Enhancer's foot markers, she looked at the screen and her body trembled when she saw her naked, hairless body, and knew something terrible was about to happen to her

04. Susan, Enhancer:

1. Susan, Enhancer, Preparation:

2. Susan, Enhancer, Breast Enhancement:

3. Susan, Enhancer, Clitoris Enhancement:

4. Susan, Enhancer, Vaginal Enhancement:

5. Susan, Enhancer, Testing:

6. Susan, Enhancer, Conditioning:

1. Susan, Enhancer, Preparation:

Susan saw the cover moving away and then saw the Enhancer's clear block of silicone rising up between her feet. She began to struggle and tried to step away from the foot markers but the men held her firmly. As the Enhancer's soft warmness rose up, pushing between her legs, it secreted a mild aphrodisiac and a calming sigh was heard when a wonderful warmth spread throughout her body.

The block continued its upward movement and soon its soft surface nestled into the junction of her thighs. Diana nodded at the men and they backed away.

A startled gasp was heard when the surface formed over the folds of her labia and pressed onto her clitoral hood. The front and back portions of the Enhancer curled upward, molding themselves to her upper body and at the same time, her arms and bent legs were drawn into the sides of the Enhancer. Susan sighed when she felt her breasts being encased within two massaging pouches and then gasped when she felt suckling 'mouths' descending onto her nipples. All the 'terrible' thoughts quickly faded from her mind when the sensations from her labia, clitoris, breasts and nipples merged together.

A dazed Susan looked into the screen and saw her nakedness sitting on the Enhancer's clear block and could see and feel her breasts being kneaded and her nipples being suckled upon. The Enhancer's attention now moved to her sex and a 'mouth' like depression formed over the tip of her clitoris and slipped into her clitoral hood. Susan gasped loudly when her clitoris was coaxed out of its protective cover and into the Enhancer's suctioning 'mouth'. At the same time a warm thickness slipped between the folds of her labia and began caressing her inner lips. Her mind reeled with all the sensations and her body instinctively tried to push itself further into the Enhancer but her movements were restricted to slight shifts and twists.

The Enhancer now had Susan under its control and reduced its massaging and suckling actions.

2. Susan, Enhancer, Breast Enhancement:

The massaging pouches released their enhancement chemicals and Susan felt a wonderful warmth seeping into each of her breasts, followed by an exquisite firmness. She looked at the screen and a mix of nervousness and elation filled her mind when she saw her breasts beginning to expand within the Enhancer's clear pouches.

Breasts: 34A

Nipples: 5/16"

As her breasts grew, her nipples became more sensitive to the suckling 'mouths' and Susan began pushing her firm breasts and erect, tingling nipples into the kneading and suckling pouches.

Breasts: 34B

Nipples: 3/8"

Her dazed eyes couldn't believe how full and firm her breasts were beginning to look and feel, and how hard her erect nipples felt.

Breasts: 34B

Nipples: 7/16"

The expanding pouches now had more to work on and the kneading, massaging and suckling intensified.

Breasts: 34C

Nipples: 1/2"

The Enhancer now had Susan's breasts and nipples at their targeted size and the pouches settled down to a wonderful purring action.

3. Susan, Enhancer, Clitoris Enhancement:

The warm suckling 'mouth' and 'throat' of the clitoral sheath renewed its attention to her rigid clitoris causing Susan to shift her hips in an attempt to get more of the sensations. As the suckling 'mouth' attended to her excited clitoris, the warm thickness that was nestled within her inner lips intensified its caressing actions.

Susan gasped when she felt a firmness filling her clitoris as it began to expand within the Enhancer's suckling 'throat'.

Clitoris: 1/4" x 1/4" .. 3/8" x 1/4"

With each ecstatic jerk of her hips, Susan's clitoris edged further out of its clitoral hood.

Clitoris: 1/2" x 1/4" .. 5/8" x 3/8"

As her clitoris extended, the more excited the rigid organ became and her moans of joy became louder as the 'throat' had more and more to suckle on. Her hands were frantically opening and closing with a desperate need to touch her expanding organ.

Clitoris: 3/4" x 3/8"

Susan's hips bucked forward, thrusting her clitoris into the suctioning 'mouth' trying to get more of the ecstatic feelings. She was fast approaching her clitoral orgasm and moaned with denial when the 'throat' reduced its sucking actions to rippling massages.

4. Susan, Enhancer, Vaginal Enhancement:

Susan was now ready for the enhancements to her vagina. She became more aware of the thickness that was caressing her wet inner lips and instead of trying to shift herself away from probing head, she pushed her sex downward as a need to be penetrated filled her mind. The head of the phallus nudged upward and Susan's elastic opening slipped over the slick head as it slowly moved into her welcoming vagina and a long moan of joy was heard as a wonderful fullness stretched its way into the depths her womanhood.

The phallus began secreting its enhancing chemicals and Susan gasped as rippling antsy sensations gripped the entire length of her vaginal sheath. The elasticity and vaginal depth was slowly changed to accommodate an 8" x 2.0" erection and the sexual sensitivity was expanded to take in 50% of her vaginal sheath. The Enhancer now focused its attention on Susan's Skene's gland or 'G' spot. Her body bucked and jerked and she squealed in joy as the excited nest of nerve endings were extended and the Skene's gland was enhanced to heighten the sensations of an orgasm.

Susan's mind was saturated with sexual sensations that she had never felt before and her vaginal muscles clenched around her thick Lover in an attempt to get it to do something .. anything, that would satisfy her desperate need to have a vaginal orgasm.

5. Susan, Enhancer, Testing:

A hiss of joy was heard when the 'throat' encasing her rigid organ of joy restarted its suctioning actions and the pouches renewed their attention to her firm breasts and erect nipples.

The Enhancer's phallus withdrew from her clenching vaginal passage until its head was just inside her clasping inner lips and then thrust upward into the depths of her enflamed passage. Incoherent sounds of joy escaped Susan's mouth when her Lover began a rhythmic series of slow, ecstatic, upward thrusts.

A series of expanding and contracting ribs rose up from the surface of the phallus which heightened the ecstatic sensations that were saturating her mind. The flexing thickness searched for and found Susan's enhanced Skene's gland began caressing the hyper-sensitive tissues causing Susan to cry out with sexual joy.

Her hips squirmed excitedly onto her buried Lover and she gurgled as it slowly pulled out and stroked back in. The Enhancer started a series of rhythmic thrusts, full in and full out, fast and then slow, catapulting Susan into sexual frenzy. Her body tried to counter thrust but all she could do was sit there and let the ecstatic sensations flood throughout her mind and body.

Her body was telling her that she was going to orgasm and she suddenly froze when her vaginal passage clenched and spasmed along the entire length of her Lover. The pulsing head thickened as it twisted and turned and Susan felt the most incredible sensations that she had ever felt when the phallus began to forcefully ejaculate deep inside her vagina and cervix. The warm, thick ejaculant gushed and filled her vaginal passage causing it to ecstatically balloon. Her body bucked and jerked as her, all consuming orgasm, rumbled throughout her body like a series of freight trains. Susan wailed from the power of her orgasm and the Enhancer feasted on her enhanced orgasmic fluids.

Susan's mind went into orgasmic overload, and she lost consciousness, slumping into the supporting blanket of Enhancer.

6. Susan, Enhancer, Conditioning:

While she was unconscious, the conditioning chemicals in the Enhancer's ejaculant began filling her mind with 'suggestions' and sexual 'techniques' to give males and females sexual satisfaction.

She slowly regained consciousness and moaned as delicious aftershocks rippled across her loins. She felt the front and back portions of the Enhancer lowering and the Enhancer's pouches and 'mouths' slipped away from her firm breasts. As the Enhancer was lowered toward the opening in the stage floor, the phallus slipped out of her stretched vagina and thr sucking clitoral 'mouth' released her rigid clitorisis. A disappointed moan was heard from Susan when the Enhancer returned to its place in the floor.

A submissive and conditioned Susan just stood there looking at her enhanced body, waiting for someone to direct her.

05. The Agency Tests Susan:

1. Lisa and Susan:

2. Lisa and Susan, Harness, Foreplay:

3. Lisa and Susan, Harness, Fisting:

4. Adrian and Susan:

5. Susan and Adrian, Deep Throat:

6. Adrian and Susan, Oral:

7. Adrian and Susan, The Mating:

1. Lisa and Susan, Harness:

Diana used the remote to lower a Harness from the ceiling so it lay on the stage facing the audience. At the same time, Susan saw a naked woman walking onto the stage carrying a padded stool.

Diana looked at Susan and said,

"This is Lisa and she will help you discover the other side of your sexuality."

Susan knew what Diana meant and thoughts of Lesbianism began fighting the Enhancer's bisexual conditioning. The audience saw the worried look on Susan's face as the men walked her to the Harness.

Susan had never seen a Harness before and her eyes looked nervously at Diana as she put the thigh loops over her feet and pulled them up onto the center of her thighs. Next, she saw Diana putting her hands through the shoulder loops and watched as they were positioned over her shoulders. A supporting strap was placed across her back and then her wrists were attached with ties to the thigh loops. When all were in place, Susan felt herself being put into a sitting position and the harness's thigh loops were adjusted so her bent legs were pulled back slightly toward her hips and spread apart. Susan looked at the screen and her nervousness escalated when she saw the erotic view of her spread thighs and hairless, flared sex.

Susan shifted uncomfortably in the Harness when Lisa walked in front her and put the stool down on the floor beside her.

2. Lisa and Susan, Harness, Foreplay:

The thought of Lisa touching her, especially in front of an audience was too much for Susan to bear and she began pleading,

"I beg of you, don't do this to me. I am not a Lesbian."

Lisa just smiled and Susan tensed when Lisa leaned inward and began planting light suckling kisses on her neck and shoulders. It happened so quickly that Susan didn't have time to react and wasn't prepared for the unexpected sensations that Lisa's lips were giving her.

Lisa's hands reached out and lifted both of her breasts. While the suckling kisses continued, Lisa's hands began a pleasurable massaging and kneading action on Susan's firm breasts. Susan's conflicted mind reeled as unwanted waves of pleasure flowed from Lisa's hands into her breasts. Her breath quickened and a surprised sigh escaped her lips.

Lisa's exploring and kneading fingers crept up onto Susan's nipples and the fingers began to caress and manipulate the rising buds. The excited nipples were soon erect and Susan unconsciously, began pushing her breasts into Lisa's kneading hands.

Lisa lifted her suckling lips from Susan's shoulders and began planting light kisses as her lips trekked downward toward Susan's right breast. The massaging hands held her breast as if they were presenting a trophy for the advancing mouth. Susan felt the lips inch their way upward over her breast and then she felt a moist breath bathing her nipple. Lisa's mouth descended onto the engorged nipple with a delicious suckling action and Susan gasped when the warm, slippery tongue swirled around the erect, rubbery tip.

Lisa's mouth kissed its way over to Susan's left breast and the caressing fingers moved away as the lips moved in. Lisa found the nipple was already as hard as a bullet and she lowered her nursing mouth onto it. Susan gasped louder as the mouth teased and suckled on the tingling nipple.

As Lisa divided her attention to both breasts and nipples, Susan was barely aware that Diana was untying her wrists from the thigh loops. The suckling mouth and massaging hands quickly had Susan moaning and thrusting both breasts into her adorning mouth and lips, and her hands began rubbing Lisa's head as as her arousal soared. She closed her eyes and her breath quickened when she felt Lisa's hands massage their way downward over her abdomen. She then felt the hands mold themselves around her swelling labia and her hips jerked outward at the ecstatic contact.

Lisa's head moved downward and the Harness raised Susan upward keeping the wonderful mouth attached to her abdomen as it continued its delicious downward trek to join the kneading hands. As the suckling mouth neared its target, Lisa slipped her fingers between Susan's moist folds and began an ecstatic exploring of Susan's warm, pink furrow. Lisa's mouth nestled onto Susan's clitoral hood and the enhanced, rigid clitoris strained into the air, begging for more attention. At the same time, one of Lisa's slick fingers nestled into Susan's inner lips and began an ecstatic tracing action on the oozing entrance of Susan's womanhood.

Suddenly, Susan's eyes and mouth opened wide. Lisa's warm, wet tongue and mouth had slipped onto her clitoris and began sucking on the rigid organ. Susan threw head back gasping and moaning as her vaginal opening and clitoris exploded in unison.

While Lisa's mouth, lips and tongue devoured Susan's excited clitoris, she nudged two fingers into Susan's eager and welcoming vagina. They twisted and turned as they slithered inward and Susan's hips began grinding her sex in tight circles onto the stroking fingers. Lisa's fingers quickly found the sensitive tissues of Susan's 'G' spot and Susan's moans turned into a squeal of joy. Susan was catapulted into a sexual frenzy and her hands grasped Lisa's head, pulling the devouring mouth deeper into her enflamed sex.

Suddenly Lisa stopped and stepped back and looked into Susan's flushed and highly aroused face.

Susan cried out with orgasmic denial.

"Nooooooo .."

Lisa smiled at Susan and said,

"Now you're ready."

3. Lisa and Susan, Harness, Fisting:

With highly aroused eyes, Susan looked down between her bent and spread thighs and saw Diana pouring a liberal amount of lubricant onto Lisa's fingers, then her wrist and finally her lower forearm. Lisa grouped her fingers together and held her hand upward so Susan could see it. Susan realized what Lisa was about to do and her mind said 'NO' but her tormented body said 'YES'.

Lisa's slick fingers reconnected with her labia and clitoris. Susan's hips jerked as the sensations once again exploded across her sex. She looked down and saw the glistening finger tips pushing between the her folds and felt them nestling into her clasping inner lips. She held her breath when Lisa's grouped fingers pushed inward. She felt a great pressure as her vaginal entrance stretched over the advancing fingers and then incredible sensations exploded within her as the hand and wrist slipped into her vaginal passage. Her hips ground tight circles as spasms of joy saturated her sex. As the hand made its way inward, the wiggling fingers massaged and danced all along the length of her spasming passage, causing moans of joy to be heard from Susan.

Her mind reeled with the incredible sensations that Lisa's advancing wrist was giving and she craved for more .. she wanted it all. With what movement the Harness would give her, Susan thrust forward and wailed as she impaled herself onto Lisa's lower forearm.

Lisa waited a few seconds and then withdrew her wrist and squirmed it back inward. Lisa varied her strokes from fast to slow, all in and all out, part way in and part way out. Susan's stretching vaginal muscles began clenching and spasming around the magnificent penetrator and shards of raw pleasure shot directly to her stunned mind. Her breathing came in deep gasps and pants and her thick vaginal juices soozed out past the lunging hand and wrist.

Lisa moved her head inward toward Susan's rigid clitoris and slipped her lips and tongue over the straining appendage with a deep suctioning action. Susan cried out at the ecstatic contact and her hands grasped Lisa's head, pulling it into her enraged sex.

Lisa started her final series of masterful strokes and Susan quickly fell in sync with them. In, out, fast and slow. Her firm breasts ached and her engorged nipples felt as though they were going to explode. Her eyes and mind became saturated within an ecstatic, euphoric fog and her body trembled and convulsed. Her hands clenched into fists and her toes curled up tightly. Small orgasmic waves rippled throughout her body. The ecstatic waves built higher and higher as Lisa's arm stroked relentlessly into the depths of her womanhood.

Her breathing became labored and she gasped and panted as she was catapulted toward her orgasmic trip point .. and it came. Lisa felt Susan's vaginal muscles clench tightly around her hand, wrist and lower forearm. A euphoric cloud flooded Susan's mind as flashes of orgasmic lights danced around her eyes. Her body arched outward from the Harness and her orgasmic wail echoed around the room. Her body became so saturated with orgasmic joy that her sensory system overloaded and she lost consciousness, slumping back into the supports of the Harness.

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