tagBDSMThe Prodigy's Wife Ch. 04

The Prodigy's Wife Ch. 04


"Oh God Jess," Vivica said and her pussy gushed again and she wondered if either of them noticed how wet she was. She felt her wetness on her inner thighs.

"Less talky, more sucky," Jess said and she stood right in front of her husband and pressed her breasts into him and put her mouth about an inch from his ear.

This created an even more weird situation for Vivica. Jess and her husband were about the same height so when Jess stood in front of him, his rigid cock, the top of it, was sliding against the bottom of her pussy. Vivica was kneeling, her face inches from her best friend's naked ass, looking at her husband's hard dick pressed against her pussy lips. Her moist pussy lips. Jessica was wet, as wet if not more wet, than Vivica and the top of Keith's cock was shiny with her moistness. Vivica was about to taste her best friend's pussy juices on her husband's cock. Everything she knew about what was right and proper told her she should protest. But as her pussy throbbed and gushed she knew she was not going to protest this.

"Your wife is looking at us," Jess said to Keith. "She is looking at your hard dick pressed up and touching my wet cunt. She is wondering how she is going to approach this. To suck your dick she is going to have to press her face into my ass. Her nose will be right in my ass crack. When she goes down deep on your cock, her nose will actually touch my tight little butt hole. My tits, they're squashed against your chest. Most people really like my tits."

"I'm about to come," Keith said in a gasp that made it obvious he had been holding his breath.

"No," Jess shouted again and stepped back quickly. This pressed her ass right over Vivica's face. Vivica reared her head back quickly but her best friend's perfect ass followed and when she bent over it rotated her pussy up to wipe her girl slime slime up across Vivica's chin, lips, and nose.

Vivica was on her knees, leaning back hard, Jess was bent over and slightly squatting in front of her with a hand raised to deliver penalties on her husband's cock. Her best friend's dripping pussy was covering her mouth and nose. Vivica was looking directly into Jess's asshole, which was less than an inch from her eyes, and up through the furrow between her perfectly shaped ass cheeks. She heard, but could not see, three loud smacks in rapid succession. She heard Keith's curses as the blows struck. Vivica imagined his straining cock bouncing down then up with each blow. This time there were three more, then three more. With each strike Jess's pussy moved on Vivica's mouth.

The temptation was there but she kept her tongue deep in her mouth. This was all too much too fast. In a million years she would never have been able to predict that tonight she would have her best friend's pussy on her face. Once, in a college bar, as a show for the frat boys that surrounded them, Jess and Vivica made out to the cheering and applause. It was a stupid college girl thing to do and they did it. After, they never even mentioned it. It was a non-issue for both of them. Neither tried to read more into it than it was.

This was different. Jess knew what she was doing, she said as much to her husband as she did it, and she was wet like Niagara Falls down there. A wet pussy couldn't lie. The residual evidence of that was coating Vivica's face and making it shiny. Vivica was frozen like a deer in headlights, or like a straight girl with a face full of really great smelling pussy. Was her friend so aroused because of the power she took over her and her husband? Was it because she was, contrary to her claims, aroused by being naked with and fondling her husband? Or was it because she had her pussy on her best friend's mouth. Maybe it was all of those or none of them.

"You got your shit under control?" Vivica heard her ask Keith. He must have nodded because Vivica didn't hear him respond. "Good. How about you?" It sounded like Jess lowered her head and was talking to Vivica between her legs. "You like it down there?" Vivica leaned back even farther and a string of Jess's wetness clung to her nose, stretched about six inches, then snapped in half so half the string hit Jess's thigh, and the other half fell down over Vivica's lips and chin.

"I am so freaked out," Vivica said with wide eyes and Jess upside down grinned at her between her big beautiful breasts.

"Enjoy what you can, endure what you can't, we'll talk it out later. No judgments."

Vivica felt her head nod slowly and Jessica uncoiled to her full height to face Keith again. Vivica felt her tongue slash out of her mouth, unbidden, and lick the moisture from her lips. Jess's pussy sauce was thick, sweet, with a pleasant tartness. She tasted and smelled light and flowery. It was the first pussy juice, besides her own, that she ever tasted. Vivica wondered if she should have licked her friend's pussy while she had the chance and wondered if she would have another.

Then she was distracted by the sight of her husband's cock. It was still hard and nestled, again, between her best friend's thighs and touching her gooey pussy lips. His pale fleshed cock was mottled on top by red blotches. She looked closer and could see these blotches were stripes about as wide as fingers. Some went cross ways along the width of his cock, and others ran the length of it. All of them looked painful.

"Okay Keith," Jess said again in her breathy whisper. "Let's start again. Get you dick under control or I will beat it to a bloody pulp. You ready?"

"Yes." Vivica heard Keith say.

"You ready to suck some cock Viv," Jess asked over her shoulder.

"Yes," Vivica heard herself whisper.

"Okay, let's get to it."

Vivica eased forward so her knees were between Jess's feet. She leaned in and took her husband's cock into her mouth. Just like Jess said, as she took more of his cock into her mouth she had to press her face farther into Jess's ass. She felt Jess reach back and spread her ass cheeks with her hands so Vivica's face could fit deeper into it. She tasted her best friend on her husband. It was a pleasant taste and she felt the moistness at her core boil. Vivica felt her right hand slide over her toned thigh and rub at her wet pussy. There was an embarrassing amount of fluid coating her thighs and dripping out of her hole. Vivica dug two fingers into her pussy and pressed in to apply pressure to her G-spot as she sucked her husband's cock between her best friend's thighs.

"Does that feel good? Your wife is sucking my juices off your dick. How hot is that? Do you want to kiss me? Do you want to fuck me? I mean we are practically fucking right now. Just imagine that your wife's mouth is my pussy. If you feel like you are about to come just fight it. Clench your groin muscles like you are pinching off pee. I am going to lick your neck. I am going to play with myself as you fuck my pussy. I feel her nose pressed up against my asshole. Does that excite or disgust you? Your wife's face in my ass I mean."

"I have to come," Keith said loudly like a bellow.

"The hell you do," Jenn snarled and her ass shot backwards which snatched Keith's cock out of Vivica's mouth.

This time Jess brought her right knee up and buried it in Keith's crotch. Vivica could see his cock and balls get flattened against his hard pubic bone and she flinched for him. There was a two second delay and then Keith doubled over and fell to his knees as his whole body tried to fold around his crotch protectively. He fell on his side and his balls were squeezed between his thighs so they protruded behind him. His tight scrotum was an inflamed purple color and Jess dropped to her knees and focused on them.

Her right fist shot out and pounded into Keith's scrotum three times before he could scoop them up between his thighs protectively. He was groaning from the pain and Jess tried to spread his legs so she could bring more punishment onto his genitals but Keith was coiled too tightly.

"Did you come little man?" Jess snarled at him after she gave up trying to get at his crotch. "Did you squirt your dirty little filth like an undisciplined little boy child. Please tell me you didn't. Show me you didn't. If you came the next two days are going to be hell for you."

"I didn't," Keith wailed into the marble tile his face was pressed into.

"Show me," she demanded.

"Please don't hit me again." His voice sounded pitiful and weak and his humiliation pushed her over the edge.

Vivica never took her fingers out of her pussy. They worked at her core as she sucked her husband. As she tasted and smelled her best friend. As her best friend whispered filth into her husband's ear. And, as her best friend beat the shit out of her husband's nuts for daring to do what came natural. His voice, the tone, the inflection, the weakness and defeat, his humiliation, those all made the waves of her orgasm swell, crest, then crash over and through her body. She bit her lip and shuddered as the waves of pleasure wracked her body. Every muscle went taut and she bounced her ass on her ankles. She fought to stay silent and had no idea if she was successful. This was not natural. This was not right. But it was the greatest orgasm of her life.

"I'll only hit you if I see come." Jessica's angry voice sounded far away but was able to just barely break through the haze of pleasure Vivica was lost in. "Good, I don't see any come. Good little boy."

"I really want to come."

"Sure you do. Now you know how Viv feels every time you fuck her."

"I am so sorry Viv."

Viv nodded but did not trust herself to respond audibly. The sorrow and defeat in his voice was too sexy to her. Her orgasm was ebbing, but oh so slowly, and the receding waves of pleasure were delightful. She rocked on her heels and tried to stay silent. Not moaning was somehow intensifying the effect. She just came hard in front of the two people she cared most about in the world and hoped neither noticed. She didn't know why she cared. Bullshit she knew. She knew that what pushed her over the edge, the height of her arousal, was her husband's pain, degradation, and humiliation. She didn't want anybody to know that, especially these two.

They were still focused on each other and she took the opportunity to drag her fingers out of her gooey hole. They seemed to slide up her body, between her breasts, and into her mouth on their own. She sucked the thick coating of her arousal off her fingers. The flavor of her juices in her mouth created more of her juices in her already drooling puss. She just came, hard, and she was still horny. She opened her eyes and saw that Jess was helping Keith up off the floor.

"Okay, this problem is bigger than I thought. I need some supplies. Go have a seat at the table and get ready to take some notes Viv." Vivica gingerly sat down on the chair and hoped her pussy juices didn't stain the chair cushion. Even after all that just happened she did not want these two to know how aroused she was. "First, by tomorrow at the latest I want every pair of tighty-whities this sad fuck owns thrown out. From this day on he goes commando, wears boxers, or boxer briefs. You get to pick Viv."

"Boxer briefs are sexy."

"Write it down. We are going shopping and can pick some up. Also write down the letters CD, I'll tell you what that means later. Numbing cream, waxing wax, Magnum condoms, almond oil, warming lube, a butt plug, nipple clamps, flavored lube, a dog collar and a leash, and a ball gag."

"When are we getting all this?" Vivica asked.


"Where will we find this stuff this late? It's almost midnight."

"I'll handle that, don't worry. You have it all written down?"

"Boxer briefs, CD, numbing cream, Waxing wax, Magnums, almond oil, warming lube, butt plug, nipple clamps, flavored lube, dog collar, leash, ball gag."

"Good. Keith go upstairs, get me four of your ties, and wait for my by your bed."

"Why does he need ties?" Vivica asked.

"To tie him down to the bed so he can't jerk off while we are gone."

"I won't jerk off. I promise."

"I've seen you in action. Left to your own devices, once we leave, you will beat your dick like it owes you money. I am not taking the chance. Go get the ties, meet me by your bed."

Keith went upstairs and Jess turned to face Vivica. She could tell by the smirk on her face that she knew. That was bad enough, but her deepest fear was if she figured out why. It horrified Vivica that she was so turned on by her husbands pain and humiliation. It came out of left field and she had not worked out what about his degradation was so arousing. She was sure that whatever was at the root of it said something horrible about her.

"You came," Jess said in a teasing tone.

"Harder than I ever have in my life," Vivica admitted and wished she hadn't.

"Good for you. Let's get dressed and go. I'll be right back down after I tie your husband to his bed."

"You sure that is necessary?"


"What if there is an emergency while we are gone? What if we get into an accident or pulled over by the police? We've been drinking, it's Friday night, and the cops are out looking for DUI's."

"We can take an Uber if that makes you feel better."


"Okay." Jess grabbed her phone and sent the request for an Uber pick up then went upstairs. Vivica grabbed her dress and slid it down over her body and smoothed it out as she followed Jess upstairs.

"On your back in the center of the bed." Jess had the ties in her hand. Keith, trying to maintain even a shred of dignity, rolled his eyes and laid down on the bed face up. His dick was still hard as bone and stuck straight up from his bushy red crotch.

Vivica watched as Jess, still naked, straddled her husband's also naked body and leaned across him to tie one of the ties to the bed post. As she did this her breasts were squashed into Keith's face and his cock dug at the folds of her pussy. Once the tie was secured to the bed post Jess positioned his arm so it was fully extended and tied the other end of the tie around his wrist. She dragged her heavy breasts across his face as she sat back slightly and leaned over toward the right side of the bed. Vivica watched, fascinated, as the head of his cock dug deeper past the folds of her pussy and popped into her.

The tip of her husband's cock was in her best friend's pussy. Oh God, conflicting emotions flooded her mind, and more wetness flooded her pussy. What if all this was a ruse by Jess to fuck Keith? That was ridiculous. Her husband was clearly aroused with another woman on him, but so was Vivica. Was she watching her husband cheating on her with her best friend? And standing there and doing nothing about it? And why was it so hot to watch?

"You trying to fuck me? And right in front of your wife?" Jess said in a teasing tone and quickly jerked her hips up and off Keith's intruding cock. The tip of his dick was shiny with her juices. "You aren't man enough for your wife. What makes you think I would let you fuck me?"

"Hey, you're on top of me."

"Hey, you're the one with the hard dick."

Jess tied the second tie to the bedpost and then his wrist with his arm fully extended. She sat back and his glistening dick head, just the head again, popped back into her wet pussy. She quickly jerked her pussy off his dick like it took her by surprise again.

"Stop that," she said in the teasing voice. "That ain't no starter pussy you are trying to poke." Jess chuckled and got off her best friend's husband. "Viv, want to help me with his legs?"

"Help? How?"

"I want to fold them up over him so his ankles are tied to the same bedpost his wrists are tied to."

"Wait, what?" Keith said but Jess ignored him. She hauled up on his left leg and bent it back toward the post his left wrist was tied too. Jess motioned impatiently for Vivica to bring the tie and she hurried to comply. Keith was cursing but not resisting as Jess tied the tie around his ankle, wrapped it around the post, and pulled it tight so it drew his leg even further over his body.

Once they repeated the steps on his right leg his lower body was folded over him so he was resting on his shoulders and the back of his neck. He was fairly flexible and this humiliating position did not seem to cause him any physical pain. Vivica looked down past his fat ball sack and hard cock, between his lean thighs, to see that, in this position, his dick was aimed directly at his own face. She had the urge to laugh but the expression on his face was too serious.

"If you manage, somehow, to get off while we are gone, you will take a blast of your own jizz to the face," Jess explained. As she spoke she grabbed his scrotum and squeezed it hard in her fist. It ballooned out between her fingers and thumb.

"This is not necessary," Keith said with a wince and the pleading tone in his voice made Vivica wetter.

"Well, we're doing it anyway. Give me anymore shit and when I finally let you come it will be in this position. Come on Viv, let's go shopping." She let go of his balls then slapped them for good measure and he groaned.

By the time they made it down the stairs the Uber driver was calling from the gate. Vivica sent the code that opened the gate and they went outside and got in the car. Jess Googled what she was looking for and put the address into her Uber ap. They arrived at a seedy looking adult novelty shop. The sign on the door said they were open until four in the morning. Jess asked the Uber driver to wait on them and they went inside.

The inside was like a sexual sensory overload. There were boxes on shelves with collages of full color photos depicting every sex act imaginable. On the walls there were sex toys that ranged from small to what had to be designed with pleasuring livestock in mind. There were candles, whips, clamps, butt plugs, and riding crops. In the back there was lingerie. Another wall held penis pumps with little cocks pictured next to huge ones as before and after shots. In a glass case at the register there were rows of colorful lubes and on a spinning rack on the counter there was pussy, cock, and nipple jewelry.

That was the merchandise. Even more alarming to Vivica was the clientèle in the store at one in the morning. There was a group of a three college aged girls, late teens, and they were giggling at everything. Vivica and Jess were only a few years older and Vivica could imagine her giggling at all this stuff under less serious and shocking circumstances. The college girls were not the alarming clientèle. The alarming demographic were the men.

There were about ten that she could see. A few were perusing the merchandise in the store but most seemed to be waiting in a line to get through a doorway that led to the back of the store. They all looked to be middle aged, heavyset, and borderline homeless. They wore dirty looking tee shirts over sweatpants or shorts, like basketball shorts, and flip flops. The loose material of their pants made their packages clearly outlined under their pants and easily accessible. Several were stroking their cocks through their pants. It was off-putting and Vivica wanted to leave immediately.

"What are those men doing?" Vivica whispered to Jess.

"They are looking to get off just like everybody else. There are tiny booths in the back showing porn videos. Some guys who have let themselves go to the point that no woman will touch them go back there to watch porn and beat off. Most of those guys, completely heterosexual but starved for human affection, go back there to jerk each other off and even blow each other. If your husband was too broke to afford hookers, and didn't have you, you might eventually find him in a line just like that one."

"That is disgusting."

"No, it's not. It's just not what you're into. You got off tonight with your face buried in my ass. A lot of people might consider that disgusting too."

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