tagMatureThe Professor

The Professor


I felt nervous. I had spent time wondering if the e-mail I had received that morning was real or not. It said to meet with Professor G today at five in his room.

The e-mail read that it had been sent from the professor's e-mail address. So, it couldn't be fake. The last time I looked I had had an A in Creative writing. I didn't think it could be about my grade.

On my way there I walked along the sidewalk enjoying the warm spring air. I began to nervously straighten my clothing.

I didn't have much farther to walk before I would be at the building where his classes were held. I pulled my tight fitting jeans up. They hugged my heart shaped ass just the way I liked them too.

I pulled my snug pink shirt down so that it's creases were eliminated and it showed off my tiny, toned waistline and a small amount of cleavage. I smiled and buttoned a single of my thin grey jacket's buttons just under my bust. The bright pink surrounding my breast drew attention to them but I pretended not to notice.

My jacket ruffled in the spring breeze and I closed my eyes enjoying the feeling. The more I thought about the meeting with Professor G the more my heart fluttered. I had a small crush on him.

I had only told my roommate. She thought the age difference made it inappropriate but I didn't care. It wasn't anything big.

I mean, it is not liked I had talked to him outside of class or anything. I just turned red whenever he called me out. I think I also enjoyed his attention a little more than I should have.

He was a little more than thirty years my elder. I was only eighteen. I felt like the feelings I had for him were normal.

I decided not to discuss it with my roommate any more. She obviously didn't like the idea of me falling for an older man. It made me feel sad because mine and the professor's relationship was only hypothetical and I needed someone to talk to.

I pulled my phone from my pocket and tilted the screen so I could read the time in the sun's blinding light. I had five minutes until I was supposed to be there. I could see the building ahead.

There were a few cars here and there but nothing that yelled anything out of the ordinary was happening. I suddenly felt nervous. "What-if's" started running through my mind.

I took a deep breath as I approached the building and tried to shake my irrational anxiety. As I got closer I could see my reflection in the building's glass doors. I smiled at myself and ran a hand through my long chestnut hair to calm its windblown state.

My amber eyes glowed in the afternoon sun. I looked down to my breast. Though they were not large they stood out from my chest in their natural perky positions.

My nipples slightly showed through my lace bra and thin cotton shirt. I averted my eyes.I was finished looking myself over. "Okay, Enough worrying," I told myself aloud. I took a deep breath and entered the building.

The air conditioning felt good against the exposed skin of my chest. It gave me chills that ran over my body leaving my nipples erect. You could definitely see them now. I paid them little attention and continued walking to the Professor's room.

I arrived at his door and stared at the knob. My body was hesitant to go through the doorway. Maybe I could just pretend I didn't get the e-mail. He wouldn't have e-mailed me if it weren't important, I thought.

This was enough to keep me from stalling any longer. I stepped into his room and closed the door behind me. Professor G looked up from a book and smiled. I felt blood running to my cheeks.

"I'll bet that you're wondering why I asked you to meet me here?" the professor said taking off his glasses.

"Yes, actually, I WAS wondering that because I have no idea."

"Well, I asked you to come here so we could discuss your poetry."

"Poetry?" I asked, confused. He hadn't given us any poetry assignments.

He held up a small black book. "Last Friday as you were leaving I think you dropped this. I found it on the sidewalk as I was returning to my car. I was going to toss it before I saw that your name was in the front cover."

My breath caught in my throat and my hand moved to my jacket pocket. I knew it wouldn't be there as I lowered my hand to it. My fingers plunged to the bottom to find nothing. I closed my eyes as wave after wave of embarrassment hit.

The book in his hand wasn't just poetry. It was my journal. A journal that I had confided feelings in, particularly the ones about him.

I had written everything in it in a poetic form so that it wouldn't be easily understood if it were ever found. Of course with my luck it had to be the professor I wrote about who found it. My face burned.

I reached for the book and Professor G handed it over letting his soft hands drag along mine. He looked up at me curiously. I smiled and took a step forward feeling a sudden rush of heat pass though my body and mingle with my embarrassment.

I stepped back realizing what I had done. He stood up from his chair and causally crossed the room to the doorway. I couldn't read his expression.

"So, was everything in the book true?"

I nodded finding I couldn't use my voice. Of course he understood it was a journal. He was, after all, a professor.

Through the embarrassment I felt something else...something along the lines of hope. Had he read all of it? I wondered if he was mad, flattered, or if he was just never going to acknowledge my existence again.

"So in your poetry I found that you continually referred to one of your instructors. What does he teach?" Professor G asked politely.

I hesitated, "He teaches Creative Writing."

The professor nodded. " There are only 2 people on this campus who teach that and one of them happens to be a woman. So that narrows this down some."

I tried to dislodge the knot in my throat. I could feel the fear of rejection in my stomach. The professor leaned toward the door. Instead of opening it and telling me to leave he clicked the lock into place.

I felt stirred. The little black book fell from my hands to the floor. I didn't pick it up or even acknowledge that it had fallen. The professor leaned against the door frame with his hands in the pockets of his slacks.

"So is it true?" he asked. "Do you want me?"

I felt myself getting hotter. I couldn't hold my tongue. I had to tell him. "Yes, I want you. I have wanted you."

"Exactly how do you want me?" the professor asked with a slight smile.

"I want to fuck you." I said bluntly.

I unbuttoned my jacket and laid it across the nearest desk top. I crossed the room and stopped in front of the professor. My fear and embarrassment had left me and the only thing left was a burning want that made tingle all over."So, the question I'm wondering is, do you want me?"

The professor hadn't taken his eyes off me. I didn't have to hear his answer to know that it was yes. I began to shed my shirt.

I watched his expression as I slowly took it off. He seemed entranced as I lifted it above my head and threw it to the floor. My hands, once released from the shirt, stroked my shoulders and caressed my c-cups.

My mocha colored nipples stood in attention under the thin lace of my bra. I teased them in between my fingers. The professor began to move toward me.

I bit my bottom lip. He stroked my exposed sides leaving goosebumps on my sun kissed sun. His eyes devoured my shirtless state.

His hands found my lower back and forcefully pulled me toward him. I put my hands to his chest to catch myself. I enjoyed the feeling of its solidness against my body. He rubbed his hands along me and I smiled in enjoyment. I loved the way he felt.

I couldn't believe this was happening. If my roommate ever found out she would never speak to me again. I smiled to myself. This is me not caring, I thought.

I stood on my tip toes and arched my back so that I could press my breast against his chest. I could feel his heart beating through my hands. I smiled up at him resting my chin on his chest.

I then used his collar to pull him down to my height were I locked his lips against mine. I pushed against him letting my hands go up to his graying hair. Our tongues danced and as my hands fell to his shoulders.

I broke the kiss letting my teeth catch his bottom lip. I released it just as quickly as I could stand upright on my own again. His hands moved down past my waist and began groping handfuls of my luscious ass.

I reached for the top button of his shirt and began to undo them all. He quickly switched to the front of my jeans. I felt my breath catch as he grabbed hold of the button. He undid it in one quick motion and was working them down my thighs.

My eyes widened. I finished pulling his shirt off and he lifted me up and sat me on a desk top freeing my legs from my pants. I sat before him in my white matching lace under garments. He stepped back seeming to admire my innocent looks.

My legs fell apart at his gaze. I was burning for him. I could feel the moisture I was producing soaking my panties. I couldn't take him watching me anymore I needed him.

I propped on my arms allowing my breast to jut forward. He stepped toward me and I grabbed his waist. I could feel his manhood against me.

My teeth moved to the button of his pants. With a steady pull from the top corner of the fabric they popped open. I felt surprised as his large shaft sprang free from beneath his pants.

"You look shocked," he said smiling proudly.

"I just didn't expect it to be so...BIG."

He smiled and worked his boxers down to the floor. He reached behind me to remove my revealing lace. I leaned forward and took his cock into my mouth.

I heard a sharp intake of air and he slowly began to push against me. He thrust until he was hitting the back of my throat. I had taken all of his rod.

He released my bra's clamp and my breast sprang free. They gave a soft bounce and I squeezed them before allowing them to go free. He withdrew from my mouth and I went down on him again. He pushed my face away and I finally released him.

He took one of my nipples into his mouth. He worked it with his teeth. I let out a moan and my hands dropped to my lacy underwear. I rubbed myself through them.

He steadily suckled my breast and my feeling of want was uncontainable. I grabbed his face pulling him towards mine. I gazed into his gorgeously dark eyes. His salt and pepper hair had fallen slightly into his face from his earlier comb-over.

I was urgent with need, moving my body against his. "Fuck me!" I said hoarsely from the sheer amount of want that was radiating from my body.

"I need you to fuck me."

Those dark eyes which were already glazed seem to roll back at these words. He grabbed the lace of my underwear and pulled them off and let them fall to the floor. I spread my legs wide allowing him a full view of all I had to offer.

He drug his finger along my navel and down to the pink of my pussy. Its cleanly shaven lips were slightly open. The moisture from my need was visible.

"Please..." I begged letting my head fall back.

He grabbed my thighs and pulled them towards him. He lowered himself to his knees and breathed upon my exposed sex. I shivered at the warmth on my bare skin.

He began to trace my smooth lips with his tongue. I leaned back not able to take it anymore. He began to lightly lick. I pulled his hair as he licked and steadily spread those warm sensations throughout my body.

He moved his fingers to my opening and easily entered from my natural lubricants. I gasped as he moved in and out. He began to rub against the upper inside of my walls quickly jilling me until thought and speech went away.

I screamed out completely caught off guard by intense pleasure. Tensing I reached up and pulled my own hair as he continued his soft licks and sucks to my delicate folds. His fingers didn't stop but increased in speed.

My legs stretched out around his head and my toes curled in response. I felt more and more disoriented as my pleasure built. My back arched and I felt a surge. Hot, watery, female cum soaked his bare arm.

He smiled getting back to his feet. I laid lifeless for a minute before sitting up again with my dripping flower open to him. He helped me to my feet and led me across the room to his desk.

I smiled as he cleared it off. I had figured we would work our way to the desk. He turned me around.

I laid across the desk. My full ass wiggled in the air and my pussy was ready again. I snapped my teeth impatiently waiting to be pleased.

He gave my ass a smack and I jumped. He laughed at my start. My ass jiggled and I turned my head to watch him.

He eased his huge cock to my entrance and began slowly moving; teasing me. I moaned. I slid back and he began to move deeper. He slowly buried his shaft deeper and deeper inside me. I cried out clawing the desktop as I stretched. This allowed him deeper entrance and I quivered as he filled me.

He withdrew slowly and reentered more quickly. My soft mews became louder moans as his thrust became more forceful. He slammed into me again and again.

I moved with him taking it. I could feel every inch of his huge cock as he delved inside me. I reached down to feel us joining and moaned in ecstasy.

I moved my soaking fingers up to my mouth and allowed the wetness of our love making to flow over my tongue. I licked my lips enjoying the salty flavor. He pounded me again and again. I felt all 9 of his inches bringing me to blissful release.

I gripped the cold wood surface feeling my body tense up. I reached down again to find my clit and rub myself. I let out a little cry as he went faster and faster bringing me closer and closer until finally I felt myself slip.

The white heat of my climax overtook me. He gave me one last thrust. He filled me with his cum at the same time.

He leaned over me allowing himself to stay inside me as I laid across his desk. My pleasure was elongated as I felt his cock's every contraction as it filled me with even more of his salty white pleasure.

As his erection subsided he let himself leave me. A mixture of our body juices flowed from my pleasured and battered cunt. I tried to wipe them off as the ran down my leg but found I was having trouble standing. So I laid back across his desk.

He gave a soft chuckle and sat down in his office chair. He leaned back and took a deep breath putting his arms above his head. He seemed to be recovering faster than me.

His gaze fell to my nakedness and smiled. He seemed to enjoy that he had made me this way more than his own release. He stood up bracing himself on the desk. He gave my ass another smack.

I yelped and watched him as he crossed the room and began to collect clothing. Shaking I eased myself up to help him. He handed me my under garments and smiled.

"We should have meetings about your poetry more often." Professor G said.

"Maybe this time next week?" I replied.

He nodded to himself and we dressed. I walked to the door and he unlocked it. Before he opened it he kissed my forehead. "Come back whenever you want to talk about 'poetry'".

I brought him down for another slow kiss."How about I come back whenever I need someone to fuck me right?"

"I guess that works too," he said smiling.

We gave ourselves a last straightening. We both understood that this would be strictly between us. We put on our business faces.

He opened the door and I walked out. I gave him a last little wave before turning to leave. It would be like it never happened but I wanted it to. I wanted it to happen again and again and again. I felt no shame about what I had done and I knew that I would be coming back.

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