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The Professor


I walk up to the door, my knees shaking and my heart pounding. I am afraid but not afraid. I do not knock, he knows I'm there. He opens the door silently and I walk in.

The room is dark, and the scent of sweet berries hits my senses. Clean, fresh, innocent, mocking what is about to happen. In the background soft music plays and the only light is a lamp in one corner near the bed. Beside it is a table and I tremble because I know what that table holds.

I walk to the bed, made neatly, he is a stark precise person and nothing is out of its place. He sits and nods and I begin to undress. There is not much to do as I prepared for this. My knee length trench coat belted around my waist hides what is not underneath. I wear simply black lace top stockings, matching bra and panties and a collar made from soft black leather. Nevertheless I take my time, folding my coat neatly and laying it on a table. The professor would not like it if I dropped it in a pile on the floor.

I slip out of my shoes and then move into position. I kneel on the floor knees slightly apart and bow low, my shoulders and head on the floor. The carpet grazes my cheek, not plush but smooth and clean, like everything about this man. My hands are clasped behind my back and my ass is in the air, exposed waiting for his inspection.

When he is ready he rises and circles me, looking to see that I am as he expects. Shaven smooth and lotion applied to make me soft to his touch. He grazes my bottom with his fingers caressing softly. That simple touch makes my breath come quickly, my pussy starts to water, as if it knows what is coming. He runs his fingers down my ass stopping to massage my anus then moves down to my clit. Smiling he says simply, "Good girl, you are ready for me."

At his tap I raise to my knees. I do not look up, as this would bring his wrath. I stare instead at his feet. I do not think about anything but what is to come.

He takes his finger and raises my chin and I am eye level with his cock. Hard smooth, tantalizing. I want to take him in my hands but I cannot until he says. Instead he says "Open your mouth."

I open my mouth and he slides his cock inside. It tastes warm, smooth. "Now suck me but do not move your hands". I begin to bob my head as he guides me slowly fucking my mouth. I strain to keep my hands clasped, needing, wanting to touch him but I know I can't.

After a time, he stops and I wait anxiously for what is next.

"Raise up and come to the bed."

I stand up and move to the bed. I wait for his next command.

Instead of speaking he guides me onto the bed and lays me down on my back. He goes to the table beside the bed and brings back a bag. From the bag he brings out his supplies.

First he takes out a blindfold. Satiny and red he ties it around my eyes. I cannot see anything but I can feel and hear his breathing, steady, controlled. Once my eyes are blinded, he takes my mouth and places a ball gag inside. I can breathe around it but cannot speak.

Next he takes my hands and raises them above my head. I feel the soft leather of hand shackles encircle my wrists. I test them a bit and realize that once again they are tight and I cannot escape, but they do not hurt.

I then feel him take my legs and stretch them apart, apart spread eagle. A shackle goes first around my right leg then my left. Again I cannot escape and I am exposed, prepared for whatever the Professor has decided tonight will hold. My pussy throbs and I can feel juices running down my clit and to my anus.

Endless time goes by, and I wonder almost if he has left me here, abandoned me to his whim. He has before, gone to find guests to share me with. I am not afraid because I trust the professor; he always makes sure I am safe from pain that is not good for me.

Finally I feel something cold and metallic against my breast. "Tonight you will not come until I am ready and if you if you do, you will pay dearly."

I feel the clamps before I am ready. First a sharp stab of pain followed by a steady ache in one breast then the other. My pussy clenches tightens, and I am afraid I will break the rule, but I steady my breathing just in time.

"So what have you been up to this week? I hope you have been doing as you are told. Have you done all I have said?"

I nod as I cannot speak with the gag. My mind races with the thoughts of all he has told me to do. No meat only vegetables and fruits in my diet. Each morning I masturbate before work, but only after he has messaged me to do so. I remember wearing the ben wah balls secretly during work, praying that I don't come with them in front of my boss. Reporting to him each night who I have talked to, who has crossed my path. I know my coworkers think I am a little strange, sometimes talking freely with them, sometimes reserved and quiet, but the Professor deems it so. No one knows why I am this way. No one knows about our secret.

At work I am in control, to an extent. In my other world I am a free spirit, shackled to no one. Except that I am always aware of him and how he would react to everything I do. It's almost as if he has spies or an all seeing view of my life.

Just as my thoughts race and my pussy throbs harder with thoughts of the past week, I have forgotten that I am in his control for a moment. He does not like that. I feel the sting of a whip across my stomach.

"Do not go away from me again. You are mine to control and I will have your full attention."

The pain is not unbearable, it never is. He is the first Dominant I have had who has not treated me badly.

When he knows he has my full attention again, he gently smooths the streak from the whip. "I do not like marking you here. It should be here instead."

I hear the whip before I feel it. It strikes my clit and I rise from the bed. Once, twice more and I am in torture, wanting release. I am soaked now, the juices running strongly down my legs.

Then I feel his tongue, gentle on my clit, soothing the blow. But the torture is far from over. Slowly at first then harder he begins to lick and suck me. He is probing my pussy, then my anus with his tongue preparing for a feast. My body is on full adrenaline. Then he stops.

I wait for my body to calm and anticipate the next torture.

Suddenly I feel his cock pressing against my belly, against my clit. He moves around my body. He presses against my nipples, where the clamps are, nudging them.

"I could fuck you here tonight, would you like that?"

Desperately I nod, but he doesn't move to press my breast together.

"No I think not. Maybe I should fuck you in your ass. I love your tight ass as it clinches around my cock. It makes me hard just knowing that your ass belongs to me and only me. I will share your pussy but your ass belongs to me. Do you understand?"

I nod violently. I am usually a very vocal person during sex, moaning, sighing, but he has made it so I cannot and it is driving me to the brink.

I shiver waiting for his cock to enter my anus. I used to be afraid of it but now I cherish it.

But once again the Professor calls the shots, and I feel him enter my pussy slowly. His cock is amazing. Long, but not too long, thick but not too thick, filling me like nobody has before.

Slowly at first but then with a fast rough pace he fucks me. I hear his grunts, his words of pleasure at how I have done as he asks and my body wants to release in joy, but if I do he will stop.

I feel his body tighten, he is ready to release but he has not yet given me the word and I almost cry to think he will leave me wanting.

But he doesn't, the Professor knows how to please. Just as his body starts to go hard and I know he is about to come he jerks the clamps from my nipples and shouts "Now baby girl, now you may come."

As the pain goes from sharp to dull my release comes around him and my pussy walls clench his cock, in tune to his release and we come together. I feel first the jolt of his come and then mine running down my legs and across the blanket.

Moments later, after he has rested and I have come down. I feel the gag come out of my mouth. I still do not speak. Then I feel my ankles released and my hands. Last he takes off my blindfold and then wraps me in his arms and massages away the stiffness from the shackles.

I get up and get dressed and prepare to leave. Sometimes we talk, other times we don't and I am quiet knowing that he is not always talkative. Tonight he says simply "I will message you with your orders for this week. I think next time I will invite some people to join us."

The Professor leads me to the door kisses me softly and I say goodnight, out into the night ready for the world beyond.

The End

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