tagMind ControlThe Professor

The Professor


Sarah sat down in her Professor's office. His easy chair was soft and comfortable. She trusted him, but she knew she had some bad grades to explain for.

"What brings you here today?" asked Professor Williams.

"It's been a hard couple of weeks." Sarah admitted. "I just can't concentrate on my work lately. I sit down to do a problem set, and my mind just starts running away from me. It's not like me. But I promise I'll submit last week's homework as soon as po-"

"Your situation isn't great," the Professor said, "You've missed a few classes, you're behind on homework, and you just don't seem to be applying yourself in class. Very spacey. Kind of a bimbo, in my opinion." His chair made him a few inches higher than her. He looked down at her imperiously.

"I am willing to be lenient about this. You seem to be under a great deal of stress. Some people just aren't cut out for this competitive field. I notice it a lot in women. You get stressed out, and start to forget things. Your minds seem to wander. Maybe you have another purpose elsewhere."

Sarah narrowed her eyes. That didn't seem right. She wasn't sure that was an appropriate thing to say. She'd worked hard to get to where she was, and she didn't think her gender had anything to do with her school troubles. But by the time she'd processed the idea, Professor Williams was already talking again.

"No, you just seem very stressed out right now. I think the best thing would be for you to close your eyes, relax, and slow your breathing. No need to think too hard about my words. No need to think too hard about the thoughts in your head. All you need to do is sink into your chair and relax. Nothing else matters."

Sarah couldn't remember what she'd wanted to say. Professor Williams' office was warm.

"You're so tired, Sarah. You're always tired when you're here. You're always tired and warm, and sometimes even hot. It makes you happy when I help you relax. Say that for me:"

"It makes me happy when you help me relax". Sarah slumped down in her chair. Her eyes felt heavy. Her whole body was hot.

"Good girl", said Professor Williams, "You're exactly where you need to be. Everything I say makes perfect sense. It's crystal clear. It's so easy to listen to me. Thinking for yourself is hard, isn't it?"

"Thinking for myself.. is hard." Sarah realized. She was so grateful Professor Williams was explaining things for her.

"Your studies have been so difficult. It's very hard for you to think about math when your body is so easily available to distract you. I don't blame you. Anyone who looked at your wide hips and huge tits could tell you were fertile and horny."

For a minute Sarah was disoriented. Tits? Hips? It seemed out of context. He was her teacher. But in her confusion, wondering about tits, her hand crept up to her tank top. She did have big tits. She felt a chill, and her nipples stood out against her shirt. She twisted her right nipple between her thumb and finger and felt a thrill go through her whole body. Didn't she usually wear a bra?

"Such an obedient girl already. I remember when you used to put up a fight." said the Professor. "Your legs feel so warm and heavy. You'll feel better if you relax and spread them wide open."

Her blue skirt tented across her tan thighs, and he caught a glimpse of her white panties. She spread her legs wider and wider. She looked up at him with big and sleepy eyes. Her mouth was starting to hang open.

"Is this good, Professor?" she asked.

"You're getting there." He said sharply. Sarah noticed Professor Williams was hard. His thick cock was stiff against his slacks. And she realized was masturbating without even realizing it. Her right hand had never left her hard nipple. She was tweaking it and pulling on it. She rubbed her already soaking cunt desperately with her left hand.

"I knew you were a slut when I met you." He said. "You're coming along so nicely. You'll become more and more submissive to me and my will. I'll own you. You will be unable to imagine a life not spent serving me. You belong on your knees. Repeat that."

"I belong on my knees." She said reflexively. He had said it. It must be true.

"Lift up your tank top, Sarah. Expose your boobs. Leave them exposed for me."

She cooperated willingly. She tingled. Compliance felt good. She was obedient.

"Take off your panties and give them to me."

She cooperated. Her panties were warm. She could tell they were already wet. She handed them to him, flushed with shame. He was still her Professor. It wouldn't do to be wet around him.

"Get on your knees." He said.

She cooperated. She sank to her knees, eye level with his groin. He stood up from his chair and towered over her. She looked up at him, pathetic and diminutive, her tits exposed and her fingers buried in her cunt. He took a deep sniff of her panties, and then smiled at her wickedly. He came close to her, very close, so that she could almost feel the heat of his cock beneath his pants. He smothered her face with her own filthy panties. All she could breathe was the smell of her own cunt. The smell turned her on. Her eyes glazed over with obedience. Then, he stuffed the panties into her mouth so that she couldn't speak at all.

"Good. This really suits a girl like you." He said. "Little sluts who think they know everything cause too many problems. We'd both be so much happier if you learned your place. And it's obvious from your hot little pussy that your place is on your knees."

He then stepped back and looked at her, assessing her body. She knelt in the middle of his office, mouth gaping and eyes glazed. He carelessly groped her ass, visible underneath her crumpled up skirt. His property.

"Put your hands behind your back." said the Professor. Sarah complied, and felt a wave of uncontrollable pleasure. His desire was her will. She would do anything. He took off his brown leather belt and tied it around her wrists. She was bound, gagged, and exposed before him.

It occurred to her to wonder how she'd gotten there. Was she really tied up? Was she really on her knees? Didn't she have dignity? Was this normal? It didn't feel normal. What was normal? Her eyes darted around. Should she try to get out of the situation?

Professor Williams noticed her fear. He knew she wasn't going anywhere. Smiling, he unbuttoned his pants and zipped down his fly. His hard cock pressed tight against his briefs. Sarah was transfixed. He pulled out his dick. From her already kneeling position, she fell down onto her haunches. Her lacy little white panties were still stuffed between her lips, but she helplessly moaned around them. She could smell him. His cock smelled like sweat and cum and man.

"Useless bitch." He said. "What do you think I pulled my cock out for? You're supposed to suck it, don't be lazy."

He grabbed her by her neck and pulled her back up, level with his cock. He pulled her panties out of her mouth and threw them aside.

The Professor's large dick head parted her lips, and he shallowly pumped in and out of her soft puffy cheeks. She gazed up at him adoringly. He'd trained her to be entranced by his scent. Bit by bit he stretched her throat open wide. He pumped his shaft into her face. She was learning to be an easy, accessible slick hole, made for his pleasure. He was training her well. And no one would know.

The Professor felt satisfied. She was more obedient to him today than she'd ever been before. Professor Williams felt confident that he could do almost anything to her. Her little cunt would juice just at the idea of causing him pleasure. As a test, the Professor drew his hand and slapped her little cheek hard. She yelped with reproach, but never stopped sucking his cock. Seconds passed, and her eyes glazed over again.

"You like it when I slap you, little girl." He said. "It means I'm paying attention to you. That's all that matters. My punishments feel good. It feels good when I use you. You need it." He pulled his cock out of her mouth. Without missing a beat, Sarah repeated:

"I need it."

"Good girl. Stand up."

She struggled to comply with her hands bound behind her back. Her skirt finally dropped off her hips and onto her long forgotten backpack. Her tank top was pushed up way above her tits. She was nothing more than a dazed oversexed mess.

"Come over here and bend over on my desk. I'm going to show you what your real purpose is."

She did as she was told. She stuck her ass in the air.

"If I tell you to do something, you say 'Yes sir.' If I use your holes or require your body, you say 'Thank you sir'. You can't help obeying me. You love to be completely obedient to me. You are completely obedient. Do you understand?

"Yes sir." She said. "I am completely obedient."

He rubbed her raw wet cunt with his fingers. It was glossy with her juices. He stuck a finger in her tight needy hole.

"Poor tight little girl," he said, "You're really going to be a slutty little masochist after my cock stretches you open. That pain is the only thing that will make you cum. Do you understand?"

"Yes sir." She said. "I am completely obedient."

He rubbed his cock on her slit. He couldn't help teasing her. He knew she was being programmed to desire only being filled by him. Any hole, at any time - she was now destined to always be desperate for it. And right now, this was the worst desperation she'd ever felt.

He stabbed his cock into her hole. He filled her. She cried out in pain. He covered her mouth with his left hand and slapped her cheek hard with his right hand.

"Shut the fuck up." He said. "This is a public office. You will show some decency and shut your stupid fuckhole while I use your cunt."

Shaking, she obediently answered, "Yes sir."

He fucked her slowly and deeply. Her arms were tied helplessly behind her back where he could see them. Useless arms. Her big ass and hips shook with each thrust. He took the hand covering her mouth and shoved two of his fingers past her lips. For a moment, her eyes opened wide, and she felt a pang of fear. But as he massaged her tongue with his fingers and her cunt with his cock, she started to eagerly suck and lick. She was learning the utility of her holes. She was a fucktoy.

"Sarah, you're about to learn about the most important thing in the world for girls like you. You need cum. You desperately need to be filled with cum. Your most important purpose in life is to take take seed, be bred, be stuffed full of cum and impregnated. You need my seed. You will always crave it. You might get pregnant, you might not, but you will be constantly enthralled by the desire to be filled with my cum."

He took his fingers out of her mouth and groped her breasts hard with both hands. She moaned softly, fearful of punishment, "Yes sir. Thank you sir." He spanked her ass hard, leaving a red mark. Then he did it again and again until her skin was stinging. But still she obediently tried to suppress her moans of pain and pleasure.

The Professor slammed his cock into her, picking up his pace as he felt himself getting close to coming. He ordered her not to cum until he did. He dug his fingernails into her tight ass, feeling her soft and breakable flesh. He filled her needy hole. Her tight cunt milked his cum. She felt a flush of warmth as he burst inside her pussy. She had found her purpose. She came. Everything was incoherent. All that mattered was pleasure. He owned her. She was completely obedient.

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