tagRomanceThe Professor and His Lady

The Professor and His Lady


Dani listened to the sound of running water in her bathroom as Jesse turned on the shower, and she wished she had the right to shower with him. He began to whistle softly, and she swallowed the thickness in her throat and retreated to the kitchen. Right! He'd said he wanted water, but she figured he wouldn't mind a cold beer and some pretzels. She waited until she heard him shut off the water before setting two longnecks and some pretzels in a bowl on a tray. She took them out to the living room, and sat down to wait, taking a sip of her beer while she did. She was staring at her toes when he walked back in, his hair damp from his shower, his clothes in his hands.

"I need a bag for these," he said, and paused where he stood.

"Leave them," she said. "I'll take care of them for you."

"You don't have to," he protested.

"I want to," she insisted, rising and going to take them from him. He let the bundle go and watched her walk back to the bathroom, where she disappeared for a few seconds. He waited for her to come back to him, and then reached for her, pulling her close.

"What are we doing?" he asked, watching her face go red.

"I don't know what you mean," she lied.

"Don't you?" he retorted.

"No," she said, and slipped away from him to sit down again. "Here, come drink your beer before it gets warm."

She offered him the other bottle of beer, and he came and took it from her, sitting next to her on the long sofa. Three gulps later, he put down the bottle and, picking up a handful of pretzels, asked casually,

"So, whose clothes am I wearing?"

He threw a few of the snack pieces into his mouth, and examined his fingertips carefully. Dani realized that he was probably feeling jealous. Her heart fluttered, but she only smiled and said,

"Don't worry, they're new."

She waited to hear what he would say, and watched him slowly raise his eyes to her face again.

"Yes, but whose are they?" His voice was carefully neutral.

"Jealous?" she asked, needing to hear him say it.

He stilled. "Just curious," he said, holding her gaze.

"Jealous," she concluded, then gasped when he pulled her hard against him.

"Dani," he said, the whisper of a warning in his voice. "I have ways of making you tell me what I want to know."

He bent his head, but instead of kissing her mouth, he planted his lips on the pulsing vein in her neck and sucked gently.

"Jesse," she moaned, and tried to move her mouth to his, but he resisted.

"Tell me," he coaxed her, nipping her earlobe, and blowing in her ear. When she resisted, he trailed his tongue behind her ear, along the column of her throat, down to the V of her neck.

"Tell... me," he demanded, between teasing her lips with his tongue.

"Okay, okay. They're mine," she said, surrendering. "I buy men's sweats because they fit me better." She sighed into his mouth just before he kissed her hungrily.

"You little tease!" He smiled against her temple.

"Jesse, what are we doing?" she asked, echoing his earlier question.

"Necking," he moaned, kissing her again, exploring her mouth with his eager tongue. "You turn me on, Dani. I'm burning up!"

His words came out in a hoarse groan, and Dani felt herself melting beneath the fire of his desire. She needed to say the words she had kept locked away in her heart for all these years.

"Jesse, I..." she stopped, hiding her face in his chest.

"You what?" he asked, suddenly still. When she hesitated, he urged her, "Tell me!"

"I love you!" she said shyly. "I've tried not to, and to ignore it for all these years. I even went away because of it, but I can't fight it anymore." She kissed his throat and felt him swallow convulsively. "It hurts so much to love you," she confessed. "I know you don't feel the same way..."

"How do you know what I feel?" he demanded roughly.

"I know you want me, Jesse, but we both know that's not the same thing. So we're giving in to our desires now, but that's not love."

She sighed and pulled away from him. Jesse let her go and watched her for a moment through hooded eyes. Dani gripped her fingers together and bit her lip, avoiding his eyes.

"You don't know anything about me if you don't know how I feel about you!" he exclaimed roughly. He stood up suddenly, flinging himself away from her and moving to stand by the kitchen door, his hands in the pockets of the sweat pants.

"The day I discovered I loved you more than my life, years ago, the final paper was due, and students, you included, were submitting them to me in my office. You knocked and walked in, smiling at me. I looked at you and felt like you'd socked me in the gut. Suddenly everything made sense to me. The way I couldn't wait to get to class, the way my heart clenched every time I spent more than a second next to you, inhaling your perfume, listening to your voice. The way my hands trembled from the need to touch you and to hold you so close to me that you couldn't help but know how much I wanted you. The way my mouth watered to kiss your face, to get mouth-to-mouth close to you."

Dani sat transfixed, feeling the love and longing she had for him drowning her senses. She watched him come back to stand in front of her, and let him pull her out of her seat. She folded herself against him, and he hugged her hard.

"I love you, Dani, more than my life. I'll do anything you want me to do, as long as we can be together." He kissed the top of her head, and pressed himself against her, moaning softly.

"Kiss me, Jesse," she begged, and he obliged, sitting on the sofa and pulling her onto his lap. Dani could feel the hard, pulsing length of him under her, and her need swamped her.

"It was pure torture being your teacher, your thesis director, your friend, for all those years," he said, nipping her earlobes. "I wanted so much to tell you how I felt, but I knew it was inappropriate, and I was a junior professor anyway, who could be fired if I made a wrong move, even though I was on the tenure track."

He caressed her shoulders with trembling hands. "When you went away, I missed you so badly I thought I'd die, but I knew it was for the best."

He kissed her eyes closed, and touched his mouth to the tip of her nose. "I knew where you were, because I had a friend find you for me," he admitted, "but then I didn't know whether you'd want to see me, so I left you alone."

He laughed, a short, rough sound. "I thought, just before you left, that maybe you were feeling what I felt, too, but when you went away, I figured I'd got it all wrong." He sighed, brushing his mouth over hers, touching her lips with his tongue as he went. He looked into her eyes, and smiled. "I'm so glad I was right after all," he said, and plundered her mouth.

Dani felt the fire rising in her belly, and pressed herself against him.

"Love me, Jesse," she said, her moans muffled against his mouth.

He turned her on his lap, so that she was straddling him, and then he groaned and pushed his hips up against her warm, moist center. She trembled violently when he slid a hand to her waist, easing open the button on her jeans and pulling the zipper down. He slid a finger inside the stiff material and teased her. His hands shook, and Dani kissed him wildly. They rocked against each other until Dani felt herself on the edge of a climax.

"Too many clothes!" she panted, and stood up so she could remove her jeans. Jesse stopped her, standing over her with fire in his eyes.

"I'd give anything in the world to make love with you right now, honey, and it's killing me not to take what you're offering me. But I want you to still love me tomorrow. I can't, Dani." He groaned at the look in her eyes, and reached for her, then dropped his arms and stepped away.

"I have to go, honey, before we go too far." He picked up his keys that he had left lying on the table, went to the door and opened it. "I'll call you in the morning." His eyes were darkened by the passion raging in him, and Dani found herself at the door before she knew where she was.

"Please Jess, stay with me tonight," she begged him, her fingers hard on his arms. "I need you."

"Oh, God, Dani, don't do this to me, honey, please!" He tried to pry her fingers away from his arms, but she pushed her body against him and his control snapped. Kicking the door shut again, Jesse grabbed her arms, spun her around, and pushed her up against the wall.

"Dani," he groaned, "I want to fuck you into next week!"

His crude words and the tortured tone of his voice thrilled Dani down to her toes. She swallowed the lump in her throat and whispered,

"So go ahead. Fuck me, why don't you?"

She removed her jeans and lifted her legs at his urging, and he wrapped them around his waist. He slid his fingers under the leg of her panties and found the aching bud of her need. She hissed, and Jesse groaned with desire. Pushing two fingers deep inside her, Jesse kissed her in time to his thrusts, and Dani felt herself climaxing, wave after wave of pleasure washing over her. She grunted and collapsed against his chest, feeling his erection pulsing against her.

"Oh, Jesse," she said, when she could speak, her legs now trembling around him, "what about you?"

"I'll be fine," he ground out, though he ached for want of her. He pushed her legs down gently, and wrapped her in his arms again. "I love you, Dani," he whispered. He wished she would take him in her mouth and relieve his pain, but he wanted to wait till they were married before he showed her all the ways that he would love her to love him.

"I have to go now, baby," he said, moving out of the circle of her arms.

"Isn't there something I can do for you?" she asked him, her eyes wet with tears.

"Touch me," he whispered, relenting, and led her hand to his painful erection. He groaned when her fingers closed around him. Without needing to be told, she pushed her hand inside his boxers and held his thick shaft, teasing it with her fingers, feeling the drop of liquid at its tip, smearing it over the head. Jesse groaned as he moved his hips, and Dani pushed his boxers down to his knees, stroking him up and down, harder and tighter. Jesse threw his head back, gasping for air, and as her strokes became more and more frenzied, he came.

Dani kept on stroking him, milking him, making him cry out again and again, his hips jerking in time to the movement of her hands. Then she removed her hands from him and pushed her wet center against his throbbing shaft. She rubbed herself against him, raising herself on tiptoes, wanting to feel him inside her. Jesse's legs trembled, and he stumbled against her, his forehead touching hers, his breath hurtling between his lips. The burning pain was gone, but the desperate wanting remained. Jesse knew he must leave, just as he knew Dani was still tightly wound, needing him as much as he needed her. He moved away from her, saying,

"I need to clean up, honey." He watched her face as he spoke, and knew what she would say before she opened her mouth.

"I'll shower with you then, if the invitation's still open." Dani's eyes were dark with the passion he had aroused and which was still largely unfulfilled. "I'll put your clothes in the machine first," she added, turning away from him, as he pulled the sweatpants up, and taking the laundry basket out to the kitchen. Jesse hurried into the bathroom, intent on taking another quick shower before she could join him. He knew he couldn't stop himself from taking her the next time she asked.

Opening a tall closet, Dani hurriedly loaded the washer, including Jesse's clothes, and then quietly let herself into the bathroom, stripping herself bare. She heard Jesse shut the faucet off, and waited until he pushed the shower door open.

"I wanted to scrub your back," she told him, à propos of nothing, and moved the towel he reached for out of his way. She let her eyes roam over his long, hard body, watching the beads of water slide over his smooth flesh, resting them deliberately on his thick erection, watching it throb under her greedy inspection. She moved toward him, and touched him, feather light touches with her fingers. Jesse hissed, and put her away from him, stepping out of the shower.

"Dani, we've got to stop!" he protested.

"Why?" she asked, her voice raw with need. "I want you, you want me, and we love each other. I don't see what the problem is. And you still owe me a fuck."

He remembered his earlier confession, and his heart lurched. If he touched her again, she would be truly his, in every sense of the word.

"Besides," he heard her add, "where are you going to sleep tonight? Your house needs to be cleaned before you can go back there." She snuggled closer to him as she spoke, and put her arms around his waist, bringing his erection into direct contact with her belly. She moaned, and pressed herself more firmly against it, feeling it throb convulsively.

"Dani, baby," he said, surrendering and pulling her down on the floor, "come here." He rolled on top of her, pushing her thighs apart with his knees, kissing her with hot, wet strokes of his tongue. He ground himself against her, aching to be inside her.

"Darling," he whispered, "put your legs over my shoulders." He watched her comply with his request, and looked at her glistening sex, framed by dark, crisp hairs, wet and waiting for him. He bent his head and sipped at her, making her cry out in ecstasy. He was unrelenting, pushing into her, teasing her nub with the tip of his tongue, swirling and licking and sucking until she felt herself ready to come again.

"No, Jess, no!" she gasped. "Be in me, please!" she begged, digging her fingers into his back.

Jesse raised his head and stared into her eyes. "Promise me you won't hate me tomorrow," he begged her hoarsely, and slid up her belly to steal a kiss from her sighing mouth.

"I promise, Jess, I promise. I'll always love you," she said, and gasped when she felt him enter her body. "Jess!" she moaned, wanting to die from the glorious feelings tearing through her body. "Oh! Oh! Jess, hurry, honey, please!" she begged him, needing him to move.

Jesse watched her face while he tried to bring himself back from the brink. He didn't want their first time together to be over before it had really begun, and Dani's movements were making it hard for him to concentrate.

"Baby, be still, or I'm done for!" he rasped. He held her hips firmly, making her stop writhing against him, kissing her mouth until he felt her calm under his touch. Then he began to move, slowly at first, then with faster, harder, deeper thrusts, grunting with each press into her willing flesh. Jesse felt the passion rising inside him, felt the wave of feeling crest, and knew it was over when Dani raised her hips and cried out into his mouth. He let himself go then, pulsing into her, flesh slapping against flesh wildly, crying out himself as she milked his throbbing shaft in the throes of her own searing orgasm.

They collapsed onto the cool tile floors, gasping for breath, sweaty with their exertions, deliciously spent. Dani could not move, except to smile into Jesse's neck. She had never been so completely out of control in all her life, and it had felt so good. She vaguely remembered how tight Jesse had felt when he first pushed in, but that was soon forgotten as he had led her over the edge of the highest cliff she had ever stood on. Nothing before had been so intense or so heart-stoppingly pleasurable. She sighed, hoping it had been as beautiful for Jesse as it had been for her.

"Ready for that shower now, ma'am?" Jesse's voice intruded into her thoughts. She felt him move off her and she watched him stand, his cock still awake, if not alert, and she wondered that he could still have anything left over after their time together. She smiled at him, blushing when she realized he had seen where her eyes had been.

"Any time you're ready, missy," he whispered sexily in her ear, as he pulled her up, before claiming her mouth in a kiss that left her weak in the knees. She knew he wasn't talking about the shower, either, and she blushed again. Jesse chuckled.

"I wanted to wait until we were married," he said. "My mother raised me right, but I couldn't resist you, baby!"

He turned on the faucet as he spoke, and adjusting the temperature, pulled her under the falling water with him. He washed her skin lovingly, soaping it and rinsing it with tender care, washing her hair with the strawberry-scented shampoo and conditioner she had in the shower. When he was done, Dani bathed him as tenderly, but got sidetracked by his now fully alert erection. He groaned when she slid her hand up and down its length, and when she knelt before him and took him into her warm mouth, Jesse's groans grew louder. He pushed his fingers into her wet hair, and his swollen sex into her mouth, as she made love to him, and when he felt himself about to burst he withdrew from her, groaning loudly, spilling his warm seed onto her belly as he pulled her up to his mouth for a slow, heated kiss. His breath came in gasps, and Dani smiled.

"Better, cowboy?" she asked cheekily, reminding him of a time earlier in the day when, as they were picking their way through his fire-damaged house, she had discovered his love for cowboy stories and paraphernalia, and for country music.

Jesse laughed, a shaky sound. "Payback is hell, missy!" he said on a low growl, and the sensual promise in his voice made Dani shiver in anticipation. He rinsed his semen from her cool skin and shut off the faucet. Stepping out of the shower, he reached for the towel she had earlier moved out of his way and dried her off, wrapping her in it.

"Go get some clothes on, before I lose my mind," he ordered, slapping her fanny playfully as he pushed her out the door. She laughed as she went.

She was still smiling as she pulled a thin strapless summer dress over her shoulders, and brushed her damp hair. Piling it on top of her head with a black clip, she walked into the kitchen in time to put the clothes into the stacked dryer. She felt rather than saw Jesse come to stand behind her, and when his arms stole around her, she turned as she closed the door of the dryer.

"Hi, handsome," she whispered, feeling her knees go weak at the look in his eyes.

"Dani," Jesse said hoarsely, "please tell me you'll marry me soon. We can't keep doing this." He didn't wait for her answer, but pushed his tongue into the warm, waiting cavity of her mouth. His kiss grew more heated, and finally he dragged his mouth away, swearing softly under his breath. He slackened his hold on her, and stared hungrily into her face, breathing hard and not bothering to hide the need he felt for her.

"Thanks, Jesse," Dani said, smiling sweetly at him, lifting the heavy pendant that lay flat and cold on his bare chest.

"What for?" he asked, a puzzled frown on his face.

"My fuck!" she answered innocently, though her face flamed.

Jesse chuckled softly. "Your mama raised you right, too, didn't she?"

"Yes," she admitted, "but when you, my prim and proper professor, say that word, it turns me on!" She twirled her fingers in the hairs on his chest and felt him shudder.

"There's nothing remotely prim or proper about what I'm feeling right now, or what I've been feeling all these years," he confessed huskily. "Just goes to show, you can't trust appearances." He walked her backward to the kitchen table as he spoke and pushed her gently down into a chair.

"Hungry?" he asked. "I'll make dinner."

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