tagErotic CouplingsThe Professor and the Co-ed

The Professor and the Co-ed


"Thanks so much, Professor." The small of stature, yet delightfully curved, blond smiled a very shy and sexy smile at him as he brushed off his hands.

"No big deal, it was just a jump." He went on to explain that she needed to get her car checked out as he put his cables away. When he straightened back up she impulsively hugged him, pressing her body tight against his for a brief second. Then she was gone and he actually felt a chill because her warmth disappeared so quickly. She smiled again at him, a smile that made her look older than the 18 he assumed her to be. Just before she got in the car she turned back.

"If you ever need anything, anything at all. Just look for me, I'm always around."

The sexual innuendo, while missing from even her tone, came to mind as he glanced down at her rear end while she walked away. He buried those thoughts as he also forced the feeling of her pressed against from his mind.

He saw her several times on campus that week. Being a small school, at least in area, made it almost inevitable. Each time she would hug him and remind him of her offer. It wasn't his imagination as the hugs seemed a little tighter and her offer was tinted by more than just politeness. On Thursday she appeared next to his car, which wasn't a surprise because he had seen her car in the lot each day.

"Hiya Professor," she said leaning against his car door. The tight top made it clear she required no support for her nice breasts, although the open window frame was trying.

He nearly flubbed her name and she smiled that sexy, shy smile that caused his head to spin. He recovered with a "How's your car?"

"So far so good, thanks for asking. My dad found a problem in the headlight switch, so it wasn't me."

"I never said it was you."

"I know, but you were thinking it. 'Dumb little airhead blond left her lights on', weren't you?"

He had to smile as she flounced her hair and changed her tone to match the stereotypical airhead. "OK maybe a little."

She laughed a low chuckle at his admission.

"Well, Professor, I just wanted to thank you again, you were a real lifesaver the other day."

"It really wasn't a big deal."

She put her small warm hand tenderly to his cheek and said, "It was to me." Then she kissed him. It began almost innocently, with just a touch of the lips, but she pressed tighter and changed the angle when she felt his initial resistance fade. When her tongue reached out, she felt his lips part.

When they broke apart, she said, "Wow!"

He shook his head to clear it. "Wow alright but you can't do that again."

"Why not?"

"Well aside from I'm a professor here and you are a student, I'm much older than you and I'm married."

She leaned in again, not quit far enough to kiss him and said in a very low and sexy voice, "I am older than you think, I like mature men, and you aren't one of my professors."

She tried to touch his face again, but he caught her hand.

"You forgot the married part."

She shrugged her shoulder, which made her breasts perform an interesting motion. "Actually I was hoping you might forget that part."

"Not likely."

Her face took on a hint of regret and resignation. Then she reached for his face again. He went to grab her hand and this time she evaded. Relax, Prof, just getting the lipstick off."

He relaxed as she rubbed his bottom lip. She leaned in, taking a closer look and she kissed him again. He couldn't push her away. Her lips were so soft, her tongue so insistent, so sexy. Her hand dropped to his lap and she found him stiffening, which she squeezed until he groaned in her kiss. Then she broke the kiss.

Whispering against his cheek, "By the way, I don't wear lipstick."

He disengaged her hand, which felt better than he would ever admit, even to himself.

"Thanks again Prof. If you ever do want anything at all, and I do mean anything, absolutely anything". . . then she said a phone number and disappeared from his window.

The Professor sat there and regained his composure. He thought of her, but then he also thought of other young ladies and a few young men who tried similar things. The difference was she really wasn't his student, but to him that was a false dichotomy. She is a student and therefore hands off for a lot of reasons! It took quite a long time before he felt calm enough to drive.

He saw her car, but no sign of her, which was both a blessing and a curse. He was honest enough with himself to appreciate the feelings she brought out in him, but it also scared him a little. He'd never been so tempted before, and there had been quite a few very pretty girls in his classes over the years. But at the same time he thought about all other professors, both men and women who got involved with students. Rarely did things work out well in the long run. Admittedly some of his contemporaries got really stupid and deserved their problems, most tried to be discrete and many of those ended quietly, but they normally hit the rumor mill more than more public news. He still felt his policy of hands off students was the best one, no matter how tempting! Her pretty face ad the taste of her kiss came to mind again and he felt himself harden. "No matter how tempting!" He muttered to himself as he re-focused on what he was doing.

While her memory didn't fade in the next week, her sexual innuendo certainly cooled. He saw her more regularly and she was pleasant, funny, and he decided that he actually liked her even more than he first thought. He was grading papers out by the fountain in the middle of one of the quads. She sat down and son the papers were forgotten as they engaged in a debate about scientific naturalism and materialism. She, JJ, had a good mind, a quick whit, and a pointed way of piercing to the heart of a point rather than get distracted by non-essentials. He enjoyed both the debate and her company.

Friday rolled around and again she was in the lot at the end of the school day, only this time she wasn't alone.

JJ was standing next to her car and next to her was a girl who really set off the warning bells of untouchability. JJ was very pretty, small, curvy, an incredible ass, and wonderful breasts. Her apparel was standard student wear in the warm weather, shorts, midriff top, and sandals. Add in the fact that he really liked her for who she was.

This girl was all that, with the exception of being small. She wasn't Amazonian, but she was physically ideal! That is until he saw the look on her face and he realized JJ was tearing a stripe from her skin.

As he walked to his car he heard some of the exchange. The taller girl had borrowed JJ's car and left the lights on and drained the battery.

When JJ saw him, her face lit up. "My Knight, oh Sir Knight could this wee damsel, and her lummox of a friend, prevail upon you for another assist?"

He laughed and quickly agreed. But this time it was no avail. The battery wasn't accepting a jump. The taller girl, Danusia had a stricken look as she walked around the back of the car.

"She a good friend, JJ?"

"Yea, my dearest friend, I love her so much."

"Then go tell her. She really torn up and she's scared."

JJ looked at her friend, "You're right, I'm mad, but not that mad." She went over behind her car while he rolled up his cables. He saw them hug, and he thought he saw JJ's hands on Danusia's rear, but when he looked back, the hug had broken up. Now Danusia was apologizing all over JJ. It was almost a funny sight, the larger girl to the much smaller girl.

"Um, Professor?"

"Get in JJ."

She looked surprised as his guess that they might need a lift somewhere. The only issue was that today he had driven his small pick-up, no backseat; three of them would be a crowd. JJ got in from the driver's side, and the Prof had to look away as the tight gym shorts she seemed to always wear stretched nicely across her rear. Once again he was reminded how much of an ass man he had always been.

He got in and found that her very sexy naked thigh pressed tightly against his. It felt good, but it was also distracting because she was a very animated talker, so it was not only against his leg, but rubbing up and down with her small movements. She had a small backpack in her lap that she shifted to her left thigh, and then he felt her hand as it snaked under it and rested on his thigh. When he glanced over at her, she was smiling. He thought about ignoring it, but after that one time figured she might take that for acquiescence, so he took her hand and put it back on her own thigh. She smiled what might have been an apology, or maybe a rueful look of disappointment, he wasn't sure. Luckily she didn't stick it in his lap because she would have had no trouble recognizing the effect she was having on him.

JJ directed him to a small subdivision, a nice one past the center of town. Not too far out of his way. The house was a nice tri-level and there were no cars in the drive.

"Come on it, you have to meet my Mom."

Now meeting JJ's mother wasn't something he relished, but JJ wouldn't be denied. As Danusia got out, she asked again. "Please. Mom won't believe we got a ride from a nice person. Having you come in would save me. So please?"

"OK, but only for a few. I'm expected elsewhere."

"Thanks, Sir Knight" She grinned and looked now younger than her years. As he got out of the car a stunning woman came out of the house. She looked more like Danusia's Mom than JJ's, but JJ called out to her and then all but dragged her over to meet him.

"Mom, this is Professor Trung. He's the man that has saved me twice. Professor, my Mother, Jayne."

They shook hands; Jayne's hand was as warm as JJ's. He let them escort him into the house and soon was sitting in the living room with a beer chatting with Jayne while the girls put the finishing touches on dinner. He wasn't sure how they roped him into staying, but the atmosphere was pleasant, the conversation delightful, and he found himself really liking Jayne -- even more than he liked JJ. Jayne was taller and with a much fuller figure, nicely proportioned like JJ, but also fuller and more lush! She had darker hair and wore more intelligent clothes than brief shorts and a cropped tee shirt.

Over dinner and a bottle of wine he really found himself having fun. He missed several interesting glances between the three ladies. After dinner Jayne chased the two girls away so she could talk to the Professor privately.

He sat back in a comfortable chair in Jayne's family room, sipping on an excellent scotch and realized that this was the most relaxing evening he's had in months, if not years. With Jayne in the room, there was no pressure from JJ, and no teasing anyway. She sat on the corner of the couch and picked up a remote.

"Now I am afraid the nice part of the evening is over, Tom, we had some things to discuss."

Her tone surprised him and he started to sit up.

"No, please relax, if you can. Let me get it all out and if you are as smart as I think you are, all will be clear. First of all I am not JJ's Mom, she and Danusia work for me on a part-time basis. I am a private investigator who specializes in help women deal with abusive relationships."

He looked at her quizzically, not sure how this applied to anything. A hundred questions bubbled up in his brain as she clicked the remote control and he saw Jayne, dressed professionally, talking to his wife! He sat back in shock as he heard a complete lie about him leave her lips.

Jayne stopped the image at that point and let it sink it.

"She hired you?"

"Yes, to set you up, take some incriminating photos that she could use in divorce proceedings."

"But you have to know she's lying?"

"At the time we didn't know that. After JJ met you, she thought you didn't fit the profile based on what your wife had told us. So she did what she was trained to do, and she dug deeper. She reported that you were not anything that your wife described and that she didn't want any part of it. I agree with her. You are married to a real piece of work."

"Why are you telling me this?"

"Because like JJ, Danny and I like you. We think you are honest and a straight shooter, something we see very rarely. We think your wife is a cold-stone-hearted bitch and we didn't want anything to do with hurting you. That's the bottom line."

"How much did she . . ."

That's between her and I. I still have ethical behavior, just like you do."

That he could respect. "So you canceled the . . . contract I guess you would call it?"

"That is exactly what it was a contract, and while I have no problem crucifying the guilty, I don't hang the innocent. The contract also says that if she lied to us in her deposition about you, we can cancel the job and keep the retainer. After that we are free agents."

He sat back, his head spinning. Jayne came over the sat on the edge of the overstuffed lounger he was in. She handed him a DVD.

"This is a recording of each of our meetings. I wasn't sure you would want to see it here or not."

"I'm in shock. I know things haven't been right for a while, but this? If she wanted a divorce, she should have just asked."

"True, but this state isn't a no fault divorce state, they do look at what each person brings to the table. Without something damning on you, the best she could hope for is 50%, and she wants more. If it was something bad, the courts traditional give the spouse more and leave you just enough to live on. I have no objection to that when the man is a lying, cheating, and abusive piece of shit. But you are none of those. JJ's character description was dead on. You aren't a boy scout; I saw how you liked looking at her. Danny also told me she caught you looking at me, I was flattered!"

"You're a beautiful woman!"

"Even after I broke this to you?"

"Yes! Even now. In fact your professionalism makes you even more attractive."

Jayne pulled him over to the couch and told him about her work. He even recognized a few of the higher profile cases she's worked. She also told him about some of the one's she's walked away from. She told him about the women she's sheltered, to the point of shooting one husband who found out where his family had gone. He got the whole litany of things he knew went on around him, but usually didn't affect him directly. Then she told him about one case involving a co-worker of his, a fellow professor at the college. Tom remembered him! He was one of the worst examples of being an abusive professor that Tom had ever met and was glad when it all finally came to light! He had been disgusted with it all! He looked at Jayne and actually felt very proud to have met the woman who helped bring that bit of human excrement down!

"Do you have any advice for me?"

Jayne looked at him. She was surprised he hadn't broken down or lost his temper, but then she caught the brittle edge to his voice. She couldn't let him go home in this condition. He hadn't thought things through just yet and might do something that will only hurt himself.

"I would suggest you look at the rest of the recording, and take them to a good divorce lawyer. Her deposition is a matter of legal record and we have also recorded how she lied."

"So I am here . . . officially?"

"No! We dropped the case, we just haven't told your wife yet. You are here because JJ really likes you! Danny also thinks you are great. She's been watching you at the Pub you frequent. If you can picture her in a long wig sitting off in the corner with two other employees of mine. I asked them to bring you here, to my home, not my office, so I could tell you all this."

Tom started thinking again. Slowly things were making more sense.

"I have one question?"

"Only one?"

"One for now. How old is JJ?"

Jayne started to laugh and actually hugged Tom, something Tom found very nice!

"JJ is 25, Danny is 23, and I am 46! JJ is also my niece."

"You're 46? I would have never guessed, you look so much younger."

"Thank you, kind sir! You realize you are complimenting the lady who was planning to get you in a compromising position with a girl and record it."

"But you didn't! I knew the asshole you burned at the college! I am glad you are in the line you are in. Some women need help, and some need. . ."

"No, don't think along those lines. Handle her legally. This isn't a no-fault divorce state. You will win if you keep your cool. Right now you'll make a mistake, either say something or worse take a swing at her in your anger. Get your act together and you'll come out on top!"

Jayne snuggled against Tom, is arm went around her automatically. She fit nicely against him, and then JJ and Danusia came in the room.

"So did you tell him?"

Tom answered, "Everything!"

"No, there wasn't enough time for everything. I bet you missed the most important thing."

JJ climbed on his lap and kissed him again! This was a no holds barred full body slam down kiss that left him gasping for air as she and Danny ran out of the room! Jayne was next to him laughing.

"Did I mention that she really liked you?"

"Yea, I think you mentioned that!"

"Don't mistake what that kiss meant. Once you realize that being in bed with her isn't against any of your principles, she will be ready, willing, and extremely able!"

"But she's a student."

"Actually no she's not. She works for me; she was on campus for me. So is Danny if your tastes run that way. She's just giving JJ room to run. Neither of my girls there are shy about what they want!"

Tom shook his head to clear it again. This was all coming so fast and so furiously at him. "So your advice on JJ is to let it happen?"

Jayne slid even close and put a thigh across his. "I wouldn't exactly say that. I am interested too! You are a very handsome and very sexy man. I am surprised some sexy little co-ed hasn't gotten you in trouble before now." Jayne ended that by kissing him herself. Her kiss was so much different than JJ's, not the blaze of fire, but a steady flame of passion. Her lips weren't as soft, but they were even more mobile and in a moment she was in his lap as the kiss went well past where JJ had left him!

He was no longer stunned and the freedom he felt was surprising. Jayne was an incredible woman and he felt amazing! She stood and took his hand. Without a word and led him up the half flight of stairs to the bedroom area. There were some noises from one of the rooms so she touched her finger to her lips and then quietly opened the door.

The image before him was stunning and proved that JJ really had touched Danny's ass, only this time it was much more erotic! Danny was lying on the bed, on her back. JJ was on top of her, with her head pressed to Danny's pussy while JJ's blond hair blocked the view of what she was doing to elicit such sexy noises from Danny. Jayne stood in front of him, and she felt him stir against her hip. She shifted and pressed her rear into him. She felt his hands touch her waist and pull her tighter against him. Then she pushed him back out in the hallway, toward her bedroom.

She sat him down on the edge of her bed. Then stood and undressed for him. His hands reached out to stroke her skin with no hesitation. She realized that in his heart, he was no longer married. His wife's betrayal was more than enough. She marveled at this man before her, his implicit honesty, his absolute integrity. He would have stayed married no matter what! Jayne had no idea what had passed to send his wife looking for a way out, but in many ways she was thankful. She also realized this man would have given his wife a divorce and probably given her nearly anything she had asked for, but she had gotten greedy and projected her own actions onto him. How had the two of them gotten together? No the question was more how badly she truly knew her husband, because she certainly didn't understand him.

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