tagInterracial LoveThe Professor Ch. 06

The Professor Ch. 06


To the readers who've been following our story -- I'll be adding Lissia's commentary as she is willing to provide it. Her rapier-like wit hides a tender heart that beats inside her. She is going to cringe when she reads this but that's okay. And now back to our story where I had gone to her home on Saturday morning after receiving the good news about the scholarship...

This time we sat on the sofa in the living room. I wasn't wearing my sweaty, dirty, lawn-working clothes and boots. I was well-scrubbed, shaven - refreshed physically and emotionally. Lissia was beautiful in a bright yellow housedress, her hair pulled back; a pencil stuck in her hair over her right ear, no earrings, no lipstick, a complexion that shone and glistened like richly polished walnut, her sweet smile belied the toughness underneath -- our fingers interlaced on the back of the Victorian-style sofa in blush-red velvet. "Steven when you left last night I had a long time to think about what happened...well what I caused to happen...I was selfish...you essentially told me I couldn't have you and I set out to prove you wrong. I tripped myself up and found that I was hoisted upon the petard of my own doing." She slid across the short space that separated us and kissed me.

"I guess I don't know what you mean Lissia."

"Steven my sexual appetite got me into a situation that I thought I could handle easily -- you know a one-night stand kind of thing...I can't do that with you. I need more and I want you right now more than I want anything else...I have no right to ask that of you...I am ashamed but not sorry that I had the pleasure of your loving."

"Lissia, I want to see you everyday -- even if it's just to share a cup of coffee or a few moments talking in the carrel or a casual conversation in the SUB (student union building). I like that you know what you want. I really like how intelligent you are -- you're fast as polished steel and quite frankly you're a great teacher. You said you wanted to give me a gift of loving that someone in my future would benefit from. I don't want someone in my future -- I want you. Dad saw it in me this morning. He wants to meet you," I admitted what was going on with me.

By now she had her arm through mine and we were holding hands looking dead into one another's eyes, "Steven I am eight years older than you," she waited for my response. "Did you hear me?"

"Okay. What does that mean?" I pushed hard now. I wanted her to run if she was going to but I wasn't going to help her.

"Look, when you're 25 I'll be 33..." she tried the arithmetic logic on a math major.

I smiled, "Nowhere to run is there?"

She dropped her eyes, "Damnit Steven aren't you the least bit afraid?"

"Of what? Losing out on a relationship with you? The answer to that question is yes. But not about these numerical, pseudo-issues. Do I think that our relationship is going to be delicate to maneuver through? Yes it's gonna have its moments and I'll probably have to punch a few people in the mouth before all things have been said and done -- but that's a foregone conclusion with me," I explained.

"Steven you don't know anything about my past. I could be an ax-murderer or something more sinister...like a communist...or even a democrat...God forbid given that they are the party of the KKK and all the southern legislatures," she tersely responded. "The point is baby you don't know as much about me personally as you do about my physical geography. Your tongue has been on more places than my washrag and your big ol' hands have held my ass more than my panties have...damn it Steven don't you see what I'm saying?"

I kissed her, "Sure I do but you're not using sound, sentential logic in the process of trying to shake me into reality. How about we try it this way? First I am nineteen but that doesn't preclude me from cogent thought. Second, I usually get what I want -- I didn't know I wanted you until I got to know you. You ask great questions and you're blunt, which is my preference. Asking a great question grows out of a great intelligence. Bluntness saves a lot of heartache but it also hides a tender, sweet being and you don't want anyone to see that in Phylissia C. Wright, Ph.D. -- the most accomplished associate professor on the campus because it might reveal too much of who you are and you couldn't handle that because the iron rails of your success would be ripped out...wouldn't they?"

She nodded her head, tears forming on her eyelids, "How do you do that? How can you be so damned precise in human analysis -- you're a mathematician? I-I...oh Steven I don't know what to say I feel so exposed right now and scared that someone will find me out as not being 'Dr. Bitch of the Sociology Department'."

"Who's going to talk? Are you going to tell the people in your department that your lover is a student? I don't believe in talking about other people for any reason. If you have a problem with me you come to me don't go talking behind my back the very same way if I have a problem with you I'll be standing in front of you so I can see and hear what you've got to say. As for your specious title it don't mean rat spit. What matters is what's in your heart. I've seen what's in your heart and I like what I see. I'm going to make a bold claim..."

"What is that?"

I looked into her eyes and took her hands in mine, "You're my woman -- period. I'm your man -- period. I can guarantee you this - the person who thinks she or he can step in between us is dead wrong. I don't play baby -- at all. Do we understand each other?"

She stood up holding her hands out to me, "Take me to bed general..."

I took her hand and pulled her to me, "Don't be afraid Lissia. We can do this and tonight we're going to dinner at Pino's."

She laughed at me as she wiped her eyes, "Are you sure you're nineteen?"

"I'll be twenty in a week," I admitted.

"All of twenty. Oh Lord I've robbed a cradle," she grinned and kissed me, "spank me daddy! I'm a cradle robber." She was hysterical a bit ribald with her humor. It would take a little getting used to her sense of humor but I needed to laugh. It was a few easy strides to her bedroom, the breeze from the fan was gently moving the sheer curtains on the windows as she stepped out of her dress and stood beautifully naked before me as I unbuttoned my shirt. She walked to me and unbuckled my belt, then unzipped my slacks, "I want you Steven. Damn it, I want you....I shouldn't but I do...and the truth is I'm beginning not to care who knows it. But baby right now I need to taste your big ol' dick and feel your tongue in my pussy."

I felt my face flush, I still wasn't accustomed to her bold, sexual desires. She knew what she wanted and wasn't afraid to expect it from her lover...I was just pulled along in her slipstream. There was a lot to learn. She pulled my slacks down and promptly tugged my dick out and quickly engulfed me with her wanton mouth. She was rolling my dick around in her mouth like a piece of candy, then sucking it right out to the tip and then swallowing me down her throat -- the sensation was making my brain scream and my knees shake. She grabbed hold of my ass cheeks and began rhythmically pulling and pushing me 'til I caught on and began what she called 'face-fucking'. This was nothing like yesterday, all the introductions were over. This was game two of the world series of sex and I was first up -- literally. I finally got control of the situation and lifted her up by the arms, stepped out of my slacks and laid her on the bed. She scuttled to the center of the mattress and laid back watching me strip off the rest of my clothes while she ran her tongue over her lips occasionally touching her nose with her tongue. My hard dick wagged like a bowsprit in a pitching ocean.

As I climbed on the bed she was rubbing her clit and sliding one finger into her already dripping pussy. The air in the bedroom was beginning to fill with the familiar fragrance of raw sex that I remembered from yesterday. I was on the bed like a cat and replaced her fingers with my tongue as she lurched her pussy at my mouth, "Yessss...oh Steven baby that is soooo....my gawd..." I licked and suckled her growing clit alternating between her swelling pussy lips. Her juices were flowing like crazy and I couldn't keep up with the flow so I did what I could and kept massaging and titillating her pussy and clitoris until she begged me, "Fuck me Steven, please baby I need you now..." I kept licking, swabbing and now I began fingering her pussy at the same time. I put my thumb and forefinger together with her clit in between and light rolled her clit between them. She went crazy and I put my tongue deeply into her pussy as she came -- I now knew what was happening and was becoming highly sensitized to her orgasms...she was an orgasm machine. By now we were both slick as oil from our sweat and her pussy juices. I rolled over on my side and sat up on the edge of the bed and she whimpered, "what are you doing..."

I held my hand to her, "Come over here baby..." she didn't need coaxing she scrambled across the bed. "Sit right here," I patted my lap and she immediately climbed onto my lap, my dick slid up her pussy lips but did not enter.

She was breathing hard, "God Steven what are you doing to me? I need you to fuck me..."

I kissed her and wiggled my ass one time and slid balls deep into her. Her eyes flew open and she gasped and panted, "Oh...uh...oh...oh...gawd Steven...gawd baby...oh yeah...oh yeah. We began rocking and fucking on the edge of the bed until she lifted her legs around my waist and scooted closer to me, my dick went deeper and she cried out, "OHHHH my gawd..." as she pounded her fine round ass hard onto my dick. She was grunting, sweating and groaning...some of her words were unintelligible and in one quick move I rolled us over with me on top and her legs on my shoulders. I began driving my turgid dick harder and harder into her pussy. Her pussy kept squeezing and massaging my dick, holding on tightly like it wouldn't let go. Both our orgasms were building up.

I began to learn about hers as she would start shaking and cold sweat would pour off of her skin as she tried to hold on while I kept pumping my hard dick into her until finally I cried out, "CUMMING!" I kept shooting my cum into her waiting belly as she clamped and released, "Cum...oh gawd cum...ming...oh Steven damn I came again ...I...I...uh...oh gawd...what did you do to me." She wrapped her legs around me tightly as I tried to pull out. She hoarsely whispered, "No...no...not yet...leave your dick in me baby," as I walked up on my knees raising her ass up still mounted and put my lips on her beautiful breasts, licking all the sweat and paying strict attention to her nipples -- they actually looked red they were so hard. I kissed my way to her lips and we locked lips and tongues for a very long 'make-out session.' She was panting so hard when we separated and lay back on the pillows that I thought she was having a heart attack.

"Steven I don't care who knows about us. I love your ways and I don't know if I love you but I can't live without your loving -- I know it's not the same thing but damn it you have wrecked me for any other man," she was staring at me with fully dilated pupils, flaring and palpitating nostrils with sweat broken out everywhere there was skin.

"Lissia sweet baby I don't know if it's love I feel either but I don't want any other woman. I didn't know how good sex was or how powerful a drug it is. I could get used to being with you all the time and that scares me," I confessed.

"Why are you scared about that?"

"I need to keep up my grades and keep working hard but Lissia baby. I could stay in bed with you for days. You've unleashed a sexual fury in me -- I don't know what to say..." she kissed me.

"Sweet baby don't say anything. Look at what you've done to me. I don't care who knows it. What you said earlier that I'm you're woman...well baby I am your woman and you are my man. Fuck the rest of the world!" She was intently watching my reaction. "What do you think about that?"

"I like it," I smiled.

She grabbed my bicep and began shaking me, laughingly, "Is that all you have to say - you like it?"

"I told you I would get what I wanted didn't I?"

She opened her mouth in an 'oh' sound of mock shock and it didn't work, "You...you...well...yes you did and you got me...some deal you got an old woman," as she mockingly referred to herself as old.

I laughed and teased her, "You have a strange way of acting in your dotage baby."

We laughed and talked for several hours. We explored one another's bodies and continued our extended fore and now afterplay. I didn't know there were so many sensual spots to be explored and discovered. As I lay there looking at her while she napped I thought about how my parents were going to react when we went home to meet them. My Dad was a bit on the outspoken side but that was his military background and Mom was born and raised in the very deep south with all its prejudice and bias -- the N word routinely rolled off her tongue like a pronoun. I just didn't want to do this but I knew I had to. She woke with me watching her sleep and she stretched like a cat reaching both arms out to grasp the back of my neck and I rolled her to me in a long slow wet kiss.

She smiled, "That was beautiful Steven, let's have another," she winked to me wiggling her wet pussy across my growing erection. I could no more resist her advances than a pig could fly. She didn't wait at all for foreplay when she felt my dick at full mast she climbed on and sucked me into her sloppy-wet pussy like my dick was her personal vehicle for pleasure...wow!

We rocked and rolled to one another's perambulation with an ardor that we were getting accustomed to, "Ohhhhh yeah," I gutturally exhaled, "Lissia your pussy is...is...uh...oh...man...aw...yeah," as she pounded her pussy harder and harder as she rode what I would learn was cowgirl style and then I turned her with my dick hard and still deep in her pussy as she let out a squeal and proceeded to pound faster and faster...she sounded like a freight training puffing, blowing and going up a long hill.

"Oh gawd...aw gawd...aw...aw...aw...shit...ohhhh...yeah baby fuck me hard," she was coughing out her words as the bed springs squeaked and squawked. I did a quick sit up grabbing her D-cups and she gasped, "Oh my gawd Steven...oh my gawd," as I pulled her into my lap and rolled up on my knees and grabbed her hips as she held onto a bed post as I began to pummel her pussy like a jackhammer, the barrette that was holding her ponytail flew off the bed where it had fallen when I rolled her up and suddenly she cried out, "C-U-M-M-I-N-G...OH MY GAWD!!" I never heard the rest of her words because I went deaf as I emptied my load into her waiting belly. She buried her face in the blanket and sheets at the foot of the bed whimpering out her pleasure in barely audible phrases, "Damn Steven...what have you done to me...oh my...your hard dick baby...oh...oh...oh...yessss...I give...tell me what you want," as she flattened out on the mattress causing my dick to drop out of her pussy.

I laid on her back, my dick head pushed against her anus as she gripped he blanket and sheets, "Hi baby," I whispered.

She waved a hand, "I'm done...I've never been fucked like that..."

We slept for about two hours finally stirring to get a shower, "How about we drive down to meet my parents and then to Pino's for dinner?"

That got her attention as she sat up -- her eyes were wide with shock and I guess a equal measure of fear of the unknown. She swallowed hard, "Are you sure?"

I nodded, "Yes."

"Is this negotiable?" she was looking like a deer caught in the headlights.

"It can be but eventually baby we're going to have to take that drive to my parents and to your parents," I told her frankly

"Do you have a gun?" she asked blithely.

"Yeah, how about you?" I retorted quickly.

She grimaced, "Let's get a shower and we can talk about this. I'm learning about your intensity and willingness to make a full frontal assault on the truth," she admitted.

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