The Professor's Accidental Harem


"Britney, hi, how are you doing?" I tried to sound upbeat.

"How am I doing?" She repeated in a huff. "I'm a fucking waitress thanks to you." She was not being subtle.

"Excuse me?" I was utterly stumped.

"Do you have any clue what I majored in?" Britney had her hands on her hips and her foot was tapping with an angry cadence.

"Psychology. I remember you had good enough grades to be my lab assistant your senior year."

"Yeah, psychology, I switched majors from mathematics after I fell in love my freshman year. I took every course you offered and worked really hard so you'd notice me. Then I heard you were one of the ethical and moral professor's that didn't date students. That made me love you more. I became your lab assistant, flirted incessantly, and hoped. I threw myself at you but you never tried. Didn't look my way once. And so I graduated with a degree in psychology. Do you know how few psychologist practices there are around here? Answer, very few. And now I see you out with girls. What is she like twelve?" She pointed at Lydia. "Was I that undesirable? Did I need three other girls for you to accept me?"

My eyes went wide, my mouth hung open, and my tongue was tied as this young woman bared her soul to me.

Eve answered for me, "Actually, all four of us were born yesterday at one in the afternoon. That makes all of us about 32 hours old and I'll have the chicken marsala, that sounds yummy."

"Honestly," Shelly then started.

I immediately thought oh shit.

Shelly continued, "We're sisters and all five us are a part of the Carter family." She spoke maturely and how she phrased her words, it was accurate to their beliefs but vague enough to be interpreted differently. It was an unexpected description. Nothing about them being my wives. It was exactly what the situation called for.

Britney was now blushing. "Family?" She mumbled almost incoherently.

I hated lying, but this opening gave me an opportunity to diffuse this ticking time bomb. "Yeah, our parents were unable to have kids so they adopted. We're celebrating that day, which was yesterday. Essentially our birthdays."

"Hello, I'm George, the dining room manager, is everything alright over here?" An older gentleman came to the table.

"Of course sir," I answered. "This fine young lady you have employed here is doing an outstanding job." I felt complimenting her was the least I could do after her tirade.

"Sir, do mind if I trade tables with Mary?" Britney was barely audible as she asked her boss.

He looked at her and could see she was shaken up. "Go ahead," He whispered and then to me in a more happy tone, "Sir, unfortunately I have to steal Britney away for a few minutes. Instead of you waiting, I'll send Mary over to take care of you."

Dinner was excellent, as we all ordered something different. The girls took turns feeding me some of their entrees. I filled up on more of their dinners than my own. And the chicken marsala was yummy. While we were waiting for our shared dessert, I needed to use the restroom. On my way, I saw Britney punching in an order.

"Hello Britney."

"Professor, I'm so sorry." The poor woman was on the verge of tears at just the sight of me again.

"No, its fine, really. I had no idea you felt that way. I'm so wrapped up in my work, I never... I apologize that it worked out this way for you."

"It's not your fault."

"Did you enjoy psychology?" I inquired. "Is it still something you'd want to do?"

"I did, but it's a tough field to get into. I didn't realize how difficult it was." Britney really sounded crestfallen. "Listen Professor, I've made my choices and I've accepted the results."

"Well, I do have an opening in my lab I was going to offer you, but if you're happy here..." I let my voice tail off at the end as I took a halfhearted step away.

"No, no, I'll take it." Britney almost jumped in excitement as she reached for my arm.

"It doesn't pay great, and if you live out here, I'm not sure it would be worth the hour drive, but it will get your foot in the door and allow you to develop contacts. As for everything else you've said, well, I don't mix work with anything, meaning students or employees, so before you say yes, can you handle that?"

"Yes, I can. Thank you so much Professor." Britney gave me a hug.

"All right, all right," I pulled her away. "Can you come in tomorrow? I'm not doing much in the lab, but can you come down and to fill out paperwork? It wouldn't take long but I need it before you start."

"I can be there at one. Will that work for you Professor?"

"Sure, I can squeeze you in at one, but please be prompt. I have quite a bit to accomplish tomorrow." More than I want anyone to know.

"1:00 at your lab. I'll be there Professor." Britney's smile was ear to ear.

"And one last thing, colleagues call me Ethan. I'm not your professor anymore." I shook her hand. "Welcome aboard."

"Thanks again Prof... I mean Ethan." She blushed a little at calling me by my first name.

As I walked away to head to the restroom, I heard Britney squeal with delight over her new prospects, causing me to chuckle lightly. When I came out, I saw Britney talking to the girls. Oh shit. They were all smiles and giggles, but I knew that could change at any second. I walked briskly in their direction, wanting to cover the distance as quick as possible without running in a five star restaurant.

"Ladies." I announced my presence, half expecting Britney to deck me. "What's going on?"

"I was apologizing to them personally for my outburst earlier." Britney turned and put her hand in mine, shaking it again. "Thanks again and I'll see you tomorrow." She waved goodbye to my students, wives, sisters, vixens, temptations of the flesh, hell I can't keep track anymore and went to another table.

"So ladies, what was that all about?" I took my seat.

"Nothing," Kennedy responded. "Just as she said."

"You must have really felt bad to offer her a job," Lydia added.

"No, well, yeah but that's not why I hired her. I offered her a job because I really do have an opening and it helps I already know her capabilities. Hell, I taught her so I know she's good."

When our dessert arrived, I returned the favor and fed them. It was really romantic in the candlelight ambiance of the restaurant.

On the way home, Shelly sat in front and the other three were sleeping on each other's shoulders in the backseat as I had an easy listening station lightly filling the air.

"Just thought you would like to know," Shelly broke the radio silence, "That all of us had a great time with a great guy today. It was like a dream."

"Dream?" I inquired. In amnesia victims, dreams could be a bridge to actual memories. I was hopeful.

"Oh no." Shelly playfully slapped my arm. "You're my husband, not my shrink. Don't go over analyzing my compliment to you."

"Sorry, kneejerk reaction." I laughed and then glanced in the backseat hoping I didn't wake any of the sleeping beauties.

"Did you enjoy yourself today Darling?"

"Amazingly, yes. Didn't think the mall would be as enjoyable as it was. I suppose it was the company I was with rather than the place. But at dinner and right now, that's what is truly fun. It's been a long time since I was able to have a normal conversation with someone, and I have four. To build a connection between each other. You guys are all really great, each with your own personalities and quirks." Shelly smiled at my admission. "Speaking of conversation, you surprised the hell out of me today."

"Who me?" Shelly put her hand to her chest. "How?"

"With Britney. She was upset and you calmed her down. If you answered like you did with the clerk at the department store, she would've went off the deep end. You really considered her feelings. I appreciated that. It was different from how you've been acting and it made me hopeful. Thank you."

"You're welcome." Shelly paused. "I know you're concerned about our memories before yesterday. I can tell by some of your questions to us. What if whatever it is you have planned fails? Do you think you could be happy living with us?"

"Shelly, listen." I looked at her as much as I could without losing track of the interstate. "I'm going to do everything I can to fix this. I have a few ideas left. Don't worry about it." I'm taking it as a positive sign she is at least aware there is a problem. Can't fix a problem if the person isn't willing to accept there is one.

"But could you be happy? You know, the five of us together under one roof living as husband and wives, taking care of each other until death do us part. Could you really, truly be happy and love us like that? I would really like to know." Shelly began nervously twiddling her thumbs.

"Truthfully Shelly, yes. I know I could. Today was good and allowed me to feel this way. Seeing the four of your personalities come out and how I was incorporated into the mix, I truly enjoyed myself when I finally buried my worry." Shelly smiled and placed her hand on my thigh, rubbing it softly. "However, I would be concerned about income because if that happens, I'll most likely be fired in a heartbeat and you heard what Britney said about the psychiatry job market."

"We can help." Shelly reassured. "We can get jobs. The five of us can do it as long as we stay together."

"We'll see. I'll figure out where we stand after tomorrow. Tomorrow may very well decide our future."

"Please just keep in mind that we're happy, together, with you. If it doesn't work, don't beat yourself up over it. What would you do to spend the rest of your life with the one you love?" Shelly yawned. "You going to be all right if I go to sleep until we get home?"

"Yeah, goodnight."

Shelly leaned over and kissed my cheek and then rested her head on my shoulder. I brushed away a stray tendril of hair from her innocent face. "Thns," She mumbled.

When we arrived home, everyone piled out of the car. Everyone except Lydia. After a few minutes of prodding, I thought it best just to take her in myself. I picked her up, kicked the door shut and made my way into the house. I almost dropped her when I entered the living room. Shelly, Kennedy, and Eve were all in their pajamas. Of course not the brand new ones I just bought, no they chose to wear the same pajamas they wore last night. Damn jezebel's. Each of them was smoothing out the blankets on the floor, which had grown in size. "Aren't those the blankets from the bedroom?"

"Honey," Kennedy began. "You are aware how we slept last night, aren't you?"

"Yeah, on me."

"So are you really going to make us pretend to sleep on the bed and couches before we do it again?" Eve shot back.

"Lydia, I think you could wake up now and get in your pajamas like the rest of us," Shelly interrupted.

Lydia's eyes flew open and head popped up. "Thanks for carrying me." She gave me a quick kiss on the lips before slithering from my grasp.

They planned this too. I really have to get privy to their conversations. "All right, I surrender. You four win, again." I shook my head. "But please understand I have a big day tomorrow and I really need to sleep. I'll be right back; I'm going to go change."

"What, our husband doesn't want to wear the matching pajamas the rest of the family is wearing?" Lydia said as she stripped down.

"No, I'm afraid I wouldn't sleep very much if I did that." I started walking down the hall.

"Sleep is overrated!" I heard Eve shout after me.

When I returned, each girl sat on one of the four corners of the pile of blankets, waiting. The middle was left vacant, awaiting my occupancy. I lay down and did my best to get comfortable. "Okay, I'm ready." They scampered swiftly into the same positions as last night. No blanket needed with the body heat we generated.

Maybe I was getting used to this after only one night, I mean what guy couldn't get used to lying in bed with four naked girls draped over him, but I began drifting off to sleep fairly quickly. Then I felt it. A light brushing over my crotch. Probably one of them getting comfortable. I relaxed my eyes. There it is again. Enough time elapsed to allow me to disregard it again. But a third happened shortly thereafter. My, someone was being brazen.

"Ladies," I said it as a warning.

All of them giggled in response. Great, it was all four of them. Not what I needed as I was already hard -- with all this nubile flesh in front of me, who could blame me?- and this was just making it increasingly difficult to sleep.

Suddenly there was a pair of lips on mine. Based on yesterday's experience, it was Kennedy as it was hard and passionate. I kissed her back, hoping all she wanted was a "proper" goodnight kiss. Then I felt her arm move and in the moonlight I saw she give a thumbs up signal. All at once, three pairs of hands mauled my lower half. I couldn't move as each were still holding down a limb of mine each. I'm afraid I'll have to give my boxers a funeral. No way had they survived. I stopped kissing back, but Kennedy would not let up and my screams of disproval were muffled at best. I must say my cock certainly enjoyed the attention. They caressed. They stroked. They played with my balls. All at the same time. They were building me up slowly. Playing the teasing game of "where are our hands going to lightly touch you next?" Whoever was on my right arm had spun around. Repositioning herself for whatever the rest of their plan entailed. After several attempts of pulling, pushing, and twisting, my right arm was almost free. One more wiggle...OH DEAR GOD. Three tongues. Two devoted to the shaft and one split time between my balls and the sensitive underside. I suddenly forgot about escape. At one point, two of the girls lips were touching, kissing even with my pole in between as they slid up and down and the other dutifully toying with my balls. I wasn't going to last much longer. I drove my tongue into Kennedy and tried to wildly buck my hips. Kennedy snapped her fingers and all pressure was removed from my arms and legs. I had to hold on to something and Kennedy was closest. My arms engulfed her and I pressed her body to mine as Shelly, Eve, and Lydia's tongues did their dance on my shaft. My body seized, my toes curled, and my head shifted back, breaking the kiss. I erupted with a loud groan. After the torture of the past couple days, it seemed never ending. I heard slurping sounds and could picture the girls lapping up my seed as if they were playing their own version of hungry, hungry hippos.

When my eyes refocused, Kennedy was still mere inches from my face, smiling like the Cheshire cat. "Shelly said you were worried about tomorrow, so we thought we would release some of the pressure, I mean stress. You can sleep now."

The quartet went back their cuddle spots, trapping me once again. I didn't care. I was still in my cloud of euphoria as I was beginning to nod off again when Kennedy broke the silence.

"Damn, that was one hell of a kiss."

"You should've had what we had," Eve countered.

"Best dessert ever," Shelly added.

All four girls giggled. A content smile crossed my face. If it ends like this, do I really want to know what they are colluding to do?

I woke up to the sound of the annoying alarm clock. Only this time someone else was kind enough to hit the snooze button. I didn't even have to do that anymore. As my senses were coming to life, I realized I was having a dream last night. And no, it wasn't three girls giving me the best blowjob ever while another sucked on my face. That regrettably happened. No, it was a dream in which I failed. I failed to get their memories back. We grew old together and lived collectively, peacefully, and happily. Suddenly the thought of not going to the campus today, not trying to fix my fuck up definitely had merit. No, no, no, no, no. How could I live with myself if I let that happen? I'm already going to hell after last night. Do I need a guilty conscience before I get there? They wouldn't even be with me if it wasn't for an accident. An accident in which they fixated on me as a husband figure. I have to locate the twins.

I pried myself away from an entanglement of body parts. I look down, and though the quartet scattered on the blankets wasn't moving, they still seem to be trying to entice me to reconnect with the pile. With much willpower, I kept my integrity and got in the shower. My moral compass still points north, right? After the last two nights, especially last night, I was no longer sure. I was trapped. I couldn't move. What else could I have done? I can't very well kick them out. I will fix this. And I'm certain I will miss them when they are gone. I let the hot water soak my body and let the water carry my worries down the drain. I needed to prepare for what may be the longest day of my life. After getting dressed, I took one step out of my bathroom and the house appeared to be alive. Kennedy had the morning sports highlight show on, Eve decided to do a load of laundry, and Lydia, with the help of Shelly was making something that just by the smell of it was making my mouth drool.

I made a quick phone call to my teacher's aide. "I'll see you later, ladies. I have a busy day today so I should be back pretty late."

"Oh no you don't," Shelly came from the kitchen. "First breakfast and then we'll all get dressed and go."

"Shelly, I really have a mountain of work to accomplish today. You know what I'm doing today," I lowered my voice to where only she could hear me. I didn't want the other girls to know in case they fought with me about it.

Shelly smiled.

"Not on an empty stomach," Lydia chimed in. "Please don't tell me I made French toast for nothing."

They won again. They always win. "I yield, but I hope you ladies don't mind hanging out at the library all day."

"Sounds like fun," Eve entered. "We like to read."

I dropped the girls off at the library, gave them some money for lunch, and then went to my 10 o'clock sophomore psych class. I arrived at 10:03, but since the twins were always at least ten minutes late, I was early.

At 10:12, I heard Lucas laughing. "That was some good shit yesterday."

"Hell yeah," John agreed. "Just think, in a week we'll be done and we can spend the whole summer just getting..."

"Morning boys." I walked up to them.

"Wassup Teach? Is there a problem or something?" Lucas asked.

"No problem boys. I have a proposition for you."

"Um, Professor, we don't do that," John intervened.

"Do what?" After just one sentence from each with these two and I'm already confused.

"Proposition. We only do drugs. We're not hookers or anything," John answered and Lucas nodded in agreement. "Besides we're brothers, not gay."

I rubbed my temples. This was going to be the longest conversation of my life. "No, what I mean is I have a deal for you."

"Oh," Lucas drew out the word. "We're glad that's what you meant. We thought you wanted our studly bodies."

I ignored the comment. "Boys, I want you to tell me everything you ate, inhaled, and injected yourself with on Friday and Saturday morning and you don't have to come to class today. No strings attached. How does that sound?"

They looked at each other and they both shrugged their shoulders. Lucas started, "Well Friday, I know we did some coke."

"No bro that was Thursday. Friday was the meth."

"No, Saturday morning was the meth."

"Once again you've got it all wrong. Saturday morning was the vicodin." John clarified.

"Nope. Yesterday was the vicodin. And I know Saturday night was the shrooms." Lucas answered.

"What are you smoking?" John inquired.

"Same as you!" Lucas laughed. "But seriously, I know we dropped acid somewhere in there. Do you remember when that was?"

This was getting comical. I can't believe these two remember anything. "What, no marijuana?" I asked with more than a hint of sarcasm.

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