tagLesbian SexThe Professor's Seduction Ch. 01

The Professor's Seduction Ch. 01


Nicole was thrilled to have been invited over to her professor's house for dinner. A starving university student in 3rd year, food was a bit of scarce resource! 23 years old with curly blond hair, Nicole attracted more than just a few gazes from guys and girls with her taunt figure. Yoga classes 3 times a week paid off, giving her a strong flat stomach, and a firm backside. Add to this picture her sparkling blue eyes, and you have quite a package! Nicole was shy though, making it hard for her to meet people.

Having just transferred to University of Toronto, Professor Hartley was the first to be friendly with her. However, as Nicole awaited outside Professor Hartley's house, she felt her stomach twitch in nervousness. She couldn't imagine why - after all, it's just dinner!

Professor Hartley opened the door, looking incredible. Her shoulder length brown hair, normally tied back in class was flowing freely. She was out of the business suit normally reserved for the classroom, and instead was sporting the classic black short skirt. This showed off her strong, athletic legs, and lovely breasts incredibly. Nicole just stared, unable to say a word. Miss Hartley took in Nicole's low-riding jeans and red blouse, and waved her in.

The two women conversed over one bottle of wine, and then another when that was finished. Nicole lightened up - she enjoyed hearing Miss Hartley talk about marketing - she was, after all, a leading expert. As she talked, she stared deep into Nicole's blue eyes, and occasionally let her finger flick over Nicole's knee and arm. All this attention (or maybe the booze?) was making Nicole dizzy. Since she broke up with her boyfriend 6 months ago, sex had been a distant dream. Women had always been out of the question for her, coming from a strict Catholic family. Most of all, this was her professor!

After a scrumptuous dinner of chicken parmesian and black bean salad, the two women retired to Miss Hartley's library. Of course, two scotches accompanied them! As they sipped and talked, Miss Hartley began more obviously rubbing Nicole's thigh. This shocked the little college student, and she pulled back into the deep couch. Miss Hartley followed...

"What are you afraid of, my dear? Its not like I'm going to eat you!"

Nicole was unable to speak, unable even to form words...

Miss Hartley began softly stroking her cheek... "Nicole, I haven't been able to take my eyes off of you for the past three months. I'm dying to touch you, kiss you all over..."

As Nicole leaned up to move away, Miss Hartley softly pushed her back down, planting a soft kiss on her lips. Nicole was in shock, unable to think straight at the moment. Miss Hartley leaned in again, this time inserting her tongue inside Nicole's mouth. Unable to breath with excitement and shock, Nicole followed along. The feeling of her gorgeous professor kissing her so deeply, and rubbing her cheeks drove her wild...

Miss Hartley seemed to sense her goal was within reach. "Don't say a word my dear - just let me do all the work. If you don't like what you feel, just tell me..."

Meanwhile, she began kissing her way down Nicole's neck, while beginning to massage her breasts through the blouse. Nicole moaned audibly, letting herself go. She had never been kissed like this, by guy or girl...

Soon, Miss Hartley's hands were replaced by her hot mouth on Nicole's tits. Even through the blouse, her wet kisses were making Nicole's nipples wet and hard. The pleasure was unbearable. As if she read her mind, she softly undid the buttons on Nicole's blouse. Beneath was a beautiful black lace bra, encompassing lovely hand sized breasts with large nipples jutting straight out. When Miss Hartley's tongue licked them, Nicole screamed aloud. Out here in the country, there was no danger of anybody hearing her...

As Miss Hartley's mouth descended over the girl's left breast, sucking her nipple into her mouth, she almost passed out. It felt so good! Grabbing Miss Hartley's hair in her hand, she pulled her deeper into her.

Miss Hartley then switched sides, sucking the other breast into her mouth. Nicole tried to squirm from pleasure, but Miss Hartley's weight on her legs kept her from moving around...

Nicole began moaning Miss Hartley's name, as her hot tongue and mouth worked wonders on her breasts. Never before had she experienced this kind of pleasure. Miss Hartley, emboldened by Nicole's state of extreme pleasure, softly began to unzip the fly of her jeans, sensing the real prize was getting near. However, Nicole's reaction shocked her...

"What are you doing? Nobody has ever done that to me before!" She pushed Miss Hartley aside, and got up from the coach and headed to the door. Not only had she never been with a woman, but she had never allowed a boyfriend to even dream of taking off her pants! That was reserved for marriage!

Miss Hartley panicked - she couldn't let her sweet little prey escape so easily! Running to catch up with Nicole, she grabbed her by the shoulders and pressed her against the wall.

"Get your hands off of me! I'm outta here!"

Miss Hartley kept pushing the nervous girl into the wall, and then mashed her mouth over her protesting lips. As Nicole tried to scream, Miss Hartley inserted her darting tongue into her mouth, holding her by the back of the head so she couldn't escape. Nicole was overwhelmed by the pleasure, but also by her guilty feelings.

"Come here and sit down my dear...". Miss Hartley guided her back to an arm chair in the library, and pushed her softly down. As Nicole began to calm down, she didn't even notice Miss Hartley pull out a pair of handcuffs and cuff first her left arm, then her right arm to the chair. By the time she realized what was going on, it was already too late.

Miss Hartley started intently at her - "You're class isn't over yet - you're not dismissed!"

Slowly, she backed away from her little captive, and inserted some jazz music into the CD player. What was this, Nicole wondered - to drown out her screams?

Miss Hartley began dancing in front of Nicole, first peeling off her top to reveal a stunning pair of breasts encased in a red bra. Far from what Nicole would have imagined in class! Next, she unzipped her skirt, and slowly peeled it off to reveal matching red panties. Nicole noticed that Miss Hartley nicely shaved as well, just like her.

Miss Hartley then ventured over to Nicole, and descended so her mouth was right next to her ear. "Your real lesson is about to begin...". With that, her tongue licked Nicole's ear lobe, sending spasms of pleasure through her body.

Miss Hartley slowly removed her red lace bra, and began massaging her lovely tits in front of Nicole. "Your turn, my dear..."

Nicole turned her head away - she couldn't do that! What would her friends think?! However, a part of her inside was curious what it was like to kiss another woman's breast. Miss Hartley softly but authoritatively turned the girl's head back around, placing her breast right in front of her mouth. Nicole had no choice but to comply. She stuck out her tongue, and timidly licked her nipple. Mmmm she thought - not too bad! She tentatively opened her mouth, and sucked the nipple inside. As she did, she heard Miss Hartley moan so softly...."God, how I've dreamed of this Nicole..."

Soon, she pulled that breast away, and gave Nicole her left breast to nibble on. Her inexperienced mouth and tongue were driving Miss Hartley wild with anticipation. She had to taste her...

Pulling away from Nicole, she got on her knees and went back to work on her breasts - nibbling, softly sucking and licking. Soon, Nicole was in a daze again. Miss Hartley's tongue ventured downwards, leaving a trail of saliva down her tight abs. As she she stopped to play with her belly button, her hands unbuttoned Nicole's jeans and gave them a quick yank down and off. While stunned, Nicole was in such a state of pleasure that she had given up protesting. She didn't care what anybody thought.

Miss Hartley's expert tongue was now licking Nicole's thighs, from the knee up. She wanted her to want this as badly as she did. Every now and then, she gave Nicole a playful little bite, just to keep her awake. It worked - soon, Nicole was twisting in the chair, frustrated by the constraints of the handcuffs. Just when she thought she had had enough, Miss Hartley lifted up her leg and softly sucked her toes into her mouth, one by one. This turned Nicole into jelly! She was practically begging Miss Hartley to take off her panties now. Instead, she watched as her lovely brunette head descended to lick her through her panties. The feeling of her hot mouth through the fabric drove her nuts with anticipation! Slowly, Miss Hartley edged the panties down, bit by bit, following with her tongue every bit of the way.

Miss Hartley gave Nicole one final look, enjoying the blissful yet nervous look on her captive's face. Her hot mouth descended to Nicole's pussy, slowly licking her clit. "My God Miss Hartley!", Nicole screamed out, as her professor sucked her clit into her mouth. The feeling of her tongue in such a forbidden place drove her wild! Every now and then, Miss Hartley would back away from Nicole, and tease her.

"Do you want me to continue?"

"PLEASE!" grunted Nicole.

"Tell me exactly what you want me to do, my dear", responded Miss Hartley.

"I want you to eat my pussy!" she replied, in frustration!

Miss Hartley loved the power she possessed over Nicole. She replaced her mouth on her hot pussy.licking her clit while two fingers darted in and out of her. Nicole had never experienced anything like this, and began grunting and whimpering unlike any lover Miss Hartley had ever had. Her other hand now ventured up to Nicole's breast, pinching her nipple ever so softly.

Nicole could feel an anticipating building between her legs. She was powerless to stop it, fighting against the restraints and the endless waves of passion sweeping through her body. Soon, she couldn't control it any more...

"Miss Hartley, please, please, I'm going to cum!" she screamed, thrashing around in the chair as she looked at the black mop of hair working between her legs. She then had the most powerful orgasm of her life, almost blacking out from the passion.

Miss Hartley, relishing the girl's pleasure and the juices all over her face, came up and gave Nicole one long kiss so she could taste her own juices. She then uncuffed her from the chair and looked at her slyly...

"Now its your turn to taste me...."

Nicole let her nude, suptle body relax against the wooden chair, recovering from the most intense orgasm of her life. Meanwhile, her professor Miss Hartley drifted back up from between her legs, giving her a deep, intense kiss. Nicole could taste her own juices, and found herself rather aroused. Miss Hartley then repeated her demand - "Now, my dear, its your turn to lick me."

The cute little blonde was rather taken aback. It was one thing to have a woman perform oral sex on you, but to reciprocate? No way, Jose!

"I don't think so, Miss Hartley. Look, this has been wonderful..."

Miss Hartley grabbed her by the arms, and spun her around. "I don't think you understand, my dear. Class is not over yet!". With that, she grabbed a scarf from a nearby desk, and tied her captive beauty's hands behind her back, and lowered her to the ground. The knot was not too tight, but it reminded Nicole that her professor was in charge. Nicole showed panic in her eyes, but Miss Hartley put a finger to her lips. "Trust me my dear - I was right the last time, wasn't I?" Nicole felt a noticeable flutter in her stomach at the thought of what was about to happen.

Miss Hartley sat in in the chair front of a stunned Nicole, and put one leg over each arm rest. As Nicole stared intently and timidly, Miss Hartley began to rub her clit in front of the girl. Her moans became increasingly audible, as Miss Hartley rubbed her own clit faster and faster. As she did, she moaned Nicole's name..." Make me cum Nicole, make me cum!" The sight of her brunette professor in such a pleasured state was getting to her. Her mind began to race - "Just because I lick another woman doesn't mean I'm a lesbian... I'm just curious, right??"

Nicole couldn't take her eyes off this lewd show, amazed by how wet Miss Hartley's pussy was. Miss Hartley motioned for Nicole to come closer. Captivated by her professor, Nicole inched over on her knees. This was hard, considering her hands were still tied behind her back.

"Taste this, my dear..." offered Miss Hartley, slowly pushing her fingers into Nicole's mouth. Nicole was amazed by the sweet taste of Miss Hartley's juices, slowly starting to suck the fingers in her mouth. Miss Hartley then pulled the fingers from Nicole's mouth, and inserted them back into her pussy. Now, she began to finger fuck herself faster and faster, while the other hand rubbed her clit. Her hips began churning in the seat, her pussy inches from Nicole's face. Nicole could smell the sweet odour of Miss Hartley's pussy, and got more than a little turned on. Her professor was obviously very close to orgasm, bucking and moaning in the chair.

Suddenly, Miss Hartley stopped abruptly. She looked at Nicole with longing eyes, and said... "OK my dear, time to taste your first woman." Nicole tried to shuffle back out of nervousness and doubt, but didn't move fast enough. Miss Hartley grabbed her by her curly blond locks, and pulled her reluctant captive's face into her pussy. Nicole's screams were futile now, and she was frankly more than bit aroused by the smell of Miss Hartley's pussy. Timidly, she stuck her tongue out, ever so slowly at first. As her tongue traced Miss Hartley's clitoris, she caught herself admiring its taste. Miss Hartley moaned loudly... "God Nicole, that feels sooooooo good..."

Nicole tried to hide her enjoyment out of spite, as she began to suck her professor's clit into her mouth. She let out a soft "Mmmmmm", which was all but drowned out by Miss Hartleys screams of satisfaction. The older woman bucked and writhed, enjoying the inexperienced girl's mouth, and the site of her bound captive beneath her. As Nicole continued licking her pussy, Miss Hartley was moving around so much she couldn't stay on the chair.

She aggressively pushed Nicole to the ground, and quickly scooted on top of her. Untying her hands, she said - "You've been a good girl - I don't think you're going anywhere now." Sitting so her pussy was above Nicole's face, she aggressively pushed herself down on her student's face. Nicole had no choice but to continue licking and sucking, by now loving every minute of it. Miss Hartley sat on Nicole's face, bucking uncontrollably like a wide animal. She lifted her pussy away from Nicole briefly, to say... "Why don't you finger yourself, my dear... it feels so good!" Nicole had never tried this before - after all, masturbation was for bad girls. However, after everything she had tried tonight, she felt emboldened. Nicole used her 2 hands - one to insert a couple fingers in her dripping pussy, and the other to rub her clit as she kept licking her professor.

"Holy shit Nicole, fucking make me cuummmmm!" the professor screamed.

She could feel her orgasm building, as she fucked her prey's face shamelessly. Nicole, meanwhile, was bringing herself closer and closer to orgasm. Between the taste of pussy, and the joy of her fingers, her head was woozy!

"Unggh, God! Please! I'm fucking cuumminngggggggg!", begged Miss Hartley.

Nicole also couldn't hold back, but her orgasmic screams were muffled by Miss Hartley's pussy.The site of her captive student shamelessly finger fucking hersel to orgasm while eating pussy was too much for Miss Hartley to bear...

She came like a torrid thunderstorm, continuing to push her pussy on Nicole's face, coating herin her juices.

Slowly, an out of breath Miss Hartley lowered herself on top of Nicole, the professor's big breasts pushing into her student's smaller ones. She softly licked her juices off the girl's face.

"See my dear - your lesson was not too bad after all..."

Miss Hartley had a feeling Nicole would be over for many more lessons...

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