tagNonConsent/ReluctanceThe Project Guide Pt. 02

The Project Guide Pt. 02


After the little escapade with the son, I was waiting for his father to show up anytime and claim his prize, so I didn't bother with any underwear and just wore the top and the skirt and went inside the bed and soon fell asleep.

Around, midnight I heard the door open and Sawant walked in like a panther. He had his prey waiting for him all dressed up. He slid in the blanket behind me, and his hands found their way around my waist and on my breasts. I could feel his already hard cock rubbing against my ass. He turned me around and looked at me for a second, and I smiled as he buried his face in my breasts and started fumbling with the buttons on the top. I helped him out of his boxers and without notice he rammed his raging cock inside me. I almost screamed with the suddenness, and he put his hand to my mouth, as he started fucking me like an animal.

I had always imagined what it would be like to have a dog fuck me, and this seemed like the closest to it. He had no skill, and all he wanted was to keep pumping my pussy. Surely enough his crude ways worked, and I was all lubricated inside just by being in this moment. He kept at it for a while and then moved his cock out and pulled me up, his hands were in my hair, and he pushed me towards his cock in the universal symbol of indicating that he wanted a blowjob. The top was open enough that my breasts were out and he kept mauling them and pinching my nipples, as I held his cock and licked my juices off it. I looked at him as I took his cock into my mouth and then took it out. I did this a few times, and his eyes closed a little in pleasure. My innocent eyes, young supple lips and my soft mouth were driving him crazy as I played with his balls and sucked his cock as if they were the last things in the world. I felt it twitch in my mouth before he came, spurt after spurt of his thick white semen filled my mouth as I gagged to swallow it and eventually took his cock out of my mouth letting it rest on my lips while there was still cum oozing out of it. I rubbed it on my lips and face and then licked his cock clean. Then I looked up at his face, and the expression was priceless, not sure it was amazement or gratitude, but he seemed very impressed with my oral skills for sure.

What happened after that was something I was not expecting. He pushed me back on the bed and bunched up my skirt, spread open my legs and his face disappeared between my thighs. His tongue moved like a wet snake inside my cunt, and he started licking me down there. Within seconds I was on the verge of an orgasm and holding his head, I was pushing him to go faster and deeper. He stopped and looked at me, and I begged him to go on and let me have it. He smiled and went back at it. I had an earth shattering orgasm as his tongue and lips devoured my dripping wet pussy.

As he moved back up I could see his lips and the sides of his mouth smeared with my wetness, I pulled his face up and gave him a deep passionate kiss letting my tongue wander inside his mouth as the smell of my juices and our sweaty bodies engulfed us.

He got up from me after a few mins, and put his clothes back on and went out of the room, without so much as a second look. I was his fuck toy, nothing more.

The next morning, I woke up and took a nice long hot shower and got ready for my so called exam. Sawant Sir was supposed to drop me to the exam centre and pick me up after 3 hours. It was a Sunday, so he told his wife that he would just wait near the exam centre and bring me back instead of doing the to and fro.

I was wearing a simple sleeveless salwar kameez and a transparent dupatta. The neckline of the kameez was generously low. We all had breakfast and then Mrs Sawant gave me the customary yoghurt and sugar that is considered good luck on an important day. I touched her feet, and that of Mr Sawant's for their blessing that my exam goes well. Something about that moment was so dark and yet so pure.

I got in the car with Mr Sawant, and he drove us to seedy little motel right outside the city. As we walked in, I could see the leering eyes of the receptionist follow up. He looked at me as if I was some cheap prostitute who is starting her day early today. We got the room keys and went to our room.

The wait and the expectation of what was going to happen were making my body tingle with excitement. I had given myself to him and didn't know at all what was in store for me. He walked over to the other side of the bed and started unbuttoning his shirt. I just stood there in the corner of this very basic motel room with a TV and a bed and an old table on the side. He looked at me and just pointed his head slightly towards the bed indicating that he wants me on the bed. I walked over like a deer ready to be killed and sat at the edge of the bed far away from where he was standing. He smiled, and turned on the TV, and came to the bed. I was sitting on the edge of the bed facing away from him. A couple of minutes went by, and he kept flipping channels stopping on a 24-hour news channel. I felt his hands touch my back. I kameez I was wearing had a very low back; it was barely covering the strap of my bra. I felt his finger curve inside and pull out the strap, and before I could react, he had snapped open my bra from behind.

I felt as if a dam inside me broke as I turned around and climbed on top of him. My breasts free from the tight bra bounced inches away from his face as I looked deep into his eyes. I was ready to be fucked by my master.

I looked at me and smiled. He had conquered this hot young 21-year-old big city girl. He knew I was way above his league and if it weren't for our arrangement, I would not have given two fucks about him. But he knew he not only had me as his fuck toy he had me so turned on that I wanted him to fuck me.

His hands went under my kameez and opened my salwar. I closed my eyes as he rubbed my clit over my dripping wet panty. For an old man, he was surprisingly good with knowing where the right points were. Within seconds he had me rubbing my pussy against his fingers. I was holding onto his shoulders. My hair was covering his face as he kissed my neck. That almost sent me over the edge. I felt his other hand pull my hair and I moved back, still rubbing my pussy with his other hand that was moving with an incredible rhythm. He had two fingers inside my tight wet pussy, and with his thumb, he played with my clitoris.

He tugged at my hair just enough that they hurt and then pulled me down on the bed beside him. He got on top of me and removed my clothes in a rush. I helped him out of his pants. He pinned me to the bed and looked at my body. It almost felt like he is staring at me as if I am something he would eat alive. I felt his lips on my nipples, and he sucked on them like there was no tomorrow. I felt the rage of his pent up desires for me as he positioned himself to enter me and I realised how hard and thick he was right now.

He thrust himself inside me, and I let out an uncontrolled moan. He didn't stop for me to regain my breath and starting pumping his cock inside me. I wailed and cried like a bitch in heat as he ravaged my hungry cunt. He made no attempt to quiet me down as he did at his home last night, and I made no try to hide my arousal. We fucked like animals till he burst inside me, burying his seeds deep in my young tight and dripping wet pussy.

He lay on top of me exhausted, and after a few mins, his cock flopped out of my pussy still oozing with his cum. My fingers went down there touching the cum that was still spilling all over my pussy lips. I inserted two fingers inside and took out a blob of his thick white semen and showed it to him. He smiled. I took those fingers in my mouth and licked them clean. I could feel his cock coming back to life as I did that. I smiled and slid out of from under him.

Even in this crazy moment filled with ecstasy, I thought about all the other girls before me who had enjoyed this old man's masterful fingers and his thick hard cock. I almost felt like I belonged to this secret clan who fucked Sawant and the other college professors over the years. He seemed oddly confident of the situation which made me feel that I was not the first one.

He turned around and started watching TV as if I didn't even exist. We were lying naked in this strange motel room. He was casually flipping channels and watching the news as if he was in his living room. I did feel used and a little neglected. I was not expecting him to cuddle me or do pillow talk, but this was almost awkward. He didn't care.

I got up to pick up my clothes and started wearing them. He looked at me and slightly shook his head indicating that he didn't want me to wear my clothes just yet. I obeyed. I kept all my clothes on the side of the bed and climbed back onto the bed naked as the day I was born.

I had been in relationships, so I was confident of my naked body, but this was different. He was almost the age of my father if not more, and he was a professor at my college who I was fucking to get good grades. It was a strange and almost liberating feeling. He had the confidence of being himself, just laying there naked with his hairy body, dad belly, and balding head. He didn't care if there was a young, sexy college girl naked right next to him. He had just fucked her, and he will do it again in a bit, but other than that he didn't care.

There was something raw and sexy about that.

To be continued.

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