tagLoving WivesThe Promiscuous Wife

The Promiscuous Wife


It was early Friday afternoon and Charles was on his way home to pick up his new wife so they could go on their honeymoon. He had married Blanc last Monday. They were supposed to leave the next day for their honeymoon but a business crisis at the office had postponed things.

Blanc was Charles third wife and the youngest of the three when compared to his age of fifty two. His first wife had been his same age and the second had been two years younger. Blanc was only forty seven but looked younger than forty. Charles sighed deeply as his mind took him back to their whirlwind romance, all three months of it.

Barney the chauffer glanced up at the rearview mirror of the Lincoln and asked, "You alright boss?"

"I'm fine Barney. I'm more than fine. I'm married to the sexiest, smartest, woman in town."

Barney grinned and nodded as his attention returned completely to the road. Well, not completely, as memories of hot sex in the front seat of the Lincoln made a movie in the back of his mind. His costar was none other than the boss's new wife.


After the wedding, he had driven the newly married couple down to the boss's office. He got out and told Barney to take his wife home and that he would be in town for the next few days. That he would call when he needed the car.

A few blocks from the office, Blanc had him pull over and get her smallest bag out of the trunk. He pulled back into afternoon traffic and gave it his undivided attention. Once he merged into traffic on the freeway headed north, he relaxed and glanced in the rearview mirror.

He did a double take on the scene in the mirror and then almost wrecked as he looked back to make sure what he saw was real. Blanc sat in the middle of the backseat with nothing on but her veil and white thigh high stockings.

Her legs were spread wide and she was fingering herself with two fingers of one hand as three fingers of the other rolled and strummed her clit slowly. To make it even worse she was watching him watch her in the mirror. He groaned and shifted in his seat.

"I was expecting a honeymoon tonight, not sleeping alone," she said and then grinned. "Where are you sleeping tonight?"

"Uh.... I.... Uh...." Barney said as he maneuvered the car over to the slow lane and got off at the next off ramp. Luckily, they were already outside the city and this road ran out through the woods toward a local lake.

With a lot less traffic and the speed control set to the speed limit, Barney glanced back to find Blanc slumped farther down in the seat. This only spread her knees wider and allowed her two fingers a straighter shot in and out of her slippery wet pussy.

"Lady, are you trying to cause a wreck or get yourself arrested?"

Blanc giggled. "I do love handcuffs and I've always wondered what one of those long black nightsticks would feel like in my ass or my pussy."

"I've got a nightstick for you but it sure ain't black," Barney mumbled.

"Promises, promises," Blanc whispered and then groaned as visions of a dick the size of a nightstick being shoved deep and hard into her pussy crossed her mind.

Barney shifted in his seat again and tried to adjust the hard-on in his pants leg to a more comfortable position. It wasn't happening, no way, no how.

Curiosity got the better of Blanc, so she sat up and leaned forward between the front seats. She left the two fingers in her soaking wet pussy and used her other hand for balance as she moved even farther forward. Barney was a big guy so she was on her knees and laid out on the console by the time she got a view of the bulge in his pants leg.

"Holy shit! Is that damn thing real?" She asked as she jerked her fingers out of her pussy and scrambled over and into the front passenger seat.

"Hey, I've got to drive here," Barney said loudly but his eyes were on her gorgeous round ass, which passed only inches from his face, and then on her large firm tits.

Once she got seated in front, she reached over to find out if it was real or not. Halfway there she realized she was reaching with the hand that had been in her pussy. She jerked that hand back, stuffed two sticky fingers in her mouth with a moan and reached with the other hand.

Blanc ended up lying across the console as she explored the long thick ridge in Barney's slacks. "Damned if it ain't real," she whispered as her hand squeezed and release it three times before she covered its whole length. "And a foot long, if I've ever felt one."

When she suddenly started fumbling with his belt buckle, Barney swatted her hand. "You're wasting your time. There's no way to get it out with me sitting down short of a knife."

Blanc looked up with horror on her face. "There won't be anything remotely sharp even close to that beauty if I have any say."

"I meant to cut the pants."

Blanc grinned. "I know what you meant, now find a place private to park this damned car before I rip those pants with my bare hands." Sliding farther forward she added, "I could try chewing my way through first."

Barney's big hand swatted Blanc's ass with a meaty slapping sound. "Sit back before you wreck us."

Blanc looked up at Barney and smiled. "Spanking my ass is not the way to make me stop when I'm after a big hard dick. It just excites me more."

"The boss is going to fire my ass at the very least when he finds out what you're doing," Barney said and then moaned.

Blanc now had both hands on Barney's hard dick. "He knows I fuck around. I told him as much when he proposed to me. He said it didn't matter as long as I kept it low profile. Laying down in this seat is about as low as it gets."

Barney slapped her on the ass again. "Yeah, but this is sticking up for the world to see."

Blanc shivered and wiggled her ass from side to side. "A little harder, if you please."

With a deep groan that was part frustration and part lust, Barney slowed the car quickly and turned into the next park road he came to. He tried to remember the last time it rained but at the moment, possibly getting stuck was the least of his worries.

The gravel road was dry and in good repair. The road made a curve and there was a small parking area to the right. It was the starting point for a hiking trail. He turned in, made a half circle, and then backed up to the rail that kept vehicles off the trail.

He killed the motor and the tilt steering wheel moved to its highest point. Blanc crawled on into his lap and applied her teeth to the large bulge, nibbling and biting gently along its length. Both of them moaned loudly. Her hot breath made shivers run up and down Barney's back.

Now that his hands were free, Barney used the right one to caress Blanc's beautiful full round ass. She groaned and wiggled her ass as his fingers trailed down the deep cleft. She gasped and then groaned even louder as two fingers teased her hot wet opening.

Blanc was trying to suck on the large head of Barney's dick through the cloth of his slacks as one finger and then a second finger teasingly explored the slipperiness of her pussy. She groaned loudly and shoved her ass back, impaling herself on the two fingers. They were large and rough, which made them feel even better as they moved even deeper into her sex.

Barney was surprised at the ease that his big fingers entered her sex. He gave them a twist back and forth and then pushed them even deeper. Blanc worked her knees wider and tilted her hips. Now Barney could finger fuck her long, hard, and deep. His cupped palm spanked her ass as he did.

"Oh, hell yes," Blanc said loudly as she wiggled her ass from side to side. "Spank that ass. Fuck that pussy. Make Blanc come her brains out." Then she threw her head back with an incoherent yell, flexed her hips rapidly, and did just that. Come like no tomorrow, that is.

Barney marveled at the grip Blanc's sex had on his fingers as she came long and hard. He wondered how it would feel if it was his dick in there instead of his fingers. He groaned at the thought as he twisted his fingers slowly and then eased them up out of her boiling sex.

Blanc was out of it. It had been a very long time since she had had this large of an orgasm. Thoughts of the big dick in the pants under her, the large fingers in her pussy, and the hand spanking her ass had her in another world. A world of flashing lights and sparkling pleasure.

As Blanc spiraled back down to earth, Barney caressed the twin cheeks of her ass. The skin felt warm and satiny smooth to his rough calloused hand. When she sighed and flexed her hips slowly, he raised his hand and gave her ass a hard solid slap on each cheek.

Blanc shivered at each blow and then sighed as more didn't come. "That's teasing," she whispered and then pushed up on her hands and looked down at the large ridge in Barney's left pants leg. "That's teasing even worse," she pouted.

Barney chuckled as he opened his door and got out. After a quick look around, he leaned on the roof of the car, facing inward. A moment later, he felt Blanc undoing his belt buckle and then worked at the button at the waist of his slacks.

He fished a pack of cigarettes out of his jacket pocket and lit one, blowing the smoke out gently as Blanc lowered the zipper on the pants. He grinned as she worked his pants down off his hips. This should be good, he thought as he took another drag on the cigarette.

Blanc whispered loudly, "Holy shit, you were not kidding about the nightstick thing in the least." Then she was trying to stuff the huge head in her mouth.

Barney shivered as her hot mouth sucked on the large head of his dick. Her tongue snaking over and around it made his hips quiver and slowly ease forward. Blanc made a soft moaning sound around the head of his dick as it went deeper in her mouth.

"I didn't think her mouth was that big," Barney whispered to himself as he eased his hips back and then moved them forward. She now had at least half of his dick in her mouth.

Blanc whimpered as Barney moved his hips back and then moaned softly as his dick moved deeper. The head touched the back of her throat and she moaned even louder. Her mouth was completely full and she still had a two handed grip on his monster of a dick.

For a moment, she wondered if she had bitten off more than she could chew. No pun intended. She loved sex, anywhere and anytime but this was by far the biggest dick she had ever encountered. She was having second thought on whether her little pussy could even handle it.

There was only one way to find out, Blanc thought as she rocked back and released Barney from her mouth. Her jaws ached from the few minutes she had sucked on him. She hurriedly backed up, turned around, and crawled backwards into the drivers seat. She backed up until she felt the head of his dick bump her ass.

With a big grin, Barney took a step back, looked down, and then went to one knee. He had an ass cheek in each hand and spread them to reveal Blanc's sopping wet opening and the dark ring of her anus. Leaning forward, he licked and kissed one cheek and then the other.

Blanc moaned loudly and tilted her ass higher as a hot tongue zeroed in on her pussy and then took a lick up the crack of her ass. A tickling, tingling sensation followed as the tongue flicked and fluttered it's way down from her tailbone to her anus. It paused there and teased the opening with fast flicks and a slow circle.

"Oh, hell yeah," Blanc said loudly as Barney wiggled his tongue against her asshole. Then she whimpered just as loudly as the hot tongue moved away.

Before she could protest, Barney stood up and pressed the massive head of his dick to the slippery opening to her pussy. Then she tried to gasp as the head entered her. She could not make her lungs work. She couldn't even move, she was fixed to the spot.

Barney held onto the frozen woman's hips with just the head of his dick in her hot opening. Her pussy grabbed and fluttered tightly around the head. He groaned softly, his hips twitching slightly, even as he tried his best to stay still and let her pussy get used to the big intruder.

When Barney's hips twitched, Blanc finally took a deep gasping breath and held it. Then she pushed back experimentally as she let the breath out. The head moved deeper and she grabbed another lung full of air. Her pussy had never been so full.

When Blanc pushed back and his dick went deeper, Barney sucked in a hissing breath and remained still. Her pussy alternated between gripping him tightly and a pulsing, rippling sensation. His hips twitched again and he heard the woman exhale sharply.

A moment later, Blanc groaned softly and whispered, "That thing is going to kill me, if I ever get even half of it inside."

Barney grinned as he eased his hips forward and pulled back on Blanc's hips at the same time. Nothing happened for a few seconds and then his dick moved deeper as Blanc let out a long groaning moan. Her hips flexed and fluttered in an up and down motion as even more dick entered her stretched pussy.

The thought of a very large dildo she had played with once a long time ago crossed Blanc's mind. She had mounted it to the corner of a table by the suction cup on the end. Then she had placed a mirror on the floor so she could watch it go deep in her pussy. Both the dildo and the mirror had driven her wild.

Blanc felt the big dick in her pussy moving back, pulling out. "No! No! Don't take it out," she almost yelled. Her hips tried to follow it back but the hands on them held her firmly in place.

Her pussy felt strangely empty as the head reached her opening. When it reversed directions and started back in, Blanc gasped loudly and let out a long drawn out groan as it moved deeper and deeper. Her hips wiggled and squirmed as she got fuller and fuller. By the time the dick stopped moving, Blanc was shaking from head to ass.

Barney stopped pushing when he felt the entrance to Blanc's pussy get tight around his shaft. He pulled back a few inches and then pressed forward again. His dick moved easier. Blanc threw back her head. "Oh my god that feels so fucking good."

He kept rocking his hips, going deeper and deeper. He was waiting for her hips to move forward. That would tell him when she had enough dick in her. The problem was, Blanc wiggled her hips from side to side but did not move forward. When his hips touched her ass, he groaned deeply. He had never had his entire dick in any woman he had fucked.

Blanc felt his hips touch her ass and groaned as she pushed back and ground her ass against his hips. "Holy shit!" she whispered a moment later. "I can't believe I ate the whole thing." Then she giggled and moved her hips forward a few inches and then pushed back hard.

Barney groaned and Blanc made a loud whimpering sound. "Be still woman before I come right where I am. I want to fuck you some before I do," Barney said and then groaned as Blanc moved again.

She giggled and whispered, "I've already had half a dozen little orgasm from you stuffing that monster in my pussy. I now know what a sausage feels like when it's stuffed." She moaned softly and added, "I feel so damned full."

Barney pulled his hips back sharply until just the head was still inside. Blanc shivered and moaned. His hips moved forward slowly and Blanc groaned loudly as her pussy filled up and stretched wide. His hips touched her ass and started back the other way. He fucked her with long full slow strokes. Blanc was strangely quiet.

A dozen strokes later, Blanc was ramming her ass back against him as his hips neared hers. Her pussy was hotter and wetter than ever, a loud squishing noise coming from between her thighs as the big dick moved inside her. Barney groaned loudly, jerked his hips back, and then rammed his dick home with a hard swift stroke. Blanc gasped and rocked her hips from side to side.

Barney slammed his dick into the small woman three more times and then held his hips tightly against her ass as he came in long forceful spurts. Blanc yelled and wiggled her hips wildly. She was coming right along with him. Bright spinning lights were painted on the inside of her eyelids and electricity shot throughout her body. Her body was shaking and jerking as the orgasm of a lifetime rolled over her mind and body.


With a shivery shake Barney pulled the Lincoln into the driveway and stopped as he waited for the front gates to open. He had driven most of the way home on autopilot as he thought about Blanc and their hot lovemaking that first time. She had pretty much been asleep, as he had brought her home that first day. He had had to load her into the backseat and then carry her into the house when they got home.

He had carried her in the side entrance in hopes that he could get her to her room unseen. The cook was in the kitchen, where the downstairs maid and the butler were, he had no idea. Everything was fine until he made the turn into Blanc's room. Connie, the upstairs maid was sprawled out on the master bed, naked in all her radiant glory, one hand on her breast and the other slowly rolling her clit around.

"Holy shit!" she yelped as she rolled over and scrambled off the bed. "What is she doing home? They're supposed to be on their honeymoon."

"A change in plans, sweet cheeks," Barney said as he laid Blanc out on the bed. She still had on the vale but one stocking was down around her ankle and the other looked twisted.

"What the hell happened to her?" Connie asked and then looked hard at Barney. "Uh, did you do what I think you did?"

Barney grinned at her and nodded. "Every damned inch of it."

Connie got a wide eyed look and shook her head. "No damned way. I'm a hell of a lot taller and bigger than her and I can't take but three quarters of that monster."

Barney chuckled and nodded but before he could say anything, Blanc gave out with a moan and sat straight up in bed. "Holy shit!" she said, her eyes as wide as Connie's were.

Barney and Connie froze in place but Blanc was looking back and forth between the two. Then her eyes locked in on Connie's naked body and she grinned broadly. "How are you at cleaning up a messy pussy?" She asked a few seconds later.

"I... uh... I..." Connie stammered as she looked at Barney quickly.

"If you don't like girls then just say so," Blanc said softly.

"I... uh.... I like some girls," Connie admitted with a blush.

Blanc looked at Barney and then back at Connie. "You like Barney's big dick, right."

Connie nodded and then grinned. "But I can't take all of it."

Blanc groaned and fell backwards on the bed. "I didn't know I could until his hips touched my ass."

Connie shivered and looked at Barney. "Why don't you go get the ladies luggage while we have a little, uh, talk?"

Blanc looked at Connie, her head cocking to the side. Then she smiled and looked at Barney. "Take your time and close the door on your way out."

Barney looked at Blanc sharply and then glance over at the grinning maid. Looking back at Blanc he made a little nodding bow and said, "Yes ma'am."

He had come back later to find the door locked, so he had sat the luggage next to the door and went back downstairs.


As Barney pulled up in front of the house, Charles said, "You seem to be a little distracted today."

"Uh, sorry sir, women problems. You know how it can be."

"Not really. Not for a long while that is. The last Misses got to be a problem there at the end but...."

Barney nodded as he got out of the car and came around to open the back passenger door. "Yes sir, I remember her well, although I always felt she didn't care for me."

"Quite the contrary, she was quite fond of you but that horse dick of yours scared the hell out of her," Charles said with a laugh.

"Yes sir, that happens," Barney replied.

"All men should have that problem," Charles said as he got out of the car. "Now, I wonder where that new wife of mine is."

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