tagRomanceThe Promise

The Promise


Adrian sat at her vanity, her reflection and Michael's staring back at her. Her breathing was bated, nervous about what she had promised her husband she'd let him do.

Her hair was still up in a loosely pinned bun, held only by two bobby pins strategically placed in her long brown hair. The fine, teal colored straps of her evening gown rested precariously on her smooth, ivory shoulders, one strap threatening to fall at the slightest breath.

Michael easily slid one bobby pin from her hair allowing a huge portion of it to fall delicately around her right shoulder. He slowly brushed it aside, planting dew drop kisses down the back of her neck as he went. Adrian's neck instinctively tilted and her back arched allowing him easier access to the suddenly hypersensitive area. His breath was hot, like small puffs of fire on her skin. She closed her eyes and took in the feel of his smooth lips softly brushing along the sinewy lines of her neck, gasping each time his skin connected with hers.

Michael's fingers quickly found the second pin and the remainder of her hair fell to its full length around her shoulder framing her delicate face. Michael stopped, only momentarily, to view the image of his angel, Adrian, in the mirror again watching as his masculine hands caressed the length of her soft, feminine shoulders. The faltering strap on Adrian's gown finally fell over the edge, leaving an invisible trail down her arm that Michael's lips happily followed.

The subtle aroma of her fragrance only enticed Michael to try to consume more of her, as much as humanly possible. His hands fumbled for the zipper poised at the middle of her back and unzipped it, sliding his hands between the open material. The sudden warmth of the area sent a subdued tingle up Michael's spine. He peeled the Chiffon dress from around her chest, letting it fall the remainder of the way down her smooth, flat belly and lay in a blue-green pool in her lap. Her small yet pert, breasts boldly making an appearance and her pink nipples hardening at their sudden exposure.

Michael snaked his arms underneath hers while his hands grasped hungrily at each of her breasts. Adrian watched it all in the vanity mirror, his hands slowly molding her bosom like clay. She swiftly closed her eyes and lost herself in the feeling of his strong, manly hands on her body. He moaned as his lips ravaged her neck and his fingers toyed with her nipples. Adrian's hands automatically clasped themselves on top of Michael's trying to push them further into her skin.

"Don't..." he said as his hands froze in place on her breasts and his whole body stiffened. Adrian quickly dropped her hands back to her Chiffon covered lap, as she was suddenly reminded of her promise to him. His body relaxed and his hands began to move again, his fingers roaming all the way up from the soft dip just below her neck all the way down to where her dress hugged her at the waist.

A simple birthday wish was all it was, but Adrian had absolutely no idea how on earth she was going to keep her promise to him. Why was this so difficult for her? She merely had to do nothing...


"The only thing I want for my birthday tomorrow is not to be reminded of it, thank you very much," Michael said grabbing Adrian's arm and pulling her down on top of him on the couch. "Plus," he said hugging her tightly and kissing her forehead, "I already have what I want."

"Nice try." Adrian teased playfully wiping her forehead clean of his kiss.

"Come on," she chided. "I'm sure you must want something. I never know what to get you. You're the most difficult person I know to shop for."

"That's because you're over thinking it, babe," he said as he softly rubbed her shoulder. "You're making it more complicated than it has to be. I'd be happy with just a nice dinner and movie or whatever."

"Or 'whatever'," Adrian said mocking him. "What exactly is 'whatever'?"

Michael laughed out loud at the utter absurdity of the conversation.

"Why do I get the feeling this conversation isn't going to end until I pick something?" He asked as he grabbed the remote and muted the television set.

"Because it's not!" She said feeling suddenly excited that she finally seemed to be breaking him down. "You have to want something."

Michael sighed and ran his hand through the medium length, brown hair that was faintly revealing small speckles of gray at the edges.

Suddenly, his eyes darted devilishly down at Adrian and an abrupt sense of panic flooded her being. She eyed him suspiciously as she unconsciously licked her lips.



"Stand up," he whispered, the words bringing Adrian back into the moment. She took his hand as he helped her up from the vanity bench, her fingers clasped tightly within his as she gathered herself to her feet.

Michael wrapped his arms around Adrian's waist and slid his fingers beneath the cool fabric encompassing her hips. He pushed down with his hands easily taking the silky evening dress down with him. As it fell into a pool at her feet, he let his hand glide lazily up the curve of her bare buttocks and around to her hips and back. He dug his fingers into the juicy flesh, reveling in the satiny feel of her skin beneath his fingertips. His cock had already been at full mast since the very moment his lips first touched her neck. Now, with his wife completely naked before him, Michael felt as if he were going to explode right there. His breathing quickened as he drew her body even closer to his. For a moment, he thought 'to hell' with what he had planned.

His body cruelly ached in a way he wasn't at all familiar with. He'd made love to his wife numerous times over the last year and a half that they'd been married and fucked like bunnies countless times when they were dating, but he honestly couldn't ever remember wanting her, needing her as badly as he did right this moment. He unconsciously ground his hips into her, his body desperately trying to become one with her like it had done so many times before.

So far, Michael had only uttered just the three words he said to her in front of the vanity since they got back home from dinner. Actually, Adrian couldn't even recall them having a conversation on the car ride home. But even with all the silence, Michael's hands and body spoke volumes.

He'd suggested that she get dressed sans the unmentionables she was so accustomed to wearing. The whole idea was a bit more daring than she thought it would be. 'Am I that much of a prude?' She thought. But ultimately, the feeling of walking around in an evening dress with nothing on underneath proved to be more exciting than she'd expected. She was surprised at how incredibly confident and sexy she felt. All eyes were on her when she and Michael stepped into that swanky restaurant and she loved it. So did Michael. She saw it in his eyes.

Michael grabbed Adrian by her hand once more as she stepped out of her dress and followed him over to the bed. His intoxicating cologne was quietly wreaking havoc with her senses. The cool air of the bedroom passing over her tender, exposed skin drew light goose pimples to the surface. Adrian craved her husband like she never had before. It was practically taking everything she had not to touch him like he'd asked.

'Let me seduce you,' were his exact words. His request was reasonable -- the only condition was that she couldn't touch him, talk -- or even participate as it were. Only lay back and enjoy. He'd made it completely clear that he wanted to do everything and that she wasn't to so much as lift a finger the entire time.


"I would have thought you'd want it the other way around. You know, me seducing you." Adrian said with a confused look on her face.

"Whose birthday is it?" Michael asked playfully defying her to answer.

"Fine," she said finally, sinking herself further into his arms. She looked down at her hands for a moment, then up at his light brown eyes again.

"Are you really serious?"

"Do you want me to be?" He asked seductively.

There was a sultriness to his voice that excited her. The look in his eyes was unmistakable. He was very serious and a certain 'flutter' rippled in her stomach. The idea was enthralling, but where the hell had it come from? Why did he want to do something like this? The thought came to her to ask, but after thinking about it more, she decided against it. It was his birthday after all, so who the hell was she to complain about what he wanted? Especially if it was her.

Adrian silenced her thoughts as Michael unmuted the television and they both cuddled together on the couch.


She sat on the edge of the bed while Michael quickly stripped himself of all his clothes finally unsheathing the raging erection he'd been harboring for quite a while. He used the weight of his own body to lay Adrian down on the bed beneath him, his hips falling between her legs while his unyielding arousal brushed lightly against her belly.

"Don't move," he said trying to paint a visual image of her laying there just beneath him, her body for him to do with whatever he pleased. He sat back on his heels in front of her spreading her legs wide exposing her sex to him completely. He slowly licked up her legs, tasting and teasing at the tender flesh of her inner thigh. Michael reveled in the heady scent of her arousal, the aroma seemingly making his cock even harder than before if that was at all possible.

His tongue wandered curiously further up to where her thigh met her pelvis, her freshly shaven pussy calling him, coaxing him to her. She tasted clean and smooth beneath his taut and hot tongue. He quickly found her clit and let his tongue snake into the slit of her increasingly moist folds, his lips enveloping the small and sensitive bud between them. Adrian's body suddenly spasmed uncontrollably. Michael flattened his tongue against her clit, sopping up all of her incredibly sweet tasting womanly juices as he did.

Adrian was trying like crazy not to grab his head and feed her pussy to him like she was so used to doing. She loved the feel of her hands tangled in his hair while pumping her hips to his welcoming lips like she'd done so many times before. It was pure torture what he was doing to her, but she gathered that was the point. Her hands clutched at the bed sheets beneath her as she writhed, hoping like hell he would soon end the incredible torment.

Michael had no such intention. He was enjoying teasing her, taunting her, making her writhe beneath him. It was his plan all along and he was going to milk it for all it was worth.

He sat up closer at her cunt, took his hands and spread open her velvety soft lips, licking and sucking at each one with excruciating slowness as he did. His tongue circled her clit over and over again causing her already drenched hole to overflow even more with arousal. The heat emanating from her pussy was intoxicating and irresistible. He roughly spread her legs as wide as he could get them before forcefully diving his tongue in into her waiting hole.

Adrian screamed as her back arched her almost completely off the bed from the intense pleasure her husband was providing her. She tossed her head from side to side pulling the bed sheets up in her balled fists.

Michael's tongue was ruthlessly invading her swollen and drenched hole while Adrian was on the verge of one of the most intense orgasms she could remember having. The thought of her being helpless to his whims, the excitement of not knowing what he had planned for her along with his expert invasion of her pussy made the whole situation border on surreal. Adrian closed her eyes and let her body go to a place she'd never imagined.

When her climax finally hit, she'd practically pulled the sheets from the bed entirely, her legs instinctively wrapped themselves around Michael's head as her body twisted beneath him. Pulse after pulse hijacked her body until she was finally able to gain some sense of composure. Her erratic breathing finally subdued, her brightly flushed skin began to return to its normal peaches and cream hue and her body finally relaxed onto the bed once more.

It was all more than Michael could handle. His resolve finally broken, he swiftly pulled his wife toward him by the hips and easily slid his manhood inside her flooded pussy. Her body was so warm and wet that the sheer slickness saturated his cock so much it glistened at each withdrawal. Michael was able to ease some of the tension of his painful his arousal by taking his wife like this, but he had no intention of ending it this way.

Oh no.

He had other ideas in mind.

Adrian wasn't a sexual prude by any means, at least not by her own standards, but there were always some things she was not entirely willing to try. She'd more often than not been curious by or even excited by some of the sexual suggestions her husband had made to her in past. But it wasn't until Michael exited her soaked and nearly raw pussy, crawled up next to her and rolled her on her side that she realized what his real intentions were. With his manhood still well lubricated from her dripping cunt, he spread her cheeks and rubbed the head of his cock along her rear opening. Adrian gasped at the thought as she looked behind her trying to see what was doing.

Michael didn't notice. He was too busy concentrating on the idea of finally being able to experience his wife in a way he never had before. He slipped his index and middle fingers in her wet pussy, slicking them completely. He then poised his middle finger at the outer rim of her back door. Adrian felt the tip of his finger attempt to squeeze through the small opening.

"Michael..." Adrian said looking at him over her shoulder. Her words only made him push in further, breaking the surface of her virgin hole as it tightly milked his finger inside.

"Shhh," he said looking up into her eyes. "Don't be scared. I promise you you'll enjoy it."

He continued slowly pushing his finger inside her as far as it would go, then twisting it to lube her tight tunnel as much as he could before withdrawing again. After he had exited her ass completely, on his next entry he brought his index finger with him. The two fingers stretched her tender opening even more as Adrian gasped again closing her eyes tight and biting her bottom lip. Michael pushed both fingers in all the way and twisted again and slowly easing them out. He did this a few times, each time the trip inside a bit easier than the last. On his last withdrawal, Michael adjusted himself behind her, slipping his hardness inside her pussy once more for sufficient lubrication. He quickly withdrew from her and scissored Adrian's legs pushing the top one forward and spreading her cheeks.

"Just relax, okay angel?" He said as he grabbed his cock and steadied it at her opening.

He held her around the waist with one hand while using the other to coax his manhood inside her, the tip just barely able to dip inside her hole. Adrian moaned loudly at his entry, her ass trying its best to take in the width of his dick. Michael paused, letting her body adjust to his as he kissed her shoulders recklessly. He had both arms wrapped around her waist now only allowing his hips to guide himself in the rest of the way. He continued to push up slowly, forcing his cock into this foreign territory.

Adrian clasped tightly at the pillow beneath her still biting her bottom lip as Michael entered her all the way to the hilt. His hips had finally rested against her buttocks when she felt his hand wander down to the space between her thighs.

"Oh, fuck baby," Michael said collapsing his head at the back of Adrian's neck.

His hand played haphazardly with her clit making Adrian's body jerk sporadically with each movement. She was still trying to adjust to the thickness of her husband inside her previously uninvaded space. Her body felt filled to the brim taking all of him in as he stayed there, unmoving, the both of them reveling in the new and exciting sensations.

Michael finally pulled his hips back, the skin on his cock reluctant to leave this new hot and tight space as it stretched forward at his exit. The large mushroom head of his member barely peeked out of the small, puckered hole before he slowly pushed it all the way back in again.

Adrian's body was starting to relax and comfortably accept his body into hers. The friction of his manhood sliding within her over stretched inner walls began feeling better each time he entered her body. She suddenly found herself craving the sensations, subtly moving her hips to meet with his every thrust.

Michael's hand still toyed with his wife's clit, the both of them releasing uncontrollable moans with each movement. His fingers quickly and unexpectedly dipped themselves in the swelling river between her legs again as Adrian used every ounce of strength she had not to grind his hands into her. She was desperately trying to keep her promise of allowing him to do everything while she simply lay back and enjoyed the ride.

So, they lay there in unbelievable ecstasy, Michael happily fucking her from both ends and Adrian trying not to pass out from the pleasure of it all.

Michael bore his teeth and unconsciously hissed every time his hips met her smooth, luscious ass. He could feel his orgasm rising to the surface. His fingers raced furiously in and out of Adrian's pussy, slipping her into an orgasmic stupor unlike anything she'd ever experienced before.

Her second orgasm shook her to the core. Her entire body tensed and gripped his fingers and cock in unison. Michael could feel her already incredibly tight walls wrenching his cock like a vice inside her.

Michael's climax washed over him like torrential wave. His arms gripped around Adrian's body almost crushing her against him. His dick was literally milked of every last ounce of cum his body had. Her inner walls continued contracting and releasing his manhood in spasmodic rhythm, his body shuddering with every pulse.

After it was over, Michael lay behind her a while longer before removing his fingers from her drenched cunt and pulling his spent cock from inside her. His semen dripped easily from her newly christened hole.

Adrian suddenly felt empty. She had never felt so filled up before and now the thought that the whole idea had originally scared her seemed idiotic. It was the most intense and incredible feeling she'd ever experienced and it saddened her that it was over.

Michael fell to his back and rested his hand on his chest. His breathing was on its way back to normal as he closed his eyes and let out a long, slow whistle.

"Holy shit," he said in such a low whisper, it was almost to himself.

Adrian turned and rested her head inside his arm trying to reclaim his warmth. He cuddled her against him, and kissed her forehead thinking about how this would go down in history as one of the most wonderful birthdays he'd ever had.

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