The Promise


I lay on the bed, watching him undress. The muscles in his arms flexing as his hands moved nimbly. Theo had already stripped me down, his hand sliding underneath my dress as soon as he pushed me into his apartment. He palmed my pussy and yanked my panties to my knees before pulling my dress over my head and shoving me onto the bed.

His dark eyes watched me and a small tight smile turned up the ends of his mouth. His long black hair fell into his face as he looked down, watching his thick nimble fingers unbuckle his belt and pull down the zipper on his tight black jeans.

"You know I'm going to fuck the hell out of you, right?" he asked calmly.

I laughed and allowed my head to fall back against the pillow.

Theo shucked his pants off and pulled the thin white t-shirt over his head. His chest was broad and lean, covered in the fine ink of black tattoos. He wasn't wearing boxers and his fat cock was already hard, bobbing out in front of him as he walked towards me. "I'm not joking. You need to be fucked hard and deep."

"Theo," I murmured, feeling his words make my cunt tighten and blood rush to my already hard nipples.

"Well, just go easy on me," I said as I sat up to meet his approach.

He grabbed my afro and yanked back, making me arch my back. He ran one hand over my face, slowly down my throat and clavicle to my small round breasts, his fingers teasing the swollen nipples. "Oh, never that. You need to learn how to take it like a good little fucktoy."

"But Theo . . ."

He yanked on my hair again. "Shut up," he said and I whimpered. He lowered his mouth to mine, thrusting his tongue inside, tasting me, as I sucked hungrily on his tongue. I moaned into his mouth.

He pulled away from me and pushed me down onto the bed, pinning me underneath his body, his hard cock pressed against my thigh. "You showed up at the gallery wearing that slutty tight dress and no bra," he whispered as he pinched my fat nipples. "Why?"

"I wanted you to see me . . ."

"You wanted me to look at your hard slutty nipples." His hand drew back and slapped my breast. "You dressed like a whore because you want to get fucked, don't you?"

"Yes, I want you to fuck me."

"You're desperate for my fat cock, aren't you?"

"Yes, Theo, please give me your cock."

He moved off of me to lay beside me. He yanked my legs apart. "Raise your knees slut, let me see that cunt."

I did as I was told. I was sopping wet. He slid a finger up and down the mouth of my cunt. "So fucking wet. You're leaking. God you're such a whore."His finger pressed between my swollen pussy lips, filling me.

He added another finger and I cried out brokenly. "Good girl, take my fingers, you're going to need to be able to take much more if you want my cock, and we all know how much you want my cock. Your cunt is leaking all over my bed."

His breathing grew raspy as his eyes looked between my legs, glued to my cunt. "God, your pussy is so wet."

He moved between my legs, wrapping his arms around my thighs pinning me down. I squirmed uncomfortably. "Theo . . ."

He plunged his tongue inside me, devouring my wetness, making my back arch off of the bed. I bucked as he licked and sucked on my clit. He held me in place, making me endure the sweet assault of his tongue until I shuddered in orgasm.

He pulled up, my juices on his lips and tongue and he kissed me so I could taste myself. I sucked on his tongue to get everything, while his thick insistent cock rubbed against my thigh.

"I'm going to fuck you," he said.

I shook my head, my eyes fixed on his cock. "Please let me suck it."

He bit into my shoulder and pinched one my nipples. He groaned. "Fuck, are you begging to suck my cock, slut?"

"Yes, please let me suck it."

He pushed me onto my back and straddled my chest. His fist tightened in my hair and he fed his cock into my mouth. I opened up wide, hungrily, gratefully, sucking and licking, using my tongue to tease the slit. Pulling out every trick I could think of, desperate to please him.

He moaned. "Yes, just like that." He pressed himself deeper into my mouth, fucking it. Saliva leaked down my chin.

He pulled out of my mouth and kissed me. "Such a good little fucktoy," he murmured.

He raised my knees pressing them against my chest and then pressed his cock down into the leaking opening of my cunt. I cried out as I felt the thick head slide inside me.

"Yes, fuck, yes," he said. His hands gripped my thighs, holding me still as he served me his thick dick.

He slowly drilled into me, making me take every inch. I moaned and wriggled while he fucked me slowly at first. The thick lips of my cunt clinging to his cock. "Your pussy looks beautiful around my cock." He looked down, watching his red swollen cock slide in and out of my puffy pussy lips.

Then he shoved forward hard and deep, hammering into me with a low moan. "God, yes . . ." I cried out, as he fucked the hell out of me, just like he had promised.

"I'm going to cum in this pussy," he taunted.

"Yes, please cum in my pussy."

He wrapped a hand around my throat. "Fuck yes slut, I'm going to fill you up."

I used my muscles to milk his cock and he moaned, thrusting into me even harder and faster. His balls slapping my ass. His cock coated with my creamy pussy juice. The thickness of his cock, rubbing deliciously against the base of my clit, making me shudder and jerk on his dick.

"Come on, come on Kia, cum on my cock. I can see you shaking, be a good fucktoy, cum on this dick."

I came, shuddering, eyes rolling back, his hand still gripping my throat as I creamed all over his dick.

"Fuck, you're dripping everywhere."

He shoved into me, again and again, brutally, so hard I knew I would be sore for days, but I welcome it. "Fuck me. Fuck me so hard. Make me your slut," I cried out.

"Yes, fucking slut," he whimpered as his voice cracked. He plunged deeply into me, collapsing on top of my body as he came, his face becoming a smooth mask of pleasure as he poured his seed into my hungry clutching cunt.

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