tagNonHumanThe Promise

The Promise


darkness, then it comes up from nowhere. a blink, and a drop of blood hits the puddle it has made. the blood drips trail upwards to a table where the little river has been left to trail. it follows to a face, the woman.. she lays there over the table, her mouth open, her eyes open, she is staring as blood drips from her nose and her mouth. a whimper comes out... then a mumble as a man is revealed in the corner, hunched over and in the fetal position. he looks up, his eyes are not blinking but he is looking at her. a smile on his face as he lowers down to cover his face in his knees. she is unmoving as he speaks now slowly.

“why honey. I did it the way it was done on me, I did it the way I was told” he looks up and he moves over to lift her up setting to sit up straight. he lifts his arm and putting his wrist over her mouth, slowly letting a trickle of blood into her mouth as it fills then seeps over her lips. he closes her mouth for her and then lets her go. she slumps forward and hits her head in he table once more, the blood splatters out and he steps back ashamed looking down.

he slumps down to her feet and begins to mumble once more. then it becomes clear as a few more drops hit the pool now forming, he starts speaking louder, his eyes begins to open then close once more. another blood from but this one is away from the puddle. its from him crying blood tears. his teeth clench tighter and his lips open showing that anger that comes next. after sadness takes hold his hands clench and he begins to growl in his throat. the blood has trickled down his chin. he stands quickly and looks over to the woman now.

“WAKE UP!” he screams now stamping his foot down onto the floor. moving closer to her now and trying to nudge her to wake up. she moves by his nudging her, then he begins to forcefully move her now, shrugging her and screaming. her eyes close and he jerks back now hitting a wall. but she slumps back down onto the table in the puddle of blood. she isn’t moving anymore. he moved over to nudge her once more now as he looks over to a picture on the wall. seeing her smiling and in he sun. he turns his head and looks back to her now as she does not move. she isn’t moving. he closes his eyes as her voice comes out now. she is speaking to him, but this was of the passed, a moment ago.

“tell me you love me Scott” He smiles as he kisses her exposed breast and licks around her pink flesh. suckling like a baby on her tit and drinking for milk as best he could. His hands were everywhere, strolling up her sides and cupping her bosoms. a grin on his face as she moaned in the mingling terror of death. his head tilted tot he side as he swelled blood into that dead limp organ and hardened it for her. she would soon learn that the kiss was better than the prick. His eyes closed as he felt her warmth envelope his manhood. how she cringed in his pressure. her breathing increased as he began to pump her now. her juices coating his manhood. yet he didn’t feel anything. the rush was not coming up fully for him, not yet... not yet.

“I love you Julia” spoken as his fangs graced her neck slowly, just over a vein that he could stab into at any moment. how her blood rushed through them, pumped by her heart which was racing as she whimpered with his erect penis inside her still. she was cumming and he could smell it, she was dying slowly as she was hitting wave upon wave of orgasm. But, he didn’t feel anything, she didn’t know that. a predator was always a predator. his hard on was a cover up for her, to let her know he was still alive. but she knew he was dead, he did it for her because she knew only mortal heights. she knew only how the greatest rush was for mortals. she didn’t know that there was something better, she would learn it. but, stopping this moment of joy as she reeled from another hard wave from his pounding she stopped him. putting her arms up to his chest and looking into his eyes. in her mind she was ready.

“will you make me like you?” he blinked and smiled. he wanted this moment for the longest time. to have her in his arms forever. to hunt with her. to feed from her to live death with her. it was now.

“if you want me to baby” that sly little phrase used so many times. but he used it for her, he used it for her and he said it to test her.

“do you want me?” she spoke as she bucked under him with his organ hard pressed inside her. that throbbing organ warmed by moving blood, hardened by the swelling, and coated by her womanly juices. lubed by her and suckled inside her by him. but he is biting her nipple, sucking harder than ever now as she moans.

“I want you more than the world can ever know” he breaks up and looks down into her, his eyes swelling in red from blood moving up. a red line traces down his cheek as he looks her in the eyes. deeper than she needed, she blinked and smiles scared to even notice her blood on his lips.

“I love you Scott”

“I love you Julia”

they kissed deeply as she tasted her own blood now, she didn’t care she didn’t care now that he was out of her. that she was being caressed by a devil. she didn’t care that he had killed hundreds of men hunting. that he had killed and had burned. that he was a killer amongst killers. No, she loved him because he loved her.


“yeah baby?”

“promise me we will be together forever”

“I promise you Julia, I promise you that we will be together forever”

in that moment he held her close, lifting her up and charging his fangs into her neck, tearing hungrily into her flesh and feeling that scream of blood into her mouth. swallowing and sucking harder now. her pants turned to moans as she felt the rush now. the kiss is said to be most seductive of the vampire. the kiss of death as it was called. a moment when the body coiled in the madness of lust and exploded in an orgasm. he drank as she moaned louder, senses turned inside out and thrown out the window as she felt waves of herself being taken from her. breath quickens to late as she felt her body go numb. the slow part was the death. its the only part and moment that most cannot stand. she sighed as she closed her eyes and whispered into him softly.


he replied slowly as her heart beats were now stopping, opening her mouth as he bit open his wrist and felt the spray of his blood come out. she laid down silent her eyes looking up to him as he let a few droplets fall into her mouth. then, he lowered and kissed her lips now, his fang ran over his tongue and it cut it, letting more blood flow into her mouth as he kissed her. mingling her blood and his, becoming one in death as it were.


images of them kissing, walking through the park, dancing slowly, the images of her alone. images of a ring being given and her smile. she lays down on a bed as she looks up encouraging to come closer. all the images are from scoots point of view. her smile, the way she looks up and holds her breath after her name was called out. the way she would look at herself in a mirror. then cuts of the embrace. her arms wrapped around his as they lay on the floor near a sofa. kissing gently as he lifts her arm and kisses her shoulder. a closer shot now as he opens her mouth and smiles tilting her head now to the side. her eyes closed and willing. giving herself to him as he closes his lips around an area on her neck. then a medium shot as she opens her mouth and closes her eyes tight. they begin to rock back and forth as he combs her hand through his hair, faster. she bites her lower lip now in he moment as the vampiric touch is said to be an aphrodisiac all its own.

now she lays back her eyes open and looking to him as she opens her mouth and sighs. slowly she looks up now as he moves over her to her side. biting into his wrist now and letting the blood trickle down over her lips then into her mouth. he smiles now as he lowers his wrist for her to take it and suck as much as she wants. he blinks and lowers down. speaking, but he isn’t heard. he starts shaking her now once more and then picks her up and carries her tot he kitchen in a hurry.

his eyes open up now. he is in he corner again. and she is face flat on the table. blood is dripping down onto he floor from the puddle of his own blood. he looks to the side now as he closes his eyes once more and puts his head into his knees once more. whimpering as he shudders with the oncoming stutters of tears. slowly it fades to black once more as her voice comes up now in he black.

“Scott? I love you baby, promise me that you will make me like you” his voice echoes up now as he sniffs and cries. “I.... love you.... Julia”

the end

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