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The Promotion


With the last few items shoved into my bag, I zipped it up and tossed it along with my wife's into our car. Going back inside I walked into the kitchen where Marisa, my wife, was finishing up her breakfast. "Ready for the trip?" I asked her. With a mouth full of food she smiled and nodded. We were on our way this morning to a trip to a nice resort hotel a few hours away. My wife works in sales for a large national company and she was in the upper level of sales for the company for the past year and in return we got a free trip along with other company sales people who did well and other company personal. She even got a paid day off because this thing starts today, a Friday, and runs through Sunday morning. Other then some speeches by company officials both nights it should be a fun time. It's also a chance for her to talk to her new boss about the up coming promotion. The sales leader where she works just left leaving the position open and would mean a lot more pay for her if she got it. It's between her and one of her male coworkers and she said she was going to try to seal the deal in her favor this weekend.

Her new boss I really knew very little about. He only started here about three weeks ago from another location in the company. My wife only explained to me that he is a black male, about 31 years old, which is only 4 years older than my wife. He is single, having been divorced for 3 years. She said that so far he seems okay but that she's heard he has a bit of a sexist type of personality. She said that the promotion she was fighting to get resting almost solely in his hands and she's been working hard to impress him and prove herself. But beyond that I knew little about him. By the end of this weekend I would end up learning a lot more about him then I ever dreamed I would and so would my wife.

A bit of a background of my wife and I would help understand out situation. We have been married now for 4 years and everything has been great. She was a virgin when we met and has only been with me sexually. Which surprised me because she had had boyfriends in the past. Physically she's about an average body type, 5'6" tall and around a size 8 in clothes because her hips are wider then her waist which is a entire size smaller. She has nice legs, well shaped and strong due to all of her jogging for exercise. She doesn't have much of a butt, small and slightly round but that's made up for by her chest, which is a 36DD in size with very pale pink nipples. She joked around that her doing well in sales had less to do with her talent then it did her chest. Her skin is pale, so pale that she jokes about being translucent or so white she looks dead. No surprise since she's a redhead and has a lovely pair of blue eyes. We have been depending more on her talents because I got laid off from work recently and have yet to be able to find another job yet. Another reason why we were both hoping that she got that promotion at work.

My wife has a very high sex drive, far higher than mine. Sexually she likes being submissive and actually enjoys giving oral. Several times we even joked and had a couple of fantasies about her being with another man while I watched. Which was a fun thing to do and turned us both on. I know she looked at porn both with me and alone. Caught her a few times even looking at interracial porn but didn't think much of it.

Heading off we had an enjoyable drive to the hotel. When we got there we checked in and got a lower level room along the back of the hotel. Going in we found it to be quite nice and large with a sliding door out back that went into a patio attached to an enclosed courtyard that was shared by about six other rooms. The front area of the room had the nice bathroom, then the queen sized bed on the left across from a large mirror above a dresser on the right. The back end of the room where the large sliding glass doors were was a sitting area with a couch some tables and a large TV. The doors out back had a pair of large curtains that barely fit the doors with a little space left over on each end.

We were in the older section of the building though it had been renovated and was very much new in everything but it's age. The only downside was that it still had it's thinner walls and we could hear the people talking on one side of us through the wall. Not to the point of understanding what was being said but could still hear it none the less. After getting our stuff in we took a walk around the large hotel. Inside was a restaurant, spa, pool with hot tub, a hiking path through the adjoining woods, a bar and dance floor, and a few other things here and there. As we were walking through the lobby we both heard a voice call out my wife's name. Turning to see who it was I saw a tall black man coming towards us. Right away I knew that must be her boss.

"Hey Marisa, glad to see you made it already" he said smiling at her. "And I bet you're her husband. You're one lucky man! I'm Henry her boss" he explained as he reached out to shake my hand. His grip was strong that my hand slightly hurt as he held it. Henry was about 6'2" in height, darker skin, short cut hair, decent body build though with strong arms, and a deep voice. I'm not one to say much about a man's looks but even I couldn't help notice he wasn't a bad looking guy either which surprised me that much more that he is single. So, I thought, this is the man who will make or break my wife's chance at the promotion she wants. As she said she has been all she can I knew I would do all I could to help her as well.

After some brief talking he asked us what room we were in. Telling him the number he laughed explaining that he was in the room right next to ours. Saying our good-byes he said he would see us later on this evening during the dinner and the short company meeting and that he would talk to her about the promotion.

Saying our good-byes we left him for the time being. As we walked away I mentioned that I had no idea he was so tall and how she never mentioned he was a good looking guy. Marisa gave me a sly smile and nudged my arm. "I didn't think it would make a difference what he looked like. He's my boss and I need to impress him" she said. I laughed because I knew that look.

"But you do think he's good looking don't ya? ... don't ya?" I bugged her. I started poking her jokingly until she gave in.

"Okay, yes! I think he's good looking" she said. "But you should hear how Jessica talks about him. She wants to jump him every moment he's near her and I know she's going to be here this weekend too so she might actually get her chance" Marisa explained. Jessica was one of the other women my wife worked with. Stopping she turned to look at me. "Just please, I beg you, don't do or say anything this weekend that might mess up my chance of getting the promotion" she begged. I told her I would never dream of it. "I know you wouldn't but we both know how important this is not just for me but for both of us. So, just let me do my thing and deal with my boss, just don't try to butter him up or interrupt me when talking to him or vise versa. Just let me handle it, okay?" she pleaded. I knew how serious this was to her and I explained that she had nothing to worry from me. That I wouldn't do anything to harm her chances. More so since the choice was down to her and a male Tim, one of her other coworkers. She thanked me and we continued on.

We didn't do much until the evening. Just relaxed and laid around enjoying some time away from home. Late in the afternoon my wife got change for dinner putting on a nice green dress that had a slightly plunging neckline and a pair of heels. As we left our room to the conference room where dinner was being held the door beside of ours opened at almost the same time. "Oh hey guys!" the deep voice said. Turning to look there was Henry stepping out of his room next to ours. "Mind if I join you guys?" he asked. Both of us at the same time said we're fine with it. "Thanks! You look good tonight Marisa" he said as I watched his eyes trail down to her breasts before shooting back up.

Leading the way Henry talked as we walked towards the conference room. About half way we were stopped and joined by Jessica. I had met her a couple of times before so she wasn't new to me. Taller then my wife, dark hair, tan, average build, okay looking.

Sitting down at a table in the large room full of people I didn't know I felt really out of place. A lot of greeting and small talk. My wife could tell I wasn't enjoying myself and said that after we eat I should head back to the room because the after dinner work conference wouldn't be any more fun and she was hoping to talk to Henry about the promotion too. I agreed without argument. I did find it amusing watching Jessica almost throw herself at Henry and he seemed to show little, if any, interest at all in her. Not sure if it was because he wanted to be professional in front of everyone else or because he really had no interest. Either way she didn't seem to care. I did catch him a couple of times looking at my wife's chest but even I have to admit they're hard to miss.

The meal was good and they had an open bar. Marisa had several drinks and when I asked her about it she said she just wanted to relax and stay calm otherwise she'd be too nervous to talk to Henry. I knew that alcohol sometimes made her too relaxed but I trusted that she knew what was best and knew she was having a good time. Once the meal was complete a company head stepped up to speak. With that I excused myself, gave my wife a kiss, and headed back to the room.

I was soon lying in bed with the lights out watching bad TV shows. A couple hours later I was dozing off when I hear footsteps, one in heels, come down the hall towards our room. I thought it might be Marisa until only Henry's room door beside ours opened and could hear a male and female voice talking as he closed the door loudly. They talked for a few minutes before things went quiet. Actually it was silent for probably six or seven minutes. I began to doze off again until I heard the unmistakable sound of a woman's faint moan followed by a bed creaking rhythmically though not loudly as these were nice newer beds. "So, Jessica did get to finally have sex with Henry" I thought as I listened.

The moaning got a little louder and I could hear them saying stuff back and forth but couldn't make any of it out. This went on for nearly ten minutes. I was amazed at how long Henry could last and I thought it would never end at this rate until I heard him make a loud noise and everything went silent again. Soon there was movement again as someone went into the bathroom and could hear the toilet flush. Followed again by faint talking and his door opened and closed again as the clicking of heels moved down the hallway once more.

That's when I felt my breath escape me. The woman walked towards our door, stopped, I could hear the swiping of the key, the door opened, and then my wife entered. I quickly acted like I was asleep as she got undressed and slipped into bed. She was asleep in moments and I laid there, my head swirling with thoughts of 'did she just have sex with her black boss?' Or did I make a mistake in what I heard? Could it have been a different woman who left as she was walking up? I knew I was likely kidding myself but I had a hard time admitting that she could have done that. I also found it odd that she went to bed wearing her normal sleep gown and left her panties on. She never sleeps in her underwear unless it's that time of the month, which I knew it wasn't. It was a long time before I slept and it wasn't much that night at all.

The next morning Marisa got up and took a shower as I laid in bed trying to stay calm. When she came out of the shower I asked her how last night went. "Last night? It went fine. The meeting wasn't much so I'm glad you left. I also got to spend some time with Henry to talk about the promotion" she said. I asked how it went. "It went very well I think" Marisa replied. That's when I told her I heard Henry having sex last night with some woman and was wondering if she knew who it was since she came back to the room just as the other woman left his. Marisa stopped as I could see for a moment she was thinking about something. "It was Jessica!" she quickly shot back. "Yeah she had left with him and I saw her coming out of his room" she continued. I wanted to believe that was true so I let it go for now.

After getting dressed we went together to the lobby room where the hotel was serving breakfast. As soon as we finished eating Henry walked in, saw my wife, and with a big smile walked over towards us. "Good morning! Nice to see you both" he said smiling. Leaning down to the table he then began to talk in to soft tone. "Marisa I thought a lot about what we talked about last night and I came to the conclusion that you would be the best person for the job. I already know how good you are and how hard you're willing to work. Last night with our talk I think you proved you're willing to do what it takes. Though don't tell anyone else yet, I'm not going to make it official until tomorrow morning when I talk to the regional manager." Then turning towards me he said with a smile, "You've got one hell of a woman there. She's very persuasive and I know I can count on her to do her best to get the job done." Slapping me on the shoulder he walked off. I wasn't sure how to take that.

After breakfast we went to the pool for a while then my wife went off to the spa as I relaxed in the hot tub with my own thoughts. We went back to our room to shower to chlorine off and decided to go out to lunch and see what we could find locally. When we got back it was getting close to the company dinner and conference again so my wife went into the bathroom to change. Walking out back to look up at the clear fall sky on the small semi enclosed deck I went to sit down when I heard Henry's voice on the other side of the partition. Peering around the corner I saw him standing there talking on his cell phone. Looking up he smiled and nodded at me and continued his conversation. I let him be and a couple of minutes later Marisa walked out.

She looked great in a skirt, green V neck pull over shirt with lace and a pair of heeled brown boots that went up to her mid calf. No sooner had she walked out that Henry got off the phone and walked over.

"You look good" he said to my wife. She asked him if he was ready to go? "Go? ... Oh hell I didn't even realize what time it was! I guess we had better head over huh?" he said with a laugh. Without thinking he followed up through our room and out towards the conference. I was about to mention that he had left his patio door open but then stopped myself. I realized that if I left early again I could sneak into his room that way to see if maybe I could find something that linked Marisa to who he had sex with last night. Like the night before I excused myself after dinner complaining that I was tired. My wife said she would be in later tonight but I told her I'd likely be asleep. Giving her a kiss I went to head off when Henry said "I'll try not to keep her too late. I was just going to go over some things with her after we're done here."

"Not a problem" I said as I left for the room. Once inside I rushed out back and around into Henry's room. I wasn't sure what I was looking for but I searched every where and in the end found nothing. That's when I figured I'd go back over to our room but leave Henry's rear door unlocked and slightly open. I would wait until he came back and sneak over. Getting my PJs on to make it look right I turned off the lights, left the TV on low, climbed into bed, and there I waited. About two and a half hours later I could hear two people walking towards the room and two people briefly talking. Our door opened and I quickly pretended to be asleep.

Marisa walked in and softly called my name a couple of times before leaving the room again. As the door closed I could hear her say "No, he's fast asleep." Then the steps walked over to Henry's room as his door open and closed. I could hear faint talking coming from his room then again silence. At that moment I jumped out of bed and dashed to the rear door. Softly sliding it open I quietly tip toed over to Henry's sliding door. Slipping a couple of finger in the one inch opening I left in his sliding door. Peaking into his room I could see everything and what I saw made me loose my breath for a moment.

There was my wife leaning back against Henry's chest. Her eyes were close and she was biting her lip as his hands were kneading her breasts over her shirt. Her right hand was back between them and could see she was rubbing his crotch. "Tomorrow I'll make you're promotion official and tell the RM that I picked you for the position" I heard Henry tell her as he continued to play with her breasts. "I just wanted to make sure you'd still be willing like you were last night to do what ever it takes and what I ask of you before I made it known to him. I also hope you know that it will also mean working late a couple nights a week with me, alone, if you know what I mean?"

"Yes, I do" Marisa replied. "And I told you I'm willing to do what it takes and showed you as much last night." I was about to burst in when I remembered what my wife had asked me to do ... 'Just please, I beg you, don't do or say anything this weekend that might mess up my chance of getting the promotion' ... and with that I stopped myself. I know how much it meant to both her and us and I knew how hard she had worked to get here. I held my tongue for now and in the end decided to find a way to confront her about it without Henry around. Henry smiled when my wife had said that she was willing to do what it takes. Pulling his hands away from her chest he turned her around to face him.

"Well if you'll do what ever it takes then get down on your knees" he ordered. Marisa didn't say a word as she sunk down onto the floor. Henry stepped back until he was against the bed. Kicking off his shoes he undid his belt and pants stepping out of them. This was quickly followed by his boxers. Bending down as he pulled them off I couldn't see anything until he stood back up and got the second biggest shock of the night. His dick was huge! He gave full credit to the black guy myth.

As he sat down on the edge of the bed Marisa moved up between his legs and wrapped her pale white hand around that massive black monster. Guessing by the size of it compared to the different of mine and his in her hand I'd say he was almost 8 ½ inches long which is three inches longer than mine. He was also a lot thicker too by probably another 1 ½ inches of girth compared to mine, if not a tiny bit more than that. She couldn't even fully wrap her hand around it like she could on me. On top sat a large deep brown head and I could see an equally large pair of testicles resting between his legs. I didn't even know what to think.

Marisa knew exactly what to think though. She leaned in and slowly ran her tongue up the entire length of his monster black cock. Running it around the head a few times before sinking her mouth down onto it. She stared up at him as he moaned and placed his hand on the back of her head, grabbing her red hair. Henry moaned as she began to give him a blowjob. "Fuck yeah" he said looking down at her. "Suck it! Suck that big black dick! Fuck it is true what they say, white girls are good at giving head ... shit I should have had you do this last night too."

She continued to suck his dick for a couple of minutes until he told her to stop. Stand up he lifted her up to her feet and immediately pulled her shirt up as she helped him remove it. This was quickly followed by her bra. Grabbing her waist Henry turned her around so he was no facing the bed with her back to it, and picking her up he tossed her onto her back on the bed. Without saying a word he unzipped and removed her boots before climbing up onto the bed himself. Moving up he cupped her breasts in his hands and began to suck on her nipples. He didn't do that for long as he sat up and grabbed the waistband of her skirt. Marisa lifted her hips as he pulled both her skirt and panties off in one motion, tossing them to the floor.

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