tagNonConsent/ReluctanceThe Promotion Ch. 01

The Promotion Ch. 01


Carol had always been a tease, always getting the guys going.

Carol was a "tease" using her body and looks to get whatever she wanted.

She was born into a good family, was always the ringleader, all the girls wanted to be her friends, and all the boys wanted her attention.

She was never wanting for anything, if she asked, daddy bought it for her, if she told the boys; they did it. Never any questions asked.

Growing up in her teen yrs., she was the best looking girl in her school, blonde, a knock-out figure, and an A student. Everything came easy for her, and she soon developed the attitude that goes with her lifestyle. She was a bitch, and soon learned how to be a cocktease, to have all the boys wanting her, doing anything, yet never having to go all the way. Hell even her male teachers would do what she wanted. She was hot and she knew it.

Of course Carol had a taste for the "badboy" type, then using her body and charm, would knock them down a notch, until they became her pawns. She loved having the power over men and women alike.

Eventually Carol experimented with sex, but she was always the aggressor, always in control. She loved dominating her lovers, finding out their desires, their weaknesses, and their perversions. She could seduce anyone into confiding their darkest secrets, and then she would either demean them, or blackmail them so that were always obedient to her.

Carol got married at a young age; her husband was a few yrs. older, successful, and confident. Stan was not someone she could push around, and that aroused her.

Over time they had settled into a routine, Carol being the perfect trophy wife, maintaining her figure after having 3 kids, always hosting the best parties for her husband. The more successful he became, the more parties they hosted. The company was always impressed, always transferring him, always with higher promotions.

Eventually he was transferred to head office, promoted to Vice president of the company.

Carol knew they had made it, and she was smart enough to realize she had something to do with it as well as her husband's work ethics. She knew her parties always were sensational, he closed lots of deals, and she knew that the looks the business men gave her, helped close a few deals. Her husband did not notice, but she was flirting, occasionally giving glimpses of her body, always subtle, always classy, but she made sure to catch the eyes of the men. She knew what she had. She had convinced herself, that his promotions and business successes were partially due to her too.

Her husband phoned home one afternoon, telling her they were invited to a function at his boss's house, and it was imperative that they attend. It was to be a black tie affair, and she should go out and get a new outfit, something that would state success, to impress his boss and associates. Those were his exact words.

Carol had bought a sexy black dress, tight, forming to her breasts, with lots of cleavage, and short, just above the knees. With her heels on, she looked very alluring.

She thought that for sure, if a man did not notice her tonight, then he had to be gay.

The night of the party came, and Stan told her that a Limo would be coming to pick them up, and that 3 other couples would be riding to the party with them. As Carol climbed into the limo, she leaned forward and her tits just about spilled out of the dress, drawing the eyes of all occupants seat in the rear. She blushed as she looked around, and noticed the men smiled, and the wives' gave her an icy stare, letting her know they did not appreciate their husbands getting a free show from her.

Her husband introduced her to the other couples, and one in particular stood out. Brett was very handsome, with a definite air of confidence and a swagger, and his wife Michelle was gorgeous. She was also the one that gave her the coldest stare, like it was a warning to stay away from her husband.

While the husbands talked business, the other wives made small talk, and Carol just listened, feeling like an outsider. Once at the party, Stan led Carol by the arm introducing her to everyone, feeling very proud to have her on his arm. It had been awhile since she felt like eye candy, and she was enjoying it. She did notice that every time she looked around, Brett was looking in her direction, and she had an uneasy feeling coming over her.

Stan, being his first real function since the promotion, was in demand, and soon she was left on her own to mingle. A few of the other women tried to chit chat, but Carol just shrugged them off and soon she just sat down and observed the goings on.

She noticed a few of the women, were talking to men that were not their husbands and sometimes she got the feeling that they were closer than just friends, always touching, stolen kisses on the cheeks. She had the feeling that maybe there is more to this group, maybe they swing? She then thought, it was her imagination running away, maybe her own life had become so mundane, she was now imagining sexy things, just to break her own boredom.

Soon it was time for dinner and they all went into the large dining room. There had to be at least 30 people at the table, and she really did not remember any of their names, other than Stan's boss, and Brett and Michelle.

After dinner, they all went outside by the pool, and after dinner drinks were served, The night was beautiful, lights al around the pool, and background music.

It was almost a seductive scene, and sure enough, her imagination started to run wild again. Leaning against one of the cabanas, she was watching when she heard a voice asking her is she was enjoying herself. It was Brett, and he was standing beside her.

She could smell his cologne, intoxicating, sexy, and when she looked into his eyes, she felt naked, as if he was making her surrender just by looking into her.

Noticing her drink was almost empty, he asked what she was drinking and offered to get her a refill. When he returned, he asked her if she had been given a tour of the house and estate yet, and she replied no. He then told her, that he would be her guide and she would get the royal tour, and he chuckled, making her giggle and blush.

He took her arm, and they went down the steps into the grounds, and he showed her through the flower gardens, up by the stables and corrals, all the time telling her little stories, mentioning how she was the sexiest woman at the party. Carol was feeling a little bit uncomfortable, but she was enjoying the attention, being told how beautiful and sexy she was.

As they got back to the pool area, she was feeling a little tipsy, but before she could say no, he had a fresh drink, and said that the tour would continue inside the house.

They wandered in, and she was amazed how he knew all about this place, yet it was not his. He told her that they were all close friends, and for the last 10 yrs. they got together once a month always at different place each time.

He showed her the great room, down the hall, and the kitchen, back through the dining area, and then to the foyer, where he lead her up the rounded staircase.

Beautiful artwork lines the staircase, and at the top, small statues, all erotic in nature, were on tables overlooking the foyer below. Bret now had his arm around her waist, and the drinks beginning to hit her, she rested her head on his shoulder as they continued. They entered on bedroom, and once inside, he turned her around and kissed her.

She wanted to pull away, to stop him, but the drinks made it seem alright.

She was helpless and did not know why. She felt his hands slide down her back, caressing her ass, pulling her into his groin, and she could feel the heat as it began to harden against her.

She managed to pull back, and he just smiled, put her arm through his and continued the tour. When they entered the next room, again, he turned her around, but this time, held her against the wall, and lowered his head, and kissed the top of her breasts.

Holding her there, she let out a small whimper, but could not get the words to stop him out. As she relaxed, his arms went down her sides and under her dress, massaging her through her panties, continuing to nibble on her globes. Her knees began to buckle, and he let her slide down the wall.

Carol was now in a fog, must be the drinks she thought, and when she looked up, Brett had unzipped his trousers and set his erect cock free. She went to get up, but he forcefully held her down, and told her she was going to suck his cock and swallow his cum whether she liked it or not. She began to struggle, and he pushed her back, grabbed her head and pushed his penis into her mouth. She started to struggle, and he grabbed her hair and warned her that it would get nasty if she didn't do as she was told; he also mentioned that if she valued the new life her husband had gotten for her, she had better cooperate. Carol did not comprehend what he meant, but she had resigned herself to sucking his cock.

She grasped his swollen member, and began to lick the head, slowly circling her tongue over the slit. As she took the head in her mouth, a new feeling overtook her, one of excitement, one that was hard to explain. She was enjoying being forced to suck his cock, with that arrogant swagger; it was becoming a turn on to her.

As she began to suck him, she was beginning to put some passion into it, and Brett noticed it and began to rock his hips. Sensing he had the slut where he wanted her, he started to fuck her mouth in earnest. He reached down and slid his hand into the top of her dress, and squeezed her tit, hard, hard enough to make her yelp. He told her to shut up and suck his cock, or else he would slap the shit out of her. He grabbed the other tit, twisting her nipple without mercy. It felt like he was going to rip it off, and tears began to form in her eyes. The rougher he treated her tits; the more he fucked her mouth, gagging her. The more she gagged on his cock, the sluttier and sexier she felt. How could she be feeling this, she thought to herself, do I know have any shame?

Gawd, she was wet, and she began to suck his cock with vigour, she had a need to taste and swallow his spunk. She felt him getting closer, and he strokes became shorter, but just as deep. With no warning, he pulled out and began cumming on her chin, and then her tits, splattering some on her black dress. He started to taunt her, telling her what a great slut she was going to be for him, and she angrily told him to fuck off, this will never happen again. He again just smiled and told her, that later this week he would contact her, and he would be waiting to fuck her the way all sluts need to be fucked.

With that, he told her where the ensuite was, to clean herself up, and thanks for the cocksucking. He also told her, she should work on her technique, because his wife was much better, and with a laugh, walked out of the room and back to the party.

Carol sat there sobbing, and then realized her husband would be worried, so she forced herself up, went into the washroom and wiped the cum from her face and upper chest.

She tried her best to wipe the semen stains off of her dress but it still showed.

Once composed she headed back downstairs, found Stan and told him she had a headache and would like to go home. He asked about the stains, and she told him that she had felt ill and had vomited and got a little on her dress. That seemed to satisfy him and Stan called a cab, and told his boss, and excused himself from the party.

To be continued...

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