tagRomanceThe Proper Rules For Strip Poker Ch. 02

The Proper Rules For Strip Poker Ch. 02


The Proper Rules For Sstrip Poker: The Sequel

Author's Note: This story can be read as a standalone piece; but some of the subtler items will be more meaningful if you have read the original story, "The Proper Rules For Strip Poker". So now, with apologies for the length, because there are new characters to introduce, and many new situations to explore; and in response to many requests!

I waited as the telephone rang. Finally a voice answered, it was Kathy. We hadn't spoken since the night of the strip poker game, so I didn't quite know how to start the conversation. After all, when you have seen someone nude and they have seen you in the same state, and there has been some fairly serious touching of certain sensitive body parts going on, and you are a sexually inexperienced 19 year old, and they are the 18 year old younger sister of your new girlfriend, sparkling conversation doesn't just flow so easily! So I said with brilliant originality, "Hi Kathy, how are you?"

She didn't hang up on me; I took that as a good sign!

In fact she inquired in a friendly tone, "Fine, how are the university exams going?"

"Don't ask; I even had to study last Saturday night I had so much work to cover."

"Jayne and I figured you were probably pretty busy. She has been up to her eyeballs as well."

She continued, giggling, "So you weren't just avoiding us, hiding out, after our little 'party'."

"No," I protested," Jayne and I agreed on the phone the next day that we wouldn't be able to get together for a while because of exams. I called again last week and left a message for Jayne with your Dad. Didn't she get it?"

"Yes, but only yesterday."

"Can I please talk to her?"

"She was in the shower, I'll see if she's finished, otherwise I'll have her call you back. Hang on."

I waited and then Jayne came on the line, "Hi, I finally got your message; last night!"

"I'm sorry," I replied, "Your father said you were studying so I told him not to disturb you and to just let you know I called."

"Well he's in big trouble with me, and he knows it. It's an absolute rule when you live in a house with teenaged daughters that messages from boys are to be passed along immediately, if not sooner," she laughed, "even my mother was annoyed with him. She told him at dinner that he had no chance of marrying either one of us off anytime soon to any remotely eligible male if he couldn't even forward a simple telephone message. The three of us gave him so much grief that he eventually went into the den to eat his dessert."

I laughed and asked, "So how are you?"

"Kinda wet, actually," she said, "I just got out of the shower."

"Oh, would you like me to call back"

"No, I'd much rather talk to you than do anything, especially studying."

I decided to be a little forward.

"The last time we were together you told me you wouldn't mind having a shower with me, is that offer still open?" I said.

"Don't be silly." she said, "My parents are here."

"So, can you guess what I'm wearing?" she asked playfully, changing the subject.

"No; what?" I replied, confused by the question.

"A towel."

"Oh!" A certain image sprung into my mind, and then ricocheted down to my crotch.

"Maybe if you were here and I was alone I might let you see me in this towel, but only if you were especially nice to me" she teased.

"I think I'd really like that, when?" I replied.

But then she answered in a more serious tone, "As soon as you can provide us with some protection, not like last time. Are you going to get some?"


"Good, because I don't trust myself at all where you are concerned. I'm not sure I will be able to stop another time no matter what might happen."

My hopes soared!

"I can't believe how bold I am," she continued in an incredulous whisper, half to herself, "I've never felt like this about anyone before."

My heart was pounding.

"Me neither, I can't stop thinking about you. And not just because of what we did the other night."

There was a moment of silence as we considered these admissions.

Then she broke our silence, changing the subject in a lighthearted tone of voice, "By the way, I think Kathy must have taken both the bath sheets into her room, because I could only find one towel, and it's a really small towel; it hardly covers anything, especially down below."

I groaned as a very suggestive image planted itself in my mind, "You realize I have to study and now all I can think about is you in that towel; or you under that towel."

"Well that's OK," she continued happily, "girls like to know that their boyfriends are thinking about them."

"If you understand boys the way I think you do, and I know I do, you know very well that they aren't fantasizing about the color of some girl's hair."

"Depends where it is!" she said provocatively, and then teasing me further, "If anyone sees me in this towel they'll know for sure that I'm a 'real blonde', as you guys like to say; but you know that already so I guess you don't need to see me in this."

"I certainly do, and as soon as possible!" I suggested. "Where did you hear that 'real blonde' expression?" I asked.

"I've overheard guys in high school saying it when they're discussing girls as we come out of the change room after gym class."

"I would never use such language," I said, trying to be dignified.

"Right," she replied, "of course not, you're different from other boys," and then she laughed at me in a way that blew my pretenses away!

Wow! One strip poker game had certainly changed my shy beautiful Jayne. This conversation was amazing, and very informative. I had totally underestimated how much girls actually knew about how guys discussed them!

But then she continued more seriously, "Much as I would like to continue this very naughty phone call with you, I also have to study. But after Thursday I don't have another exam for a week, so I'm taking Saturday off. Would you like to come over again? Kathy and I are thinking about having a small group in, because my parents are at a convention. They've already given us permission. She and I have some special plans."

"What are they?"

"You'll just have to wait and see," she said teasing.

"Of course I'll come, but can we spend some time by ourselves?"

"What for?" she said, pretending innocence.

"So I can see how you look in that tiny towel!" I said hopefully.

"And I thought you were different from other boys. I thought you liked me for my mind. I'm so disappointed!" she said teasing me back.

"No, I'm just normal; and you knew very well when you told me about the towel what it would do to me."

"Enough!" she commanded, "Now go study."

"Yes ma'am. Goodnight."

After this conversation it was necessary to partake in some personal extracurricular recreation so that my mind could actually focus on schoolwork. And the next day after my exam it was necessary to drive to a pharmacy as far away from home as possible where no one would recognize me making a very embarrassing purchase.

Saturday finally came, after what seemed to be a glacial amount of time. Jayne had called me in the afternoon, requesting that I arrive before the others, at 6:30.

After the short walk, and in much better weather than two weeks ago, I rang the bell. And there she was, every bit or more lovely than I recalled from the last evening. There was no possible way this exquisite girl could be mine. I studied her; the startling blue eyes, medium length blond hair, slim figure and long legs. Even if I was the most clever, handsome, athletic and accomplished guy in the world, and I was none of those things, I could never measure up to this girl.

She immediately spotted the serious look on my face, "Is something wrong?" she asked.

"You are so beautiful," I said truthfully, closing the front door and taking off my coat.

She put her arms around my neck, I held her and we kissed; a long and very, very passionate kiss. Then we heard a noise.

"Ahem! OK, children, get your paws off each other; playtime later, we have things to discuss," said Kathy who had appeared in the front hall.

Jayne and I broke off our embrace; we looked at each other, flushed.

Kathy snorted, but was laughing, "Boy, you two have it bad!"

"Come on down to the den and listen up," she continued feigning disgust, "and if you can't pay attention and keep making eyes at each other I'm going to dump a pail of cold water over both of you."

Probably not a bad idea, at least in my case, I was already pretty aroused.

We all sat down and listened to Kathy. As much as I was head over heels for Jayne, Kathy's medium length brown hair, green-grey eyes and nice figure certainly never escaped my notice.

"I ended up telling Debbie about our little game of strip poker the other day."

Debbie is a good friend of Kathy's and is in her last year of high school. She is also 18, a year younger than Jayne and I.

"But no one was supposed to know," I interjected.

"Yes, it's my fault, but she was going on and on about playing strip poker with Scott and I just wanted to shut her up, once and for all."

Scott was the current subject of Debbie's attentions, also an 18 year old high school senior, although none of us knew whether he was equally interested in Debbie.

"So what did she say?" I asked.

"Well at first I'm sure she didn't believe me," Kathy continued, "so I told her to check it out with either Jayne or you. Of course, I knew she wouldn't have enough nerve to actually ask a boy about a real strip poker game. She's all talk; no action!"

"And?" I said.

"Well I think she now knows I wasn't kidding because a week ago she started to literally beg me to include her in another game with you and Jayne. When I finally agreed to ask you two whether you would consider it, she started going on and on about how in a game with three girls and one boy, the boy would be stripped in no time! I'm absolutely sure she just wants to get in a game so she can see you naked and then she'll chicken out when her turn finally comes."

"So?" I asked.

"Jayne and I talked this over, and we have decided to teach her a permanent lesson, if you will help us."

"We have invited her over for 7:00, and told her there might be a game tonight," Kathy continued, "however; there are a few conditions she doesn't know about."

"Such as?"

"I am going to referee the game and, just to make things more interesting and uncomfortable for Debbie, I also invited Scott over!"

I was surprised and said, "Does Scott know what's supposed to happen?"

"He doesn't have a clue," Jayne interposed, "you might have to talk him into playing."

I considered all of this information. As far as talking Scott into a game, that shouldn't be too hard. The chance to see three naked girls is a pretty powerful incentive for a guy even if you have to take your own clothes off. Debbie was another matter. If Kathy was right, having Scott here would likely cause her fold her tent before the game even off the ground.

"I get the picture, when Debbie chickens out, you will be able to really rub her nose in all her cheap talk."

"Yes," said Kathy laughing, "for years and years to come. She'll never hear the end of it. I expect it will shut up her bragging for good."

"But what if she actually plays?" I asked.

"We've thought of that too," said Jayne, "and we'll be sure she is the first one naked, unless she is incredibly lucky; so if she wants to see a naked boy, she'll have to take all her clothes off and stay in the game. She'll probably chicken out before that happens."

"But if she goes through with it, Scott might get to see you," I said to Jayne, suddenly concerned.

"Yes," said Kathy, "and that's why I am going to not only play, but referee. So I can make sure that any dares don't go too far. And Scott knows that you two are an item because I told him that when I invited him over, he's a pretty decent guy, I doubt if he will do anything silly. He's got two other unattached girls to take advantage of, and one of them apparently has a big crush on him."

"Are you going to be jealous if things get serious?" Jayne asked.

"Probably," I replied, "because things are different now from the first game. But I don't own you, and Scott will have to get naked as well, so I'll try to be mature about it. If you're OK with it, I'm OK with it."

My feelings weren't entirely in synch with my words.

"There's looking and there's touching," Jayne said seriously, "Scott can look, but I don't think I'm going to allow anyone but you to touch."

And then, "Please say you'll do it for me?" she asked, "Debbie needs to be brought down a peg or two for sure, and we've been planning this for nearly a week."

"Yes," Kathy added teasing, "And I'm sure Jayne will make it up to you!"

Jayne flushed, but her eyes were excited. "Kathy, just shut up. I'll do whatever I want with him, and not because he'll play strip poker with us!" she exclaimed.

"I'm sure you will, missy," Kathy said laughing, "it's written all over your face. He'd have to be the stupidest guy alive not to see it."

Kathy turned to me and said in a conspiratorial tone, "I really need to take her aside for a lecture; she's so forward about you it's embarrassing. My formerly shy older sister ... from the moment she took her clothes off and did that dare for you; my goodness what a change! Heaven only knows what sort of mischief you two got up to after I went to bed. Both of you left all alone downstairs, totally naked and half drunk. Imagine!"

"I never kiss and tell!" I stated, trying to be serious.

Jayne just gave her a little glare, and then said to me, "She's been curious for the last two weeks, and keeps dropping little hints for me to satisfy her dirty little mind. Shall I tell her?"

"If you want to, I don't care as long as it stays amongst we three," I replied.

"Well since you are so very, very interested," Jayne said to Kathy, "we went pretty far, but not all the way, not because we didn't want too, because we both really, really wanted to, me especially, but because I was sure I'd get pregnant. And he was very sweet and responsible and didn't force me, even though he knew I would have just let myself go and given myself to him in a heartbeat. So there, now you know!"

If only she knew how close I came to acting on my instincts!

"OK, I won't ask for any more details," Kathy said, "as lurid as I am sure they are."

"Since we are telling a few secrets," she continued turning in my direction and smiling, "I don't mind admitting that after that last dare we did I was so turned on that if I'd been left alone with you in the den like Jayne, I probably would have just thrown myself at you, regardless of the consequences. I don't know how you two ever managed to stop after all that kissing and caressing that I saw and Lord knows what else that I didn't see! If it had been me instead of Jayne, I would have had you in bed with me so fast you wouldn't believe it. As it was it took me forever to get to sleep."

"So Jayne," Kathy exclaimed, laughing as she did so, "please be careful with your dares, otherwise you might just have to loan him to me for a while. But don't worry, I'll return him to you in good condition!"

Jayne and I joined into the laughter. Kathy's indiscretion about her own state of arousal at the end of that memorable night seemed to bring all of us together.

Then we heard the doorbell.

"That will be Debbie," Kathy said, "I told Scott to come at 7:30."

"This should be interesting," said Jayne.

"Showtime!" remarked Kathy.

"Would you like me to answer the door?" I suggested.

"That would be really good," said Kathy, "she'll get all flustered right away, thinking that she's going to see you naked."

I went up the steps and opened the front door. There was Debbie. She looked a little startled to see me at first.

"Hi," I said, "come on in."

Debbie is a petite redhead with long flowing hair that goes almost to her waist and green eyes. There is the slightest trace of freckles in her complexion. She is not stunningly beautiful, like Jayne, or very cute and pretty, like Kathy, but still very good looking and has a fairly well developed figure for someone who's probably not even five feet tall on a good day.

"Where are Kathy and Jayne?" she asked, taking off her coat.

"Down in the den, or maybe in the kitchen getting things ready," I said as I hung up her coat, "How's school?" I continued in my friendliest possible tone of voice. I turned and looked right into her eyes at the end of my question.

Kathy was spot on with her prediction; Debbie flushed and averted her gaze from me.

I smirked at her reaction. So I had to make sure she didn't see it by covering my mouth with my hand as if I was thinking.

"Let's go down to the den," I suggested.

As we entered the room the girls came down the back stairs carrying a tray of fruit and a laden cheese board.

"Hi Debbie," Kathy greeted her.

"Hi, Kathy, Hi Jayne," Debbie replied, "how are your exams going?"

"The same as everyone else's," Jayne replied, "brutal! University is nothing like high school at all. Just wait until you see how hard you have to work."

Jayne and Kathy started up a lengthy conversation about everything but the thing they knew was on Debbie's mind. I realized this was deliberate. They wanted her to squirm a little.

I volunteered to make some drinks.

"I left the rum on the kitchen counter with the shot glass and a tray," Jayne said, "There is still more than half of it left. Don't make the drinks any stronger than the last time; unless you want me throwing up on you when we're making out later." she laughed, "You know where everything else is."

Debbie's eyes were as wide as saucers at this bold statement about making out, which I knew was entirely for her benefit. Now Debbie was surely wondering what really went on at the strip poker game. She looked away; Kathy winked at me.

"Would you like a rum and Coke, Debbie?" I asked.

"Is everyone having one?" she asked, "Because we're all under age. My parents won't let me even have a glass of wine at Christmas."

"Well your parents aren't here," said Kathy, "of course the rest of us are having real drinks; it makes the evening more fun. Don't worry, he won't make them very strong, he has his orders. You can go watch him if you like."

"No, no, it's OK," she replied, "just make mine the same as the others."

"OK," I said and went up to the kitchen to prepare a tray of drinks.

When I returned and served them I noticed that it was almost 7:30.

Kathy had observed it too, so she said, "Debbie, they have agreed to a strip poker rematch tonight, with you included, however, it didn't seem fair, three girls and only one guy to share between us; so I invited Scott to join us. He doesn't know about the game, but hopefully he'll play. He should be here any minute."

The doorbell rang, right on cue, and Debbie's face fell as she digested this news. She was trapped like a butterfly on a pin, looking from side to side for a solution. Of course none was forthcoming from either Jayne or Kathy. I almost felt sorry for her; almost!

"Shall I get the door," I said.

"Yes please," replied Jayne, all business.

I welcomed Scott into the house and took his coat. We knew each other but weren't really friends. Scott is a little taller than I am and heavier, but still in very good shape.

"Where is everybody," he asked.

"Down in the den," I replied, "I'll show you the way."

He followed me into the den and greeted the girls.

Kathy got up and gave him a little hug, "Thanks for coming," she said.

I could see that Debbie wasn't pleased with the hug.

Jayne gave him a welcoming smile and then turned to me, "Why don't you get Scott a drink upstairs?"

Debbie, it appeared, might be displeased, but couldn't seem to speak. I wonder why?

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