tagExhibitionist & VoyeurThe Proper Rules For Strip Poker Ch. 03

The Proper Rules For Strip Poker Ch. 03



Author's Note: This story can be read as a standalone piece; but as in the case of the second story in the series, some of the subtler items will be much more meaningful if you have read the original stories, "The Proper Rules For Strip Poker", and "The Proper Rules For Strip Poker: The Sequel".

This is my longest story and will be the last in this series as I've stretched this idea just about as far as it deserves to go, or maybe farther! But if a reader perseveres, I think the ending will be worth it; but the readers will be the judge!


It was Thursday evening. It had taken me a long time to get home after writing my final exam of the university year. But I was finished! Nothing left to do but wait for the results. Hopefully I had passed my first year. I was further delayed because I stopped off at the student apartments to pick up and pay for some rum and vodka that a friend, who was 21 and could purchase liquor legally, had obtained for me. I got home and found that my mother had left me some supper but only two of my younger siblings were home. Everyone else had gone out.

I ate the plate gratefully and then grabbed the telephone to call Jayne. Jayne is my new girlfriend, a fairly tall slender blonde with a slim figure and medium length hair. Besides being one of the most beautiful girls I have ever known, she has the most startling blue eyes. Everyone, whether male or female, immediately notices them. Jayne and I are both 19 and attend the same university. After only one ring Jayne picked up my call.

"Hi, I was hoping you would call," she said happily, "How did it go?"

"That one was probably the easiest of the lot, thank goodness," I replied, "How was yours?"

"It was English, which is my best subject, so I should be OK."

"So when can we celebrate; tonight?"

"No, tomorrow would be better."

"Listen," she continued in a serious tone of voice, "since you are now my lover you get to know some personal things. My period just finished today and I don't feel particularly fresh or feminine so I'm not much in the mood for romance no matter how much I love you. In addition, I'm dead tired as I'm sure you are. I am planning to have a hot shower, a snack and then watch some TV and go to bed early."

"I understand," I said trying to keep the disappointment out of my voice.

"However," she replied more brightly, "we could get together tomorrow unless you are working."

And then she added meaningfully, "My parents don't fly in until Saturday afternoon."

"I don't start my summer job until Monday." I answered, and then added, "Maybe we could have lunch and spend the day together?"

"That rum you brought before is gone, can you get any more?"

"I picked up a bottle of rum and a bottle of vodka on my way home, shall I bring them?"

"Yes, please. I don't know what Kathy and Scott and Steve and Debbie have planned, but if they're going to be over here there will probably be a party tomorrow night with my parents away. I'll give you some money because that stuff is expensive."

"You supplied all of the food and soft drinks at the last two parties. I don't think you should have to give me any money for liquor. Don't worry, I'm not shy. If Scott and Steve and the girls are going to be drinking I'll make sure they contribute towards the cost."

"I'm going to make us something for lunch so come by at noon. Bye now. I love you."

"Me too! Goodnight!"

As I hung up the phone I thought about everything that had happened recently, still amazed. It started with the first strip poker game; two weeks ago last Saturday night between Jayne, me and Kathy, Jayne's 18 year old younger sister, a pretty girl with medium length brown hair and green-grey eyes. Kathy has an outgoing personality and a good sense of humor and is quite a tease. And to make matters worse for her victims, she's very good at it! The game started fairly spontaneously at Jayne's urging after I described to the girls how to play correctly. It ended with everyone a little bit drunk and "all in" in the clothes department. The game was quite a learning experience on several levels. I got to see not one, but two, real live naked girls for the very first time! I also discovered that my feelings for Jayne were very strong and that she felt much the same way about me. At the end of the evening, when we were alone, some very passionate kissing and intimate touching brought us very close to having sex. Only the fear of pregnancy; and my total lack of preparation in the "protection" department kept our virginity intact!

Last Saturday night, after a two week separation from Jayne due to university exams, there was a second game. This one was initially requested by Debbie, a petite green-eyed redhead with a perfect figure who is also an 18 year old high school senior like Kathy, her best friend. Apparently she was curious to see me naked, possibly without having to take all her clothes off as well. But Kathy and Jayne decided to use the game to teach Debbie a lesson because they doubted her willingness to play the game fairly, and were tired of her ridiculous boasting about her relations with boys. So they invited Scott, one of Debbie's romantic interests, to come over as well, as a surprise for Debbie. After I talked Scott into playing, which wasn't all that hard, the game nearly folded because Debbie lost her nerve. But once the game got started, it led to some interesting consequences. Kathy and Scott discovered they were very, very attracted to each other, so Debbie lost out in the Scott sweepstakes. And the game again went "all the way", resulting in not only everyone in the nude, but doing dares.

Now Scott, as it turned out, had a best friend Steve, a tall handsome boy with curly blond hair who is also 18 and in his last year of high school like Scott. And Steve apparently had a big crush on Debbie, but was so shy he couldn't get up his nerve to ask her out. So Jayne decided to "break the ice" between Steve and Debbie; and she did so with a vengeance! She got Steve to come over on the pretense of walking Debbie home and coaxed Debbie into flashing her naked body at him as a dare. Jayne's plan clearly worked, as I learned a few days later, because the walk home and some subsequent kissing ended up with Steve and Debbie becoming an "item".

After Debbie left, Jayne gave a dare to Scott and Kathy that was to happen inside a dark closet and designed to raise both their temperatures to the boiling point. Jayne and I left for her bedroom just as it started. We both then experienced sex for the first time. Our lovemaking, if not perfect, was very passionate and it only made the bond between us stronger.

My thoughts jolted back into the present as I arrived at the house almost exactly at noon. I rang the bell. I didn't have to wait long before Jayne opened the door and took my hand to lead me into the house.

She gave me a big hug and a little kiss and said, "Hang up your coat and bring that stuff up to the kitchen; lunch is out and I'm hungry."

When we got to the kitchen I saw that the table had a tray of carrot sticks and fruit along with a plate of sandwiches and some cookies. There were two places set and a candle was lit in the middle of the table!

"What would you like to drink?" she asked, smiling as she saw my reaction to the candle.

She continued laughing, "I decided that our first sit-down meal together should be a little bit romantic."

"I am impressed, but I didn't get any wine, and it might be a little early for a drink."

"How about a glass of milk?"

"Perfect! I know where the glasses are. You made the lunch; I'll get it," I volunteered.

"Milk could be just the thing for both of us; we might need our strength later?" she teased me with a little smile.

My heart raced with anticipation, and desire!

"You have no idea what you can do to me when you say certain things to me or look at me in a certain way," I said smiling at her, "I am just helpless where you are concerned!"

"Well you do some things to me that I not even going to describe to you because I'm very modest. But you're pretty smart, maybe you can figure some of them out for yourself!" she replied, half teasing me.

As I began to pour the milk she came up behind me and put her arms around my waist and placed her head against my shoulder.

"I am so happy," she sighed.

And then she said releasing me, "But I'm going to be good, at least for now, so let's eat!"

I brought the glasses to the table and we sat down.

As we ate we talked about university and our exams; and about mutual friends and plans for the summer. Jayne excused herself to use the washroom for a minute.

As I sat there in reflection I experienced a whole new set of feelings. This girl was so different and fascinating, and yet familiar to me. Instead of worrying about good night kisses or whether I should take some bolder steps as I had with my previous girlfriends; I found myself much more interested in what she thought or felt about things that I thought or felt strongly about. Maybe, I decided, things are very different between a boy and a girl once they have had sex. My introspection was interrupted by her return.

She sat down and said, "Cookie?" offering the plate to me.

"Thanks; can I ask you something sort of personal?"

"Of course," she replied.

"I know that everyone knows that boys are always fantasizing in ridiculous ways about girls, but do girls think about boys that way at all?"

"Well I can't speak for all other girls but I certainly spent lots of time thinking about certain boys I met and imagining them asking me out or even kissing me. But as far as fantasizing about sex, when I did that the other person was usually not very much anyone real. That is until I met you! After that party at the end when we did those slow dances and then you asked if you could walk me home I was very excited. And then you didn't even try to kiss me goodnight!"

"Well," I said defensively, "a lot of girls have a 'no kissing on the first date' rule and I didn't want to ruin my chances with you. And you were so quiet while we were walking I was just too nervous to try anything."

Jayne laughed, and then shook her head and said, "If only you knew what I really wanted right then! After you left I was full of some very naughty thoughts about you and I; and even though it was only in my imagination, I was surprised at myself because I am usually so shy and cautious about any boy I am interested in! When you came over that Saturday something just changed inside me, I can't really explain it. Maybe that's why I almost forced Kathy to play strip poker with us; I was just trying to throw myself at you any way I could. Now I am so very bold with you; the old Jayne would be horrified at my behavior. But I don't care because everything just feels so right."

"With me it's sort of the opposite," I said, "with other girls it was always about what they might let me do; which is probably why they didn't let me do much of anything at all. With you, it's more about how I feel than anything else; even though we have done everything that I ever dreamed would happen with a girl. All I know is that if I'm not in love with you, then someone needs to tell me what this is, because I don't know how else to explain it!"

Jayne had a soft look on her face, and then she leaned over and gave me a tender little kiss on the lips.

"I think we're both in love and it's so wonderful!" she said happily.

We kissed again and then she said, "But we have to discuss some important things right now, while we are in private. I hope you don't mind?"

"Of course not, why should I mind? What sort of things?"

"Birth control."

"Oh!" I blushed a little.

"I went to the women's health clinic at the university last Monday and saw a lady doctor. I explained to her that I was in my first serious relationship and that I knew that condoms weren't nearly as good as the pill for birth control. Even though she was pretty friendly she gave me quite a lecture on sexual disease transmission; until I finally got her to stop by telling her that I was very sure that both of us were virgins before we met and therefore we didn't need condoms for anything except birth control."

"So," Jayne continued, "after that she was really nice to me and gave me a very quick physical, asked me if I smoked, and then explained to me exactly how to use the pill so there is as little risk of getting pregnant as possible. Best of all, because the clinic is used for the university students and does some community work, the drug companies have provided it with a lot of 3 month starter kits that they can give away for free. The companies probably figure that once a women starts on their pill, if they don't have problems they'll stay on that brand for a long time. So anyway, I got a starter kit and I've started to take the pills already. The doctor spent quite a bit of time with me to make sure I understood exactly how to take them and insisted that I take them at the same time every day, no matter what. And she also had a chart for the first month, because even though the pills work right away, she wants us to use a condom as well if we have sex on all of the days she has marked off. And today is not one of the ones marked off! After that we won't need them unless I forget to take one or have some other problems. I have to go back at the end of the three months for a checkup and to get a prescription."

"Does this mean you're planning to have more sex with me?" I asked gently, teasing her.

"We'll see," she replied tossing her head, "just because I can have sex with you without worrying about getting pregnant; it doesn't mean you don't have to be nice and romantic with me to get what you want."

And then she softened her tone, "Actually what we both want. But be nice and romantic anyway, because I like it!"

"That is the easiest thing in the world when I'm with you," I said smiling back at her.

"But since we are discussing serious adult things," I continued, "what about the other two ex- virgins and birth control?"

"When I was at the clinic," Jayne said, "even though the doctor is covered by our student health plan and the starter kit was free, I did make a purchase, some condoms and some of that foam as well. And, I asked the doctor to see Kathy, even though she's not a university student and would have to pay. Lucky for her, the doctor agreed to see her and have the visit charged to the community care budget, so she's going Saturday morning. But it's not the right time for her to start on the pill so that's why I got the reinforcements."

"What worked out even better," she continued, "was that Scott showed up last night so they could do homework together. With Mom and Dad away it was the perfect time to corner both of them and discuss the situation. I must say I was pretty dramatic! I made them sit in the living room on the couch without telling them why and then plunked both items on the coffee table. You should have seen their faces!"

She giggled, "And then I gave them quite a lecture on using both, every time!"

"Kathy wasn't too happy with me for interfering in her love life, to say the least, but Scott thanked me and promised that they would be very careful. He even offered to pay me for the stuff. He really is a very nice guy, and pretty mature for a high school senior. He's good for Kathy that way. He doesn't know about Kathy possibly starting on the pill. I'm leaving it up to her to tell him when she wants to."

"Kathy doesn't know how lucky she is to have a sister like you," I said.

"Well before you put me on too much of a pedestal you should know I had some selfish motives in mind. If, God forbid, Kathy were to get pregnant and my parents found out; even though they would be very angry and upset, at least I could defend myself by showing that I did everything possible to protect her!"

"Not only are you very beautiful, but you are very practical and sensible as well. No wonder I've fallen in love with you!" I said.

We started another kiss, but before much else could happen we heard a commotion coming from the front hall.

"Hi there!" Kathy called out.

There was a thumping of feet on the stairs and then the kitchen was full of people, Kathy and Scott, Debbie and Steve, as well as Nancy and John, who I knew were also in the same school year and the same age as the others. Nancy is a brunette with short hair and brown eyes, about the same height as Kathy. John is not as tall as Steve, but very athletic and very smart. He wins a lot of the academic awards at high school.

"What are all of you doing home from school?" Jayne asked sharply.

"We decided to cut classes," Kathy replied, "It doesn't matter, our marks are already into the universities and some of us, like John, already have early admission. So we're going to have a party."

As everyone said hello, I noticed that the girls had bags from the grocery store and the guys were carrying cases of pop. They started emptying the bags on the counter.

"Hey," Scott said, "you got more booze. Can we have some?"

"Only if you give him some money," Jayne said.

"OK," Scott replied.

There was a brief interchange as Scott and Steve and John got out their wallets and gave me some cash so they could share the liquor. The girls started to put out some of the food while the guys made drinks under Scott's supervision; because Scott knew from our previously party how to measure them for a crowd of alcohol neophytes! Then they all grabbed the food and drinks and went down to the den, with much laughing and giggling. Jayne and I were left to ourselves, at least for the moment. We were both quite amused.

"It looks like our romantic solitude is done for now," I remarked.

"Yes," she replied, blowing out the candle, "I guess we're going to have to chaperone a party!"

"Even though we're only a year older than them," I offered, "they seem so young. I guess going to university changes you more than you think."

It was already pretty lively down in the den. No doubt the drinks were already taking effect on most of them!

"Let's go down and join them," Jayne said smiling at me, "we'll have time to ourselves later on. I'll make sure of it!" she promised.

"OK," I said, "Shall we have a drink too?"

"Why not; it's our last day of freedom before my parents come home."

I prepared two weak rum and Cokes for us and we started to go downstairs, narrowly avoiding being trampled by Steve and Scott coming upstairs to prepare refills.

"Sorry," Scott apologized.

"Take it easy, guys," I warned, "we're not at all anxious to clean up after someone throws up. Make sure they all have plenty to eat."

"OK," Steve replied seriously, "I'll make them slow down on the refills after this."

When we got to the den there we had to look around for a place to sit. Even with Steve and Scott upstairs the den was getting crowded. So Jayne and I found a place on the floor.

It didn't take long for Kathy to look at the two of us and start stirring the pot!

"She just about melts whenever he's around." she said to Debbie in a conspiratorial tone of voice as if Jayne couldn't hear, "Just watch her a minute or two and you'll see her making ga-ga eyes at him?"

"Kathy!" Jayne said sternly.

Kathy, giggling, said in a stage whisper, "I think she might be in love with him."

"No really ... wow!" Debbie replied, also in a loud whisper, joining in the fun.

"As a matter of fact we are both in love," Jayne retorted hotly, "and I don't care who knows it. As if you two very silly schoolgirls would even know what's it like!"

The rest of us laughed as the guys returned with the drink refills and started to pass them out.

"How did it happen?" Nancy asked, clearly intensely interested.

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