tagSci-Fi & FantasyThe Proposal Ch. 03

The Proposal Ch. 03


Having elicited Todd's promise to not experience Rick's immersion without her, Charlie proceeds to torture Todd by not only refusing to experiencing the immersion, but withholding her sexual favors as well. "I'm saving myself for you on Saturday," was always her response to his seduction attempts, but she always softened the rejections with a long, lingering kiss. Todd has gone without sex for a week before, when he wasn't feeling well or she wasn't, or any number of other reasons, but never has he experienced such sexual frustration.

Tuesday evening, as they prepared for bed, Todd was playing grab-ass with Charlie in the bathroom. He had already caught into the game she was playing, but that didn't mean he couldn't try ... and if he got in a feel of her sweet ass, so much the better. But then he noticed the bruises on her buttocks and all the fun ended. "Did I do that?" Todd asked quietly, pointing to her bottom.

"Yes, you did," Charlie says somewhat sternly as she watches his face in the mirror. Just as it appeared he was about to say something, probably an apology, the big softy, she turns to face him. Bracing her bottom on the sink Charlie reaches out and, grabbing the front of his shirt, yanks him to her. Placing her lips mere millimeters from his she breaths, "And it was sooo worth it." Charlie covers his mouth with her own on the last syllable and kisses him with as much passion as she could muster, forcing her tongue into his mouth and pulling him into her.

Todd hesitates just a moment, caught off guard by her sudden change in attitude, and then responds in kind. He sucks in a great lungful of air and pushes his hips into hers, sending a pleasant little tingle through his loins.

After a moment Charlie pushes him away, "That's enough. I told you, Saturday. I need you fresh because I have plans for you," she says, before turning back to the sink to wash her face. Charlie waits a moment before looking the mirror again, only to see Todd standing there with an "Are you kidding me?" look on his face. She gives him a loud, lip puckered smooch in the mirror, causing him to lightly scream in mock frustration as he leaves the bathroom. She watches him go, smiling, but as soon as he is out of the room Charlie sags ever so slightly ... much more of that and she would have lost her resolve. Taking a deep relaxing breath, she begins to scrub her face.

* * *

After tennis on Wednesday evening Todd told Rick of his plight at home. Charlie did the same with Giselle in the next court where they were playing a slow easy game in deference to Giselle's ankle. Rick thinks it considerably funnier than Todd and Giselle and Charlie giggle like school girls doing something naughty.

Todd knew Charlie was playing him like an instrument. Each night she wore a little less to bed, something a little more sheer. He didn't know she had so many skimpy underthings until he realizes that he hasn't see the exact same outfit twice in the entire week. Not only is she undressing in the longest strip tease in history, each night her good night kisses become deeper, longer, more erotic and more promising, until Thursday she adds a gentle caress of his testicles during the kiss.

Never has Todd enjoyed a week so much, and at the same time so want to blow his brains out. Todd works in the advertising department of Quality Motor Cars. The Chinese, they have no flair for naming things in English, but then, that is why they hired him he supposes, where he, along with a half-dozen others, are working to introduce the brand to the United States. He is trying to get the advertising campaign underway but he can't get any straight answers from China on which car models will be arriving and when, their price points, their equipment levels, anything he can use as a hook. He has a meeting scheduled for Friday to do some bitching and yelling, demanding they get their shit together, but when Friday arrives he was so preoccupied with Saturday he reschedules the meeting to the following Monday because he can't focus.

When Todd arrives home Friday he finds Charlie working away in her office, a converted bedroom with walls covered in pictures of scantily clad, and very lovely, ladies. Todd notices, he was a male after all, but he really only had eyes for Charlie. Charlie looks up when he enters, "Oh good, you're home! I didn't feel like cooking tonight so I thought we would just have a salad. Is that okay with you?"

What Todd really wanted to eat, slowly, with a spoon, was sitting in that chair, but, "Sure. A salad will be fine."

When Charlie joins Todd in the kitchen he has already changed out of his work clothes into a comfortable pullover and shorts and he is busy ripping the lettuce into shreds for the salads. A dirty cheese grater and a bowl of coarsely grated cheese sits nearby. "Does this mean I have to clean up?" Charlie asks.

"Nope," Todd responds, "I'll take care of it. You can thank me in the morning."

"Oh, about in the morning," Charlie responds brightly, "Giselle pinged me today. Her ankle is feeling much better and she wants to get a game in early, before the rain is supposed to start. I told her I would love to play."

Todd's busy hands stop working on the lettuce. He doesn't groan, not verbally anyway, but Charlie could see it written all over his face. His hands start again, "I'll ping Rick and see if he wants to play," Todd says, doing a pretty good job of keeping the disappointment out of his voice.

"Yeah," Charlie says sadly, "That's going to crimp our plans a little."

"It's okay," Todd says, loading the lettuce into two bowls. Picking up two dressing bottles, wagging one Todd says, "Zesty Italian Vinaigrette, or," wagging the other bottle "Vinegar and Oil, or," Todd looks over his shoulder to check the third bottle sitting on the counter, then turns back to face Charlie, "Ranch?"

"What I think I really want for dinner," Charlie responds with a suggestive smile as she begins to slowly unbutton her shirt, "is you."

Todd looks at her for a moment then turns, saying nothing at all, and puts the dressing, lettuce and cheese into the refrigerator. When he turns back Charlie is pulling the tails of her shirt out of her pants, the front gaping open showing her breasts in a silky lace bra. Todd feels himself stiffening immediately as he rounds the counter extension between them and takes Charlie's face in his hands. She flinches slightly from their coldness but his mouth on hers warms her up again. "Suddenly I'm not hungry. For a salad anyway," Todd says as he pulls back. Charlie turns, and with exaggerated swishing of her hips, heads to their bedroom, saying nothing. Todd watches her go for a moment, admiring the view. She definitely still has it.

Only minutes later Todd and Charlie are spooning, nude, in the bed, Todd's front to Charlie's back. Normally they wore some form of sleepwear but Charlie crawled into the bed with nothing on, so he did as well. Charlie must not have wanted anything to slow them down like the last time they made love, Todd guesses. "Do you really have a game tomorrow?" Todd asks.

"Yes. You do too. We're playing a foursome. Boy's against girls?" she asks, her voice rising in query to see if that was agreeable to him.

Todd stops stroking the top side of her thigh and reaches over and down to the inside of her thigh, drawing his fingers along the inside of the thigh, up the crease where her leg joins her torso, along the hip and back to the place he started. "I love boys against girls."

Charlie giggles a little. "Me too, but I'm talking about in tennis."

"Oh. That will be okay too." After a pause Todd asks, "So you really were going to make me wait until in the morning?"

"That was my plan but I couldn't stand it anymore." Charlie feels Todd's lips on her neck, his stroking hand on her thigh warming her nicely. Todd is propping on an elbow so he only has one free hand, but he is making good use of it. "Are you ready to start?" Charlie asks.

"The immersion ... or something else?" Todd asks, pulling her buttocks more firmly onto his rigid penis.

"The immersion. The other ... that will come after," Charlie promises.

Charlie feels Todd move as he settles more fully to the spooning position, his knees tucked in behind hers, firm penis against her buttocks, chest to her back. He encircles her in his arms and pulls her snuggly against him. "Ready when you are," Todd says.

"Hold on tight my love. You are about to have a hell of a ride," Charlie says lightly. "And if you're lucky, you may get another one afterwards." With that promise Charlie enters the immersion, and moments later Todd joins her.

* * *

Todd once again finds himself walking along a deserted beach with Giselle. She is so beautiful in the late evening sunlight, the rich red light from the sinking sun playing in her hair, the wind occasionally blowing it into her eyes. Each time she looks at him, pushing the hair back, his heart leaps. There is an anticipation that makes the walk in the sand with Giselle even more pleasurable than normal, but there is a sense of dread as well.

Giselle's athletic build allows her to move with the economy of motion and constrained power of a jungle cat. She is wearing a black one piece bathing suit with a white gauzy wrap around her shoulders, and Todd once again admires the poise with which she carries herself. With her strength and beauty, and her copper colored hair and hazel green eyes, Giselle was an Irish goddess given life. Though Todd has had his share of women in the past, Giselle is the first woman he has fallen for, and he has fallen hard. As they walk along the beach, arm in arm, Todd occasionally, furtively, checks his left pocket, the side opposite Giselle, to ensure the lump is still there.

They turn away from the water's edge and head farther up on the beach to where four torches are flickering in the wind. Below the torches is a dinner of spiced meat, cubes of cheese, and fresh fruit along with a bottle of wine, all beautifully presented on a large red blanket spread over the sand, held down with a large smooth stone on each corner. A wicker basket contains more of the same, along with plates, utensils, and most importantly, wine glasses for two. "Oh, Rick, it is lovely!" Giselle exclaims.

Todd is flooded with a sense of relief. Todd has never been a romantic, all this was still new to him and he was always fearful of getting it wrong and disappointing Giselle, afraid she wouldn't like this attempt at a romantic dinner on the beach. Especially this night. Todd says nothing, afraid to speak lest his voice quiver, settling onto the blanket and reaching for her.

Giselle curls into Todd's waiting embrace, Todd slipping his arms around her waist and holding her gently to him. She is so warm, so soft, so beautiful. He bends and begins to kiss her gently on the neck, something he knows she likes. "I love you Giselle," Todd whispers in her ear.

Giselle makes a little sound of pleasure before twisting her upper body around. "I love you too," she whispers back, then, in a more playful tone Giselle adds, "But before that, let's eat! I'm starved!" Giselle pulls herself away from him and begins pulling plates and glasses out of the basket. Todd, the mood broken, laughs lightly then joins in to help.

They spend the next hour nibbling on cheese and meat, Todd so nervous that he doesn't have much of an appetite, so he pays special attention to Giselle. He feeds her bite size morsels, heavy on the cheese and fruit, since Giselle could take or leave meat as a general rule. Giselle and Todd have had many lovely dinners, but never one on a beach with the ocean rolling in on the sand and the lights of the California coast in the far distance.

After clearing away the dinner they lie back on the blanket, Giselle on her back while Todd, propping on his elbow, watches her, soaking in her beauty as she looks at the night sky. He lightly strokes her breast just for the pleasure of touching her and, he hopes, giving her a little pleasure too. She seems to be enjoying it well enough, but is this the right time? Maybe he should be more serious. Todd sees Giselle close her eyes. Afraid she might be starting to drop off Todd decides it is now or never. "Giselle?" Todd asks quietly.

"Hmmm?" Giselle says without opening her eyes.

"I want to ask you something."

Eyes still shut Giselle emits another questioning noise.

Todd takes Giselle's hands and carefully pulls her upright, causing her eyes to pop open in surprise. Todd reaches down and behind him and comes back with the small box he'd slipped from his pocket when they settled on the blanket so Giselle wouldn't see the bulge in his pocket. He opens the box to display a diamond ring inside, the stone, less than a carat total, sparkling in the dim torch light. "I know the stone isn't large but it is perfect, flawless. Just as you are," Todd, says, then taking a deep breath he plows on, "Giselle Siloque, will you marry me?"

Giselle stares at him, silent. As the silence lengthens Todd feels himself begin to flush ... how could he have been so stupid to think Giselle would have him? He sees the tears well in her eyes and Todd takes a breath, preparing to tell her it was alright, that he understands, when suddenly Giselle throws her arms around him.

"Yes. Yes!" Giselle says into his ear, holding him tight.

Todd feels a huge weight lift from his chest as relief floods through him and he clamps down hard on his emotions less Giselle see him cry in relief. Todd gently disentangles himself from Giselle's arms and, taking her left hand, slides the ring upon her finger. He continues to hold her hand briefly, looking at the ring, feeling like the luckiest man in the universe.

Giselle pulls her hand free and once again wraps her arms around his neck. "I love you soooo much." she says and then sniffs.

Had she been crying? He hadn't even noticed. Todd feels Giselle lean backwards, pulling him down upon her and he pulls hard against the tug lest he fall on and hurt her. Todd lifts his head from her shoulder and looks into Giselle face, seeing the tracks of her tears. No face so lovely should ever shed tears and he begins to kiss away their evidence. He kisses her cheeks and eyes gently, feeling his body warm with his love. He only thought he loved this woman before, but those feelings were insignificant compared the way he feels now. Giselle turns her head, offering him her mouth. Todd kisses her lips as gently as he had been kissing her eyes and cheeks, just a brush of his lips before Giselle grip his head, pulling him harder to her mouth. Todd responds by kissing her deeper, more passionately, their tongues colliding in a passionate embrace as he tastes the pineapple upon her, making her mouth sweeter to him still.

Todd feels Giselle pulls her mouth free from him and push his head down toward her breasts, but he moves his mouth back to her eyes, her cheeks, her ears, wanting to kiss every square inch of her. He nuzzles her neck in the way she likes, taking his time, kissing, teasing, enjoying her rising warmth, her increasing arousal stoking his fires. Todd feels Giselle push on his head again, trying to steer it lower, but he is enjoying her neck too much to be rushed.

Todd feels Giselle move and as he pulls his attention from the upper swell of her very lovely breast, he sees her squirm out of the upper half of her suit in a way that would make Houdini proud. Oh yes, that is much better. Taking the suit he slips it off of her and tosses it away carelessly. Never taking his eyes off of her, admiring her exceptional body, watching her nipples harden, he removes his own shirt and tosses it in the same direction as Giselle's suit. He begins to remove his swim trunks as well but changes his mind. Todd continues to watch Giselle, still in shock that she would have him, the poor kid from the wrong side of town. When Giselle reaches for him Todd places his knees between her thighs and lowers himself gently onto her. Supporting the bulk of his weight on his knees and elbows, Todd begins to once again kiss her, never removing his mouth from her body as he slowly works his way from her lips to her vagina.

Todd finally reaches Giselle's breasts and as he begins to kiss and lick them, he moves his hands to help with his balance and to further please Giselle by giving some attention to the breast not currently occupying his mouth. He swirls his tongue around her nipple, giving it little flicks, causing Giselle to moan and writhe, bucking her hips into him. He settles more weight onto her hips to give some resistance to her thrusts, the motion of her body adding fuel to his already roaring fire. He wants her so badly he can feel his penis throbbing, but tonight is her night. She has made it a night he will never forget and he will damn well try to do the same for her.

Todd moves on from her breasts, slowing kissing his way toward her womanhood, kissing, nipping, licking, sucking, Giselle's quiet moans, gasps and panting, her pushes and pulls, her need for him fanning his desire for her. He clamps hard down on his desires, his screaming lust, his need for her, focusing on her, refusing to yield to his body's desires.

Reaching her crotch Todd slides his hand between her thighs and his face, pushing her legs open so he could reach her inner-thighs, Giselle moaning loudly at his touch. He follows his hands with his lips, causing Giselle to push her thigh harder into his mouth. He moves with her, continuing with his kisses, her squirming exciting him even more.

Suddenly Giselle grabs his hair and pulls, hard, causing Todd to grunt in pain. "Pleeease Rick, please ..." Giselle begs softly. Todd starts to relent, but decides that no, she can take more, she will have to take more. He will make her as mad with desire for him as he is for her. Steeling his resolve, Todd ignores her cries for mercy and as soon as she lessens her tug on his hair, he resumes kissing, but moving faster now, with more urgency.

When Giselle releases the grip on his hair Todd sees her reach for herself, determined to take the release he will not give her. No! Tonight he will take the joy she has given him and return it to her a thousand fold, prove to her he is worthy of her affections, show her that he exists at her pleasure, for her pleasure. Todd's left hand snaps out and grabs Giselle by the wrist. When he feels her left hand release his hair, he catches her other wrist with his right hand. Giselle squeezes his head between her knees in frustration, trying to force her hands free from his grip, but he has her and he holds onto her firmly as she struggles.

Giselle stops tugging on her wrists, their brief struggle over; she has given herself over to him, allowing him to do with her as he wishes. Todd releases her wrists, and as she relaxes her hold on his head with her thighs, changes legs to begin kissing his way back to her vagina. He feels her shiver and he looks to see her fondling her breasts, seeking to drive herself into orgasm. Todd moves quickly to bury his face in her womanhood, his tongue probing, sliding, stroking. Almost instantly Giselle's hands are upon his head, pulling him hard to her, her hips thrusting, sending her pelvis crashing into his face painfully. Todd doesn't care, the pain no match for his desire to please this woman as she has never been pleased before. Todd grabs her ass, and while holding her crotch to him, struggles to his knees, his tongue fencing with her clitoris as he sits on his heels. He has removed her ability to pull away, forcing her to endure her orgasm as he pushes her farther into pleasure, assaulting her womanhood with his lips and tongue. Giselle writhes as a muffled scream of pleasure comes from her, and still Todd continues to probe and flick with his tongue, pinch and pull with his lips, driving her, pushing her deep into the flooding pleasure of her orgasm.

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