The Proposition


He dried himself off and started walking towards me. His cock was fully erect now, and bobbing with each step. I backed out of the bathroom and he took the B&B's bathrobe off a hook and wrapped it around himself, but didn't cinch the tie. His cock stood out between the two sides of the robe, perfectly framed.

"Finish your wine," he said. It wasn't a command, more of a suggestion, but I looked at him with a curious glance. "You can't drink it when you're tied up," he explained.

This was true. I moved over to the bed and finished the wine. He looked me up and down and said, "I like the garters. I think she had wanted you completely naked but you look so damn gorgeous I don't think she'll mind."

I moved to the centre of the bed and lay out, spread eagle, the memory of my mirror pose flashing through my head. He pulled the tie toward my hand and secured it, tying it to my wrist, then repeated with the other side.

Now, I've been tied up before. Let's face it, most people can't tie knots to save their lives, and most of the time I had to pretend that I was caught in order to maintain the illusion that I couldn't get out. But this guy knew what he was doing. His knots were expert: not only could I not get out of them even if I tried but he managed to do them in such a way that they were extremely comfortable and didn't cut off my circulation. I was impressed.

My legs and feet were next, and soon I was exposed. I couldn't move, pressed into the mattress from the ties holding me down. I looked down between my breasts, my breasts, my nipples reaching high into the air begging for attention. A slow drip of wetness seeped down my pussy onto my ass before falling to the sheets. An assembly line of lovers could have taken me at that moment and I would have loved every moment of it.

He stood at the edge of the bed, his cock aiming directly at my pussy (at least it seemed that way in my imagination). I imagined him coming from where he stood, thick ropes of come landing on my pussy in fiery streams.

He shed the robe and stood before me. He knelt on the foot of the bed and started crawling up to me.

My God, he's going to fuck me now. Thank God! my mind screamed.

"Do you remember the rules?" he asked me.

I nodded.

"What are they?" Closer.

"First, no pain." I found it difficult to say the words. I could smell his clean body now, the cologne he wore (when did he put that on? I didn't see it).

"That's right," he said, placing his hands on either side of my body. I looked down and saw his erection aiming straight at my hole. Yes, dammit, put it in me! "That means no biting, nibbling, scratching, or leaving any marks of any kind."

I nodded. "Second," I said, feeling the heat from his body hovering over mine now, "I can say anything I want but cannot ask any questions."

"Correct," he said, like a schoolmaster. "If you ask even one single question, just one, I'll call everything off. That means," he said, as the tip of his cock touched my clit as it bobbed, sending me writhing in frustration, "you will have to leave immediately. You don't want to leave, do you?"

"No-o..." I moaned. God, I wanted him to fuck me. Why wouldn't he fuck me? Please, just fuck me!

"And what's the third rule?" he asked, leaning so close I could feel his breath along the swell of my breast.

"Third..." my mind drew a blank. What was the third?

"Third," he said, patiently, "you will be tied up, open and ready for her to do with as she pleases. You are hers tonight and are to do everything in your power to give her pleasure."

"Yes," I agreed. I would have agreed to anything. Just stick that cock in me dammit!

"Oh, I almost forgot," he said, silkily. "You wanted to know what was in it for you."

With that, he thrust his cock balls deep into my pussy. One drive and he hit home, I screamed in ecstasy. I don't remember a time feeling so full and taken at once.

He rested inside me, but I felt his beautiful head throbbing inside my tight pussy walls. "This is what's in it for you. Is that acceptable?"

I opened and closed my mouth like a fish, unable to speak. The joy of being filled had left me rigid and tense. As quickly as he had entered me, he withdrew. I strained against my bonds in desperation.

"No-o!" I cried. I could actually feel tears welling up. I was ready to beg to be fucked again. Please, just one more, just like that. Just once more. Okay, twice more. Please, put it back in!

He crawled up and straddled my face, his cock wet with my juices and tantalizingly close to my face. "Clean me off before she gets here. I want her to think she's getting you first, and it wouldn't do for her to taste you on me, would it?"

I didn't answer, but reached up as far as my restraints would allow to take him in my mouth. I sucked his cock, tasting myself over him. He pressed himself forward, sliding himself in between my lips, and I lapped my tongue around his shaft. Each movement brought with it my own flavour, turning me on. I was surprised at my own, easy decline into being a slut for his cock. His cock jumped across my tongue as I flicked the head and ridge, sending an electric bolt straight down my throat and seemed to explode out my pussy.

There was a knock on the door, and he climbed off my chest. I felt empty, as if his withdrawal left me with a loss. I knew there would be more, much more, but I wanted it now.

He put on his robe, tying it around the waist. The raging hard-on bulged the fabric outward, hiding nothing. He opened the door, and then allowed her to come in.

She was stunningly beautiful. Blonde hair, shoulder length. She had the high cheekbones of an eastern European. Polish? Perhaps. Czech? Maybe. Her eyes moved from him to me tied on the bed and I saw them widen in surprise.

"She's beautiful!" she exclaimed to him. Her accent was indistinguishable, but the soft musical lilt struck my ear like a melody. I felt my pussy quiver with anticipation as I knew eventually I would have those lips pressed against me.

"I told you so," he said, calmly.

He uncinched the tie and let the robe fall open. His erection pointed at her, and she looked down at it. She took it gingerly in her hand, and then started stroking him, turning her heart-shaped face up to look into his eyes, seeking some sort of approval.

"Let's tease her," he said. "Let's show her what you can do."

He took her by the hand and led her over to the side of the bed, standing right next to me. She sank to her knees, still in her tight blue jeans and wearing her dark grey overcoat. She wrapped her lips around his gorgeous cock and began to suck. I watched her deep throat him, take him farther than I could have done tied up. I felt a longing to do the same, a desperate will to show him that I could do the same thing and started making excuses in my mind for why I couldn't go as far as she could.

It occurred to me that she could take him deeper than I did, all the way to the base, and she must have tasted my pussy on his cock. That cock, which had been just in my mouth, and before that in my pussy, she was tasting it. The raunchiness of it struck me and I squirmed on the bed. My mouth watered.

"She is for you," he said to her, not really looking at me. "You know what you want to do."

She looked up at him, then at me, and back at him, nodding. She stood up and moved to the foot of the bed. She started undressing, looking at my eyes the entire time. I watched her as she began to disrobe, slowly.

Standing in front of me and staring directly at me, I could see her beautiful face more clearly. This woman was stunning, gorgeous. He was right – she was definitely my type. A cute button nose and almond-shaped eyes, pink lips and the hint of a Mona Lisa smirk.

The coat fell to the floor revealing flawless white skin that disappeared into well-formed breasts hidden beneath a pink camisole-type top with black fringe. She traced her own neck with her fingers, stroking down her chest and reaching inside to caress a nipple, still hidden from view.

She turned around and faced the other direction, and unbuckled her belt, then slowly slid the jeans down around her hips, revealing her ass. Her strip tease was wickedly, agonizingly slow, and I couldn't tell if she was prolonging things for her or for me. Either way, my desperate wanting only grew.

The jeans slid down her thighs, revealing a white thong and two beautiful globes. I wanted to bury my face between them, licking her, smelling her, tasting her. I couldn't help it, I started trying to squeeze my thighs together for some release but the restraints keeping my legs open only frustrated me. Damn his knots!

She lifted the blouse off her torso and turned to face me. She had a tight tummy and I looked at the indented line of muscle reaching from her breasts down t her pelvis, and she continued to caress her nipple with one hand, slipping her other hand down between her legs.

"What are you going to do first," he asked. His voice was hypnotic, and I wanted to turn to look at him but I couldn't take my eyes away from her.

She smiled. "I'm going to touch her." My skin tingled.

Placing her delicate fingers along my toes, she began to trace the instep of my stockinged foot. It ticked but with a sexual charge. She put her other hand on my other leg, just above the ankle, and climbed onto the bed. She used my legs as leverage, holding me down, and the sudden pressure made me moan.

I suddenly remembered the rules, knew that I could say anything as long as I didn't ask any questions. I didn't know what to say, though. "Yes, touch me," I whispered. Lame, I know, but it was the only thing I could think of.

She smiled at me, and slid her hands up my calves to my thighs. She kept them just at the elastic at the top, tracing her fingers along the separation between fabric and skin.

"What else are you going to do?" he asked her.

"I'm going to taste her," she said.

This time the words came out freely. "Yes, taste me! Please! Don't make me wait!" I could barely breathe, my excitement was overpowering.

Her smile broke out to show gleaming, straight teeth. "I'm going to stick my tongue inside her," she told him. "And I'm going to make her come all over my face."

Why was she talking to him? Why wasn't she talking to me? It dawned on me what he had said at the coffee shop. I was her plaything, her toy. I was merely there for her pleasure. I was –

Her palm pressed against my mons and pushed down, and I moaned a loud breath, completely forgetting what I was thinking.

"Yes, for fuck's sake!" I growled, my back arching. "Make me come! Lick my pussy!"

She leaned in and breathed my aroma, closing her eyes the way an expert diner would savour a well-prepared dish. She stuck her tongue out a little but didn't touch me, and I felt her position herself so that her hands were placed on my inner thighs. Never before had I ever felt so exposed, so ready to be used.

She was looking at my pussy, soaked and aroused, and if it weren't for the fixated look of fascination and lust on her face I would have taken the hesitation for rejection. "I haven't had this in so long," she said to no one in particular. She closed her eyes and planted her entire mouth on my pussy.

I screamed. An long incoherent moan, babble, rambling line of sounds and words emerged from my mouth but I had no idea what they were. I struggled against my ties in pure ecstasy but it was no use – I could not move more than a few inches in any direction.

Her tongue worked its magic, her hands never leaving my thighs. She reached her fingers inwards and pulled my labia apart to get clearer access to my clit and hole, sticking her tongue inside me as far as she could.

"Oh, inside... inside..." was all I could manage. Her tongue swirled with impressive force against my entrance and then returned to my clit. I peered between my breasts and could only see her closed eyes – or maybe they were open but just looking down at my pussy, I couldn't tell – and the soft motion of her head as she drove my pussy into orgasmic heights.

She pulled back, and I saw glistening wetness around her mouth, her chin coated with my juices. Her eyes stayed locked on mine, watching my horror at her stopping. "I want her to kiss me before I make her come," she told him. She was looking at me, but I could tell she was talking to him.

She crawled over me and straddled my thigh with her pussy. The sensitive skin of my legs instantly told me that she had no hair. Smooth flesh pressed against my thigh and I felt her own body start to open up, the warmth undeniable.

She leaned in to kiss me and I once again tasted myself, but this time with the added bonus of her soft, feminine, delicate lips. Kissing a woman is so unlike kissing a man, so much more... I don't know. Just... more.

She kissed me deeply, her tongue exploring my mouth and lips, playfully catching my lower lip in between hers. My thigh responded as best as it could to her grinding motion by pushing upwards, but my restraints prevented me from getting the leverage I needed. Even so, the heat began to increase and then I felt the unmistakable feeling of her wetness seeping onto my skin, starting a slow trickle down the inside of my thigh.

Her breathing alternated between shallow and deep, hard and slow, controlled and raspy. She was getting almost as turned on as I was. She started rocking her hips back and forth along my thigh, increasing the pace as she kissed. Her breasts slid against mine, and I could feel the hard diamond-like buds colliding with my own.

Her pelvis rested against my own as she thrust herself against my thigh but it wasn't enough to get me off. I broke the kiss and forgot that I was there for her benefit. I needed to come, and I needed to come now.

"Suck me off," I cried. "Let me come..." The pleading in my voice was clear. I was desperate.

"I've decided I'm going to come on her leg first," she told him, her face just inches from my own.

She leaned in and kissed me harder and started riding her pussy along my thigh muscle, her ass clenching over and over as she brought herself closer. Each thrust was accompanied by a slightly louder moan, a grunt. She kept her mouth locked on mine but her eyes remained squeezed shut as she used my body as a masturbation tool. She started coming hard and I felt her hands grab my breasts tightly as she let the waves of pleasure hit her.

She was breathing through her nose as her lips clasped on top of mine. Her eyes pinched shut, she emitted a muffled scream into my mouth. Before she fully came down from her orgasm she slid down my body and attacked my pussy.

Inserting two fingers deep inside of me I felt the bulk of her hand slide up to my opening as far as they would go. Her mouth locked onto my clit and I felt her tongue ravaging me. My orgasm crashed down upon me in waves, and my body wanted to curl up into a fetal position, locking her face between my thighs and riding out the pleasure.

Tied down as I was, though, I couldn't get away, and it soon became too sensitive. I tried to tell her to get away, but she wouldn't stop, and I only vaguely was aware of him leaving my side to step behind her.

My eyes shot wide open as the sensitivity became too great. I needed her to stop. "No... no! Stop... Sensitive," I tried to explain. But she wouldn't stop. She wouldn't let up. Her mouth started pressing against my pussy in a rhythmic fashion and I saw he had stepped behind her and was fucking her from behind. I could only imagine what kind of relationship they had that they could share these kinds of fantasies with each other, and some twisted part of my brain was envious.

Another orgasm was looming, and each pounding hammer-like thrust of him into her pussy caused a chain reaction into my own pussy. The sensitivity blossomed back into another onslaught, and I rode another wave of come into her mouth.

"Twice," I said, not knowing if I said it in my head or actually said it out loud. But at that moment she lifted up and started to climb on top of me again. She turned around so that her pussy hovered directly over my face, and there was no doubt what she wanted me to do.

"She's going to eat me out now," she told him. It was a curious thing to say, I thought. But by saying it I felt another surge inside my belly. I realized I liked hearing her tell me what was going to happen. I wanted that soft voice to keep talking.

Apparently so did he. "Go on," he said. I couldn't see him, only a vague movement at the foot of the bed let me know he was there.

"I want to watch you fuck her as she eats me out. I want her to make me come and you come at the same time."

I smiled to myself at that. A chance to make two people come at the same time? I'd never tried that before. I felt his hands begin to untie my legs and the freedom seemed unnatural at first. My arms were still wide open but now I could bend my knees.

I felt strong hands on my hips lift me up and a pillow inserted under my ass. "I'm going to hold her open for your cock and I want you to fuck her," she said.

Sure enough, her hands slid down my torso and in between my legs. The sensation was so erotic I wanted her to do it again and again. Instead, though, she pulled my labia apart again, this time to give his cock access to me. My ass lifted off the bed gave him better leverage and I felt the cockhead rest against me.

She shifted her weight and suddenly her pussy was pressing against my mouth. She had reached behind her and was holding my hair, keeping me in place. She wasn't pulling it, more running her fingers through it, but she used me as leverage for rocking her hips back and forth.

This was a new experience for me, and I found it hard to concentrate. It was a twisted form of 69, almost as I needed to stay focused on her pussy while his cock probed me. As he fucked me, she rubbed my clit. I didn't know if she intended to make me come or not but it wasn't helping me bring her to orgasm.

"She has such a beautiful pussy," I heard her say. With her thighs around my head it came out as a muffled whisper but I could still make out the words.

Her rubbing kept shooting ripples through my internal muscles, which he must have felt. With my ass off the bed and holding myself apart with my legs, I could feel my thighs start to tremble. His hands came down around my hips and he used them to guide his cock into me harder and deeper.

He settled into a rhythm and I could use that to allow myself to focus on her clit. I couldn't use my hands, tied as they were, but I lapped at her clit and pussy the best I could.

While I didn't have the leverage, she did, and she used her hand to guide my head to the places where she wanted me to lick and suck. She was using me to make her come and I loved it.

She rocked her hips back and forth across my face, and I started to hear her hum and moan again. I knew she was going to be close.

"Almost there," she was telling him. "I'm almost there. Don't come yet."

Her breathing was difficult. The words came out with great effort. Each breath once again came with a grunt or a grown. "Almost. There. I want. To see. You come."

Her thighs started shaking and I knew she was going to flood my face with an orgasm soon. At that moment I had never wanted anything more in my life than to be covered by both of their come at the same time.

"Oh, now!" she cried out, and I heard him shout in orgasm as well. I felt his cockhead expand inside my pussy and the jets of hot fluid enter my body. He withdrew from me after a second and I felt her lurch forward, taking him in her mouth to drain him completely.

Now that I could see a little better, I saw his face staring upwards, sweat pouring down his face, pure lust and release spreading across his features. She must have been one hell of an expert blowjob artist, as he started to stroke her hair gently, looking down at her with a peaceful expression.

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