tagGroup SexThe Proposition Ch. 01

The Proposition Ch. 01


This is part 1 of a longish story...this part sets the mood for the whole story... Thanks for reading.


I was mentally preparing to go home when a knock on my office disturbed my thoughts. I hoped it wasn't a new client since that would set me back at least a good hour.

"Yes, come in." I said, raising my head from reading a report.

The door slowly opened, and in came my secretary, Stacey.

"Got a minute?" she asked shyly.

"For you I have a minute, an hour, a day, a week...." I replied with a smile "Yeah, what's on your mind."

"Well, George and I wanted to talk to you, at home. Alone." she said, her face reddening deeply.

"Wow. This sounds serious. At home, alone. Yeah, of course, readily. When?" I finished.

"No rush. But the sooner it is, the better." she dead-panned.

"Tonight's okay for me." I replied as I looked over my little diary. "I'll ask Jill if she's free."

"You don't understand. It's just us two and you. Alone. We have an important proposition for you."

"I get it Stace. I guess George must need some tax work done. I'll bring my notebook with me." I added.

"Uh..yeah..you do that. You'll not use it much I think. And I'd prefer it if you don't mention this to Jill either" she said.

"Ok. Wow. Must be real serious then. Let's treat this as client confidentiality. It will probably be around seven when I pop over. It's too hot for anything earlier."

We left it at that, and during dinner, I asked my wife if she needed any errands done since I needed to visit a client.

"No, go ahead dear. I have a couple of things to do, then I'm going shopping and out for pizza with the girls from work." she told me.

"Cool. Have fun then. No rush in coming back. I'll make sure to leave you enough hot water for a shower."

We both laughed at that, and proceeded with our meal. After an hour's mindless tv zapping, I took a shower and prepared to go to George and Stacey's house.

It was a short drive and pretty soon I found myself outside their apartment, knocking on the door. George himself let me in, greeting me warmly, as befitted an old friend.

"So what's up?" I enquired, as we sprawled on their comfortable sofa, cool drinks in our hands.

"Well, as you know, we have been married for four years now." he said.

"Naturally. How could I forget? I was best man at your wedding." I laughed.

"Chris...we have a problem." Stacey quipped. "We can't have children."

It was not so much as a shock to me, as much as a disappointment and being deeply sorry for them. There was a prolonged silence that I was finally compelled to break.

"I didn't realise that. I'm sorry. I wish I could do something to help you."

"Actually you can." George said.

"I can?" I answered quickly.

"Yes. We need your help in having kids." George said. "To cut it short, we can't have kids because of me. You recall that I had a bad attack of measles when I was a teenager. That seems to have affected my sperm count. I can shoot okay, but they are mostly blanks. There is a very slim chance of my getting my lovely wife pregnant. So in fact, we need your seed."

"Oh....that's a strange proposition. But yeah, sure, I'll help. Just point me to the nearest bank." I replied with a grin.

"It's not even remotely like that." George added. "We cannot afford to waste thousands on IVF. We want you to help us do this the natural way."

"Whaat?" I said as I jumped to my feet. At that point I could note that Stacey was blushing a very deep red and just about beginning to cry. She covered her eyes with her hands, and it was only then that I realised what they were thinking of.

"You mean, that ...uh... you... want me to imregnate your wife? That is what 'natural way' means no? You want me to have sex with your wife?" I asked George.

They both nodded at once, relief flooding their faces as they realised that it was now in the open and that the worst was over.

"You are are best friend. We have been together through thick and thin. We both know you still love Stacey with all your heart. And we think you would be perfect for the job. We have decided. If it is to be, it has to be you. And we would take a negative answer very badly. We want this so much to happen."

I sat there, dazed , but at the same time elated at this proposition. God knows I still loved Stacey, truly, honestly, loved her. We had not finished together simply by co-incidence. She was beautiful, warm, funny, smart, and with that home-grown clean quality that every mother would want of a daughter.

"What if I agree to this proposition, what if we do not manage to produce something? What if it takes months? These aren't things you usually plan over a weekend..." The excuses were flying in fast.

"Take as long as you need..." George said.

"And, and what if the baby ends up looking like me? What would people say?" I tried coming up with more opposition to their idea.

"Chris" Stacey said..."you and George look like brothers. Same build, same height, eye-colour, you really look like brothers. You both said you played the twin-brother trick on many people."

"Okay, I will agree to this." I decided. "I'm not going to pretend I am unhappy. You know how I feel for you Stacey. I'm just glad we are doing it with both your permission. But I would like to put something straight. On no account, if this comes to a successful conclusion, would the child ever be told what went on. And I want to be his godfather. Without question."

"Terms accepted." said George, rising up from the sofa and giving me hug. Stacey followed suit.

"So how shall we do this?" I asked as I reached for my cold coke."Do we, uh...wait for the right moment and let you know or "

George cut me off in mid-sentence. "No, I don't want to know. I have a fortnight in Germany preaparing or a motor-show. I'm sure you two can manage to come up with something... and Jill doesn't have to know. If Jill gets to know, we would tell the kid."

I laughed at this ludicrous idea of letting my wife know! But I had also been hoping for a getting together, and I told him so.

"Not a bad idea either. Yeah, why not? We can get together some time. I've always had this idea of sharing. This is mainly Stacey's idea after all."

We continued chatting for a while, then I took my leave. The drive home was full of thoughts that kept reminding me why this was a bad idea. But I simply could not refuse their pleas for a number of reasons. They were both close friends, especially George, whom I had known since we were kids, and of course I loved Stacey. She was one of my first girlfriends, and she had turned out to be a beautiful woman whom I desired with all my heart. So yes, I would go ahead with this. I owed it to them.

And just like that, the decision to go ahead with this insane plan was taken on that hot muggy evening. There is no need to write down how much this proposition exhilirated me. I had the hots for this girl, big-time, but I also knew I had marital obligations that I was supposed to follow. And getting my mate's wife pregnant through natural means was not one of them. Telling my wife about this was absolutely out of the question, although I admit I love her dearly. I reasoned that at most I would make love to Stacey two or three times until she fell pregnant, at which point, my job would be sadly over. At that moment in time I never imagined the impact this would have on my, or rather, our love lives.

As it happened, later that evening, while at home, my wife (who is a chemist) informed me that the following week she would have to go to Brussels for a five-day refresher course on European pharmacy laws.

I nearly said 'Good' instead of "Oh that's nice for you dear."

She dropped a bombshell by asking me if I wanted to go with her, since the holiday would do me good. I pointed out that with her at the symposiums for more than ten hours daily, starting at eight and returning after six, not including the obligatory black-tie dinners which I detested, I would spend the whole week on my own.

"That is apart from the fact that at such a short notice, it would be virtually impossible to cancel all my work meetings with clients who have waited ages." I pointed out.

"Yes, that's true. I just thought you would be lonely without me."

"I will be lonely, but somehow I'll manage. It would also be great to spend some time fishing without time constraints." I told her.

"Since when did I put time limits on your hobbies?"

"I didn't say you did, but I am usually loathe to leave you here while I am there enjoying myself, there's always that inner voice inside me telling me that you are home alone." I reasoned with her.

Jill knew what I meant to say, and hugged me as she realised that I really did love her so much. The weekend passed by quickly enough, and with the excitement I was in due to the upcoming 'proposal', we made love in every conceivable position, hole, time, and room. Jill thought it was the fact that we would spend a week apart. It was too, but my forthcoming illicit meeting was already putting me on edge. On Sunday evening we were utterly spent, but I still had that drive in me that would not let my cock go completely down.

"That was wonderful" Jill said. "I should go abroad for work more often. You've worn me out...not easy to do. But you still have something I want."

With that she slid down my body and grabbing my dick with just her mouth, proceeded to give me the blowjob of my life. As she felt my balls tightening, she slid her finger up my anus, and pulled up a little to allow space for my cum to fill her up.

I came with a spasm and held on for dear life as I spilled my cum into her willing mouth. She climbed up my body and mashed her lips to mine, tonguing me as my seed spilled also into my mouth and we made a slow erotic tongue dance that kept my dick hard. I never understood why other men are squeamish about this. It was my seed after all, and if it was good for my wife, it was good enough for me. Needless to say this turned her on again and we fucked once more, this time gloriously filling her backside with my meat, my dick-head pounding with lust as I eased past her sphincter and finally into her deepest bowels. I came again, albeit with less ardour, while Jill screamed herself hoarse with the force of her orgasm.

We lay there in post-orgasmic bliss, and despite it being only eight o'clock, drifted away to sleep, waking up early at five the next morning. A vigorous shower followed, and we nearly ended up making love again. Finally we towelled ourselves dry and prepared to head for our respective jobs. A quick peck on the lips, salutations and promises to keep in touch.

"I'll be spending some time in the office during the evenings babe" I told her as we hugged each other tightly at the front door. "Won't be much else to do."

"I'll tell you what. We'll restrict ourselves to just text messages. Keep it a bit distant, you know, to appreciate each other even more when I get back." she suggested.

"I like that. But do send me an SMS when you arrive safely and in the evenings."

"Ok....I love you." she whispered

"I love you too honey. Do take care will you?" I implored.

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So many ways for it to go wrong

If they actually consider being together as couples secrecy seems an unnecessary deception.

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