tagTransgender & CrossdressersThe Prostate Exam Pt. 01

The Prostate Exam Pt. 01


He finally booked into the doctors for the prostate examination. His wife had been nagging him for days, following one of their friends being diagnosed recently with prostate cancer.

As he walked in to the Doctors he said he was here for an examination booked by his wife.

The receptionist said no problem, your appointment is with Doctor Sutton.

Pete sat in the waiting room wondering why it needed to be an examination, the last time he'd been it had been a simple blood test.

Then again as a guy who was a complete anal bottom whenever her go the chance when he was travelling for work, having a finger in his arse was something he'd enjoy. Not that his wife had any idea about his dark side.

Also he knew Dr Sutton and had always thought she was hot. The fact she'd recently split with her husband and was now dating another young lady, just made the prospect of the examination a little more exciting for him.

He zoned out completely until he heard his name being called, "Dr Sutton is ready to see you now Mr Thompson."

He stood and walked into the corridor to be met by Dr Sutton, or Megan as he knew her. She was a striking young Doctor, casually dressed in jeans and a crisp white shirt, obligatory stethoscope hung around her neck. Slim, 5 foot 9, lovely small breasts under her shirt. She had an alluring air about her.

"Hi Pete nice to see you."

"You too Megan, family all good?"

"Keeping me busy, as ever" she replied and turned to lead the way to the examination room.

He looked down to see smart black patent heels, not overly high, but not quite what he'd expect from Megan. As his eyes rose from her feet they lingered on the round peach of her ass. He'd always been an ass man and boy was hers perfect.

He was transfixed by her ass as he followed her, as she opened the door she turned and caught him looking rather too intently. The briefest of smiles crossed her face.

"So Pete you're here for a digital rectal exam, you're no doubt aware of what that involves." She smiled a little more as she said this.

He wondered just why she'd said "No doubt." And the was puzzled by the smile, he simply said "I am."

"I somehow thought you might be."

Again Pete thought the comment slightly suggestive, but nothing more.

Then another worry dawned on him, that having shaved his balls and ass crack on his last business trip 4 weeks ago, he'd still be pretty smooth when she examined him. Hopefully she'd think nothing of it, after all don't lots of guys do that nowadays.

"Ok but I will explain so that we're both clear, firstly I'll do an examination of your penis and testes, as you're here, I should check for hernias or any other issues. So in a second if you can remove your jeans and underwear completely. Then once I've finished the genital examination, I'll ask you to hop up on the exam bed on all fours and will slowly introduce a lubricated finger into your anus and then thoroughly examine your anus and most importantly you prostate."

"Now I know these examinations can be very embarrassing for patients, but I assure you that I do them all the time. I think it's best to be thorough and to make sure there are no issues. Is that all ok with you Pete?"

At least he'd be clean inside, he thought, he'd douched his asshole before he came, something he was very used to when he travelled as he usually gave himself an enema with the shower head most mornings when he was away on business as he knew he'd be fucking his ass with his dildo or a butt plug at some point and sniffing on his poppers.

"Fine by me Megan, I'm not easily embarrassed, so I'm sure we'll both be fine."

"Great then if you can lose the trousers and underwear please."

Pete took his shoes and socks off then lowered his jeans and then finally hooked his thumbs into the waistband of his briefs and lowered them quickly to his feet, shaking them off with his foot.

"Ahh a briefs guy, I don't see many of those nowadays, mainly just boxers."

"Well I like my tackle to be held firmly." As the words left his lips he realized just how bad that sounded and he hadn't even intended the Double Entendre.

"I'll be sure to remember to hold your tackle firmly Mr Thompson." Now she was definitely making fun of him, they both smiled at the joke.

"If you can just stand with your legs a little further apart and lift your t shirt and then we'll begin."

Pete widened his stance a little a pulled his shirt up so that his cock and balls hung freely, not that there was that much to hang where his cock was concerned. He'd always been a grower not a shower.

Not that he was that well-endowed, a decent 6 inches was all he packed. When he was flaccid, as now though he had a very small cock 2 inches and thin, fully covered by his foreskin.

His balls were big though and hung lower than his flaccid cock making it seem even smaller to him when he looked in the mirror.

She looked at him and appeared to begin to visually examine him as she finished putting a pair of latex gloves on. He just looked straight ahead trying to think of something else.

Well I never she thought, he's almost fully shaved, then again I guess a lot of guys do shave their balls.

She was still surprised that only a few wisps of hair had been left above his cock and as she lifted his balls in her hand, she looked between his legs and could swear that he'd shaved his ass crack.

Not to worry she thought I'll know for sure soon enough, but if he has shaved, that would make her think something different entirely. Namely that he was to some degree submissive. God how she hoped his ass crack would be smoothly shaved. She did love male submissives and loved to use them for her own fun.

She tightened her grip on his balls and looked up into his eyes, "Is that firmly enough Mr Thompson."

"It certainly is firm Dr Sutton." Now she was flirting with him, some people would have thought it unprofessional, but for him a sexy woman holding his balls was something to be enjoyed and savored. He also realized that the situation was causing his cock to stir a little and tried to think of other things.

Dr Sutton took hold of his small cock and between her finger and thumb, almost emphasising how small it was as she retracted the foreskin fully.

Now it was getting to him, the head of his cock was swelling faster than the rest of it and doubling in size.

She took her pinky finger and probed his urethra.

"The urethra looks fine, no pain or sensitivity here?"

"Well it is sensitive, but no more than usual Dr."

Then she gently pulled the glans to one side to examine underneath the rim of the glans, doing that all the way around, thank goodness he was perfectly clean after his shower this morning.

His cock really was growing now and getting harder, not fully erect but moving that way.

"So no problems getting an erection I see, but what about maintaining them."

"Getting them is fine, but I don't have the staying power I once had."

'Oh I'm sure we can do something about that, your balls feel good and heavy, no sensitiveness there?"

"No all good and working as they should thanks Doc."

She let go of his cock which was now pointing angrily at her face, stiffening more and more by the moment. She was so close to him he could feel her breath on his cock head.

"OK Pete, that all looks fine, if you can get up on all fours with your feet hanging off this end of the exam table please."

Pete kneeled on the padded bench in just his t shirt. This was definitely different from what he'd expected, he thought normally you were asked to stand and then just bend over, but what the heck he thought, here goes. His balls hanging low and his cock still semi hard.

Dr Sutton moved around to the end of the bench looking straight at his ass.

"Just spread your legs a little further apart will you and scooch back towards me a little until I say stop.

He moved back on his knees until her hand was on his ass cheek.

"Ok Pete that's perfect thanks."

He heard her open some lube and thought she must be spreading it on her fingers and then saw her put the bottle of lube next to his right leg on the edge of the exam bed.

Her left hand rested on his left buttock and she pulled it outwards slightly. Opening up her view on his asshole.

Ohhh wow... she thought, he is completely shaved, he's done a good clean job too, very conscientious, smooth as a proverbial babies bottom. She wondered if her thoughts of his potential submissiveness were right. She knew him as a confident guy and businessman and that made it all the more likely in her experience.

Most of the males subs she had known had been strong characters with small dicks, guys who just longed to be dominated by strong women like her. One last aspect that almost all of them had in common in her Domme experience was a love of anal stimulation.

One last test she thought, let's just see if I've caught myself a closet sub in my web.

Pete felt her index fingertip gently tracing the line of his ass crack as though to lubricate the area, moving from his ball sack up to his ass hole.

Then she stopped with her index fingertip right at the entrance to his asshole.

She pushed with only a small amount of pressure, just easing his hole open a fraction and entering it with the tip. Her finger was only just opening his asshole up and then she stopped. She held it there for much longer than she would in a normal exam, just waiting to see what he would do.

A straight guy not experienced in anal would just be likely to clench push the finger out being so nervous. She knew that having it just opening his asshole would be so tempting to him if he was a sub, he might not be able to resist. She smiled as she thought this.

As her finger entered him, he only just managed to stop himself from moaning, it was such a delicious feeling. Then he felt her stop and he was so desperate to feel her finger fully inside him. His brain was telling him not to do anything, but his cock and ass felt differently.

He wasn't conscious of making a decision, he just found himself pushing back a little against her finger. Then he realized and stopped pushing back, but by then it was too late she was up to her second knuckle.

Ummmm just as she thought, he wanted her finger inside him, the slut just couldn't resist pushing back. But the truly telling point was that now his cock was straining between his legs, he was on heat and plainly very turned on, the slut.

"So you're keen to get this exam over are we Pete, is that why you just pushed back, to get more of my finger in you, just so we can get this over and done with? Or do you want a more thorough examination, is that the real reason?"

Ohh shit how could he have been so obvious, now his choice was between lying and saying he wanted it to be over or admitting that he was into a more thorough examination and possibly giving away the fact he was in truth an anal slut. Fuck what should he do.

Her tone changed abruptly. "Tell me right now Pete, what exactly do you want? Do you want me to be as quick and efficient as possible and to get this over and done with, or would you prefer me to carry out the extremely comprehensive examination and really get deep into checking you out."

He hesitated for a moment.

"Answer immediately or I'll take it you want this to be over now."

His mouth was dry, he was torn, but his true psyche won through, as he whispered.

"Please do the comprehensive examination Dr Sutton."

"Dr Sutton, really, that's how you want to address me?"

Ohh fuck now this was getting real, but he knew immediately what she wanted to hear.

"Please give me the comprehensive examination Miss Megan." He said with more conviction this time.

"That's better slut, now we both know where we stand, or kneel as in your case. Let's get on with this."

With that she firmly pushed her finger fully into him, the other fingers of her hand reaching under and brushing his shaved balls. She was leaning her weight onto her hand to really delve as deeply as she could and then began to probe and examine his prostate, her other hand reaching round to his erect cock.

As she started to wank his cock firmly he knew this was getting out of hand, but he loved where it was going.

"Now let's get a few things agreed Pete, we now both know that the one of us is a complete anal submissive and the other a total Domme, would you agree with that?

"Yes Miss Megan, I would agree with that." He moaned a little as he finished agreeing.

Her hand was working his prostate hard and pushing in and out of his asshole.

She realized with relish that his ass was completely clean, she didn't really need the lubrication, but it would be needed later for what she had planned.

"That's good slut, now tell me if you want the two finger examination?"

"I want every anal exam you can give me Miss Megan, I love anal Miss Megan."

"Ahhhh so a complete anal slut then Pete is that right, it's funny I thought as much and I love being right. Now as I work more fingers inside you I want you to tell me all of you worst fantasies and proclivities. So that we can plan for the future."

Fuck this felt so good, his cock was raging, his head spinning and he'd not even had any poppers, jesus he'd always fancied her and here she was with a finger deep in his ass and wanking his cock with long hard strokes.

It was wonderful and he was having to control himself not to moan loudly with the pleasure. Shit he thought she even mentioned planning for the future.

"Now tell me bitch, what disgusting things turn you on."

Normally being asked this even in strange circumstances he would have been circumspect and kept his worst fantasies to himself. But now he was beside himself with pleasure, the words just tumbled out, completely uncensored. He loved her calling him a bitch, he was heading to sub space.

"I love to be trained as a complete anal slut Miss Megan, fingers, dildos, vibrators, big butt plugs and even being fisted. I loved being fisted in the past by Dommes Miss Megan."

"And what else bitch, what else do you like?"

"I love to be tied up, in heavy bondage, nipple torture, enemas, latex, leather, pvc, I love it all."

"Now come on Pete, you know that's the obvious stuff, I want the really dirty stuff, that I just know you are into."

She almost whispered this from behind him as she continued to thrust into his ass, now with two fingers widening him and roughly wanked his cock.

Reason had left him, now only pleasure mattered. "I love watersports Miss Megan, forced sissifiction, forced bi."

"Now we're getting somewhere slut, you like to taste piss and cum, is that what you're saying?" she left the words hanging as she finger fucked him.

"God I love the taste of piss Miss Megan, I mean I hate it but love to be forced to drink it, I hate the taste of cum, but know that I should eat it Miss Megan."

"Now don't lie to me bitch, you just say you want to be forced to make your pathetic self, feel better, but you crave cum and piss don't you."

"Yes Miss Megan, I want it, I need it."

"So you're a cum and piss slut is that true bitch?"

He was way beyond the point of no return in his mind and where his orgasm was concerned.

"Please Miss Megan, may I cum, pleasssssseeeee."

"You can if you admit that you are a cum and piss slut and promise to eat your cum bitch."

Would he fall this quickly into the complete sissy slut trap she'd set for him, could he be this easy, she wondered and hoped he would and could.

"Yes Miss Megan, please let me cum, I am a piss and cum whore, I will eat my cum for you." He whispered not wanting anyone else to hear.

"Good little slut, then cum now, cum in my hand."

She stopped stroking his cock cupping her hand under his cock head whilst working her a third finger into his ass to join the other two, opening him wider still and working his slut hole hard.

This tipped him over the edge and he came so hard, rope after rope of fresh creamy cum filling her cupped hand. His body shuddered as she massaged his prostate to milk every last drop of cum from his balls.

He was spent and now the guilt started to set in, fuck what was he thinking, what had he done.

Then her hand was under his chin, the aroma of fresh cum assaulting his nasal passages, fuck he couldn't do this. He shook his head slightly.

"Don't you dare back out now bitch, you want to please me don't you, eat it." She said as she moved her hand to his lips, all the while still thrusting into his anus.

He stretched out his tongue and she simply mashed her hand over his open mouth, coating his tongue and pushing his head back to force the cum to drip and drizzle into her sluts open mouth.

He was gone again, back into sub space, licking her fingers clean like a good slut.

Now he was in sub slut heaven, back in the game, he sucked and licked, she put one finger at a time into his mouth and had him suck it clean. Still with her fingers deep in his ass, she wanted to see if he would get back in the zone and start to get truly turned on again, then she'd know she had a true slut who she could put to work.

Sure enough he was getting more and more turned on by the taste of his own cum and her anal ministrations to his ass pussy. His cock was betraying him a rising slowly again filling bit by bit.

She wanted him completely turned on when she finished, not a shred of guilt left, just a highly turned on sub with a hard cock as he walked out from the surgery.

Once she had them like that as they left her thrall, they just had to come back for more, it was hardwired in their slutty little brains.

She started to stroke him again as she continued to thrust the now four fingers into his pussy. Opening him a little wider for the next time she had him to play with, fuck she was going to have some fun with this one, her girlfriend would love using this slut for fun.

Once he was fully hard again, she simply stopped wanking him and removed her hand from his ass pussy.

She proceeded to take her gloves off and put them in the bin as he kneeled panting still.

"Everything is absolutely in excellent working order Mr Thompson, although as you're no doubt aware, I will need to carry out some further, more much extensive examinations to be sure."

"Yes Dr Sutton, I completely understand that more examinations are in order. Thank you for being so gentle with me."

"Mr Thompson, I can assure you the next time you are on my bench I will have to be much firmer with you, I hope that's OK?"

"Dr Sutton, I truly hope so, I really do, thank you."

As she went to her desk to type up his notes he gathered his thoughts and got down from all fours and started to dress, his asshole had truly been worked open and he still felt he had a little gape as he pulled his jeans up.

He bent to put his socks and shoes on, the taste of cum on his lips and in his mouth, how was this journey going to pan out. When he walked in here he never dreamt this could happen, but it had.

Fuck what should he say to her now, he moved to take a seat opposite her desk and looked down at his feet.

She finished typing and looked up at him.

"I've prescribed you an enema for your next visit, I know you were clean this time, but love the thought of you sitting on the toilet to expel for me before you come here."

"My other prescriptions are somewhat less conventional. I expect to see you on cam once a day when I demand to see you. I will then have you squirt your cum for me on cam and then watch you eat it. This is important to really get your balls working for me, over the next week."

She let the comments sink in for a few moments before continuing. Noticing that he was just nodding, not disagreeing at all, he was now completely compliant. Just as she'd hoped he would be as she started to finger him.

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