tagTransgender & CrossdressersThe Prostate Exam Pt. 04

The Prostate Exam Pt. 04


It had all started with a routine visit to his Doc for a simple prostate exam. After he'd given away his naturally submissive tendencies by not being able to resist pushing back against her finger, forcing her finger deeper into asshole. At that point his female doctor had decided to test just how submissive he was. She gave him the option to back out if he didn't want to go any further, but she told him that if he did want to go further then he'd have to admit his true submissive nature and his dirtiest fantasies.

Needless to say he begged her to go on, he admitted that he was a true submissive at heart. She'd then given him a good hard anal fingering and he'd revealed the true depths of submissive tendencies and some of his worst fantasies to Dr Megan Sutton, or Miss Megan as he'd come to know her.

Unable to contain his urges, he'd disobeyed her commands and he'd displeased her by choosing to fuck his asspussy with a big black dildo and as a punishment she was going to rent him out to a Master V, a Gay Master who he'd had a session with a few years ago. More importantly a Gay Master who intended on taking the sissy slut so much further this time than their previous session.

Miss Megan now knew just what Master V had planned and it made her wet, sopping wet, just thinking about the truly intense training her slut was to receive. She was sure she would get back a much more pliable and compliant sissy slut, once he'd had her for a couple of nights and broken her in well and truly.

Here she was getting more and more moist as she considered this, she'd finished her last appointment and now the receptionist Gaye had just called for Mr Johnson to go to Dr Sutton.

Pete was nervous, but so, so horny. He'd not cum for 5 days and his balls were full to bursting with sissy juice. He'd not shaved and so his cock and balls were as hairy as they'd been for a while just as Miss Megan demanded.

His wife was going out for dinner before he got back home tonight from the Doctors and he'd told Miss Megan that his wife wouldn't see him after she got back, he'd be fast asleep in their bed. So he knew that Miss Megan had many more options open to her in terms of preparing him for his visit to Master V.

He was looking down at his feet wondering what was in store for him, as he heard "Mr Johnson for Dr Sutton."

He turned and saw her gorgeous face, as her slut, he was well and truly falling for her. Those deep blue eyes which bored into his soul, baring his dirtiest secrets, fuck he loved her eyes. She looked stunning, the heavy librarian like glasses, 3 inch heels and an elegant tight black knee length skirt and a crisp white blouse. She just looked so naturally dominant to him, he simply couldn't resist. He was hers to do with as she pleased.

She turned on her heels and he dutifully followed.

"Gaye don't worry about checking in on me, I have quite a long consult, if you just lock up when everyone's gone and just shout out to let me know you're off that would be great."

"No problem Dr Sutton." Gaye was the older receptionist and simply smiled at Pete. He couldn't help wondering if she was in on it, did she know what Dr Sutton was doing with him?

He followed Dr Megan Sutton into her consult room, carrying his toy bag with him as instructed.

She closed the door behind him as he stood awaiting instructions. As he looked around the room he saw the stirrups which had been added to the examination bench, he thought somehow he would end up in those stirrups. A bucket of what looked like freshly boiled water rested on the floor steaming with cloths and towels next to it. On top of the towels were a can of shaving foam and a fresh razor.

"Put the toy bag on the floor slut and strip as quickly as you can. I want to see what I have to work with again."

He did as he was bid, stripping completely and folding his clothes carefully. She was pleased to see that he had his panties on that she had instructed him to wear.

He stood in front of his Doctor, his hands covering his small rapidly hardening cock/clit his eyes downcast.

"You are going to have to work on reducing that waist slut, that will make more of those big hips of yours and that big booty, which men crave. Never cover your clit with your hands when you are in front of me, I know you are ashamed of it, but it's your clit and you should be proud and show it off like the sissy slut you are."

"Yes Miss" he mumbled.

"Now turn around and hands on the exam table and bend at the waist, I want to have a good look at your pussy and see what we have to do to make you irresistible for Master V."

He turned around and assumed the examination position bending at the waist and resting on his arms on the bed, his legs wide apart.

She scooted forward on her chair and donned a pair of latex gloves, snapping them into place loudly for his benefit.

"Now bitch have you followed your sissy instructions today on food intake and on cleaning out your pussy?"

"Yes Miss Megan, I haven't eaten any solids since breakfast and then only one slice of toast, other than that just a smoothie at lunch time and I've given myself a deep enema."

"Tell me in detail about the enema, tell me how it felt giving yourself one?"

She didn't care about the details, only that he would feel humiliated recounting them.

"I got home from work early Miss Megan and went to the shower and used the end of the shower hose without the shower head on and pushed it 6 inches inside my asshole."

"You mean your pussy, bitch, don't ever call it an asshole again, it is your sissy pussy, your cunt, do you understand sissy."

"Sorry Miss Megan, yes I understand."

"So I shoved it up deep into my pussy to clean it out for you Miss."

"Not for me bitch, for Master V, that's who we're preparing you for isn't it?"

"Yes Miss, for Master V."

"That's better slut, so how many times did you rinse out and how long did you keep the water in for at a time?"

"I rinsed it out 6 times, keeping the water in for 10 minutes at a time at first, but then later for less time as I couldn't bear it for that long. I made sure the water was running clear before I stopped Miss Megan, I wanted to be completely clean for your preparations."

"That's my good little sissy whore, now rest on your chest and reach back and pull your ass cheeks as wide as possible to give me the best access to your pussy, time for your bitch shave."

He did as he was ordered, pulling his big white ass cheeks wide apart. He then felt the hot wet cloth which she'd dunked in the hot water, she used it to clean him, and then pressed it to his genitals to encourage the hairs to stand out that little more for their removal. It was agonizingly hot, but he knew from having a proper barber shave before that this would ensure the best shave he could ever have.

She reached over to pick up a canister of shaving foam, the razor as she sat in the swivel chair next to his pussy.

Then he heard the unmistakable sound of shaving foam coming out of a canister and then felt the cold foam being applied all over his pussy crack and to his ball sac hanging down.

Megan held his ball sac as his clit continued to harden and strain.

"I just wanted to feel how horrible and hairy it feels now, not right at all for a sweet girly sissy like you, soon we'll have you as smooth as the beautiful slut you long to be."

She began to shave his pussy crack and all around his pussy and then concentrated on the underneath of his ball sac, rinsing the razor regularly to remove the pubic hairs clogging up the blades in a bucket of warm water she had.

"Now turn around bitch and hold you little hard clit out of the way, I need this sissy ball sac clean of all these nasty hairs."

He stood and turned holding his clit in his hand.

"Don't be silly sissy, you don't need your entire hand for that little clit, just hold it between finger and forefinger as I instructed, oh and pull that foreskin or as I think we'll now both refer to it, pull your labia back from the clit head as hard as you can. That will give you something to concentrate on as we continue your sissy conversion."

He did as he was instructed and felt the burning humiliation as his cock head, shit he thought not his cock head, but his clit began to engorge with his foreskin, no he thought, his labial hood pulled back.

"That's a good slut, that's more like it and just hold it with your forefinger and thumb. A nice little engorged clit, you do know that you're never going to satisfy a woman with that, don't you?"

"Yes Miss Megan, I'm made to satisfy men now."

"That's my girl, well said, you really are progressing very well slut. It's so much better for you to satisfy Alpha males with your slutty mouth and sissy pussy, don't you think slut???"

"Yes Miss Megan, I do. Thanks you."

"It's my absolute pleasure sissy."

"Right let's get you shaved nice and smoothly."

Again the application of the hot steaming cloth for a couple of minutes to soften the pubic hairs and slowly they all came off. She covered his ball sac and above his clit with foam.

She had planned to leave a little landing strip above his clit, but then thought she could humiliate him more.

"Have you always kept a little landing strip above your clit when you've shaved before slut?"

"Yes Miss Megan, my wife won't be shocked to see me shaving my balls, I do that regularly but never above my cock, sorry my clit and she doesn't know about my pussy crack."

"Well maybe it's time she knows about your pussy crack, but we'll leave that for another time. For now though, I do wonder if Master V would prefer his Sissy's clit to be completely shaved."

"Please Miss, I can't do that Miss Megan, my wife would notice and ask questions."

"Don't tell me what I can and can't do slut, I'll decide that, do you understand?"

"Yes Miss Megan, sorry Miss Megan."

"So let's whip it off then bitch."

With that she took hold of his clit with her forefinger and thumb pulling it downward and then swiftly pulled the razor in one swift motion down to the base of his clit which took a full stripe of his pubic hair out of the middle of the bush. There was simply no going back on that now.

"There we go bitch, now we'll have to take the rest of it off, you'll just have to explain to your wife, that you wanted more off, or that you slipped, or keep yourself covered up. I'm not sure that I'll ever let you grow it back though, let's see how good a sissy you are for Master V first, before I decide."

He didn't know what to say, fuck what could he say, he'd got himself into this. The feeling of being out of control both frightened him and genuinely excited him beyond words. She really was in control of him, and no hair above his clit was just one more way of her showing that control.

She proceeded to shave every last hair from around his clit, leaving not a single stray strand. His ball sac completely smooth now as she rubbed moisturiser into it and his ass pussy crack. He smelled very feminine now.

"Right now for your nipples and tits and underarms."

"God Miss Megan, she'll know if I do that."

She slapped his face hard and it shocked him to his core, "Fuck, what did I say? shut the fuck up bitch, I'm sick of your whining. When will you understand you have no say in this."

She reached down to the toybag he had brought and picked up the pink rubber ball gag he had for his play sessions, , reaching forward she scooped the precum from his clit and coated one side of the ball gag, he stood and opened his mouth obediently as she presented that cum soaked side of the ball to his mouth, she then flicked him to get him to turn around and buckled the ball gag tightly into place and then picked up one of the many small metal padlocks he had and locked that into play for good measure.

The taste of sissy cum overwhelmed his taste buds.

"That's better, now I have a quiet sissy, don't make another murmur, unless you want me to take more extreme actions. Now up on the bed and your legs in those stirrups bitch."

Pete had no idea of what extreme actions meant, so he simply nodded his head and got into position, his head on the pillow and legs held very wide apart showing off his freshly shaved pussy and clit area.

The Doctor coated his tits in shaving foam and quickly took what little chest hair he had away then had him raise his arms to do the same under his arms.

He'd never been shaved this much and was just praying she wouldn't do his legs.

"As part of your diet I expect you to take up cycling and that will give you the perfect excuse to shave your legs, this is one of the last times, I will accept them being all horrible and hairy, you understand slut?"

He nodded and made a noise to show his acceptance as she strapped his shins in place on the stirrups.

She then picked up a large 3 pronged speculum, he'd seen them before but never experienced one, he was wide eyed as she applied lube to the three metal prongs.

"I want to explore that pussy of yours much more deeply now and get you at least a little stretched for Master V, he won't want a tight virgin tomorrow, more a sissy who can take a lot of thick cock for his pleasure."

She looked deep into his eyes smiling, as she fingered his pussy, before putting the cold tight three prongs to his pussy lips. As she smiled, she pushed it in, steadily entering the outer ring and then pushing on through past his internal sphincter, he moaned into his gag as she entered him. All the while she looked happily into her sluts eyes.

"The wonderful thing about these is just how bit by bit we can take you wider and wider, not that I want to tear that slut pussy of yours."

His eyes opened wider and wider as he was entered by the metal beast, she pushed it fully 6 inches into him and began to ratchet the prongs open bit by bit, blowing into his pussy as she opened him up like a fruit about to be consumed.

His rosebud opened as he felt himself being stretched quickly to his current limit, not that it would be his limit for long, that limit was a fluid one to Miss Megan and would likely also be to Master V.

"What a beautiful clean pussy slut, well done, you have been a good girl. OK I'm satisfied that Master V will be pleased by your appearance now the question is will he be satisfied with your behaviour this time, we don't want to disappoint him again, when he's bought and paid for his sissy slut, do we."

Slut shook her head to show that she intended to please Miss Megan by pleasing Master V as much as she could.

"Now slut, I'm going to leave the speculum in whilst I do the last few preparations and will just crank it open slightly further every few minutes, we're nearly done now my lovely little Sissy. Just a little mani and a pedi."

Fuck, the slut pete thought, how would he hide this from his wife, but he needn't have worried too much, Doctor Megan simply tidied up his cuticles and trimmed his finger nails. It was only his toe nails that got the full treatment with a deep burgundy lacquer on them. No jandals for him for a while. Thank God his wife would be asleep when he left for Auckland the following morning. But they did look truly sexy and feminine to him.

Miss Megan had opened him a little wider with each passing few minutes until he was undoubtedly wider and more open than he had ever been. The relief he felt as she allowed the prongs of the speculum to contract was immense.

She was careful not to close it completely before she withdrew it, as that could result in internal pinching. Once it came out, just before sluts pussy closed completely, as his dirty pussy gaped, looking like it was gasping for air, she pushed a beautiful black butt plug swiftly into place. His pussy closed tightly onto it pulling it in deep into him.

"Now sissy, your nail varnish is complete, your feet look lovely. Your sweet smooth body will please Master V, he told me he hates hairy sissy girls. But he'll love the look we have for you Sissy."

"The butt plug now stays in until you see him, as I'm going to do a few other preparations to your girly bits and then we'll pop you in your special PVC pussy panties, which you'll wear padlocked tonight and until you meet with Master V. I think you'll look so fucking sexy to him when he sees you he won't be able to keep his hands off your slutty little body."

The thoughts running through his head were, so he'd have to ... Then he realized his mistake in his thinking, he was no longer a man, now she was a sissy, she'd have to wear her pyjamas tonight to cover her girlie PVC pussy panties from her wife and get up good and early and off to the plane with the plug still in place. Before his wife even woke up. Thank goodness there were no metal detectors on the way up to Auckland, if there was any metal in the plug, although he'd not really seen it going in.

Doctor prepared some strips of athletic tape and picked up what looked like a condom with a thin tube coming from the end. She walked outside and came back with an icepack which she clamped around his rock hard clit.

"Time to get your clit back under control and make you more of a Sissy."

Sissy moaned as the freezing pack was held tightly to her turgid clit, but inevitably it shrank back to its usual small size.

"That's better." Miss Megan said and then pushed his large testicles deep into the recesses of his body with the folds of her scrotum, before taping them tightly in place so that they could not pop back out.

She picked up the small condom like piece with the tube attached and squirted what looked and smelled like super glue to the base of his clit, then began to pull the condom tight onto his clit.

"Slut, you'll see the rings in this sheath, they are made of solid plastic and they will not stretch at all, not one millimetre. I have chosen the size to suit your pathetic clit and it will not allow any expansion at all. Your clit is safe and protected now."

She pulled it tight onto his miniscule clit, massaging the liquid at the base of the clit to to give the glue inside time to dry tight the base of his clit.

"This is extremely strong glue, which will ensure this is a completely watertight seal and then you'll be able to pee as a girl should, sitting down. In case you are worried, Master V has the acetone to allow it to be removed once he's ready, until then though, should you try and remove it, you'll simply rip the skin off your clit."

Slut wasn't given time to think as Miss Megan pulled his clit very tightly between his cheeks and taped the tube to the side of his hip.

She unlocked and unbuckled the sluts legs and instructed her to stand.

Gingerly the slut did so.

There look at you now, any suggestion of that small cock is completely removed, now you look the part of a true sissy.

Doctor Domme had her step into her special pussy panty shorts. She pulled the very tight PVC shorts up, which took some effort as they were so small. The seam of the panties separated her butt cheeks and rode high in the crack and held everything tightly in place. As they were pulled into place, sissy realized that there was a zip in the seam allowing complete access to her pussy and clit.

Her front, her mons pubis was now completely flat, no evidence of an enlarged clit at all, in fact no evidence of her clit at all.

Now that the Doctor had pulled the panties fully up they held the captive clit tightly between sluts legs allowing no movement. The seam between sluts buttocks was so tight that it held not just her encased clit tightly between her butt cheeks, but also the plug snugly in her pussy, pushing it further in, nice and deep. The Doctor was very pleased with the whole ensemble.

The front was so tight, that the bright shiny PVC held a perfectly smooth front, a fully feminine front, with just the hint of vaginal lips created by the folds of the scrotum.

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