The Prostate Exam Pt. 04


She tightened the belt and told him to breathe in as she took one last extra notch on the belt. She loved the look of these slutty Daisy Duke, PVC shorts and she knew that she had positioned the pee tube, so that her slut could just, and only just get her fingers under the tight band around the legs to pull it out so she could pee between now and when she was freed by Master V.

Doctor Dommes final action was to pick up the two of the small plastic, sequentially numbered locks and to lock the belt buckle in place also securing the zip at the front and the other zip at the back. No escape from these slut panties until sissy's new Master allowed it. Slut was now in a sissy prison panties and would be for some time.

If the slut didn't think it through and prepare, when she did need to pee, she'd be desperately searching for the tube to ensure she wouldn't piss her panties.

As she patted the front of the sluts mons, she nearly peed her self-thinking about the shock that her slut would get when Master V first used the remote on the butt plug, fuck she would pay to see that. It was now completely secure in her pussy and no way at all for slut to get it out. She was truly imprisoned in her pussy panties.

"Now you look the part my naughty little slut, ready for your party with Master V. Time for you to get dressed and let's just hope you're wife doesn't get horny after her night out, that could be tricky to explain slut."

Sissy stood up and marvelled as she looked down at the perfect feminine contours she now had, she genuinely felt that her cock was gone completely and her new clit, in its correct place. Tightly sheathed and kept safe.

Her pussy felt well filled and she was enjoying the feeling of the ½ inch long extension on the butt plug which was outside her pussy and was now stimulating her prostate with every miniscule movement of her body. What her tiny little sissy mind did not grasp at all was what the actual role of the extension was as an antenna, outside the body for a reason, to allow any long distance texts to sluts phone to control the butt plug from afar.

Doctor Megan Sutton stood waiting whilst sissy dressed again. Miss Megan repacked a few things in the toybag and waited. She felt exhilarated at how far she'd brought Sissy in such a short time and the potential transformation that lay ahead.

After a few moments Sissy stood dressed facing her Mistress, Miss Megan stepped towards her and reached behind her head, unbuckling the ball gag and then leaned forward and kissed her firmly.

The Doctors tongue reaching into her sluts willing mouth, she was now hungry for this slut and so horny at the thought her sissy faced in the next 48 hours of training. She reached behind to hold Sissy's ass cheeks pulling them apart and up to help her pussy panties ride even higher and pulling the plug in deeper into Sissy's pussy.

"Umm I can still taste the sissy cum in your mouth, but if you ever want me to kiss you again, the taste of Alpha Males cum better be all through your mouth. That's the only way you'll ever get a kiss from your Mistress, to have Alpha sissy lip gloss on for me."

The feeling Sissy felt to be kissed and claimed completely by her Mistress was more intense than anything she'd ever felt. Normally her clit would be hardening by the second, but imprisoned as it was it couldn't swell at all, instead her ass pussy was twitching with each snake of her Mistresses tongue. Her arousal she realized was now tied to her pussy not her clit.

She stood there with her jeans hiding her dirty little secret, but the bagginess of her jeans at the front, where her package would normally have filled, did make her look different. Not only that, she felt different, not having anything dangling between her legs made the Sissy feel so much more feminine.

Miss Megan held her sluts head firmly between her hands controlling her and looking deep into her eyes. "Now Sissy listen to me, we've got rid of that cock you had and turned it into a clit and now we've hidden that little clit. I have prepared your pussy so that it is completely ready for Master V to admire, open, stretch and ultimately to fuck."

"When he does fuck you, you'll become the true Sissy you long to be and you will moan like the girl you are to become, make sure you make the right sounds as a bitch should. I want you to concentrate on making your voice more feminine, sweeter, more and more submissive." As Miss Megan said this Sissy's clit was throbbing with desire, her pussy twitching with anticipation at getting fucked.

"Slut you have to understand that the only pleasure for you now comes from worshiping real men's cocks, sucking the cum and piss from them and then begging to be fucked in your pussy over an over until your sissy nuts spurt. That is now the only way you will be allowed to orgasm, it will have to be from pure anal stimulation, do you understand my silly little whore?"

"Yes Miss Megan I understand that you have freed me to be a cocksucker and a cock whore, thank you for that Miss Megan."

"Now as you leave, I've put an audio hypnosis file on your phone, it will last for your entire walk home and will focus on becoming a slave to cock, it's by Mistress Stella and is really rather good. I want you to listen to this over and over again tonight as you go to sleep and then start again as you leave for the airport and for the full journey in the plane, have it on full volume and relax and FALL into a proper cock sucking trance."

"At the end of the loop there is a warning, informing you that listening to this audio loop over and over again will permanently affect you and change your sexual yearnings. It will, but ignore the warning and play the file again and again."

Sissy nodded and Miss Megan continued "As you listen more you'll crave more and more, big hard sweaty cocks to worship and suck, you'll want to suck their cum from their heavy Alpha male balls. To revel in being a sissy to real men and their cravings."

"Yes Miss Megan, thanks Miss Megan, I'll listen to it over and over again before I meet with Master V again."

"Here's your phone back, I've added Master V to your Skype contacts. You will leave your kinky Skype account logged on at all times now, so that he can contact you whenever he desires, over the next few days. I've even set the notification with Take a walk on the wild side, how appropriate, don't you think? So that you will instantly know it is him, even if you are in a meeting, you'll will make your excuses and you will take his calls immediately, do you understand slut."

"Yes Miss Megan, I understand."

"Now I know you'll be busy with business meetings throughout the day tomorrow, finish them as soon as you can and then you'll be given specific instructions to follow, for Master V to arrange to have you picked up. Make sure you follow his instructions exactly, if you mess that up, you'll be in major trouble."

"I will Miss, I promise."

"He did also ask that you turn your phone on as soon as you land, he knows that you have a spare hour before your first meeting and he'd like to talk to you then. Do you understand your instructions Sissy."

"Yes Miss."

"That's good Sissy, but just in case, I have set an alarm for you for the time you are due to land. Do not be late contacting your Master. Are there any meetings you can get out of during the day or do you have to go to them."

"I really do need to go to them Miss, they are important, but I might be able to shorten the last one by an hour or so, possibly."

"There, see, now you're thinking like a proper Sissy. One who longs to serve and please her Master. I suggest you talk to Master V and see if he has any use for you, if you can finish early and then take it from there. Let's just say that I and no doubt Master V will both be very pleased with Sissy if you can make as much time available for Master as possible."

Sissy smiled, so happy to be pleasing her Mistress and at the thought of serving her Master.

"Now final instructions, you can only have a smoothie or fruit juice tonight and for the rest of tomorrow. You don't want to have to have a shit with your prison pussy panties locked in place do you. Only liquids until you meet Master V, then no doubt he'll give you your fill of protein to build you back up. You may become a little light headed and faint during the day, but that's how bimbo's often feel. Make sure you keep hydrated Sissy."

"Yes Miss I'll make sure I drink enough and that I don't consume any solids at all."

"Perfect Sissy, that will reduce your waist a little too and make you all the more alluring to Master V."

"It's time to leave Sissy, one last touch, close your eyes Slut."

Sissy closed her eyes and waited.

Miss Megan reached into a cupboard pulled out two fresh bottles of poppers and opened them both and placed them at Sissy's nostrils. Sissy's head reared back as she smelled them.

"Get your fucking Sissy nostrils back on these bottles slut. Don't pretend you haven't had them many times before, I know you've sniffed many bottles over the years, I've read the accounts of your exploits, don't forget, so breathe in as I count bitch."

Sissy said nothing, she just breathed in heavily through her nostrils, inhaling as deeply as she could, knowing that would please her Mistress.

"One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, now hold." With that command she clamped her hand over his mouth and pinched his nostrils shut.

'Now exhale bitch."

The hit of the poppers was like a pile driver, making him completely lightheaded and so very horny.

"That's better slut, now we'll do this 3 more times, before I release you, we want your Sissy sub mind to be as suggestible as possible on your walk home and the hypnosis audio."

3 more times Sissy listened and breathed in for her Mistress, overloading her mind with the poppers until she was unsteady on her feet and her pussy felt like it just needed to be filled, as turned on as she was.

"Now put these earbuds in, get your toybag as you'll need that in Auckland and enjoy the walk home listening to Mistress Stella, telling you how much you love Alpha Male cocks."

Sissy slightly slurred "Yes Miss Megan, thanks Miss Megan."

With one pat of the plug to push it in a little further, Miss Megan guided Sissy out of the door and out of the building and watched her totter off home.

Now the fun really begins she thought.

She rang Master V straight away, as she'd promised she would.

"Hey there V, hope you're feeling well and very, very horny, and that cock of yours is ready to split this sissy apart. I've just prepared my Sissy Slut for your use for the next two days."

"Excellent, how did she respond, were there any difficulties?"

"Like a lamb to the slaughter, she knows in such a small town with the information and videos, I have on her I could completely ruin her, of course she could ruin me too. But that doesn't seem to have crossed her pretty little mind and after all she loves the whole thing, she just needed to be given the freedom to get as dirty as you need her to be."

"Great, so she has the HUSH plug in you mentioned and is locked in her pussy panties, as you called them?"

"She sure has, that plug is now live and you can control it with the text commands we went through, you can send the level of vibration, the length and the frequency all via text. Or you can set up sound controls so it responds to sounds around it and turns on say when a car door slams, or music comes on."

"She has absolutely no idea it's a vibrator, so you might want to be careful the first time you use it, I understand it's a bloody powerful vibrator and her first reactions could be pretty outrageous if she's with other people. They've designed it to be quiet but fucking powerful, so take care."

"Brilliant, I do want to embarrass and humiliate her, but don't want that to go too far, so will be a little judicious in my use of it. Fuck I've got a raging hard on just thinking about using it. I just cannot wait to hear her moaning as she's fucked by the plug, completely remotely. Locked into her pussy panties with absolutely no chance of escape."

"I know it'll be priceless V, she'll probably nearly wet herself. Oh and I started her on poppers quite heavily before she left tonight, so she'll have two fresh bottles with her, should you wish to keep her high through the day in preparation for tomorrow evening."

"God yes, I'll have her sniffing on those at every opportunity throughout the day, no food, locked in her pussy panties and high as a kite as much as I can. Hopefully she'll be ok in her business meetings, she might have to tell them she's a little under the weather to explain her new ditzy self. By the time we arrange her pick up she'll be a weak willed horny slut, desperate to see me and please me, at least that's the plan."

"Have you decided how you'll do the pick up yet?"

"Yes, I want to add to the excitement for her, well and for me to be honest. What I'm thinking is to have her following text instructions with time limits to get somewhere and then sending her onto the next place, before finally Clyde and I surprise her, hood her and effectively kidnap her and bundle her into the van."

"Oh my God that sounds fantastic, she'll be a jibbering wreck by then. She'll be ripe for some fun."

"That's what I thought, I'll have the vibrator going full throttle as she walks from one spot to the next and see how she copes, I'll make sure she's well topped up with poppers and when she least expects it we'll take her and let the real fun begin."

"I don't know about you,, but this is the most fun I've had for a long while, I'm loving whoring her out to you already."

"Well Megan, if it goes well, I might have a few more customers who wish to rent your sissy whore too."

"That sounds good to me. In fact it sounds just the start of a wonderful journey of debauchery."

"She's all yours now for the next two days, just would be lovely to be kept in the loop if you're happy to do that."

"No problem at all Megan, I'll take photo's and screen shots so you can see the journey. I was so focussed on the piss training at first, but now I'm looking forward to fucking with her mind before that even starts."

"Chat tomorrow V, have fun."

"I will thanks Megan, I'll text to you."

As the sissy slut walked down the street on the way home, she listened to Mistress Stella's Hypnosis loop one, "Cock Slave". Her head spinning as she listened to the hypnosis audio.

"You want big, thick long cocks, the kind that bring Sissies to their knees as cock slaves. The first sign is the arousing tingle you feel at the sight of a man's bulge, your eyes automatically drift down to his cock. He's an alpha male making it obvious to the world that he has a big cock and knows how to use it." She listened attentively, gently nodding as she walked, licking her lips at the thoughts she was listening to.

"You love seeing the man's bulge growing and becoming harder, with his bulge extending far down his mid-thigh. When you see such a large bulge you want to drop down to your sissy knees and empty his balls. The thought of a thick cock spraying thick cum into your sissy mouth arouses you." It did arouse her and she longed for cock at that point.

"Hard cock is the most delicious thing you've ever tasted, hard cock is addictive, it makes your little clitty tingle. Your baby clitty will seem so tiny by comparison, you'll never measure up to the proper cocks, let the real men take control. Now FALL into trance. Deeper into my control."

"The bigger the better, size matters to you sissy, a five inch cock in your mouth doesn't cut it, you truly believe that you need 8, 9 or even 10 inch cocks to satisfy your hunger, to force that gag reflex into submission."

"You're kneeling surrounded by Alpha males, your licking your lips in anticipation. You hear masculine moans in the room, your clitty is leaking uncontrollably. Their cocks are dripping thick precum, waiting for a chance to fuck your throat, you accept that pleasing cock is your goal, your dream, your ambition, being a slutty, horny submissive cock tease is who you are. Being a slave to cock makes you feel like a sensuous girl, sets your inner sissy free, tasting cock sets your inner slut free."

"Cum is your drug, your ultimate goal when sucking large cocks, when your face is covered in cum, it feels like sissy heaven. The more your tease lick and suck a real man's balls the more cum he'll produce and the sweeter it will taste."

"You know that Alpha males with large cocks and big balls produce more cum than other males. It's thick, tasty and potent, you will actively seek out these types of men while hunting for your next cum fix. FALL. Deeper now cock slave."

"It's time now to implant a trigger in your receptive sissy brain, every time you see a man with a large bulge you will instantly become aroused, you will salivate, your heart will flutter, your clitty will twitch, you'll feel weakness and submission flow through your body. Your pussy will long to be filled itching for use."

"Wherever you lay eyes on a bulge this trigger will take effect, instantly. You accept this as truth."

"You have fully absorbed my conditioning, and you accept that my word is truth, you were born to worship large penises. Your baby sized clitty cannot hope to compare, you can never satisfy a woman. Real men with giant cocks rule your world sissy, accept it, embrace it and FALL."

"Listening to this file on loop will permanently alter your behaviour and sexual desire, allow the file to repeat at your own risk. This is your only warning."

As the hypno finished Sissy arrived at home and walked in. Her wife had gone out for the night, so she thought she'd have a glass of wine and listen more to her hypno files while she got her overnight bag ready for the trip, including her corset, stockings, pvc stockings and all her toys.

After listening three more times and getting slightly drunk on the bottle of wine, she sniffed heavily on the poppers getting higher and higher as she listened to the conditioning hypnosis tapes on the loop.

She went to get ready for bed, stripping off until she only had her pussy panties on. Marvelling at the sexy look of them and the clean lines. The butt plug was feeling more and more part of her, but she realized she desperately needed to pee.

She walked into the ensuite bathroom and sat on the toilet with the seat raised as she'd been instructed but Miss Megan, another small humiliation for the sissy. She was frantically searching for a spot to get under the thigh band of the shorts and find the pee tube, she couldn't find it and was about to pee her new panties. She was beside herself and got off the toilet and onto all fours and finally after a few minutes reached the elusive tube which just came out to the side of her pussy. She sat back on the toilet and released her stream hoping it would work ok.

The relief was immense, she hadn't realized how much she needed to go, but also the poppers always had that effect on her of making her want to empty her bladder completely. As she did so her bowels tried to expel the plug naturally, but the pussy panties kept it locked firmly in place.

As she held the pee tube, she couldn't help but get some pee on her fingers, which she thirstily sucked up, knowing that would please Miss Megan. Once she was finished, she wiped the tube and tucked it back into place between her pussy lips.

She hesitantly and light headedly stood and then cleaned her teeth, gargled some mouthwash and finally put on her pyjama bottoms to hide her panties from her wife. Then she saw her bright toenails again, fuck she couldn't let her wife see those, but it wasn't cold enough to warrant wearing socks. Her best bet was to get to sleep before her wife came home and to ensure that she was wrapped up well in the covers.

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