The Protector


Thank you for taking the time to read my fantasy, if it tickled your fancy I would appreciate your vote as I have entered this story in the "NUDE DAY CONTEST 2018."

This fantasy is about Meghan a shy, naive, 18-year-old who decides to leave home as soon as the school term has ended so that she can be with her online boyfriend.

This story may contain peanuts so if you're allergic to forced, non-consent, anal, oral, or sex, in general, please do not go any further.



Meghan was a surprise pregnancy coming into her parent's life in their late forties. As the youngest of three children, Meghan had a lonely childhood as her closest sibling was twelve years older than her. Even though she was very beautiful, Meghan was shy and insecure and never made close friends at school. Now that her parents were retired they all lived frugally in their small, modest home and survived on small pensions. For Meghan every day felt like she was living in a senior home.

Her eighteenth birthday was nearing, and she was planning her escape. Hopefully, in only a short few weeks she would be free. Free from school, free from her constricting parents who tried to direct every aspect of her life. Free from all their do this don't do that bullshit! She didn't know how she had lasted so long in their stuffy house if it weren't for Max she would have runaway last summer. That's all that kept her going, knowing Max would be waiting for her once school was over.

Meghan and Max met in one of those chat room and hit it off right away. Max was different than the other men, he didn't call her rude names or say rude things to her, and he never asked her for nude pictures or sent any cock pictures to her. He said he liked to take things slow and Meghan liked that. Now he was the only one Meghan 'talked' to at night in the privacy of her bedroom on her reconditioned iPad. They had progressed over the year and sometimes had 'dirty' conversations which most of the time Meghan initiated. Max was quite a bit older, but Meghan didn't think it was creepy, after all, he said he was only thirty-one.

When her eighteenth birthday arrived, Meghan received a dozen red roses from Max along with a cute stuffed teddy bear. There was no card with the flowers, and she lied to her parents saying they must have been from a guy at school who had a crush on her. It was the only birthday gift Meghan received that day because her parents couldn't afford to buy her anything.

That night when Meghan turned on her iPad, she was super excited to talk to Max online. She thanked him profusely for the gifts and sent him a picture of her hugging the teddy bear. Max said he had another surprise for her special eighteenth birthday. He told her there was a secret compartment to open in the bottom of the bear. Meghan found a long silver bullet looking thing buried inside the bear. She liked how shiny it was and even though she didn't know what it was for she liked how it felt in her hands.

She yelped in surprise when Max said it was a small dildo for her ass and he wanted a picture of her using it. Meghan was scared, but she undressed completely and experimented with her new toy. The feeling of having something in her ass was different, and Meghan found she liked it a lot. She had never sent him any pictures of her naked body before, but she was so overwhelmed by the gift she sent him a dozen pictures, one for each rose. It turned her on to think of Max seeing her lying on her bed completely nude with the dildo up her ass.

Meghan asked Max if he wanted pictures of it in her pussy, but he said he wanted to take her virginity when they met. Her happy mood was so infectious she sent him several more selfies of her body. She was self-conscious but also proud of her large 36 C firm breasts. Meghan was pleased when Max said he couldn't wait to suck her hard nipples and cum all over her young tits and puffy nipples.

Max loved his 'talks' with Meghan, and they discussed anything and everything. She was such a naive young girl, and when she promised her virginity to him, he said it would be an honor. His influence or control over her grew every day. For Meghan, Max was the only one that understood how bad her life was. When Meghan said she wanted to quit school and run away to be with him, he made her stay until she graduated. They talked about all types of sex and Meghan said she couldn't wait for Max to teach her how to please him.

After her eighteenth birthday, they talked to each other every night and sent pictures back and forth. Finally with a lot of begging on Meghan's side she received a picture of Max's cock. The size scared her a bit but also made her pussy wet. Sometimes Meghan would wait until after their 'talks' to fuck her ass with mini-Max, (the name she gave to her silver dildo), and sometimes she would do it while Max was online. She loved to describe how it felt and Max would pretend it was his cock in her ass. Meghan loved fucking her ass as she played with her pussy and sensitive breasts.

She wondered what a big cock would feel like in her ass and experimented with bigger and bigger items until she finally used zucchinis from her mom's garden that looked as big as Max's cock; she loved how 'full' she felt and couldn't wait to surprise Max with her new talent.

The last day of school was the happiest day of Meghan's life. Just like they planned she left a note under her pillow for her parents that she was moving to Los Angeles to be a movie star then caught a bus in the other direction to be with Max. Meghan gathered up a few of her items including her iPad and threw them all in a small worn backpack. With one hundred dollars in her pocket, Meghan had one last look around her tiny bedroom and walked to the bus station smiling the whole way, repeatedly tugging down on her tiny skirt.


The Protector

Meghan was disappointed when she found out the bus ride was going to be long, over eighteen hours with lots of stops along the way. To pass the time Meghan used her iPad during the daytime to read a romance story until she could be in Max's arms.

The clothes Max had ordered her to wear for the trip made her feel very self-conscious; he had her dress in a sexy short skirt, thong panties, and a loose top over her bare tits. She knew she would be showing a lot of skin and would attract unwanted attention, but Max wanted her turned-on and excited when she arrived.

Even though Meghan was a gorgeous young girl with a pretty face and long blonde hair, she was bashful of the attention her large breasts drew and usually wore baggy clothes to hide them. The bathroom at the back of the bus was kind of creepy, she only used it once, and she could feel all the men undressing her as she walked to the back. After that, she would get off at each stop if she needed to go pee or stretch her legs. One of the drawbacks to doing this was a new man would sit beside her each time and try to accost her. She paid no attention to them all as she day-dreamed about meeting Max for the first time.

Meghan never noticed, but one male passenger, in particular, was keeping a close eye on her. As the last stop on the trip approached the bus driver, let everyone know if they needed to stretch this would be it for the next seven hours.

After getting back on the bus, Meghan found herself near the back of the bus. The man who had been keeping a close eye on Meghan sat down beside her. She was thankful this man left her alone, and she soon fell asleep with her head leaning on the window. During the night Meghan woke up to find a hand rubbing her bare knee and panicked. She almost screamed out loud until the man showed her a knife and poked it between her breasts. Meghan was scared as the stranger got closer to her.

"What's your name?" the man whispered.

"Meghan," she answered, "please don't hurt me."

"That depends on whether you listen to me," the man replied as he pushed the knife a little harder. "Now keep your voice down."

"Ow! Please, I will do what you say," Meghan whispered. She tried to move away, but the window trapped her, and he pushed tighter against her body.

"How old are you little girl?" he asked.

"Eighteen," Meghan replied.

"And why are you all by yourself?" he asked.

Meghan watched him lick his lips as he surveyed her body. "I am going to meet my boyfriend for the first time."

"Well you are lucky you met me then," he said, "do you want me to protect you on the trip from all the bad men?"

There was no way Meghan wanted his protection, but the knife said otherwise. "Yes," she said simply.

"Look at me Meghan," he ordered, "now smile and ask me nicely."

The forced smile on Meghan's face showed her fear, "Please sir, will you protect me from, from bad men."

"Of course sweetie," he said as he put his arm around her shoulder and dragged her closer. "Now close your eyes and rest your head on my shoulder."

The man had been secretly watching Meghan right from the start of her journey. Max had hired him and paid a large sum of money to ensure Meghan had a safe trip and didn't get molested. He laughed at the thought of Max seeing them now!

Several times he almost stepped forward to 'rescue' her from some of the more aggressive men, but she handled herself well. He had decided during the last leg of the trip he was going to sit beside her and take his time to get to know her better.

Meghan closed her eyes and put her head on his shoulder just like he ordered, hoping he wouldn't kill her. For a long time he didn't do anything but hug her, and she hoped he did want to protect her. She jumped when his fingers lightly stroked her face.

"I think you need to pay me for protecting you," he whispered, "how much money do you have?"

"Only one hundred dollars," said Meghan, "but I need it to take a taxi to my boyfriend's house."

"Well Meghan, I think we can work out a different reward," he said as his hand reached down and fondled her breast on the outside of her top.

"Please don't!" said Meghan. She felt the knife push against her stomach and knew she had to obey the stranger.

"Meghan!" he whispered as he pushed the knife against her side, "I think you can pay me this way."

The idea of dying on a bus didn't appeal to Meghan, "Okay," she said with resignation, "you can hold my breast if you want to."

"Well thank you, Meghan, that's very nice of you," he whispered, "would you mind lifting your top up for me?"

Meghan had to sit quietly while the man looked at her exposed bare breasts. "What size are your tits?" he asked as his fingers pinched her hard nipples.

His hand felt good on her breasts, even though she didn't want him touching her Meghan snuggled deeper into his body. "They're 36 C," she replied with closed eyes.

He whispered in her ear that she was so beautiful she could be a movie star. "Hmm, your tits are so firm," he said, "do you like me playing with them sweetie?"

His rough hands were turning Meghan on. "Yes," she reluctantly said, "it does feel good."

"Relax and let me protect you," he said. "Why aren't you wearing a bra honey?"

"My boyfriend told me not to," Meghan said, "he wanted me to be excited when I met him."

"You're a good girlfriend for listening to him," he said as he pinched her nipple, "am I getting you excited?"

Her breasts were starting to get sore from his abuse, "yes," she whispered, "but you're hurting me too."

The stranger eased up on the force but continued playing with her breasts. "Maybe I should take you home with me," he whispered into her ear, "Would you like that Meghan?"

Meghan was panicking and didn't know what to say, "Please sir can you just protect me until we arrive?"

He put the knife away and pulled Meghan, so she had her back to him which allowed both of his hands to play with her exposed tits. He could hear Meghan's breath quicken, "God I want to fuck you so bad!" he whispered into her ear, "I want to stick my cock up your juicy young cunt and come inside you."

Meghan could feel her body responding to the stranger and his magic hands. She did want a cock in her pussy, but she wanted it to be Max's. Her moans were giving away her arousal, but she knew there was no way he could fuck her on the bus, at least she hoped so.

"You're so fucking beautiful Meghan," he whispered, "can you feel my hard cock against your bum?"

The stranger was kissing her exposed neck, and the shivers were running down her spine, "Is that really your cock?" she naively asked, "It feels so big."

"Do you want to touch it sweetie?" he asked, "Reach back and take it out."

It was difficult, but somehow Meghan undid the zipper on his pants and pulled out his cock. The stranger's cock was big and hard in her hand and very warm. "I'm scared," Meghan said as she played with his cock, "someone might see us."

"Stay quiet sweetie," he whispered, "do you want me to put it between your legs?"

The man had his arms around Meghan and hugged her close to him, his hands massaged her bare breasts, and she could feel her pussy was very wet. "I'm a virgin," she whispered, "I want my boyfriend to be the first."

He was surprised a girl as good looking as Meghan had kept her virginity this long. The boys in her school must be very stupid, or Meghan was a tease. "Okay sweetie, I won't put my cock in your cunt," he whispered back, "just let me slide back and forth against it. Lift your skirt up and slide your panties down."

When Meghan didn't move he threatened her, "Don't make me get my knife out again!"

The tight seats made it difficult, but Meghan finally had her pink panties halfway down her thighs. The feel of his cock against her bare bum confused her, she liked the way it felt but knew what they were doing was wrong. "It feels nice," whispered Meghan, "real nice," she moaned wishing this was Max's cock and not a stranger's. Instinctively she opened her legs to let his cock slip between them as she leaned back into his arms.

"Fuck you're so sexy Meghan," he whispered as he pushed his cock forward, "your cunt is soaked. I guess you like this don't you?"

"Oh god!" Meghan said, "I never knew it could feel so good." Her hips were moving back and forth on the stranger's cock, enjoying the sensations as the stranger's large cock rubbed against her clit.

"Reach down and feel my cock slide between your legs," he whispered, "feel how big I am for you."

Meghan couldn't believe how good it felt as she held his cock tighter against her split pussy lips. She was melting against the stranger and knew if he asked she would let him fuck her pussy.

"I want you, Meghan, so fucking bad my cock is hurting," he whispered into her ear as he played with her hard nipples. "I don't want to steal your virginity, but I need you."

"Use my ass," Meghan whispered back with urgency. She had been playing with her ass every night with the silver dildo, and anything else she could find. "Please, do it!"

The stranger was stunned, this blonde beauty had just asked him to fuck her in the ass. "Oh Meghan, you're incredible!" he whispered, "lift up a bit sweetie and let me put it in."

The cock slipped past Meghan's star as she relaxed her muscles, he was much bigger than the dildo, the vegetables, or her hairbrush, and she was so turned on there wasn't much resistance. She reached down and played with her pussy as the stranger fucked her ass from behind. She loved how deep it went inside her. Each thrust represented another step away from the confines of her sheltered past life. The stranger had his hand over her mouth, and she knew it was because of her moans. Meghan's hand was going faster now as she pleasured herself. She liked the feeling of being fucked in both holes.

The stranger pushed his thumb into her open mouth, and she sucked it like it was his cock. Her body was being twisted like a pretzel as she fucked her ass on his cock. Meghan was a tiger in his arms, and he tried to keep control of her, but it was no use. "Shh, sweetie," he whispered gently, "we have all night to do this, don't rush it."

He was right they did have all night, and she slowed her hand down. The kisses he rained down on her neck felt so good, and so did his cock in her ass. "Thank you for protecting me," she whispered, "I'm lucky you found me."

Her tight ass was incredible, and she had opened up much easier than he thought possible. "Someone has fucked your ass before haven't they?" he asked.

"Just me," Meghan answered, "I have a dildo my boyfriend gave me for my eighteenth birthday."

"Remind me to thank that boyfriend of yours." he laughed.

"I will," Meghan laughed. "Are you going to come in my ass?" she asked as she looked up into his eyes. It was too dark to tell the exact color of his eyes, but she thought they were blue.

"Sweetie I will come wherever you want me to," he said, "even your cunt if that is what you want. The idea of fucking your virgin cunt is becoming more and more desirable."

"Please just come in my ass," she begged, "I want my boyfriend to take my cunt." Meghan had never used the "c" word before and found it excited her.

The stranger was slowly fucking Meghan's ass enjoying the sensation of her tight hole as she wiggled on his lap. "Let me taste your cunt," he whispered, "let me suck your fingers."

Meghan rubbed her clit one last time and presented her wet fingers to the stranger. She was surprised at how sexy it felt to have a man suck her fingers, and for the first time tonight she didn't feel afraid of him.

"You taste good," he said, "I wish I could suck your cunt."

"Me too," Meghan moaned, "I love how good your cock feels in my ass. Please pinch my nipples again."

"Oh Meghan," he exclaimed, "I want to do this all night to you."

He was pinching her hard nipples with all his strength now, and Meghan wasn't complaining. It was a good thing no one was sitting in the seat in front of them as they kept banging into the seat.

"Now Meghan! Right now!" he moaned as his orgasm hit.

The first shot of cum surprised Meghan, and she could feel it hitting her inside walls as more and more filled her ass. When he finished coming, he pulled Meghan back by her tits until she was against his chest.

"I need to come too!" said Meghan, "pinch my nipples again!"

Meghan's hand was a flurry as her desire to come overtook her. She tried to keep her voice down, but it was no use. A new man was standing in the aisle smiling at her as she frigged her cunt. She couldn't look away from him as he watched her. The combination of the cock in her ass and a new stranger watching her brought her to a blinding orgasm. If the stranger's hand wasn't covering her mouth, her scream would have been loud enough to wake everyone up.

"Fuck off," said her protector to the new man, "she's mine!"

The new man smiled at Meghan and thanked her for the show and said if she wanted seconds he was ready. The new man hustled back to his seat like a scared rabbit when her protector brandished a knife.

Her breasts were sore, her neck was sore, and her ass was sore. Her protector mauled her bare breasts for a few more minutes before pushing her top down. "Thank you," whispered Meghan as she kissed him for the first time, "that was incredible."

"Hmm, I don't want to take my cock out of your ass," he whispered back, " go to sleep and let me enjoy your ass a little longer."

Meghan was tired, and in just a few moments she was sound asleep. The stranger's cock never left Meghan's ass even when it softened. He nuzzled the soft skin of her neck, and the thought of fucking her again was very enticing. He played with her tits on the outside of her top until he had to feel them again. Meghan stirred a bit as his hands searched and found her bare puffy nipples. He wished he could suck on them but holding them was the next best thing. Softly and slowly he massaged her firm tits, and he felt her wiggle her ass down on his cock.

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