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The Protégé


This series explores the events when a young college graduate meets her biggest female role model and discovers some hidden desires that lead her down a path of submission and pleasures, she had never before imagined. The first chapter introduces our players and the awakening of new desires, so some patience is required. Enjoy.


My name is Alecia Carmichael. My story begins when I was 24 and just finished my MBA in Finance from Indiana University (Top in the class and best piece of ass. I would joke with my best friend Mikey.) I was top in the class with a 4.0 GPA and near perfect score on the GRE 336 combined score. And I was clearly the hottest bod in the whole damned department.

Not trying to be conceited but I was blessed with great cheekbones and better than average tits. I work out like I study, all out. I have always been naturally motivated and can't sit still. Luckily, I have a knack for constructive endeavors.

My older sister Amber has the same energy, but lacks a compass, so she has had a more troubled life. She's had some substance abuse issues and frequents rehab facilities.

The bottom line is I am motivated by success and power. While Amber is motivated by drugs and rock and roll. Thus, we have taken very divergent paths.

I took a lot of flak for staying at IU and the Kelley School of business for grad school, but I knew life would change dramatically after graduation and wanted to enjoy life close to home a bit longer. Besides, I can run circles around the Harvard Grads. My knowledge and instinct Financial Market Strategies is second to none.

I have wonderful supportive parents that believed in me from an early age. By 9th grade I had convinced them to let me run my own 529 account and I tripled the value of the principal by 12th grade. By 10th grade my parents and grandparents had turned over control of half of their retirement accounts to me, and I outperformed their next best funds by 200% before I completed my undergrad degree. By the time I finished grad school I had taken on over 12 million dollars of investments for family and friends retirement accounts earning over $100K per year on the side. Thanks to scholarships my school was essentially free, and my parents sighed off the 529 unused funds to add to my nest egg. As I set off to begin my career, I had built the nest egg up to just over $300K. Not bad for a 24-year-old.

Now, off to the Big Apple, the only place to work if you're gonna be the next Muriel Siebert. (She was the first woman with a seat on the stock exchange and started her own investment company that went public.) She paved the way for women in a male dominated field.

The hot commodity (pun intended) in the world of finance now was Cynthia Liebert. At 34 she is responsible for over $50 Billion AUM and poised to become COO for one of the largest Investment firms in the US. I have fantasized about meeting her since high school. My Senior year in Highschool I set up a model of 3 different investment funds I have managed since. I have actually out performed her for the past two years.

I had lined up a few interviews and had two offers for jobs in Indy, but New York was the only choice. I leased a 2-bedroom 2 bath apartment on the 20th floor of the 71 Broadway Apartments, sight unseen paying 12 months in advance for only $60K. It was in the heart of the financial district with access wall street, freedom tower and the stock exchange in walking distance. Movers had delivered the basics and set it up for me prior to even seeing the place.

I insisted my parents wait at least until fall for a visit and had our tear filled good by at the Indy airport. I had five interviews lined up with major investment firms and knew I would be starting in six figures with at least a 2 for the first digit. I had listened to Alicia Keys and Jay Z's New York about 20,000 times in the last 8 years but had it on repeat for the flight. I think the business man next to me in first class was sick of the song before we took off.

It was Thursday, and I had my first interview Monday, so a fun weekend was planned with three New Yorker friends I met in college. Three separate meetings to get their unbiased advice and insights on New York. Monday I would hit the ground running and I planned to have at least two offers by the end of the week.

I arrived at LaGuardia at 8:30 PM and hit the cab to Manhattan right at sunset. I had been to New York only once with my friend Stacey, whom I would be seeing tomorrow but this time was special. Sunset, lights, traffic, on my own in the "big city where dreams are made of. There's nothing you can't do. Let's hear it for New York!" The smile on my face was giant. The cab driver was a young Arab sounding man, his eyes caught mine in the mirror.

"First time in New York?" he asked smiling.

"First time as a New Yorker," I said in disbelief. (I am a New Yorker!) "Moving here today."

"Moving to Manhattan?" he asked surprised.

"Yes," I said confidently

"Living at 71 Broadway?" he continued.


"Just married?" he asked condescendingly.

"No sir," I replied getting slightly annoyed.

"Are you a model? You are so beautiful." he said blushing a little.

Insulted and flattered at the same time, I could not help but blush. "No sir, I just graduated with my master's in finance coming to work on Wall Street. Can you please take me past the stock exchange on the way to my apartment please?"

As we passed, my throat tightened at the site of the bull statue.

"This is my weekend off if you need someone to show you around," he said rather confidently.

I glanced at the mirror and he was attractive in a tall dark and handsome sort of way.

"I got it covered thanks though," I said smiling a little flirtatiously.

When we arrived at the building, the fare was $49. I gave him a $100-dollar bill. "Keep the change Ghalib. Thanks for the offer," I smiled.

He handed me his card, "Please call if you need a ride. I stepped from the cab, the warm summer breeze was incredible. The resident assistant met me in the lobby and helped me to my apartment and the concierge got my bags. My heart raced when I stepped in. It was beautiful but a bit bare. I decided to wait for living room furniture until I saw the place.

The moving service did it all, setting up my bedroom with clothes in the drawers and closets, towels in the bathroom courtesy of mom and dad. It was amazing. I felt like royalty. I unpacked my luggage and headed up to the rooftop terrace. I sat and gazed in wonder at the freedom tower.

I would be interviewing there Monday with Moody. My skype interview went extremely well, and Mr. Richards their VP of Investor Relations seemed ready to make me an offer on the spot, but I needed to talk to three more Executive VP's on Monday.

I did my best to keep direct eye contact with him during the interview adding just a touch of flirtation and making sure to stand while subtly leaning toward the camera for a touch of cleavage. When he squirmed in his seat I settled back into my seat. He gave a subconscious little cough and the remaining questions were mere formalities. It was a fact I leaned early on, men can be manipulated very easily by a pretty face and some subtle body language. I was blessed with a pretty face, but they rarely see that I am smarter than them, which creates an even greater advantage. The other three interviewers were all men, so I was sure an offer would be coming after Monday.

But Friday, Saturday and Sunday were going to be tourist time. I planned to be a full time sightseer with the obligatory I love NY shirt. I was meeting Stacey tomorrow morning to see the Chrysler building, Bank of America towers, 40 Wall Street and 70 Pine Street. Then we were going to finish off with a Yankee's game and maybe a night on the town.

Saturday was Delaney, a dance major from Brooklyn. She was a true New Yawker. Sunday was going to be with Lawrence, the gay business nerd from Carnegie Hill. He was in line to run his father's business someday, if he wanted it.

Stacey grew up in White Plains nearby and her dad grew up in Brooklyn, a die-hard Yankee fan. He got us tickets for the Tigers game. My dad was a Tigers fan and it rubbed off on me. But from now on, if I'm gonna live in New York, I would need to adopt the Yankees.

Stacey wanted out of New York for college and ended up at IU school of business. We hit it off and roomed together the last 2 years on campus. She was a business major and was looking for work but was struggling to find something.

She came in Friday Morning on the subway and we met at The Pearl Street Diner for an early breakfast 8:00 AM. She was not happy about the time but was the kind of friend that would do anything for you, so she showed up with a smile. The diner was only a mile and it was a beautiful summer day, so I walked. (Any excuse to walk down Wall Street).

I wore a pair of tight-fitting cutoff jeans and my I love NY bedazzled shirt as planned. I did a spin in front of the mirror. My butt was tight, my boobs were up, my spirits were high. I would be starting a lifetime of business suits and skirts next week, so my first weekend was all fun and casual. My dark brown hair was pulled back in a pony tail.

Stacey wore a cute little spaghetti strapped sundress. Her sandy blonde hair hung down tight to her cheeks hanging about half way down her neck. She had intense blue eyes and golden-brown tanned skin against a peach and white floral form fitting sundress. We would have some fun today with the New York men, I could tell.

The Pearl St. Diner was a hit. The waffles and fruit were to die for. " I will be living here, I can tell," I said after taking my first bite.

"Can I try?" asked Stacey, stabbing a piece with my fork.

"Hey! eat your own." I protested, sliding my plate away.

"Mmmm," she sighed savoring the stolen bite of waffle. "Delicious, almost worth getting up at 5:30 for this. Wanna try my French toast?

"Sure," I said, taking the bite off her outstretched fork.

"Amazing," I said impressed with a unique flavor, I could not quite pinpoint. "Great coffee, great food. On the list!"

"I've never eaten here but it's on my list too!" she said shoving in another bite. She continued after swallowing, "So, 40 wall street first, 70 pine and then the Chrysler building ok?"

"Sounds great and finish off with Bank of America Tower," I replied happily gulping down coffee. "I can't believe I'm living in New freakin" York," I said grinning like Pennywise.

She grinned back," This is gonna be so much fun having you here!"

We caught up on family and hit the road. It was a dream come true walking the streets of Manhattan. We got to the Chrysler building around 11:00. Her family dentist had an office on the 79th floor. She got me in to sign up as a patient and we, seized the opportunity to sneak a peek of the view. It was breathtaking.

On the way out, in the elevator, we were happily discussing the next stop when it stopped on 78. "This could take all day if we stop on every floor," I said jokingly, when suddenly I looked at the sharp dressed lady that appeared as the doors opened, and my jaw dropped. I did a double take... Cynthia Liebert!

My heart raced and my throat tightened. "WTF, Cynthia Freakin' Liebert and I look like a freakin' tourist!" I thought to myself. "Arguably the most powerful woman on wall street, my hero. The person I emulated the past six years and would love to work for more than anyone in the world, was right here! This could be my big chance... Say something! But your dressed like a doofus!"

"Cynthia Liebert?" I asked extending a hand as she turned to look at me.

Her eyes quickly looked me up and down and then, rolled at the sight of my outfit. "Yes," she replied trying to be polite but not extending her hand.

"It is such an honor to meet you. I have admired you for so long. You are such an inspiration. Because of you, I graduated top of my class in finance and now, I'm in New York starting my career..."

"Top of your class... how old are you Miss..." She said extending her hand and looking at me confused.

"Alecia Carmichael," I said shaking her hand vigorously. "I'm 24 and just graduated from I U with an MBA in finance, I currently manage over 12 million in assets for family and friends. I use six investment models for investment funds that are on par with any in industry. Three of them since sophomore year in high school. I would do anything to work for you. I have admired you and followed your career since I was 13. Please forgive my appearance, this is the last weekend before my career begins and my friend Stacey and I are seeing the sites. I just can't believe it's you. You are my hero. (I took a quick breath through the nose as I had not bothered to breath since I started talking.) And your perfume is incredible..."

She gave me another look up and down," Wow, you are certainly not shy, that's for sure. I am heading for lunch and just fired my executive assistant. My gut tells me to hear you out. If you'd like to join me, we can talk about you filling that roll. I'm leaving for the Hamptons tonight and you would need to join me for the weekend if you choose to take it. It pays $1500/week flat salary. Interested?" She asked, blue eyes piercing mine.

The interview Monday with Moody would easily result in four times the salary, excluding performance bonuses. But this was Cynthia freakin' Liebert.

"Yes, I'm definitely interested and available right now." I said eagerly.

She was about two inches taller than me. (I'm 5' 7") Though she was in heals and a well-tailored navy suit jacket and form fitting mid-thigh cut skirt. She had light blond hair mid back length with an overlapping textured look. It was perfectly uniform in color and highlighted her light blue eyes. Her skin was flawless except for a mole on her left cheek. She wore a bold red lipstick with just a touch of barely there blue eye shadow with no sign of blush or concealer. Her perfume was a unique scent that had a hint of spice and a touch of... Honeysuckle? It was very distinctive but not overwhelming.

"Will you be joining us Stacey?" She asked turning to face the doors with her back to us.

I glanced at Stacey and she looked at me with a questioning expression. I quickly shook my head, wanting to maximize my time with Cynthia.

"Unfortunately, I have to meet Matt for lunch. It was a pleasure meeting you. Text me when you're done Alecia." She was lipping "OMG... Amazing... You got this!"

The doors opened, Cynthia stepped out and shook Stacey's hand, "Pleasure meeting you," she said walking quickly toward the exit. "I've got a con call in one hour, let's make it quick. We'll eat at New York Central. Do you have access to your resume?"

I was prepared, I had it and my self-made prospectuses for my investment funds. "Yes, I do, and some info on my investment funds. I will forward them to you if you give me your e-mail." I said confidently.

As we walked, she glanced over at me in my shorts and T and no purse. I had a cell phone in one pocket and a mini wallet with ID and credit card in the other. I pulled out my cell phone and had them e-mailed before we reached the restaurant.

I won't bore you with details of EBITDA, earnings ratios and market trends, but will sum it up that I made a good impression. She wanted to give me a trial at the job. She warned me this would be a thankless underpaying job, but I would be her right hand and get to learn on the front lines and I would need to start today and be on call 24/7.

Hoping to leverage my position I told her about my interview Monday with Moody and the subsequent meeting with other firms.

"Are you talking to Bill Richards?" She asked smiling.

"Yes Ma'am," I replied.

"I'm not that old, Sweetie. Call my Cynthia," She said laughingly.

"I'll make you a deal. Commit to eight months and I will fix it with Bill that in eight months he can have first dibs on hiring you after I've trained you. I promise you're gold... OK?" She said waiting for a response.

"Done!" I said, heart racing.

She dialed him and told him the plan, and he agreed, disappointed though he was. Then she asked who else I was interviewing with and called the other two companies for me, making the same deal. When she hung up with the last one, she excused herself to the ladies room. We were wrapping up and I need to get ready for the trip. First weekend in town and going to the Freaking Hamptons with Cynthia Freakin' Liebert!

I quickly texted Ghalib the cabby

Me: I need immediate pick up at the Hyatt by Chrysler and need to look important. Can you help?

Ghalib: 20 minutes away and driving your way. VIP got it.

Me: VIP Tip!

Then I texted Stacey.

Me: Can you meet me behind the Hyatt in 20 minutes?

Stacey: Sure, did it go well?

Me: Yes! Tell you all about it in 20

Cynthia returned and sat down. Her perfume refreshed. I was struck by the natural beauty of her skin. Very little make-up and flawless. She seemed to draw the eyes of everyone in the room. I still could not believe the incredible chain of events that occurred in the past hour.

"I don't really believe in destiny Alecia, but this is the best I've felt about a new hire, ever. An hour ago, I was lamenting the process and convinced I was in for a month of frustration. Of course, if you're as sharp as I think, it may be a short-lived role... You have the most piercing eyes. They will serve you well in this job. The old boys will be eating out of your hand." She held up her iced tea, "To new beginnings"

"New beginnings," I said grinning like a child on Christmas morning.

"Meet me at the Pier Six Helipad at 6:30. It's a white Augusta A109. We'll come back Sunday evening and be back in the office Monday 7:00 AM. Bring bathing suit, workout clothes, and casuals. Do you Jog?" She said finishing her shrimp salad.

"Yes, twice a week and tread mill and elliptical three days," I replied.

"Great, Saturday morning we can start with a beach jog and see how we feel after that. Four miles ok?" She asked and waved at someone one behind me.

"Sure," I said quickly, trying to wrap my head around all of this and not look too excited.

"Great, we'll just stay close to the house. They'll be a few friends for dinner Saturday, but other than that some, beach and pool time and get to know you planning session. Casual dress is fine. We can hit the ground running Monday morning. (She looked at her phone.) Gotta take this, see you at 6:30. Send me the bill, Mandy," she said to the waitress.

I walked quickly with her and when we stepped out, Ghalib stood next to his cab with a sport coat and tie on. "Miss Alecia, very good to see you, where can I take you today?" He said loud enough to make sure Cynthia heard and opened the back door.

She stopped briefly took a quick look at Ghalib, as she talked, looked back at me and smiled and gave a wink of approval.

She continued on across the street without a look back. I climbed into the cab and as soon as he closed the door, I screamed like a child.

"Ghalib! Do you know who that was?"

"No, I don't..." he began until I cut him off.

"Cynthia Freakin' Liebert! The most powerful woman on Wall Street! Guess who I'm working for?"

He grinned, "Cynthia Freakin' Liebert?"

"Yes! Cynthia Freakin' Liebert! Thank you so much for coming! Your timing was perfect!

Well done. I need to go home and pack. I'm going to The Hamptons with Cynthia Freakin' Liebert tonight! Oh shit! almost forgot Stacey. She's behind the hotel."

As we rounded the block, I looked at Ghalib's eyes in the mirror and thought about how deep brown they looked. I felt a tingle down below at the thought of riding his hard-on in my new bed. "Christen the new place properly," I thought to myself.

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