tagAnalThe Protest

The Protest


It was noun, say around 12 near the centre of Athens. Grey clouds covered the usually sunny sky and the softly blowing hot wind revealed the dirt of the unclean city streets.

A young man, near 30, tall and thin, with dark piercing eyes, a rough unshaven face and black long heavy metal hair could be seen walking in the distance. Adonis the name he used to call himself and the brothel compartment of the city his destination. His mission; just to have a good time.

Life was hard these times in Greece, and one couldn't hope for too much. Economic austerity, unemployment and a lot of the young people including potential female mates having left abroad for a better future. All these made it difficult for Adonis to make a serious relationship with the opposite sex. So he relied on the company of prostitutes to find relief.

On his way, he saw the Greek parliament. He knew that there would be a protest running there that day. A protest against the new government measures that would literally suck peoples' salaries and pensions.

Adonis noticed the faces in the crowd.

Angry, enraged folks. "Down with the government! Down with the government!" many of them shouted, almost screaming from their rage. Almost as if they wanted to fuck as well.

These were old news for him. He'd been there before, trying to raise his voice against the government. It didn't work for him, the protests always ended in crushing defeat for the protesters. So he found a different way out.

Passing through the protest, it took Adonis near 10 minutes to arrive at the brothels. He observed the area around him. Old buildings everywhere, notifying the 50s', an era long since passed. But apart from that, nothing weird.

Then suddenly, he heard the voice of a middle aged woman, a voice that would sound like an asses' bray to the inexperienced mind.

Fat, one - eyed and dressed with rags that could hardly cover her bouncingly big bum, she selled potatoes packed in bags that weighted 10 kilos each.

"2 euros the bug! It is 2 euros tha bug!" she said her accent revealing her illiteracy.

Of course, Adonis didn't want to taste potatoes that day but meat. Raw meat. So he decided to take his walk around the brothels for that day. He entered the first brothel he found.

Inside, many men waited to see the girl. It wouldn't be surprising if all of them escaped from the protest only to go and fuck - or at least take a cheap peak and be inspired for the protest.

Adonis sat on an empty couch and observed the entry hall.

It looked beautifully decorated, with a lot of posters stuck on the walls; posters from porn advertisements. Passion and pleasure seeping through the girls' faces. The walls were also decorated with hearts made from cardboard.

"Romance with passion," Adonis thought. "Perfect combination!"

His dick became at least a thousand times stiffer than the cardboard hearts and like a dial indicator, it reached the top of the dial of his pants.

Appearing to have the same experience with Adonis, the rest of the guys boiled with anticipation for the sight to be seen.

The madam of the brothel came to the entry hall, bouncing like a bunny. A bunny that weighted 100 kilos.

"My girl does doggy style, rides you on top and also does missionary," she proudly said.

Adonis thought that even though very common, the options appeared appealing.

Then the madam added, "And to spice it all up people, anal is back on the menu!"

That made Adonis disgusted slightly. "Anal?!?" he thought. "Couldn't she find a better word to describe this . . . act?"

"And now, I introduce to you my little star! Patty!"

Suddenly the ground shook and a whale flooded the room with her presence. She wore only a whores' string, but deceptively to the eye, she appeared to be completely naked due to the excess belly fat covering her pubic area.

All of the guys were completely turned off by the sight and started leaving.

However, Adonis involuntarily reacted differently. He became surprised, and his cock instead of losing its erection, it jerked upwards, pulling his pubic hair to the point of tear off.

"AHHHHhhh!!" he screamed, the sound of his voice blending a tone of pain and pleasure.

Unfortunately, that drew the attention of the fat gal who crawled near him.

"Is there something wrong, skinny boy?" she asked with her swollen lardy red lips.

"Oh - no - no!" Adonis hastily replied.

"Do you want to take me?" the girl asked and started rubbing on Adonis legs.

Everybody had left and Adonis kept seeking for a way to escape; urgently! He tried to get up but it was impossible. The beast had already sat on top of him!

"Let me go!" he exhaled heavily, his body almost disappearing beneath her. He felt that in a few seconds he would pop inside her pussy. Would her fat vagina become his new home for the remainder of his life?

What would happen? Don't miss the next epis. . . no, just joking, here is what happened next:

"No, my little honey, you won't leave!" said Patty. "I saw your terror from my immense beauty! I'll calm you down!"

An idea came to Adonis' mind, "But I'm not terrified . . ." he exclaimed.

"Then why did you scream before baby?"

"I came!"

"Then it's 20 euros please!"

With a desperately ultimate pull, Adonis managed to slip underneath the enormous lady.

As if all the oceans of the world dried out, the girl dropped down like an orca abruptly taken from her medium of existence. SPLAAASHH!!

Under no circumstances would Adonis pay for something he didn't do. He walked towards the exit.

"What a cretin!" the madam said as Adonis closed the door. "He cannot appreciate your boo . . eh beauty my dear!"

Adonis concluded that misinformation was not an art mastered by the media alone.

He found himself again in the city streets and continued his market research. Entering a brothel he always used to ignore in the past, Adonis thought, "Maybe there is a hidden treasure here!"

The entrance hall was kept clean and a subtle aroma like daffodils filled the atmosphere. It smelled nice. The madam arrived and she announced the girls' available positions. Thankfully, she didn't mention anything about anal. Thankfully.

She shouted for the girl to enter the room, but she was nowhere to be found.

"Jessyyyyyyyy!!" she sung in a sweet tone that hid a subterranean threat. Jessy didn't appear yet.


"I'm almost there...!" a dull voice heard from the bathroom.

"Well, you know..." the madam said, a faint blush giving away her slight embarrassment.

A minute passed and then, the toilet door opened and a beautiful blonde babe came out. However, instead of appearing before the men to appeal to them, she immediately rushed to the kitchen. The toilet door remained open.

Without warning, not even before a 10 second span, a rotten stench filled the room and utterly destroyed the fragrance that passively dominated it.

Cursing, the madam ran to the toilet, and at long last, the sound of the flush and the door slamming was heard to everybody's relief.


Then, Jessy entered the room hastily for everybody to see, retaining a fake shitty smile.

Everybody started to leave, keeping a pace that reached the verge of jogging. Adonis was halfway down the stairs, before hearing the madam say, "Hey, don't leave you guys! She also does anal!"

The guy next to Adonis bent down and threw up like a sewer. He emptied the bean soup and the intestines he ate before, almost intact.

"Damn tripe shop!" he muttered coughing. "What business did I have to go there? That owner must have fed me monkey guts instead of lamb!"

The stair flooded from a stream of vomit. Thankfully Adonis reacted on time and got out of there before drowning under a swampy Nile. At long last, he now knew why he instinctively avoided that brothel in the first place.

He continued searching. The clock said 1 in the noun. Adonis felt his stomach becoming upset. Surprising to him as well, after that event his appetite improved and he wanted something to eat.

He went on the other side of the road and saw the label of a restaurant, "Tripe Shop, Thomas."

"You don't convince me, Thomas," Adonis thought and went on his newfound mission, to fill his belly.

Finally, he found a normal looking grill shop and sat inside. He ordered two pitas souvlaki and started eating with a voracious appetite, as he had already burnt a lot of calories with all his walking.

He reflected on his journey so far. "What was all that with the anal about?" he thought. "Some new kind of fashion? Everybody giving up their dirty shitholes? What's up with that?"

Then he felt a bit sorry for the girl named Jessy. But not for the fat whale. She had it coming. The other girl however, was just a poor soul, exploited by pimps and other assholes. Well, they definitely were the ones that needed to be fucked.

He signed, "Is that what the brothels have to offer? Just women that don't enjoy what they do?" and carried on with the gastronomic plunder.

At that moment, while he was eating, his attention was caught by two sexy babes that sat on the opposite table. One of them a blonde, the other a brunette. Even though they didn't dress provocatively, wearing both typical conservative dresses, their expression looked very lustful, as if they would like to have a cock in their mouth the whole day.

Now Adonis on the other hand, being more hungry than slutty, simply gave them quick glances while he ate. Nah, bullshit. He looked at them like a horny idiot.

The girls also ate pitas. They ate with passion seeping through every move they made. As if the sausages inside the pita breads were dicks and the sauce hot cum.

"Food for my senses," Adonis thought achieving a rock hard erection again. Achievement unlocked, one would say! Or maybe uncocked?

The hungry babes realized that Adonis stared at them, and smiled. They grabbed one of the thick pitas and shared it in the eating. The brunette licked the white sauce of the pita with her tongue and the blonde sucked it from the top inside her mouth.

Smiling in his effort not to wet his pants in thick semen, Adonis rubbed his eyes to distract his primal urges. If he screamed at that point, he would have indeed emptied his load, no doubt about it.

Upon finishing their delicious meal, the sugar babes walked near the shop owner who at that point stood behind the desk of the cashing machine, his arm moving back and forth, a small jerking motion that signified its meaning only by the adjective describing it.

He smiled at them seeing the renewed cash flow, maybe thinking that he got rewarded for his wanking. How better would the world be if everybody made their living that way, I wonder.

But enough with tangents. The babes approached Adonis and the blonde whispered to his ear and to his surprise, "Hey stud, if you want to find us, we work to the brothel a couple of squares that direction," she said her skinny pale white hand pointing the way. "The pass for you to enter is, Only 2?" They then left.

"So that was it!" Adonis thought enlightened. "They were prostitutes doing a lunch break! It would be a good idea to go where they worked and . . . eat them!!"

He quickly finished his pitas without paying attention to how they tasted, due to his senses being dulled from the anticipation of rubbing his cock between the cheeks of those chicks, making another pita with sausage - in the making.

Adonis explored the area in the direction the blonde slut told him, but didn't find anything. He then searched in different areas in case he didn't understand well what she said to him, and then he found himself again outside the grill shop. Disappointment. Then he thought a bit annoyed, "What's with giving a pass in order to fuck? Are we in the army?"

And then in the distance, a forgotten spectacle revealed itself; the middle aged lady that sold potatoes - 2 euros per bag!

"2 euros tha bug! It's 2 euros da bug!"

Understanding finally the purpose of all of this, and his purpose in this story, Adonis approached the lady. "Only 2?" he asked her.

"Why?" she replied laughing and shutting her one remaining eye in conspiracy. "You are not content with 2 pussies? You want more?"

She moved her humongously huge hide and then, Tadaaahhh!! A secret door revealed itself, hidden by her ass. "Come on!" she said playfully. "Don't you want to see my gals?"

Adonis almost became speechless. "But why do you have these systems and don't function like a normal brothel?" he asked with great effort.

"I don't know!" the fat assed lady replied. "It must be the author's idea to create mystery . . ."

"These are some weird ideas that perv writer has . . ." Adonis said. Wait what?!?

"Yes, indeed!" the lady said and added, "He made my bum enormous just to hide the brothels' door behind you! Couldn't he place a loading truck or maybe wooden crates??"

Authors' note: Well, I didn't want to. That simple J

Adonis went downstairs and there in the entrance, a big chandelier hung from the room. A chandelier with bright red lights, predisposing beforehand what would follow.

The girls of the grill shop entered. Their grilled pussies completely bare skinned!

Due to the normal dressing they wore at the grill shop, Adonis didn't notice their finely shaped bodies.

Licking his lips lustfully, Adonis thought, "I'm burning! I'm burning!"

"I am Sonja and she is Tonya," the blonde said. "You can do whatever you want with us and if you really desire, you can have us both."

"You go as a package!?!" Adonis said surprised.

"Yes! So, what will you do handsome?" Tonya said and grabbed Adonis' throbbing cock above his jeans. "Need some hand to decide?"

No, Adonis didn't need any of that. He thought that if he selected only one of them, he could have more focus and thus get a more compact experience. However, he felt horny enough to have a robust experience with both of them. So he took them together.

Going in the bedroom he removed his clothes and fell to bed. The only thing still standing, his huge cock.

Sonja entered the bedroom and Tonya followed her, closing the door. They went near him, and attached their bodies on his. Rubbing their pussies against his legs, at the same time they licked and kissed his nipples and stroke his dick. They didn't stop until Adonis' legs were full of their arousal fluids.

And moreover, their lustful and horny faces. It was as if they asked for Adonis' cock to get into their mouths. And so he did.

Standing on his knees, Adonis started masturbating against the girls' faces.

Both of them got the message, and laying on the bed, they opened their mouths and stuck their tongues out. They knew what was cumming next.

But not so fast, Adonis wanted something more. He made a small break from masturbation, slapping Sonjas' tongue with his cock and then inserting it inside for her to feel how he tasted. He continued for a while and then did that as well with Tonya. Only Tonyas' tongue was a bit more wet, and his cock slid inside her mouth easier than Sonjas'.

That led Adonis to a palindromic frenzy, and furiously returned to his masturbation. Roaring like a beast, Adonis unleashed his hot semen on the pretty girls' faces and perky tits. He covered them in pale white paint.

Tonya and Sonja looked satisfied after this and continued to look horny and aroused. Suddenly Tonya released a sound like a faint burp, and it smelled tzatziki, that contained onion.

"Oh my god!" Adonis thought. "When they did their show before sucking the pita, they did it with tzatziki and not sauce! Yes! They are completely perverted!! Exactly what I asked for!!"

Even though Adonis came once, he felt a primal urge raging from inside. A lust he couldn't control. His cock steeled itself.

Tonya and Sonja were preparing to leave the bedroom, clean their faces and wait for the next customer.

Grabbing them by their soft hands and preventing them from opening the door, Adonis told Sonja and Tonya, "You are not going anywhere, sweethearts! The show is far from over!"

"Hey wait!" Sonja tried to complain but she didn't have enough time to rationalize.

Adonis rushed them both back to the bed, pushing them so that they fell on their fours, the one next to the other. Their schedule said that they should leave after the customer came once, but somehow, they didn't complain. They secretly wished for something like this.

He began by sticking his rod on Tonya's lower hole.

She moaned with pleasure as his thick dick got inside her wet pussy.

Moving his hips back and forth, Adonis started to pummel Tonya, her face bend down on the bed mattress and screaming loudly.

Sonja turned her head towards them with her cum drenched face having an expression of sad complaint. She wanted to participate as well.

"Don't worry, I'm not going to leave you behind! I'm going to take you from behind!" Adonis said and inserted his middle and ring fingers inside her dripping vagina.

Sonjas' eyes widened from surprise and moaned with pleasure, not being able to control herself.

Carrying on with his task to shag Tonya as hard as he could, Adonis continued to fuck her pussy while simultaneously he fingered Sonja.

After a while, Adonis felt that Tonya had enough and swapped pussies. He inserted his dick to Sonja and started to fist fuck Tonya, that didn't even have time to take a breath before she started moaning again.

Sonja, on the other hand, appeared to enjoy it a lot now that she had become the centre of attention. She didn't moan, but only smiled happily as Adonis' dick got in and out of her hole. But it didn't completely satisfy her. A tingling in her butt made her desire something else. "Fuck me in the ass!" she demanded. "Fuck me in the ass now!"

Under normal circumstances, Adonis would become utterly disgusted. But now the situation differed; his disgust was overridden by his lust. So he didn't think about it twice. He took his rod out of Sonja's pussy and stuck it on her behind. And to his surprise, it felt even better!

"How does that feel baby?" Sonja said and started to rub her pussy with her hand while her ass was mercilessly slammed by Adonis' hips.

A final powerful slam made Sonja moan loudly, her eyes tilting upwards. She came with her tongue spread out.

But it wasn't over yet. Tonya had to experience this as well.

Adonis removed his cock from Sonja's butthole. It looked still throbbing and enlarged. Not like the tiny hole that Tonya had.

"Be gentle with my ahhhhHHH!!" Tonya tried to say but it was too late, Adonis had already pierced her like a lamb.

Mixing pain and pleasure, Tonya moaned frantically and constantly, as if she did it for the first time. And who knows? Maybe it was her first time doing anal.

Adonis continued to move his hips and started to slap Tonyas' butt.

As the situation progressed, Adonis' moves became faster and more erratic. Tonya on the other hand, moaned now completely from pleasure. She must have come at some time, but he couldn't find out exactly when. Or perhaps she came constantly all along the way.

And then, totally losing control, Adonis removed his dick from Tonya's butthole, and came like a bull, his cum covering both Sonja's and Tonya's butts.

Falling to the bed exhausted, Adonis almost fainted from the intensity of the experience. The last thing he remembered seeing was their semen covered asses, combined with their cum drenched faces, all making a work of art.

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