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The Psychology Experiment


Author's note: Reading through the Literotica collection I noticed that there was an inordinate number of stories by different authors starring a lead character named Jenny. So this got me wondering: were these all about the same Jenny? And was she inviting different authors to write about her? So this inspired me to add my own contribution to the Jenny archive, a rather silly and adolescent caper and something of a departure from my usual style. I hope it turns out all right.

* * * * *

Part 1: The first day.

Jenny knocked on the door of the room marked "Psychology Lab 1", clutching the poster in her hand. Already late for her 3:30 appointment. Great. Nice impression she'd make, she thought, taking a moment to finger-comb her blonde hair in place before going inside.

Jenny still couldn't believe she had come to this. After all, she was barely midway through her freshman year, and she'd saved a lot of money from the jobs she'd had during high school. Then she left for college in a different city while her boyfriend Brad decided to go to a local school. Now, between the long-distance phone calls to Brad and her own weakness for shopping, her money was quickly running out. So when she saw the posters advertising for volunteers to participate in various psychological studies, her eye was immediately drawn to one that promised $300 for about 90 minutes' participation. She couldn't believe her luck.

The thin bearded man she knew as Dr. Parks was already waiting for her, along with a woman. "Good afternoon," he said, his voice heavily accented. As she knew, Dr. Parks wasn't his real name but an abbreviation from the original Russian. An emigre from the former Soviet Union, he was reputed to be one of the leading researchers in the field of subliminal messaging.

"Thank you for responding to our advertisement," he continued. "As the poster explained, we are conducting research on the effectiveness of subliminal messaging. Of course, due to the nature of the experiment, we are unable to tell you any more about it at the present time. All I can assure you is that there are no medical risks associated with the process.

"My name is Dr. Parks, and this is my assistant, Jada Spencer. I'll be controlling the research, but Jada will be the one running the experiment. Any questions you have during the course of the experiment, she will be able to answer. Everything sound all right to you so far, Jenny?" She nodded her head eagerly, thinking only of the $300 awaiting her. "Good then, Jada will have a consent form for you to sign, and after that we can proceed."

The professor's assistant was a tall young woman, a few years older than Jenny, with long black hair in a ponytail and glittering green eyes. She handed Jenny a five-page form. Jenny flipped through it impatiently, checking only to verify that indeed she would be paid $300 for participating. She scribbled her name on the last page and handed it back to Jada.

"Are you ready to start now?" Jada asked.

Jenny looked at her watch and nodded. God, could she use $300.

Jada reached down into a drawer and pulled out a blood pressure cuff and a stethoscope. "I'm going to take your pulse rate and blood pressure now," she explained, "then I'll have you look at two videos, each about 30 minutes. At the end of each video I'll be back to take them again. Sound simple enough?"

Jenny nodded obligingly and allowed the older girl to record her pulse and blood pressure. Then Jada straightened up. "Have a seat," she motioned to the leather chair. "I'll be right outside in the back room, running the videos," she added as she and Dr. Parks left the room.

Jenny sat down where she was directed. The chair was soft and comfortable, and it faced a large video screen, like that of a TV. No knobs though, and no buttons. Jada would be controlling things from behind the scenes.

The lights dimmed,and the first video started up. There was no introduction, and background music, only a close-up shot of man and a woman kissing passionately. The whole scene was suffused with eroticism, not your typical porn-movie stuff, but a genuine sexual energy that emanated from the screen and drew Jenny in. Her breathing grew shallow; she opened her mouth and gulped more air. Even though the room was cool, she was starting to feel quite warm.

Onscreen, the man had unzipped the woman's dress and pushed it gently off her shoulders. In the quiet of the room Jenny could hear the whisper of the fabric as it slid to the floor, the breathing of the couple, and was barely aware that she was matching their breathy sighs with her own. When the man opened the woman's bra and slid his hand inside, Jenny felt an answering tingle in her own breasts. With her free hand she ran her fingers lightly over her nipple, and even through her bra and t-shirt she could tell it was quite hard.

She watched the man move his mouth down the woman's throat, saw his tongue trace the delicate curve of her collarbone, then continue to her breast. The woman's body arched upwards as he kissed the tip of one nipple, then the other, before lowering his head to nuzzle in the valley between. Unconsciously, Jenny had started fondling her own breasts, her eyes glued to the screen.

The man's hand moved down the length of the woman's body and started rubbing the front of her panties. Jenny's own body shuddered as if feeling his hand on her own mound. A gush of warmth suffused her entire lower belly, and her jeans felt increasingly tight and constricting. She shifted in her seat, trying not to dislodge the blood pressure cuff on her left arm. She was grateful that the room was dark, and that she was alone.

Jenny shuddered again when the man removed the woman's panties and revealed her smooth, hairless mound. She reached down between her own legs in a futile attempt to pull her jeans away from her swollen crotch. She rubbed herself through her jeans, and it felt pleasant. Her jeans felt warm and moist. Jenny squirmed again and bit her lip in frustration as she watched the woman onscreen. Her crotch burned, aching for the man's lips, tongue, and fingers to touch her the way he pleasured his onscreen partner.

Their fingers twined. The woman's head thrashed from side to side. The man's thrusts grew more and more urgent. She could see the tension rise in their faces as their arousal built up , higher and higher, until the man suddenly shuddered and went rigid, jerking against his partner. The woman's answering spasms indicated her own orgasm.

Then the video ended, and the room lights came back on. Jenny sat there, flushed and blinking, trying to regain her composure even though her pussy was still buzzing. Jada came back in and inflated the blood pressure cuff on Jenny's arm. "How are you feeling?" she asked brightly.

"O - okay, I guess," Jenny stammered, blushing. She wondered if the older girl could sense her state of arousal. She crossed her arms across her chest to conceal her swollen nipples.

"If you're up for it, we can start the next film right away."

Jenny nodded eagerly, still embarrassed. She hoped the next film would be of a different sort entirely.

The room darkened again as the screen flickered to life. To Jenny's relief, this one looked to be a nature film, a rather sedate documentary about wildflowers in the Pacific Northwest. Jenny settled back in her seat, expecting her body to calm down shortly, but as the film progressed she realized that she was not cooling down. In fact, she was - if anything - getting more and more aroused as the film progressed. She couldn't understand it. There was absolutely nothing erotic about the content, yet her body was reacting just as it had to the film before. By the end of the wildflower feature, her chest was heaving again, her body tingling.

Jada turned the lights back on as soon as the second film ended. "How're you feeling now?" she asked.

Jenny put a hand up to her hair and brushed a floppy tendril off her flushed and sweaty face. "I - ur - guess I'm doing all right." She straightened out her t-shirt and allowed Jada to take her blood pressure again. "Not entirely, well, normal - but not bad."

Finished now, Jada slipped the cuff off of Jenny's arm. "Well now, I guess we're done now."

"That's it?"

"That's it." Jada gave her another brilliant green-eyed smile. "We're all done. You may observe some lingering reactions, so pay attention to them and be prepared to let me know what you're feeling. I'll be following up with you for the next couple of days as well. Thank you very much, Jenny."

Jenny picked up her purse and exited the lab, thoughts of $300 still dancing through her mind even as she tried to control the swirling urges within her body.

Jenny passed the rest of the day wrapped in a vague sense of disorientation. She must have been frustrated by the first film, she decided. Her body still felt prickly, and a lingering tickle between her legs refused to go away. She wondered if she should stop off someplace and finger herself, then laughed at herself. Masturbation had never been comfortable for her; she'd always believed nice girls didn't go for that.

It was with a sense of relief that Jenny finally came back from dinner and settled into her dorm room for the night. She stripped down to her panties and pulled a cotton nightshirt over her head. It was such a relief to get out of her tight jeans.

She flopped down on the bed and opened her psych book, intending to prepare for tomorrow's class. She had to give an oral presentation on Sigmund Freud's theory of unconscious drives. Trouble was, she couldn't get her mind off her own unconscious drives. When the phone rang it was a welcome excuse to close her book.

It was Brad, her long-distance boyfriend. "Hey Jenny."

"Hey." Just the sound of his voice made her feel warm all over. "What are you doing right now?"

"Oh, just missing you. How about you?"

"Got a report to do for tomorrow, but I can't concentrate. Listen, I have got to tell you about today." She began to recount the details of her experience in Dr. Parks's lab that afternoon. Remembering the first video made her flush with excitement again, and her skin tingled where her nightshirt brushed against it.

"That's cool, Jenny. Wish I'd been there."

Another rush of warmth surged over her, and she bit back a gasp. "Brad?"


She ran her hand down the front of her body. Under her nightshirt her skin felt charged, alive.

"Say my name again?" Jenny leaned back onto the bed. The events of the day must have left her in a state of hyper-arousal. Everything seemed to set her off. Still holding the phone to her ear, she stretched out, catlike. The thin cotton nightshirt brushed against her stiffening nipples as she moved, and she idly stroked one of the sensitive buds with her free hand. "Mmmmmmm...".

"What *are* you doing, Jenny?" Brad asked over the phone.

"Oh God, Brad, if you only knew what your voice was doing to me right now," she purred, twisting her nipple around in her fingers.

Brad nearly lost It on the other end. "Are you -?"

"Oh, yessssss...." Jenny murmured, continuing to play with her breast. Her hips twisted back and forth as she rubbed her thighs together.

"Oh wow!" Brad breathed. "Oh wow, Jenny, that's so cool."

Jenny raised her knees, and the nightshirt fell away from her thighs and pooled around her hips. She slid her free hand experimentally down between her legs. Her panties were damp.

She could hear the distant sound of rustling on the other end of the line and knew that Brad was slipping out of his own pants, probably already hard. The image of his stiffening cock brought a fresh jolt of electricity spiraling down her spine, where it flicked against her clitoris like the snap of a finger. She couldn't believe she was doing this, masturbating with Brad listening on the line.

"Jenny...." Brad's voice, husky now, sounded ghostly in her ear as she lifted up her nightshirt and slipped her hand inside her panties. Her fingers stroked her neatly trimmed pubic hair for a second, then probed further. They found her waiting crevice, and dipped inside. She was running wet, her juices flowing freely. She scooped out some of her wetness and spread it all around her outer lips and clitoris. She teased her clitoris, tickling it, rolling her fingertip over it like a hard little marble, and gasped at her own touch.

"Say my name again," she murmured. "I love the way you say my name."

"Jenny....." he whispered, "Jennyjennyjennyjennyjennyjenny..."

"Mmmmmmm," she purred. "Mmmmmm - mmmm - ah!" Her pitch rose as her hips lifted off the bed, thrusting herself up hard against her hand. Her probing fingers pushed further in, curled, stroked her sensitive inner walls while the heel of her hand rubbed hard against her mound. Her thighs tensed and her toes curled as she braced for her climax. And then her pussy clenched, and the explosion wracked her body as she gasped out unintelligible sounds and heard his answering exclamation.

"Wow," Brad whispered again after a few moments of silence, "that was amazing. Where did that come from?"

Jenny giggled, feeling deliciously naughty as the last shudders dissipated from her body. "I really have no idea. Are you complaining?"

"Hell, no. Hey, we gotta do this again sometime. Listen, get some sleep, OK?"

"Mmmmmm, right. Good night, Brad."

"Good night, Jenny."

Jenny hung up the phone and rolled over onto her side, still feeling the lingering tingle between her legs. Within minutes she was fast asleep.

Part 2: The second day.

Jenny awoke bright and chipper, still smiling. The previous night's conversation with Brad still resonating in her head. A lazy, delicious warmth enveloped her body. She felt - sexy. She wished she could stay in bed, luxuriating in her languor, but no - she remembered, this afternoon she was scheduled to give an oral presentation to her Theories of Psychology class. Not a problem, though; she knew her material inside and out, and she'd always been a natural at public speaking. She was confident that the report would be breeze. She took her time in the shower, caressing herself as the water ran over her naked body, before slipping into a tight t-shirt and a short denim skirt that she knew would show off her long, tanned legs.

The trouble must have begun around lunchtime, had she not been too preoccupied to notice. All through early afternoon she'd been noticing a vague uneasiness in her groin, almost as if she had to go to the bathroom, but even frequent trips to the ladies' room failed to ease it; in fact, as the afternoon progressed it got steadily worse. By the time she made it to her 3:00 psych class, she was definitely feeling something amiss.

"Hi, Jenny!" A couple of classmates greeted her as she slid into her seat. She gave them a brief nod back, too distracted by the sudden twinge between her legs when her bottom made contact with the chair.

Wriggling uncomfortably in her seat, Jenny could barely follow her professor, Dr. Wright, in her opening lecture, nor was she able to concentrate on the presentations of her classmates before her. Finally, she heard her name being called for her turn. As she got up from her desk, the crotch of her panties rubbed against her sex, and she realized with a shock that this friction felt good, like the caress of a hand.

Where did that thought come from? The more she tried to put it out of her mind the stronger it became. She felt she might be starting to get wet, and fought the urge to put her hand down there to check.

Clutching her notebook, she made her way unsteadily to the front of the room, wobbling on her 3-inch heels. Confused thoughts swirled around in her head. Was she coming down with something? The room seemed unbearably warm. She couldn't stop licking her lips. She was also becoming acutely aware of the sensation of her bra rubbing against her breasts. Her nipples were starting to feel swollen, more sensitive.

She cleared her throat, surveying the room. "Um, my report was on Freud's theory of unconscious drives," she began rather thickly in her feverish haze. "What Freud wanted to show -" Her breath hitched in her throat. Her mouth felt dry again and she swallowed. "What Freud did...."

"Is everything all right, Jenny?" Dr. Wright's voice registered impatience. "If you're not prepared, please let someone else have a turn."

Jenny's head was swimming. Her groin throbbed. "Oh no, Dr. Wright, I think - I just need a second. To get my notes together."

"Well, please do try and move it along, Jenny. We have a lot of other reports to go through today."

Jenny stood there facing her puzzled classmates, trying desperately to compose herself. She couldn't understand what was going on with her body. Her skin felt prickly and hypersensitive, and her clothes chafed uncomfortably. She shifted from one foot to another, regretting her choice of shoes.

She tried to look down at her notes, to organize her thoughts, but the words kept running together. To her dismay she noticed that the friction of her bra against her breasts had caused her nipples to harden, and they stood out prominently against her clothes, two jutting points clearly visible to everyone. In shock she clasped her arms around her chest, shielding her breasts behind her notebook. A couple of her classmates tittered.

Dr. Wright was looking at her with growing annoyance. "Jenny, we can't wait forever for you to start. Please either begin your report or take your seat. Am I making myself clear? Jenny?"

Shaking uncontrollably, Jenny staggered against the wall. Her knees felt rubbery. She sank down on her haunches, only vaguely aware that this caused her short skirt to ride up her hips, exposing the damp crotch of her panties between her open knees.

"Jenny? Are you all right?" Dr. Wright's tone shifted from annoyance to concern. Do you need any help?"

"No, I - oh!" Her body was tingling uncontrollably, her pussy throbbing. She had the overpowering desire to reach down between her legs and touch herself.

"Jenny, what's wrong?" Dr. Wright was clearly worried now. Her classmates had started to look concerned too, and were joining in the questioning. Her head spun as their voices swirled all around her.




Her chest was heaving. She couldn't speak. Each utterance of her name brought a fresh gush of moisture to her already soaking pussy. With a monumental effort she pushed herself up off the floor. "I - I think I really have to go!" she cried as she made her way out the door and into the hallway.

Bathroom. She needed to get to a bathroom. The urge to finger herself, to bring herself off, was overwhelming. Supporting herself against the wall, she tottered out into the hallway on shaky legs.

Someone placed a hand on her shoulder. "Hi," said a voice. "You don't look so good." With effort Jenny raised her head up and tried to focus her eyes. It was Jada, the tall, green-eyed graduate student who had played the movies for her yesterday. "Do you need some help?"

"I don't - I mean - I need to find a bathroom!" Jenny blurted. With a deep flush of humiliation she realized how she must look to the older girl, clinging awkwardly to the wall, trying to hide the swollen nipples pushing out against her tight t-shirt, painfully conscious of the way her swollen clitoris was rubbing against her sodden panties.

"Come on," Jada coaxed. "There's a bathroom this way."

Jada led her down the hall to the ladies' room and into the double-sized handicapped stall at the end. Grateful for the privacy, Jenny sagged down onto the edge of the toilet, grabbing the rails by the wall to steady herself. Jada knelt in front of her, a look of concern in her eyes.

The presence of a sympathetic face was too much for Jenny, and the whole story of the events of the day came pouring out of her mouth in painful, excruciating detail. "I - I just don't know what's going on with me," Jenny sobbed.

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